Chapter 54: The Chaos of Magic, Part III

Author's note: So, after so much time, here it is: the very last chapter of this story. Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to take some time and upload something good than rushing something half assed. Anyway, hope you enjoy the final confrontation between Meg and her family and Miriam and her sisters.

"You're soon going to be dead,"a mysterious voice said as a threatening looking person emerged from the shadows. "Since I bring doom and pain to all who face me..."

And said person turned out to be...Mort Goldman.

"Mort Goldman?" Lois asked in disbelief. "Mort Goldman! Hehe, oh my god, to think that I was scared of you!" Lois said between laughs.

"Hey, don't laugh, you big nosed dumbass! I have some of the mightiest, deadliest powers you can ever imagine! Behold the destructive power I command!"

Mort Goldman then cast a lightning bolt at the much surprised Lois, who instinctively raised her arms in defense. But before the lightning could strike its target, it felt to the ground.

"Oh magical dysfunction, why do you have to make my life hell all the time?"

"Guess that I shouldn't be surprised," Lois said with a shrug, and prepared to finish the redheaded jew.

However, before Lois could react, a missile fell from the sky over Mort Goldman, obliterating him to ashes. More missiles fell, releasing sleep gas that knocked everybody unconscious, thus stopping the massive fight. Seconds later, a giant robot landed in front of Lois. The cockpit opened, revealing Brian and the five kids.

"You know, even I've killed dozens of people before, I can't help but feel bad when I kill a jew," Stewie casually commented. "It makes me feel bad even if they aren't different from the rest of people, like I'm crossing a line."

"If it makes you feel better, think that you just freed the jewish community from one of its worst stereotypes," Sophie said.

"By the way, why did you killed Mort, but simply sprayed everybody else with sleep gas?" Maya asked.

"I never liked him. He get on my nerves," Stewie explained.

"Well, you always get on my nerves but I never try to kill you," Kyle interjected.

"Stewie! What are you doing inside that robot?" Lois asked, quite concerned.

"Wait, what was that? 'Thanks for saving me Stewie, you're such a great son?' Oh, you're such an ungrateful bitch! After this mess is over, you're dead! Do you hear me woman? DEAD!"

Brian climbed down the robot to meet Lois.

"Brian! Where did you get this huge robot? And why was Stewie piloting it?" Lois asked in disbelief.

"'s a long story. We thought that you were in danger, and thus we came here to help you. Are you okay?" the dog said.

"Yes. It was a good thing that you appeared. Although there was no need to kill Mort."

"Readers seems to disagree."


"Nevermind," Brian quickly said. "So, did you find anything useful?" Lois shook her head in response. "Hey, where's Peter? I thought he was with you. Wait, don't tell me he got killed!"

"No, no. He's in the woods," Lois replied. When Brian stared at her puzzled, she added: "Don't ask. Anyway, he called me and told me he found something incredible. I don't know what it is, but it may be the dimensional gate we have been looking for."

"Knowing Peter, he may saw a plant that looks like a penis," Brian said dryly.

"Please, don't be so hasty to judge Peter. Let's gather the others and go to the woods, it may be something important," Lois said.

Moments later, Griffins and Kennedys were at the woods to see Peter's discovery. Aside from them, there was also Nathalie, Meg's friend.

"Hey, what is she doing here?" Chris asked.

"We saw her fighting against some monsters, and rescued her," Meg explained.

"The whole town had gone crazy! It was a good thing that you guys appeared," Nathalie said.

"Hey, how is that she hasn't been affected by that wave of energy?" Lois asked.

"Jillian asked me to place a magic barrier around her apartment to protect her children from any magical threat. It's obvious that it protected Nat as well," Daphne explained.

"So, you're still living with Jillian? I thought that you moved after she and Brian married," Matt asked.

"Yes, but I'm looking for a new place to live. My waitress salary leave me with very little options, since nobody rents as cheap as Jillian did," Nathalie answered.

"Okay, I think that we're digressing from the important stuff. So dad, mom told us that you found something," Meg said.

