Author's Note: Hey just throwing up something initially for the competition... as always Enjoy.


A naco just isn't a naco if you're not here to share it with me

Without you by my side it wouldn't be even worth watching TV

My scooter's no fun without you riding with me wherever I go

It then is just a piece of junk… crappy and slow

Camp Wannaweep would be fun… Shego beating me up would be pleasure in pain

Compared to if someone said I'd never be able to see you again

I know it all sounds so awkweird… but it's all so true

My life would fail like Drakken's plans without you

Without you, a booyah would be lame, my bon diggety would fail

What little bravery I had fighting villains would turn tail

My words would have no meaning… my heart would shatter

I'd be like last year's clothing line at club banana

If they said one day I couldn't be by your side, hold you, kiss you or look you in each beautiful emerald eye,

I'd rather just lay there and die

Cause I just could never ever be Ron Stoppable

If my life and side isn't filled with Kim Possible.