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Recap: Jesse senses the RLS Angels appear and goes to warn Suze. Meeting Gina, causing her to have a run-in with a nail polish...

The Fight Against Fury...

When Susannah told me that she had a friend from New York coming to stay with her for a week, I though it was a good idea. It would be nice for Susannah to be able to relax and get settled in to her home better. As much as she tried to hide it, I knew she wasn't completely happy here. No matter how much she told her Mother she was. I saw through it. And I could partly understand why.

Susannah hadn't had an easy time since she moved here to live with her mother and new family. It's been one upheaval after another. Heather, Marcus Beaumont and I feared another threat on the horizon for Susannah. One of the toughest yet and not just physically.

Susannah had politely asked me to stay away for a few days while Gina would be here. I would do as she asked so she could spend some time with her and 'catch-up' as Susannah put it. But I wasn't completely happy about it. I would miss talking with Susannah in the evenings and relaxing on the days she had off school. And of course I would miss Spike too, our 'Pet'.

But it would also cause a problem with the new circumstances to have arisen.

Susannah wanted me to keep my distance for a while and I would have respected her wishes. If it was not for the four very angry young ghosts to have appeared the same night Susannah's friend arrived. I could feel their vibrations when I was sitting down at the beach the evening before. Their whole beings were screaming with anguish and rage. It was incredible strong.

I could feel it in the sand underneath me, like little ripples of movement. I could see it in the crashing of the huge waves on the rocks. You could hear it in the slight breeze whispering across the land. The night seemed darker than usual. And the moon had yet to make an appearance to me.

I sent out my own senses after overcoming the sudden rush of overloading foreign emotions. I was trying to determine where and who they were from. The people were young, I knew this, but the feelings...They were looking for something...Or someone more importantly. And they were not feeling particularly patient about it either. The feeling of urgency was strong in my mind.

I knew straight away Susannah needed to know about the new arrivals, to get a head start. Something told me they weren't going to be coming to Susannah directly. Even if they knew about Mediators, somehow I didn't think they would be willing to find Susannah or Father Dominic. They didn't want help, they were far too beyond that. No, what they wanted was revenge. And it wasn't going to be too long before they went looking for it.

Heather was powerful and admittedly scary. But these new spirits were more dangerous than her. The fact that there were four of them did not tip the odds, in Susannah and Father Dominic's favor. I knew I was going to have to help them both with this one, to mediate and be spokesperson to both sides. They needed someone who understood their new dilemma. I only hoped that would be enough for all people involved.

I was becoming increasingly impatient to go and see Susannah. I didn't want to risk leaving speaking with her too late. I knew it would make it awkward for her talk to me, but Susannah needed to know about the new developments. I arrived standing besides Susannah's bed that evening, looking down at her sitting crossed legged on her bed doing her schoolwork. The setting sunlight was seeping into the room, setting off colours of red, pink and orange. It illuminated everything, creating a warm feeling in the air. The room looked ablaze. I suppressed the shudder at the memory of Susannah's latest escape from death.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Susannah cut me off before I had the chance. "Shhh," She said, lifting her finger to her lips and then pointing in the direction of where her friend was sleeping, on the other side of the room. Scowling at my sudden appearance.

I looked in the direction of her hand, suppressing a sigh and turned back to Susannah. "When is she leaving?" I asked, making sure not to become too impatient. She had only been here a day so far. Susannah drew her attention back up to my face, a slight blush marring her sunlight shone features.

"I told you," Susannah whispered, making sure not to talk to loud and wake her friend. "Next Sunday."

"That long?" I couldn't hold back a weary sigh this time and let it slip past my lips with the exclamation at her answer. This wasn't good news. I didn't want Susannah's friend getting caught up with the new threat that was being posed. Which she no doubt would. Susannah often sneaked out late at night when she was helping a fellow Spirit. Having her friend here would raise suspicions and questions about her nightly excursions.

I gave Susannah a long-suffering, irritated look, conveying my dis-pleasure. She merely stared back at me with a thoughtful look on her face. I heard a thump on the porch roof outside Susannah's open window. Soon followed by my beloved pet cat, Spike.

I broke out into a contented smile and walked over to him on the window seat to greet him as he cried climbing through the window. Padding his large, overstuffed body over to me, saying his greeting all the while. I reached out, making a fuss of him and scratching behind his ears. His favourite soft spot, that neverfailed to make him purr.

"Look," Susannah said, coming back to our original conversation. "It's just for a week. Spike will survive." She solemnly told me. Taking my dislike for her friend's visit to be because of Spike.