"Yeah, look!" Peter said with a wide smiling as he pointed at something everybody else failed to see.

"I can't see anything," Matt said.

"That flower over there! It looks like a vagina!" Peter said, gligling idiotically. Everybody groaned in disgust.

"You were right Lois, it wasn't a plant that looked like a penis," Brian said dryly.

"Ugh, the fatman can be more infuriating that Edward Scissorhands playing rock-paper-scissors,"


Edward Scissorhands is playing rock-paper-scissors with some random guy.

"Rock-paper-scissors!" both of the said as they revelaed their choices. Edward had scissors, and the random guy had rock.

"Ha, I win again Ed! Boy, you suck at this game so hard it hurts!"

"Do you know what else hurts? THIS!" Edward said as he chopped an arm to the random guy.

End Cutaway

"Peter, there's no time for stupidity! If we don't find that dimensional gate on time will mean the end of the world as we know it!" Daphne shouted, as frustrated as the others.

"Oh, I found the gate too, is there," Peter casually said, pointing to another direction where the gate effectively was.

Everybody stood there, dumfounded.

"Peter," Lois said as she rubbed her eyes. "WHY THE (BLEEP!) YOU DIDN'T TELL US ABOUT THE GATE BEFORE?"

"Because you didn't ask?" Peter replied sarcastically.

"I don't remember any of us asking you for that vagina-shaped plant," Matt said in disgust.

"Oh, burn!" Rosie said. "What the hell, burn literally!" Rosie said as she torched Peter with a small fireball.

"Enough nonsense. It's about time to cross that portal and face Miriam and her sisters. But before we go, somebody should stay and take care of the children, since they will be safer here," Daphne said. "How about you, Nat?"

"Don't you want me to go with you?" Nathalie asked.

"No. It's too dangerous for somebody without magic powers or some sort of special skill, and there's no time to give you powers," Meg said. "I don't want you to take this huge risk. Besides, somebody has to take care of the toddlers, and there's nobody else we can trust."

"I know you go after Miriam, and my dad trained me to hunt witches!"

"I think that you'll be of more use here," Lois said. "Even if Stewie and Rosie had shown great capabilities nobody could think about, I'm not going to risk their lives. Please do this for us Nat."

"Okay..." Nathalie said I resignation. "I'll stay here and be your babysitter. But I expect a compensation when all this craziness is over!" the dirty blonde remarked.

"Thank you Nat!" said Meg before hugging her best friend. Then he turned at Rosie and the other toddlers and said: "This are delicate times, and I want you to be extra nice to Nathalie! And don't get into any trouble!"

"Don't worry mom, we will behave," Rosie said.

"Guess that I'll have to compel or the sea cow offspring over here will hurt me with her cursed powers," Stewie muttered.

They crossed the dimensional gate, and appeared on the magisphere. They were already there before: when Sophie went insane after an infusion of negative magic and tried to open that mysterious gate. Except that this time, the gate was now fully opened.

"Just like I feared, Miriam and her sisters opened the Gates of Chaos, the gates of the core of the magisphere," Daphne said.

"What's Miriam looking for there?" Meg asked.

"I've been investigating this gate since Sophie almost opened it, and I think that I have the answer," Daphne began. "If what the scrolls and books I retrieved say is correct, this gates protect the core of the magisphere."

"The core? What's so important that Miriam wants it?" Meg asked.

"I don't know, but according to my investigation, there was, or is, an crystal which is the source of all magical energy of the planet, which used to be in our dimension. And as you can guess, many people used that item for their own benefit, creating catastrophes, death and destruction. To prevent more people to use the crystal to cause mayhem, the greatest wizard ever, who was known as Merlin, took it and sealed it away, along with all the magical creatures it spawned, into this dimension."

"And now Miriam wants it," Lois deduced.

"Yes. Shall she succeed, she'll be unstoppable," Daphne said.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go there and kick those doppelgangers' asses!" Meg said.

