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Whisper In The Wind;

Chapter 22;


Jeff's POV;

My head was banging against my head causing me to groan out loud and pull the covers up over my head just as the sound of a knock came to my bedroom door.
"Mmmm!" I grumped.
"Awe baby are you feeling hung over?" Shayne laughed.
"Like you wouldn't believe,"
"Can I come in?" She asked me softly.
"Mmhmm!" I pulled back the covers in time to see her walking in wearing a French maids outfit and her hair tied high on top of her head the layered fractions hanging down over her face and she was carrying a tray full of OJ, bacon, eggs and a little vase with a single rose in it. "Mmmm what's this for?" I growled seeing the way her legs moved causing her hips to sway sexily with every movement.
"Well it is your birthday and for the whole day I am at your disposal to do with what you want," She purred softly placing the tray on the bed next to me and smiling down at me.

"Well I have never had this on my birthday before but shouldn't you close that door?" I chuckled softly as my eyes were automatically drawn to her breasts that seemed to be plunging out of the tighter than tight maid outfit.

"Yes master," She smiled sexily at me as she wiggled her ass on the way over to the door and leaning down she gave me a full view under the skirt as she pushed Jack gently out of the room and closed the door.

"Fucking hell Shay," I growled pulling the covers back on the bed and moving to her quickly.
"What?" She asked blinking sweetly at me.
"You're trying to drive me crazy aren't you?" I growled pressing her hard against the door.
"No master," She smiled submissively as I pinned her arms to the door above her head.

"Is everyone else still in bed?" I growled moving my lips to her neck and placing tender kisses over the flesh.

"Ut uh," She panted breathlessly as I whirled her around, moving to the bed I moved the tray to the floor and laid her down.

Standing to my full height, I watched her body for a few moments; getting lost in the dips and curves of her amazing frame.

"I don't understand; are they up already?" I glanced at the clock to see that it was almost midday.
"No they have all left; they are spending the day and night at Matt's," She purred holding herself up on her elbows and smiling at me.
"We have the whole day alone?" I growled grabbing her ankles and gently pulling her towards me running my hands up her long toned legs until I was curling around her ass.

"Yes sir," She purred submissively; her eyes watching my own body as I panted out of control. "Tell me what you want," She purred sitting up causing my hands to move out from under her skirt.
"I want you…to lie back and enjoy!" I growled.
"But it is your birth…"
"And I want to enjoy your body," I growled crawling on to the bed so that I was straddling her lap.

Slowly I began to unbutton the front of the maids outfit letting my fingers graze over the top of her breasts quickly had her falling back on the bed panting and breathless.

Seeing her body coming in to view seemed to fuel something in side me and I couldn't take this slow, I had to see all of her body, ripping the last few buttons; I slipped the garment from her body and threw it to the floor.

"Mmmm Jeff," She panted locking her eyes on to mine.
"Mmmm?" I growled my eyes feasting on the amazing form of her body. I had seen her in revealing cloths before, I had seen her looking breathtaking in daisy dukes and a bikini top but nothing could have prepared me for this sight of her sprawled out on my bed; eyes burning in to me as I watched her closely.

"I want you to make me scream, I want to feel you inside me…" She panted heavily her voice in a sexy whimpering tone.

"I'm working on it baby…we've got all day," I growled as I pulled her thong from her body, watching her as wrapped her legs around me.

Drawing me down on to her body I could feel my cock throbbing against her thighs as she smiled softly.
"Happy birthday handsome," She whispered before her lips caught mine in a tender erotic lock.

Reluctantly I pulled away and began to drag my lips down the centre of her body; moving out only to lap my tongue over her erect nipples until I was circling her belly button that was rising and falling desperately as she tried to regain her breath and composure.

Shayne's POV;

I wanted his 30th birthday to be something that he would always remember and the thought of the French maid's outfit I had purchased for a Halloween party held at Chester's house a few years ago had instantly called to me.
I had been grateful that I had kept it and was even more grateful that it still fit me.

My head fell back on to the bed as his tongue did things to me that should be illegal; gliding down over my pelvis, sucking the flesh in to his mouth seemed to fuel me even more and I was trying hard to maintain any kind of control.

Running his hands down my curves until he reached my thighs, sliding his hands in to the inside of my thighs, I was biting down on my lips to stop from screaming out of me.

Still his lips stayed around my pelvis area; his eyes looking up at me and I could feel the hunger and desire washing off him through the tender kisses that he was placing around my lower abdomen.

Before I was aware of it, or could object had I wanted too he had thrust his fingers inside me; gliding through every fold and soft layers of my pussy until almost the entire length of his hand was inside me.

"Mmmm…Jeff…mmmm, aaahhhhh!" I moaned out as pleasure sparked through me in jolts of delight as his fingers hooked around my g spot; rubbing, circling and nipping alternatively at the pleasure spot the was buried deep inside me.

"You're so soft…so wet," He growled before his tongue joined his fingers and the smooth sensation of him gliding deep in to me, tasting me all the way until his face was buried hard against my mound.

His fingers moved in accordance and were slowly and lightly dragging over my clit in a passionate way that had it turning hard and tight almost instantly.

It wasn't anything I had ever felt before, M had been a quick lover and Steven had never taken the time to turn me on.

