Whisper In The Wind

Whisper In The Wind.

Chapter 1;

Shayne's POV;

Staring out the window as the rain streaked down the glass making the view look distorted and smudged. Somehow it reminded me of the mess I had made of my life lately.

Knocking on the bedroom door interrupted my troubled train of thought.
"You ready to go Shay?" My brother Leland asked me from behind the door.

"I don't know about this Lele," I said moving to the door and opening it up to see my big brother stood ready to go to the Wrestling that he had booked tickets for us to see.

"Oh come on; you will have a blast! You can't keep yourself locked up in here forever sweetie,"
"It's not forever…" I grumped. "It's just for the unforeseeable future,"
"It's not going to be that bad you know? You never know you may just have a blast,"

"I doubt that very much," I retaliated moving past him and heading to the kitchen where his girlfriend, Claire was making some coffee. "Hey honey,"
"Hey hon," She smiled as I lit a cigarette; inhaling deeply. "You are coming with us right?"
"I don't know…" I replied as Chester and my twin sister moved in to the room.

We had flown out at the request of my brother when the news had broken out. Leland was overly protective of me and my twin Faith. When he had heard the news his first concern was having me in front of him to ensure that I was indeed ok.

"Come on Shay, we'll have a blast," Chester said moving to me and wrapping his arm around me.

Chester and I had been friends for as long as I could remember it was actually me that introduced him to Faith and a year later they had gotten married.

"You guys aren't going to drop it are you?" I asked leaning in to my best friends embrace.

"Nope," Leland chuckled as I flicked my cigarette in to the ashtray.

"All right then," I sighed heavily.

Moving back to the bedroom, Claire and Faith following behind me.

"Ok then lets see what you have with you," Claire moved to the closet and pulled the door open and started rummaging through my cloths that I had hung up as soon as I had arrived.

"Nothing too flash hon; jeans and a t will do,"
"Are you kidding? Since when have you ever been captured out on the town in just jeans and a t?" Faith asked following Claire in to the closet.

"Things change," I sighed heavily throwing myself down on to the bed and watching my sister and friend as they pulled cloths out of the closet.

"I won't hear that from you," Faith announced as she held up a deep claret colored corset top with a black Gothic cross on the front and Claire had pulled out a floor length black velvet skirt.

"Jesus guys; we are going to a wrestling match not for a night at the…"
"Awe come on just humor us," Claire smiled as Faith moved back in to the closet to grab me some shoes to wear.

"You guys are too much," I giggled despite myself.

"That is much better," Claire smiled widely as I grabbed up the cloths and moved in to the ensuite; closing the door a fraction behind me.

Once dressed my hair straighteners had heated up nicely. Straightening my recently died black hair down my back; causing the purple and red panels to jump out brightly in the lighting of the ensuite.

"You never know you might…"
"I am sure I will," I smiled.

They were right I couldn't sit around moping and feeling sorry for myself forever. What had happened had happened and there was nothing that could be done to change it. I just had to pick myself up and dust myself off and try to get on with life.

Walking in to the bedroom where Faith had laid my shoes on the floor by the bed. Having picked my favorites they had chunky high heels and they had laces that wrapped all the way around my legs until they reached my thighs.

By the time we were ready to leave I was feeling pretty good about actually going out with my friends and family. All thoughts of the recent scandal that had hit my private life seemed to fade in to the background as I got caught up in the excitement of my brother; who was a huge fighting fan anything from boxing to karate to wrestling.

I watched as he and Claire became lost in each other and it wasn't difficult to see that they were in love.

Claire was good for him; they had been dating for about 4 months when he had introduced her to me; they had flown out to LA for a weekend so that Faith and I could meet her and we had both instantly liked her.

At a few inches smaller than Leland, she was beautiful and the way she and my brother looked together was more right than I think they were even aware of.

With bright blue eyes that sparkled with understanding, friendliness, compassion it was hard not to like her. I loved her spunky take no shit attitude and it had been inevitable that we would bond.

Dark purple hair matched the panels that I had in my hair. Leland had confessed that to him she reminded him of Angelina Jolie and looking at her I knew that he was right. There was a strong, striking resemblance; but Claire refused to accept it so no one really brought it up around her.


Leland's POV;

The wrestling had been amazing; even Shayne had ended up having an awesome time. Especially when Jeff Hardy had come down the ramp towards the ring, I knew that it wasn't just me that noticed his eyes clamping on to my little sisters where he smiled brightly at her.

My sister was popular due to her career; by the time she had reached 15 Shayne was a popular model getting work from all over and seeing the woman she had become, I was proud that she was my sister.

Leaving the arena, Chester had, had the idea of going on to a club. So here we were stood queuing to get in to 'Downtown'. But the minute the bouncer recognized us we were quickly ushered inside.

My sisters and my girl left Chester and I stood alone as they took to the dance floor; instantly living it up. Shayne needed this tonight, she needed to cut loose, and let her hair down.