They crossed the gates, and found themselves in a new, strange world. It almost looked like earth as if it was never touched by mankind, except that it was inhabited by unknown and weird creatures, there were islands floating in the air, and the sky was bright purple.

"This's almost like looking through the eyes of a stoner," Brian commented.

"Magic energy in this place is so strong and concentrated that reality is completely distorted, to the point that some laws of physics doesn't even apply, " Daphne explained.

"Like in the Mushroom Kingdom?" Chris asked.

"Exactly. Now let's better get going before Miriam and her sisters unleash an even bigger magical catastrophe than the Wizards of Waverly Place," Daphne said, and everybody gasped in horror.

"We have to stop her at any cost!" Meg said, horrified.

"Any clue of where are they?" Lois asked.

Daphne waved her hands, and created between them what it looked to be a compass.

"This compass detects the crystal's energy, so we only need to go to whichever direction it points. Everybody, to the broomsticks!"

Meg, Lois, Jillian and Daphne summoned her broomsticks and set off for Miriam. Meg carried Matt on her broomstick, Lois carried Peter, Jillian carried Brian and Daphne carried Chris.

Meanwhile, inside some unknown underground location, Miriam and her sisters are sit down with her eyes closed around a large circular circle with runes carved on it channeling a spell, until Lorraine snaps and opens her eyes.

"Lorraine? What's going on?" Miriam asked.

"The Griffins followed us. I can sense them. They're coming here, fast." Lorraine replied.

"It seems that those Griffins don't get a hint," Miriam said. "Anyway, I'll get rid of them. You two continue with the spell."

"Um, which spell?" Jeanne asked.

"You know, the spell to summon the Chaos Crystal? That will make us powerful beyond comprehension?"

"Oh, that? I was thinking how cool would be to have an unicorn," Jeanne said, then she gasped in realization and asked: "Hey sis, when we're done with this, can I have an unicorn?"

"Ugh, we need to find you a new body..." Miriam said shaking her head.

Meanwhile, back in the sky, the four witches and their male companions still fly looking for Miriam.

"I sense a strong energy ahead of us! I think we're close to Miriam!" Meg said.

"I'm closer than you think, pest!" Miriam's voice said.


Suddenly, Miriam's head formed from a large cloud.

"You Griffins have been a thorn in my side since the very day I was revived, but following me here will be your last mistake!" Miriam said in a threatening tone.

"Do you think you scare me? I made far worse mistakes than coming here," Peter said.


Brian is in the living room watching TV when Peter comes in holding his cell phone.

"Hey Brian, check this out! I downloaded an app that tells you the day you will die!" Peter said.

"Really? Have you tried it?" Brian asked.

"Yeah and it says that my death will" Peter asked in shock.

"Hey Peter, don't believe in that crap. Nobody can say the day we will die and-"

"You think so?" the cellphone said as he pulled a gun and shot Peter in the chest. "See? He died today, just like my app said!"

End Flashback

"Maybe you'll be scared after THIS!" Miriam shouted.

Suddenly, a strong wind began to blow, which made far more difficult for the four witches to fly. A heavy rain started to pour and lightnings flashed the sky.

"A little storm won't stop us! Right?" Meg asked.

"NOOOOOOOOOO! This storm is ruining my hair! Sorry, but I can't continue!" Jillian cried as she attempted to turn back.

"Jillian, no! You have to be strong and continue!" Brian said, trying to encourage his girlfriend.

"But my hair-"

"Jillian, do this and when we return to Quahog, I'll buy you...uh...a bag of gummi bears!" Brian said.

"Really? Ow Brian, you always know how to make a girl happy. Alright, I'll cry for my hair later, let's go!"

Lois was also having troubles. Between the powerful winds and Peter's massive weight, she couldn't go as fast as the others.

"Hey, wait for us! Don't leave me behind!" Lois shouted.

"Daphne, my parents are having some trouble!" Meg said.

"Yeah, I got a wide load right here too," Daphne commented.