I looked back over to her, a slight look of irritation again adorning my expression. "It's not Spike I'm worried about," I told her, continuing making a fuss of said cat, tickling his long curved whiskers around his chubby orange cheeks.

Susannah's expression turned to one of surprise and confusion at my 'cryptic' as she likes to call them, meaning. "Yeah?" She asked, a small smile turning up the corners of her full mouth. She watched Spike purr even louder, close to falling over on his seat. I was scratching him under the chin, another favourite place for him. I was still amazed he was so taken with me, even now. "What is it, then? Gina's very cool, you know. Even if she found out about you, I doubt she'd run screaming from the room, or anything. She'd probably just want to borrow your shirt sometime, or something." She said, looking at me with a hopeful gaze.

I looked back to Gina, just seeing a few bumps under the covers and a halo of coppery, orange curls, laying across the pillow. I tried to process and understand what Susannah had just said. To understand her use of language. "I'm certain that she's very...cool," I said, hesitating on the last word. Something Susannah said a lot when referring to something she liked. "It's just that something's happened – " I said, looking Susannah eye-to-eye, showing how serious and meaningful I was trying to be. Hoping she would be able to hear the urgency in my tone.

Susannah sat up a little straighter on her bed. I knew I had her full attention now. Her determined gaze didn't waver from me. "I've been hearing some things." I told her, hoping she wouldn't dismiss what I was going to say. I knew it interfered with her plans to spend with her friend this week and that she probably wouldn't be too impressed.

Like I suspected, she sank back into her pillows, disappointment written all over her face and lithe frame. "Oh," She said quietly and sullenly. "So, you've sensed a disturbance in the Force, have you, Luke?"

I stared back at Susannah with a perplexed look on my face. Bewildered by what she had just said and called me. Susannah heaved a sigh at my reaction and started again. "So you heard something on the ghost grapevine. What?" She asked, simplifying her question for me, sitting back up to her original position.

I sat myself down on the window seat beside Spike, allowing him to curl up by my thigh and softly purr and slip into a nap. I softly stroked his fur, easing him into his slumber, feeling him reach out with a paw, stretching and relaxing. Making my heart swell at the unconditional love only an animal could give.

"There are some newcomers," I said, settling Susannah with a level stare. "Young ones."

Susannah raised her eyebrows at me in question. "Yes?"

"They're looking for something," I told her, noticing she didn't seem surprised by my news of the new visitations. Maybe she had already heard about them. Or possible seen them. It was highly unlikely she had spoken to them though.

"Yeah," Susannah said. "I know. Beer." That answered my query.

I shook my head, denying her claim, looking past her, lost in my thoughts. They definitely were not looking for an alcoholic beverage. They wanted something deeper, more important. More life-threatening. And they weren't going to stop until they had they're retribution.

"No," I said, sounding distant and hazy. "Not beer. They're looking for someone. And they're angry." I quickly flicked my now very serious, hard burning stare directly onto Susannah. Showing and saying all that I wasn't. The importance and danger. "They're very angry, Susannah."

Susannah dropped my hard gaze, seeming to get the message I was trying to get through to her. How serious it was she undertannd, just how murderously furious the new Spirits are. How determined they are to find this person they're looking for. Anyone trying to get in their way, I fear will get badly hurt. She had to tread very carefully with these four.

"Angry?" She asked, I could see the disbelief in her expression, but she didn't contradict my statement. She carried on looking down at her schoolwork, busying her hands by putting her books into a neat pile. She looked a little tense, understandable so after the information I had just given her, I would be too. "Well," She continued. "Okay. I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks."

I was about to say more, to make sure she really knew the implications of what I had just told her, make sure she was being earnest in taking my advice. When suddenly her friend rolled over and blinking looked up at Susannah on the bed. A drowsy, curious look on her face. "Suze?" She said, sleepily. "Who you talking to?"

Gina, as I had come to know her, looked like how Susannah was when I first met her. Un-approachable and stubborn. She had a metal hoop in her nose, making her appear more rebellious than Susannah. I suddenly understood why they were friends. Strong, independent and wilful. They must have been the cause of a few headaches where Susannah had previously lived.

Susannah quickly dismissed Gina's question. "Nobody." She said, but I could hear the guilty edge to her voice. Looking nervous and anxious suddenly. I could tell it made her uncomfortable to have to lie to her friend. I felt my own stirrings of guilt rise at Susannah having to because of me. It wasn't the first time she had been caught apparently talking to thin air, when she was really conversing with me. "Why?" She asked, avoiding Gina's curious look.