After the news had been leaked out she had seemed to crumble from the bad press and it made me mad as hell 'cos it took 2 to tango as they say.

Shayne wasn't the only one in the wrong; he had been in the wrong also. But just because his wife had forgiven him and taken him back all the blame was being piled on to my sister.

With headlines that literally made my blood boil, I couldn't imagine how bad she felt to see them.

'Home wrecker heads to Hawaii!'

That had been this morning's headline but luckily I had managed to keep it hidden from my sister, she didn't need to see that, she didn't need to know that the press knew exactly where she was.

"So how was she really before you left LA?" I asked Chester as we moved to the bar to grab something to drink.

"She was a mess! I mean when she turned up on our doorstep she was barely recognizable," He replied handing me a cigarette. "I mean you know Shayne she always takes such pride in her appearance but she just…she was a mess,"
"Well at least she is making an effort again,"
"Yeah but I think that is more down to Claire and Faith than Shayne herself you know?"
"This is true but whatever it is, I don't want her slipping again, she will get through this, she's stronger than what the press are giving her credit for…hell for what she is giving herself credit for,"

"You and I both know that, Claire and Faith know that but I just don't think Shayne is in the right place to believe it you know?"
"I know but we will make sure that she does right?"

"Of course,"
Chester and Shayne had been friends for a long time; they had met when Shayne had been in one of Linkin Park's videos and their bond had been strong and instant.

They never dated; despite what the media said. Then when Shayne introduced Chester to Faith that was when the sparks had flown.

My other little sister hadn't been modeling at the time but with the encouragement of Shay and Chester she had finally given it a try and my 2 sisters were 2 of the most successful models in the business at present.

My eyes moved out to the dance floor where my girl Claire was dancing with my sisters; all 3 women swaying their hips to the beat of the music.

Claire, my Claire had breezed in to my life with such a carefree attitude that it had been hard not to fall for her; even though we had only been dating for 6 months in total, I knew that I was in love with her, I think I had been in love with her after one date.

I met her when I had gone to get Paul to touch up on my tattoo but he had been out on another job so Claire had done the work on me herself and I had to admit that she was amazingly talented; but then again as she always reminded me, I was bias to say the least.

I watched in a heightened state of arousal as my eyes drank in the beauty of my girl dressed in tight fitting leather jeans that were distressed from how much they had been worn, and a black leather boob tube that showed of her amazing flesh, as it seemed to glow under the strobe lighting of the club.

Long legs that I loved getting lost in, gave way to her New Rock Reactor boots with the orange and red flames on the tips.

I continued to watch as she turned and smiled right at me, running her hands through her long purple hair and licking her lips suggestively had my body ache for her.

Claire's POV;

I could feel Leland's eyes on me as I danced and when I looked over to him; finding him effortlessly I could feel my desire for him building higher than I thought was possible.

Snaking my lips out over my mouth had him moving towards me quickly, reaching his hands on to my hips; he held me close to him and licked his lips suggestively.

"Mmm Mr. Chapman what do you think you are doing?" I asked relenting to the sexy dancing that he pulled me in to.

"What does it look like?" He growled cupping his hands around my ass and pulling me against him roughly.

"Mmmm I would say that you are trying to seduce me," I purred as he dipped me backwards; gliding his hand down the centre of my body until I was shivering out of control.

"Is it working?" He whispered in my ear as he pulled me back up to his face.

"Why don't you keep trying and you will find out," I purred.

"Tease!" He growled as my fingers worked their way through his long ponytail; wrapping it around my fingers as I got completely lost in his deep dark eyes.

"Me?" I giggled softly.
"Mmhmm!" He growled.

As we continued to dance our movements became much more suggestive and desperate until we were working our way through the crowds that were on the dance floor.

"Where are we going?" I asked as my breath seemed intent on running away from me.
"You'll see,"
Willingly I followed him until we were squeezing through the litter of people that were queued up along the wall near the toilets.

Leland pushed the door to the male toilets open and stepped inside pulling me with him.

Almost as soon as the door closed behind us; he slammed his mouth down on to mine hungrily, giving in to the passion that always seemed to grow between us.

Pushing me until we were backed in to the disabled stall; which gave us a little more room to play with. The rough stone that ran along the wall seemed to cut through my flesh but it didn't matter all that mattered was being with my man.

"Do you have any idea of how fucking sexy you look?" He growled pulling back to look in to my eyes.

"Do you?" I panted as my hands quickly found the buttons to his loose fitting jeans.
"I want you so bad," He grunted as his own hands found the zipper of my favorite leather jeans and pulled them down until I was stepping out of them.

"I want you too baby," I smiled as he slowly lifted me from the ground.

Running his hands up my back until he reached my shoulders and slammed me down roughly on to his cock as he pushed upwards in to my pussy.