"Really? Where's the wide load? There's only you and me here!" Chris said. Daphne rolled her eyes.

"Maybe I can be of some help here," Matt said as he extended his arms open and closed his eyes.

A small current of wind began to blow from Matt's body, forming a little cyclone. The cyclone started to expand and expand until it held everybody inside. However, the cyclone also countered the gale force winds and protected the others from the cold rain.

"Great job, Matthew! Continue doing that!" Daphne encouraged.

"I don't think I can keep doing this for any longer!" Matt shouted as he tried to keep the cyclone active.

"It won't be necessary anymore! Miriam is there!" Daphne said, pointing forward.

Everybody saw a large mountain in front of them. There were two small caves and a big one below the other two on the visible face of the mountain, almost looking like the mountain had a face.

"Come on, let's go inside!" said Daphne.

"God, I don't want to know how's the exit of the mountain," Brian said in disgust.

They managed to enter in the mountain, and now they were safe from the outside storm.

"Alright, we're here. Now we only need to follow the compass to find Miriam. Hopefully she wouldn't found the crystal yet," Daphne said as she pulled out the compass again. "Damn, it's too dark. Some light, please?"

Meg summoned a fireball, and Jillian a ball of golden light, which were more than enough to illuminate the instance.

"Alright, follow me," Daphne said as he opened the march.

Meanwhile, back in the deepest part of the mountain, Miriam and her sisters are watching the Griffins on a crystal ball.

"Guess that those Griffins escaped from you again. Are you losing your touch, sis?" Lorraine mocked.

"Oh really? Well, let's see you doing better!" Miriam said, visibly pissed.

"Well, maybe I'll do it!" Lorraine replied.




"Hey, sisters, can you-" Jeanne was about to ask.

"SHUT UP, MORON!" Miriam and Lorraine yelled in unison. "Alright, time to showhow Griffin-killing is done..." Lorraine said as she prepared her next move.

Meanwhile, still in the mountain but several levels above. The Griffins, Matt, Jillian and Daphne continued their descent. Suddenly, everything began to shake.

"An earthquake!" Brian said in shock.

"Thanks for pointing it out, Brian. We would never guessed that without your help," Peter said, deadpan.

"Hey, there's no need to be sarcastic," Brian said a bit annoyed.

"There's always need to be sarcastic," Peter said.

"Not now!" Lois said as she grabbed Peter's hand and run away with the rest of the group.

Large boulders and razor sharp stalactites fell from above, but the group managed to avoid them all in their frenzy escape. As if the falling rocks weren't enough, the floor collapsed below their feet, and they fell to their deaths.

"Aw man, we're going to die!" Peter cried.

"Who's pointing the obvious now?" Brian

"Will you two stop arguing!?" an angry Lois said. She then turned to Meg and said: "What are we going to do?"

"Let me try something!" Meg said as she closed her eyes and concentrated.

Suddenly, a pink beam of light appeared from nowhere, spinning around the group until it formed a pink energy bubble that surrounded everybody. The bubble stopped the fall slowly, and the group managed to land relatively safe.

"Good job, Meg," Matt said as he hugged her.

"With that fall, I guess that we're much closer to Miriam now," Daphne said. "Come on, just a little more!"

And again at Miriam's location, the three french witches were still watching the crystal ball.

"Guess that you failed too, sister. It was obvious that you couldn't succeed where even I failed," Miriam said in a haughty tone. Lorraine glared at her coldly. "Don't give me that look. Thanks to your seismic crap, the Griffins will be here at any moment."

"Then I put a trap for them," Jeanne suggested.

Miriam and Lorraine looked at her, then at each other, then at Jeanne again and burst into laughter.

"What do you find so funny? I will put a trap and finish those Griffins for good!"

Miriam and Lorraine laughed even harder.

Just as Miriam said, the Griffins were pretty close to the three witches' location. They were actually near the end of a tunnel that lead to a large cave. Daphne wasn't using the magic compass anymore.

"I think I'm sensing something. It's Lorraine!" said Lois.

