Explanation, Please

Away From Home

Chapter One

By Andruindel

I promised myself I wouldn't do this. But, I broke that promise. I was too bored to do anything else. . Yes, I've started a new story. I'm not going to commit myself to this one, yet. I just felt like putting up the first chapter. Cause I was bored… So, yeah, I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Death Note. I just kinda stole the plot and twisted it around a little to fit my crazy mind.


What had started out as a normal day had become decidedly abnormal. I had woken to a sunny morning, with a light breeze. Normal. The day had progressed like any other day. Absolutely normal. I had jumped on the bus after school, also normal, and that was when the day became unusual. Someone sat beside me on the bus. And not just because they had to because it was the only seat left.

I'm not going to say I'm unpopular. I just don't make friends easily. And, alright I'll admit it; no one really knows my name. You could ask anyone in my school if they know Amy, and they would say: Who? That's just my lot in life: To be alone, simply because I won't talk to people voluntarily.

Yeah, my name's Amy. I'm a senior in High School, I've been going to the same school for years, and still no one knows me. The only reason my classmates acknowledge me is because they could technically call me a teachers pet if they wanted to. I get good grades, and some would say I'm an over achiever. The teachers love me, and, hey, I'm not going to discourage that.

But, anyway, someone sat beside me on the bus home from school today. I recognized the guy from several of my classes. He offered me a smile, which I returned, and then turned his attention to the book in his hands. It was a manga. I was not a freak for anime or manga, but my friend had gotten me hooked on this specific one.

"Is that Death Note?" I asked, leaning over to get a better look. What? I didn't say I never talk to people. If I really have something to say, I'll say it, more often than not.

"Yes, it is."

I tilted my head at the boy's short answer. "I've only watched some of the anime. Are the books good?"

"They're great. I have the first book with me, if you'd like to read it." He fished the book out of his bag and handed it to me with another smile.

"Thank you," I accepted it, and flipped to the beginning of the book. It took me quite a long time to accustom myself with the reading of manga. However, once I had gotten the hang of it, I finished the book quite quickly. After all, the ride from school was quite a long one.

As I finished the first one, the boy offered me the second. As we read, the bus slowly emptied around us. I had one of the last stops, but I didn't mind. Unfortunately, my new friend had to get off before I did. But when I offered his book back, he declined.

"You can keep it; just remember to bring it to school tomorrow." He offered me a smile, and before I could thank him, he left the bus.

My stop came ten minutes later. By then I had nearly finished the manga the boy had leant me. I hefted by bag up over my shoulder as I stood, and made my way to the front of the bus. Very few people were still there, so I paid no attention to them as I passed.

Once off the bus, I carefully placed the manga into my book bag, and started on the short walk home. As I walked, my eyes wandered my surroundings. It was windy, but sunny, and an all-together nice day. My only regret was that I had spent most of it in school.

As though to make up for the things I had missed during the school day, a cat suddenly stalked across my path. I love cats, or anything fuzzy, really. So, I knelt down, and beckoned the kitty closer by clicking my tongue at it and holding my hand out to it. Seeing as I couldn't snap my fingers, even if I tried, that option was closed to me.

The cat, after sniffing in my direction a bit, turned and sauntered toward me. He was pure white, with only one black mark between his ears marring the pristine white coat. As he approached I stroked his back, listening as he purred thunderously. His coat was soft, and thick. He was so cute I did not want to go away.

Suddenly, a car sped by. The punk kid driving was blaring a song out the window. I caught a few of the words: You will be the death of me. Yeah, you will be the death of me. Bury it, I won't let you bury it. In the same instant, and before I realized what was going on, the cat dashed into the street. I love animals, and hate seeing them hurt. Because of that, I dashed into the street after the cat. It was more instinct than anything, and even to this day I do not know what on earth would have compelled me to leap into a busy street like that. But, the fact remains, I did it.

Before I could comprehend what was going on, I heard a screech of tires, and I knew I was going to be hit by a car. I froze, turning, as though in slow motion, to face the oncoming car. And then, a crushing blow from my right side sent me sprawling onto the side-walk. The quiet afternoon had suddenly exploded into noise. People were talking loudly, a car had just screeched to a halt not too far away, and someone was speaking to me.

As I fell, I had hit my head. The blow nearly knocked me out, but I had always been tough. Determined to find out what was going on, I forced myself to focus entirely on staying conscious. The babble of voices eventually became more subdued, especially when I forced myself into a sitting position.