Snapping my thoughts away from the past, I looked down in to Jeff's eyes that were still watching me and the minute our eyes met it was like a spark igniting deep inside me and I was exploding in to his mouth as he sucked my clit almost so deep in to his mouth that it was hurting.

But the pleasure that ignited in me overrode any pain that I felt; falling back against the bed, I marveled in the amazing things that this man knew how to do with his mouth.

The feel of him releasing my clit and circling his tongue over the sensitive bud in a firm action seemed to draw out my release to the bed where I was twirling the sheets around my hands and panting out of control.
"JEFF! JEFF! JEFF! MMMMM JJJJJJJEEEEEFFFFFFFFF!" I screamed out passionately as all the power in my body slipped out of me slowly.

Wave after wave flowed through my body and I was sure that I blacked out because the next thing I knew he was kissing me; letting my juices flow in to my mouth and my energy building back up.

Jeff's POV;

The taste of her flowed between our locked lips; fueling me past anything that I had ever felt.

Positioned between her legs, the tip of my cock throbbing madly against her dripping wet pussy as she looked deep in to my eyes.
"Shayne," I growled softly taking my weight on my elbows as she drew her legs up the side of my body inviting me to take her.

"Mmmm Jeff," She moaned out pleasurably.
"I love you Shayne," I whispered softly in to her ear.

"Oh God I…I-I love you too," She panted as the tip of my cock slid easily inside her.

The intensity in her eyes drew me in to their amazing safety and I knew in this moment that everything that we had shared up until this moment was just going to strengthen as she bucked hard against my hips and sucked the entire length of my cock in to her.

Holding still in side her the entire length of my shaft throbbed against her soft, warm folds as she opened up to me, giving me all of herself in one moment that rendered me incapable of moving as the feel of her complete submission rocked through my entire body.

Sliding out slow and tenderly only to drive back in to her with the same care and passion that her hips were grinding against me with.

"Kiss me!" She pleaded softly.

Smiling I moved my lips towards hers and lingered close feeling the chemistry spark between us, until it felt like my entire face was tingling with hunger.

"Please!" She whimpered softly.
Not wanting to disappoint, I let my lips brush just as tenderly, as I was making love to her, over her soft supple flesh until she had me caught in a deep, passionate lock.

"Mmmmm," She moaned in to my mouth as her back began to arch slowly up off the bed and I was struggling to keep myself from exploding all around her.

"Shayne…mmm you feel so good," I growled breaking the kiss and looking in to her eyes and feeling everything fading away until it was just me and her in the world, long gone were the pains of our lives apart, all that mattered was this moment in time when we were together, getting ready to spend the rest of our lives together.

"Mmmm you're so hard," She panted raking her nails over my nipples which seemed to have a ripple effect as I slammed in to her a little harder than before. "Mmmm yes Jeff…mmm that…don't stop!" She purred softly as she seemed to easily pick up the erotic form of my slams.

Sliding one hand down the side of her curves as she pressed her legs tightly against my sides giving me the tighter thrust that I had been looking for.

The feel of her soft warm, wet insides rubbing over the sensitive end of my cock as the foreskin peeled back giving me the feeling that I had been searching for, the friction built quickly as I hammered in to her a little harder.
Still she easily picked up the pace and drew me further and further in to a more violent form of love making.

Slamming, grinding, thrusting, ramming, driving, diving in to her with all the passion and force that I could she didn't complain once as her moaning starting to turn louder and more passion filled.

My entire body felt like it was on fire from the hot wet sticky sweat that had built between us, encasing us deeply as we continued to rock together and I was sure that the world stopped moving from the sheer force in which we were slamming together.

And just when I didn't think I had anymore to give, I could feel her insides starting to quiver rocking out to her legs that were still squeezing in to my sides and I found more strength and force.

The minute I increased my pace and force she let go and exploded all around my shaft, giving me an easier and deeper thrust.

"JJJJJJEEEEEFFFFFFFFF! OH FUCK YES BABY…RIGHT THERE MMMM AAAAHHHHH OH GOD YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!" She screamed out and I could feel the energy draining out of her body quickly but still she kept the pace drawing me in to her time and time again.

Then as the feel of her release draining off and slowly down, I felt my own erupting out of me and I was unloading everything that I had in to her in debilitating waves of release.

Holding herself still she gave me the chance to pump as hard and as fast as I could.

"OH FUCK SHAY…MMMM OH GOD…I LOVE YOU!" I roared out as pleasure raced through me dragging me away from her in a way that had never felt so right before.
"Keep cumming for me handsome," She purred in to my ear as she nibbled on the flesh of my neck.

As I continued to hammer in to her with all the force and passion that was inside me, I could feel her beginning to cum again and before I could stop it we were both riding the wave to pleasure together.
Moaning each other's names, telling each other we loved each other until we both collapsed completely drained of all energy.

"Happy birthday…to me!" I chuckled softly as she snuggled in to my side resting her head on my chest.
"Yes happy birthday handsome," She looked up at me and smiled.
As I looked down at her, I knew that without a doubt that this was the woman I was going to love for the rest of my life. There were no whispers of doubt floating around, there was no hesitation on how much I wanted…needed her to be in my life; everything had come full circle and I was right where I was meant to be and she was exactly where she was meant to be; and that was in my arms, in my bed and in my life for as long as we lived.