"Yeah, I sense Miriam too," Meg said. "That direction. We're almost there!"

"Yes, nothing can't stop us now!" Matt said.

However, the moment they exited the tunnel, a steel cage fell from the above, trapping the group of eight inside.

"What the deuce?" Chris asked.

"We're trapped in a simple cage!" Jillian said in panic. "What kind of diabolical mastermind could come up with such a twisted and clever trap?"

"Yay, it worked!" Jeanne cheered happily.

"A cage? That was your trap, sister? A simple cage?" Miriam said as she glared at her younger sister coldly.

"It's not a simple cage!" Jeanne protested. "It's made of an near-indestructible metal, and it has an enchantment that prevents the use of magic from the inside! There's no way they can escape!"

"Hey, the door is open!" Chris said as he opened the door and left the cage.

"...I knew I forget about something," Jeanne said sheepishly.

However, Miriam used her telekinesis pushed Chris back into the cage, and locked the door closed.

"Ugh, I have to do everything myself!" Miriam complained. "Still, it was a better than Lorraine's avalanche."

"Yay!" Jeanne said happily as Lorraine snorted a profanity.

"I told you that coming here will be your last mistake," Miriam said the her prisoners. "But you know what? I'm happy that we didn't kill you before. That way, you can witness how my sisters and myself unearth the greatest source of power of this planet. Soon we will be able to break this seal, and no force in the world will stop us!"

"Miriam, at first thought that you were crazy," Daphne said sternly. "But now I'm pretty sure that you're the craziest person I've ever meet. You're toying with forces you cannot understand."

Miriam smirked, and ignored Daphne's last comment. "You should have stayed with your plants, nature witch. This is too big for you and your loser apprentices. By the way, I saw that those pesky kids aren't here. Did you left them in Quahog? Probably for the best. But it doesn't matter. Soon nobody in this world will be able to escape our wrath!"

"I don't think so!" a female voice said.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure out of nowhere kicked Miriam in the face, hurling her backwards.

"Missed me?" Nathalie said with a smirk.

Nathalie was wearing a black catsuit, and holding a metallic battlestaff in her hands.

"Nathalie! How did you get here?" Meg asked.

"Oh, somebody brought me," Nathalie said just before a large robot broke through the cave's roof. It was the same robot Stewie had used to kill Mort, and as expected the five kids minus Rosie were inside it's cockpit. Rosie came behind it, riding on Flare's back. Her eyes glowed blue, and the cage's door opened.

"What are you kids doing here? We told you to stay at Quahog!" Lois said.

"Second time I save that bitch, and I get a reprimand instead of gratitude! That's it, I'm going to make her dead to be so slow and painful that she'll be begging for death!" Stewie said.

"Come on guys, you knew we weren't going to stay out of action, and we knew that you'll need us sooner or later," Rosie said. "Right Flare?"

"Alright. Since you saved us, we will forget about it this time," Lois said.

"Surrender Miriam! We outnumber you!" Daphne said.

"Oh, I don't think so. You see, I enlisted an old enemy of yours just in case something like this could happen," Miriam said. "Now show yourself!"

Ernie the giant chicken emerged from the shadows. He glared at Peter, and cracked his knuckles.

"Ha! And oversized chicken against the power of five witches, three ninjas and a giant robot?" Peter laughed. "You're going to need something better!"

Miriam smirked, snapped his fingers and suddenly an army of Ernies filled the cave.

"...okay, I admit that's better," Peter said.

"Army or not, you're not going to win! Your reign of terror ends here, Miriam!" said Meg. "And I personally will end it!"

"Let me help you," Matt said.

"I think I'll deal with Lorraine," Lois said. "I'm tired of her always trying to steal Peter from me!"

"I will fight by your side Lois. You're still not prepared to fight an experienced witch like Lorraine on your own," Daphne said.

"Fine by me."

"That leaves the white haired girl who looks like me to me then," said Jillian with a shrug.

"I will fight her too," Nathalie said. "It's about time to put into practice some of my dad's teachings."