Dazed and confused, I looked around. A car door slammed, and then a young man with black hair and dark eyes rushed to my side. Kneeling beside me, he began speaking hurriedly. "I'm so sorry! You just ran right in front of me! Are you okay?" He looked so familiar to me, I could only frown in confusion at him. Perhaps it was merely because I was so dazed, but I could have sworn I'd seen him somewhere before.

"I…. I think I'm okay." I said, bringing a hand to my head. My ribs were aching, I was pretty sure I had twisted my ankle, and my head felt like it was splitting in two. I started to stand, but the man who had apparently tackled me out of harm's way pushed me back down.

"You need to stay sitting, at least for a little bit." He said. "I used to be a doctor, and I think we need to get you into a hospital to get you checked out."

"I'll take her," The young man who had so nearly hit me, and looked so agonizingly familiar, offered. He seemed so genuinely concerned about me that the former doctor nodded.

I was in too much pain to argue. As the man turned back to me, he smiled. "My name is,"

Impulsively, I finished his sentence. "Matsuda…" Far too confused to really care what I was saying, I gazed in awe up at Matsuda. No wonder he had looked so familiar. He was my favorite character from Death Note!

Looking extremely disconcerted, Matsuda eyed me carefully before nodding. "But, how did you…?"

Realizing the importance of my words, I flushed and looked away. "Nametag," I muttered. To add effect, I lifted my hand to my head, hoping Matsuda would be so concerned he would forget my blunder. If I was truly seeing Matsuda, then either I was having a very elaborate dream, or I had somehow been pulled into his world. Probably due to my dazed state, I was not unduly worried by that revelation.

Still seeming unsettled, Matsuda gazed at me for a moment. "Well then, come on, I'll take you to the hospital."

Matsuda helped me to my feet. Grimacing, but determined to save face in the eyes of the onlookers, I forced myself to stand, if unsteadily, on my own. Somehow I managed to keep my feet as I took a few unsteady steps forward, with Matsuda's hand on my elbow, guiding me toward his car. The former doctor followed, giving Matsuda instructions.

"You have to keep her warm, for shock." He said. He had a hurried, annoying voice. It was as though he was nagging Matsuda into obedience. I had no doubt Matsuda would follow through on the man's instructions.

Even as the doctor spoke, someone draped a jacket over my shoulders. I pulled it closer about me, but before I could look around to thank whoever had contributed it, I found myself in Matsuda's car. I did not feel strong enough to protest, so I buckled up, and then leaned back in the seat, resting my head wearily against the head-rest and closing my eyes. My head was aching as though it were about to split in two. And now that the adrenaline that comes from almost being hit by a car was receding, I was dead-tired.

Matsuda got into the car on the driver's side, and then started the engine. The drive was silent, for I did not feel like speaking. Despite the jacket I was wearing, I was beginning to shiver. The shock of what had just recently happened to me was beginning to set in. That, coupled with the pain, was making my day miserable. I was too miserable even to enjoy Matsuda's company.

"Are you okay?" Matsuda asked eventually, after an especially violent shudder wracked my body.

Turning my head so I could see out the window, I shrugged. "Considering that I nearly got hit by a car, received a crushing blow to my ribs, as well as my skull, I'm feeling great." I replied, my voice dripping with slight sarcasm. Just to be sure Matsuda understood, I added a sentence. "Please note my slight sarcasm." I said bitterly.

Matsuda was smiling as he answered. I could hear it in his voice. "That sounded like complete sarcasm to me." He said.

Rolling my eyes, I turned slightly to face him. "That was slight sarcasm. If I were to use complete sarcasm, the world would implode." I replied. My tone was still bitter.

Matsuda's smile was completely unmistakable now. "Well, thank goodness for slight sarcasm." He said. Then he suddenly sobered up. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Amy," I replied at once. "And you don't need to know my last name, it would confuse you."

"Alright," Matsuda laughed, and I turned away from him, unsure if he was laughing at me, or merely laughing. "I suppose that's all I can ask for, Amy-chan." I liked the way he added the suffix to my name.

We were quiet for the rest of the drive. It really was not long, but by the time we reached the hospital, I was in a bad mood. A worse mood than I had previously been in. Matsuda was kind enough to open the car door for me, and offer to help me out. But I refused his offer, and exited the car myself. I then followed him, limping slightly, into the building, keeping a sharp eye on my surroundings. I hated being anywhere I did not know, especially when I could have been considered a weak target. Matsuda's presence was not very reassuring either.