Instantly I was gripping him tightly as the pleasure escaped through my mouth by way of a delighted sigh. Moving at a slow agonizing pace had the sweat quickly encase both our bodies.

"You feel so amazing," He growled low in his throat which did little to dampen the fever that seemed to circle around my entire body.

The pumping from the music inside the club seemed to set the pace in which we moved against each other.

Turning me around so that I got some relief from the pain of the stone wall scratching over my flesh brought the pleasure slamming in to my subconscious so quickly that I was struggling to maintain any type of control.

Leland's POV;

I could feel her insides reacting desperately; the way they were gripping and releasing me had my pace quicken just a little bit more as the music filtered through the door as it opened and the bathroom was embroiled in loud conversation of the guys who came inside.

Sitting down on the toilet lid; Claire smiled happily at me as she sat up straight, which gave me a deeper and tighter thrust.

Moving my body until I was sitting up; pressed hard against her panting body, I leaned in to her ear.

"You feel so tight…mmmm," I whispered softly in to her ear which seemed to have the desired effect as she slammed down hard on my dick.

The violent wave that took over did little to calm the raging passion that had ignited between us.

Moving my head to her breasts; I bit down hard on her nipple through the boob tube that she had decided to wear at the last minute.

My hand moved to her other breast and slid under the thick material; circling around the modest shape of her breast; groping deeply, the moan that escaped her mouth told me all I needed to know; she was lost in the hunger that we shared for each other.

Running my free hand up her leg until I reached her thigh and turned inward; grazing my fingers over her pussy had her drawing me in to a more violent wave of love making.
Slamming together desperately, grinding against each long and deep, had our breaths racing away from us.

Moving her fingers towards mine; she began to guide me in to her hot, dripping wet pussy until we were both circling around her clit; dragging our fingers over the swollen bud, running along the flesh as it tensed harder and harder.

Our eyes locked on to each others as the passion wrapped us up tightly and dragged us away from anything real. The intensity between us grew higher and higher until I was sure that we were the only 2 people in the world.

I loved watching this woman when I made love to her, the pleasure that etched her beautiful features made her more beautiful than anyone I had ever known.

Slowly she coerced my fingers in to nipping at her softly and that was all it took; she was erupting all around me; her juices flowed through my fingers that were entwined with hers inside her pussy as my cock was rewarded to a slippery lubrication that had me sliding in and out of her with ease.

"Leland!" She panted softly in to my ear letting her head fall against my shoulder and then as it turned more violent she bit down on my shoulder hungrily causing me to bite back to stop myself from screaming out in pleasure and pain.

"Claire," I growled desperately as I crushed my cock into her with a force that had her bucking wildly against me. "Oh fuck yyyyyeeeeeessssssss," I let out a primal growl so low that it rocked through her body and I could feel her insides vibrating around my shaft and I was cuming long and violently hard inside her warm, soft centre.

"Mmmm yes, oooohhhhh yes, Leland mmmm aaaahhhhh yes, oh fuck yyyyyeeeesssssss," She purred seductively in to my ear as her own release began to pass and she was rocking against me purely to draw my own release out of me.

Slowly I came to a shuddering stop but my cock still throbbed madly inside her as her own post orgasmic flutter rocked around my cock softly.

"You saw her right? She was stunning," A guy out in the main area of the bathroom said.
"You don't have to tell me! I saw her at the match and she…do you think the articles in the press are true?" Another guy asked as the sound of a water facet turning on filled the room but didn't block out the sound of the reply.

"Who cares? She is hot…and if those stories are true it seems she don't have too much of a problem with sex,"

"Hey…" The first voice growled low.

"That isn't fare to jump to that assumption; you don't know her, we don't know her,"
"God are you really that whipped already?" The other voice chuckled and in my heart I knew that they were talking about Shayne.
I fought with everything inside me to not go out there and have it out with who ever it was that was bad mouthing my little sister.

"I'm not whipped but you should know better than anyone that the media don't always get it right,"
"This is true," The voice agreed. "But all I am saying is that I wouldn't mind…she is hot is all I am saying,"

"Yes she really is beautiful, makes the girls from home look like dogs in comparison huh?" The first voice agreed with the second voice.

"It sure does,"

The sound of the door opening put an end to the conversation as who ever it had been left the bathroom.

"You ok baby?" Claire asked softly running her hand up my arms and in to my hair.
"I just hate that they are talking about her like that; they don't know her, they don't know what she is about and they presume to know what happened you know?"
"I know baby; but Shayne knows what this business is like, she knew what it was like when she continued to pursue this career option,"
I knew that my girl was right, I knew that Shayne had dealt with this type of thing for most of her life but that didn't make it right. I was her brother and I hated hearing things like that about her.

To me she would always just be my little sister and the thought of who ever that had been looking at my sister the way they had described wasn't something that I could accept easily but Claire knew that.

My woman knew me well enough to know that I was fiercely protective of my Family especially my little sisters and especially with Shayne right now.

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