"By the way, Nat, where did you got all that cool stuff?" Meg asked.

"From my dad's secret lair. I already told you, I've been trained to hunt witches since I was able to walk. I know martial arts and how to use many close combat and ranged weapons," Nathalie explained. "And all my life thinking it was useless stuff."

"So, the rest of us will deal with the army of giant chickens," Peter said.

"Yes! I've been waiting so much time to finally kick some ass!" Chris said in delight.

"Nothing bonds a father and a son more than fighting an army of humanoid chickens together," Peter said softly.

"Hey, what I'm supposed to do? I don't have any kind of power of ability!" Brian said.

"Hey Snoopy, there's a spot here with your name on it," Stewie said as he pointed the only empty seat on the robot's cockpit. "Now Rosemary, bring that dog over here."

Rosie quickly teleported Brian inside the robot's cockpit.

"Your constant meddling with my plans ends today! Everybody, attack!" Miriam said.

The army of giant chickens charged against the Griffins, Kennedys, Russells, Daphne, Nathalie and a giant robot piloted by three kids, a puppy and a dog.

Peter and Chris began to fight the army of chickens non stop. It was easy thanks to their ninja abilities. When they landed a fatal blow on one of the chickens, it vanished leaving a small cloud of smoke. Still, it seemed that the clones of Ernie were infinite.

Lois and Daphne got ready to fight Lorraine. Lorraine cast a shower of fire at the two women, but Lois countered it with a large wave of water. Daphne summoned several vine whips that wrapped around Lorraine, but she surrounded herself with fire to burn the plants. Lorraine attacked with a blaze of fire, and Lois cast a powerful stream of cold water. Both attacks clashed, creating a dense cloud of steam. Daphne summoned another vine whip behind Lorraine, which grabbed the french witch by the neck and slammed her against a rock wall.

Meanwhile, Jillian and Nathalie were fighting Jeanne. The white haired which showered them with a rain of razor sharp icicles, but Nathalie broke them all by spinning her staff like an helix. Jillian shoot several golden bolts of energy at Jeanne, who summoned an icy wall to protect herself. Nathalie pulled out a crossbow and shot a bolt at the wall.

"Ha! That toy is no match for my deadly fire powers!" said Jeanne.

"But your powers are ice based and-oh, nevermind, you're going to see lots of fire really soon," Nathalie said.

Suddenly, the bolt stuck in the wall exploded, hurling Jeanne backwards. Jillian took advantage of the moment, and cast a beam of energy at her white haired doppelganger, but Jeanne shattered into lots of ice shards. Suddenly, somebody trapped Jillian and Nathalie inside a block of ice.

"Haha, you fell for it! That was just an ice replica of myself! See how clever that was, huh?" Jeanne boasted proudly.

"Oh no! She turned us into human ice creams!" Jillian cried. "I'm so cold!"

Meanwhile, Brian, Stewie, Maya, Kyle and Sophie were inside the giant robot fighting the horde of Ernies, when Maya saw Jillian and Nathalie inside ice blocks.

"Dad! Mama and Nathalie are having troubles! We have to help them!" Maya said.

"What? Jillian!" Brian said in horror. "Stewie, new target: that white haired harlot!"

"You're the boss," Stewie said with a shrug.

The robot launched several missiles at Jeanne, but the french witch dodged them swiftly. Kyle fire a laser beam at her, but Jeanne avoided it too. Jeanne then used her powers to freeze the robots' legs, rendering it immobile.

"Activate the flamethrower, now!" Stewie yelled.

"Right now!" Sophie replied.

Sophie activated the robot's flamethrower arm and used it to melt the ice from the legs. Sophie also tried to torch Jeanne, but the white haired witch froze the flamethrower, then the legs again, and finally the whole robot minus the cockpit.

"Damn! All the systems are off!" Stewie said as he tried to break the robot free from its icy prison.