As a sudden thought struck my fuzzy mind, my steps faltered. "Matsuda-san, where are we?" I asked. Having quickly adapted to the Japanese suffixes, I liked using them. Of course, some of them I was not completely sure of the meaning.

Matsuda gave me a side-long glance. "We're at the hospital, Amy-chan." He said. It sounded as though he thought I was slightly insane.

"I know that." I rolled my eyes. "What I meant was: Are we in Tokyo?"

Again Matsuda gave me a look that asked whether or not I was confused. "Yes, we are."

I only gave Matsuda a 'hmm' in response. The hospital doors slid open, granting us entrance, and we stepped inside. How long we sat there, waiting for a doctor, I don't know. But it was long enough for my head-ache to recede into a dull throb, and my body to begin shutting down on me. I really needed a place to crash.

Finally, I was allowed to see a doctor. She was nice, but she smiled too much. She didn't tell me anything I hadn't already known, either. I'd hit my head rather badly, as well as sprained my ankle, and received some bad bruises in my rib area. As long as I took it easy on my foot, I would be fine in a couple of days. Joy.

The woman accompanied me as I went back to find Matsuda. I was half afraid he might have just gone and left me. I certainly didn't want to be left alone in a place like Tokyo, while I was injured, and had no idea where I was. But, my fears were ungrounded, for Matsuda was still there, waiting for me. As I collapsed into a chair, the doctor took Matsuda aside and spoke to him in lowered tones. I could only catch a few words of their conversation.

"She yours?"


"Car accident."

What I could hear of their conversation made little sense. So soon I simply toned out their words, and let my eyes drop closed.

"Amy-chan," I opened my eyes and glared up at Matsuda. "Do you have any family I could call?"

I hesitated, swallowing. "Uhmm… No. I was kind of dumped here with no where to go…" It wasn't a complete lie. I did have no where to go.

I could see Matsuda's brain working furiously. "Well, I think I know a place you can stay, at least for a little while."

A smile, or at least an attempt at a smile, crossed my face, and I struggled to my feet. "Great, thanks, Matsuda-san."

Following Matsuda back to the car, and still limping, I let my eyes wander my surroundings. I couldn't help wondering where I was going to stay. If it was with Matsuda, I would be happy. Because Matsuda's just awesome like that. But, then again, he might make me stay with Light, or someone like that. And I definitely did not want that.

The car ride home was silent, as I was half-asleep, and dropping quickly into full slumber. The jacket around me was warm and several sizes too big for me. It covered my hands.

When finally we reached our destination, I raised my eyes to look up at the huge building. It had to have been at least 20 stories tall! Hopefully we wouldn't have to climb all those stairs to get to our destination.

The building, a hotel I saw as we entered, was nice, and fancy. Matsuda and I hardly looked like we belonged there. But, Matsuda seemed used to that fact. He led me to the elevator, and pushed the up button. As the doors slid open, and Matsuda stepped into the elevator, I hesitated. Enclosed spaces, especially when they were moving underneath me, made me nervous.

But, I had to get in, so I did so, reluctantly.

I stood in a corner of the elevator, my arms folded, and shivering slightly. My head rested against the wall, and I closed my eyes, almost too exhausted to be nervous. But I was incredibly nervous. If we were in a fancy hotel, there was only one place we could be going.

We were going to see L.

My heart beat faster at the very mention. L was hot.

On the twenty something floor, the elevator stopped, and we got out. I followed Matsuda down a long hallway and to a door. There I waited for him to fish his key out of his pocket, and let us in. I hesitated in the doorway, but finally followed.

I was going to see L. Face to face.


Well… That was fun, wasn't it? xD

For those of you who guessed that the Amy in this story is me, good job! You get two thumbs up! Yes, Amy is me, in a sense. And almost everything she does I have done, or would do if I was put into the right situation. Like the conversation she had with Matsu about 'slight sarcasm'. I actually had that conversation, word for word, with one of my friends.

Anyway, thanks for reading, don't kill me for starting a new story, and I'll try to continue with some of the stories I've let collect dust.

Also, the lyrics Amy hears from the car that goes speeding past are from Time Is Running Out, by Muse.