Gina apparently not deciding to pursue the interrogation, leaned herself up onto her elbows. She looked around the room trying to catch her bearings. She seemed to wake up a lot quicker than Susannah often did and peered over at Spike sitting beside me. "So that's the famous Spike I've been hearing so much about from your brothers? Damn, he is ugly." She stated, insulting my poor defenceless Spike. Instantly I felt the harsh, early feelings of anger build in my chest.

I glared at her even though she couldn't see me, taking offence to her spiteful comment. Defensively protecting Spike. "He's not so bad," Susannah quickly put in, seeing my the look of ire and annoyance on my face.

"Are you on crack?" Gina exclaimed, looking at Susannah in disbelief. "Simon, the thing's only got one ear."

Instantly my own anger I had been trying to dampen down, came shooting forth. I un-consciously channeled it to something in the Susannah's room, directing it toward an object making my animosity known. Her large, gilt-framed mirror being one of my favourite targets. I continued my hard stare at the clueless Gina, satisfied to hear the mirror start to shake on the wall hook. Banging slightly with my wrath.

Gina's attention was soon diverted from Spike to the large shaking mirror, excitement written all over her face and tone. "Hey!" She cried. "All right! Another one!" What she meant I didn't know, but I was still furious at her and making the mirror rattle wasn't calming me down. It wasn't having the desired reaction I was hoping for.

I spotted an open bottle of polish Susannah paints on her nails sometimes, on the dressing table under the mirror. A new target. I spotted Gina's open case suitcase with her clothes and instantly an idea of justice for Spike came to mind. I picked up the open bottle, to Gina just by some unseen force, and hurled it across the room directly onto Gina's clothes left on view. It landed face down, causing the green liquid to quickly spread all over the top garment in a swathe.

Gina watched my little display with fascination, until the polish was hurled onto her clothes. She let out a loud shriek then, throwing back her comforter and quickly rushed to her suitcase now sporting an emerald green paint polish bottle. She was trying to salvage what she could, but to no avail.

I smiled at my little plot, triumph and victory clear in my smug grin stretching across my face. Her reaction was what I was hoping for, making me feel even better. Now I felt Gina and I were even. Maybe she would realize bad incidents happen to her things, when she makes mean comments about my Spike.

I looked back to Susannah, noticing her throwing me a nasty look, not at all happy with my little act. "Don't look at me like that, Susannah. You heard what she said about him," I put on my best pout, sounding wounded. "She called him ugly."

This only served to make Susannah glare even harder, growling quietly, so Gina didn't hear her. "I say he's ugly all the time, and you don't ever do that to me."

I looked calmly back at her, raising my eyebrow at her in obstinance. "Well, it's different when you say it." I said. I neglected to tell her it was because what I felt for Susannah was the complete opposite to her friend. Susannah could say any horrible thing about Spike and I wouldn't get angry at her about it. Partly because I knew she didn't mean it. But also because I just couldn't stay mad at Susannah...my feelings went to deep for that.

I took one last look at the defiant Gina with a frustrated look on her face and turned back to Susannah. I gave her a quick smug, triumphant smirk and abruptly left them to it. Leaving letting Susannah nurse her friends bruised ego.

The important thing was I had delivered my message to Susannah. All I could do now, was keep a close vigil on the four young angry ghosts and hope Susannah and Father Dominic found who they were looking for, before too much damage was done. To themselves and the people around them. Hopefully Susannah would tell Father Dominic too. I didn't want to have to go to him directly. One experience on my own with him was enough for me.

I decided to go to the beach and see if I could find the four spirits in question. To watch and observe them. I made myself obscure and unseen so they wouldn't become belligerent. I didn't know what kind of reaction they would have to my presence and for the moment, I wasn't prepared to find out.

I found them not too long after, allowing my sense to guide me to their location. They were standing around a small fire they have conjured between them, down beneath the large cliff, often called Big Sur. A mighty drop from the road above.

There were two boys and two girls, all dressed in formal wear standing slightly huddled together as though trying to keep off the chill that they actually couldn't feel. They had intense, thoughtful looks on their faces. I couldn't see them talking to each other and I didn't want to get too close, should they be able to sense me. They were all just staring at the fire in front of them.

I hoped Susannah wouldn't take too long in trying to help them. Judging by the intensity of the fire before the spirits and the feelings emanating from them. They were learning what skills they had at their disposal very quickly and their rage was only spurring them on.

"Nombre de dios. This could get bad," I muttered into the last rays of the sun setting on the water. Watching the large bright light dip behind the sea and into the night. Draping a cloud of anticipation around the angry group like a shroud of darkness...

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