"Yes! I knew if I concentrated I could defeat all of you despite this crummy brain!" Jeanne said triumphant. Then she turned to Jillian and said with a cruel grin. "Those two dogs and the blonde girl are your family, right? Now I want you to watch how I freeze your dear lover and kids to death!" Jeanne said as she began to cover the cockpit in ice.

The four occupants began to scream in terror, while Jillian watched in horror how Brian, Kyle and Maya were slowly covered by ice. Jillian felt angry at the impotence of the situation. Nathalie then nopticed that Jillian started to glow golden. The anger and the strong desire to save her family caused the blonde airhead to released a wave of golden energy in all directions, shattering the block of ice she was stuck in.

"DON'T YOU DARE TO HURT MY FAMILY!" Jillian said in a booming voice, before blasting Jeanne with a nova of golden energy.

With Jeanne defeated, Jillian released Nathalie and the robot from the ice. Brian, Kyle and Maya hugged Jillian in joy. Sophie also hugged Stewie, but he pushed her away in disgust.

The last of the french witches, Miriam, was fighting against Meg and Matt.

"You have no chance agaisnt me, fools! Not as long as I have my spellbook!" Miriam said. The Meg-looking witch opened the book, releasing several purple energy bolts that surged through her body. "Oh yes, I feel INVINCIBLE! Now let me show you the power of a master!"

Miriam summoned several black demon heads that flied at Meg and Matt, trying to bit them and breathing green fire. Matt absorbed all the demon heads inside a tornado, and Meg destroyed them with a fireball. Meg then cast several lightning bolts at Miriam, who caught them with her bare hands and deflected them against a wall. Miriam waved her hands, and used her telekinesis to tear some large rocks from the ground and the walls and tossed them at Meg and Matt. Matt created a huge tornado around himself and Meg to slow the speed of the rocks, and Meg used her own telekinesis to throw the rocks back at Miriam. Miriam destroyed them with a blast of dark energy.

"I can't believe I'm wasting so much time on such a beginner like you!" Miriam shouted.

"I already defeated you many times, so don't flaunt yourself as if you were superior," Meg angrily replied.

Meanwhile, Peter and Chris continued fighting the large army of Ernies, but they started to get tired.

"Man, i'm getting so tired," Peter said, exhausted.

"Yeah, me too," Chris said as he fend off against the many Ernies.

"But you guys have been fighting for less than five minutes!" Rosie said from above. Flare cawed something. "Yeah Flare. They'll have more resistance if they weren't so fat."

"Can you do something to help us?" Chris said, irritated. "It seems that these chickens never end!"

"Okay, let me think...I'm pretty sure that there must be some kind of spell which is constantly replicating the original Ernie, so if I find the original...there it is!"

Rosie and Flare dived the only Ernie who wasn't fighting, just looking in satisfaction at Peter getting his ass kicked. He didn't saw the small phoenix and the girl who tackled him.

"Yes, I can sense it! Now...counterspell!" Rosie said.

Suddenly, all the Ernies disappeared.

The original Ernie pushed Rosie and Flare away, only to see that his army was gone.

"What the hell?" was all Ernie could say before Peter punched him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Meg and Matt were still fighting Miriam when the rest of the family joined them.

"What? You defeated my sisters and my army of giant chickens?"Miriam said shock.

"Yes Miriam. You're alone now. We won. Surrender and we won't be hard on you," Matt said.

"You have won NOTHING!" said Miriam releasing a telekinetic shockwave that hurled everybody backwards. "Ugh, I deserve this for trusting such incompetent fools, but no more! Now sisters, it's about time for you to become useful!"

Miriam levitated the unconscious bodies of her sisters which were turned into pure energy and absorbed into Miriam's body. Miriam's hair grew much longer, her eyes began to glow an intense red, and she was surrounded by an aura of purple flames.

"NOW YOU HAVE NO CHANCE AGAINST ME!" Miriam shouted maniacally.

"You wanna bet?" Meg said as she cast a lightning bolt at Miriam.

However, Miriam easily deflected the electric attack back at Meg with a mere wave of her hand. Peter and Chris tried to dropckick Miriam, but she simply waved her hand again, and used her telekinsesis to slam the two fat guys against a wall.

"YOUR END IS CLOSE! NOW DIE!" Miriam yelled as she opened a black hole over her foes.

The black hole could have sucked them in no time if Daphne hadn't summoned some vine whips that kept everybody stuck to the ground. Nathalie pulled her crossbow again, and fired a bolt at Miriam, who easily stopped it in mid air with her powerful psychic powers, a few centimeters from her face.

"Pathetic..." she said right before the bolt exploded in her face. It didn't harm her significantly, but it broke her concentration and couldn't keep the black hole opened.

"Damn, she's too powerful! What are we going to do now?" Lois said in desperation.

"Listen, she may be more powerful than any of us individually, but she's no match for all of us together! If we join of forces, we can defeat her for good!" Daphne said, trying to encourage her apprentices.

"So, what do we do now?" Jillian asked, confused.

"We attack her with all our power, all at once," Meg said.

"Well said," Daphne replied. "Now, the four of us, blast her into the oblivion!"

Meg, Lois, Jillian and Daphne cast beams of energy of different colors that wrapped around each other forming a beam of pure white energy at Miriam.

"You still think you can defeat me? Let me show you then how hopeless your situation is!" Miriam said before casting a purple energy beam.

Both attacks clashed, and pushed back and forth for some time, until Meg, Lois, Jillian and Daphne's combining attack began to push Miriam's attack back.

"What...what's happening? Where did you get so much power?" Miriam said. There was some panic in her voice.

"You may have become more powerful than us individually, but together we're still stronger!" Meg said. "Come on girls, one last effort!"

Using every ounce of their energy, Meg, Lois, Jillian and Daphne finally overpowered Miriam's attack, and the french witch was destroyed in a huge explosion.

The four witches fell on their knees, completely exhausted.

"Are they dead?" asked Lois.

"I think so..." Daphne said between gasps.

"'s finally over..." Meg said in relief.

"Like hell it is!" Miriam's voice said.

Much to everybody's horror, the ghosts of Miriam, Lorraine and Jeanne appeared before them. But they don't looked like Meg, Lois and Jillian anymore, since they regained their original appearance.

"Even if my body has been destroyed, my spirit lives for revenge!" Miriam yelled.

But before she or any of her sisters could do anything, a golden chain appeared from thin air and wrapped around them.

"I'm sorry ladies, but that's not going to happen," Death said as he appeared. "You're coming with me to the afterlife.

"What? No! You can do this! My sould is attached to this world!" Miriam complained.

"Your soul was attached to the spellbook, which has been destroyed," Death said. "Nobody cheats Death forever! Now, let's go!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo oooooooooo..." Miriam shouted as she and her sisters vanished from this world forever.

"So, this is it," Meg said. "Come on, let's get out of here."

The next day, the entire group was in the Griffin house, talking about the recent events.

"I can't believe that Miriam is gone forever," said Lois. "I thought that she'll come to haunt us forever."

"Yeah, like LeChuck, or Ganon, or the Trix, or Team Rocket," said Matt. "But those villains are permanently defeated at some time or another."

"You know, it was a pity that the spellbook was destroyed," Meg sighed. "I loved being a witch."

Suddenly, Daphne appeared in front of her.

"You can still be a witch, Meg. If you want," Daphne said.

"Really? How?" Meg asked, curious.

Daphne gave her what it looked to be another spellbook, but when Meg opened it, there was nothing written on it.

"What is this?"

"A spellbook."

"'s completely blank!"

"I know. You must fill those blank spaces with the spells you learn over your life," Daphne said. "Meg, you've been using the spellbook of an evil witch for far too long. It's about time for you to have your own."

"hey, what about us? We're witches too!" Rosie complained.

"Haha, don't worry, I didn't forget about you," Daphen said as she gave blank spellbooks to Rosie, Lois and Jillian.

"So, what now?" Meg asked.

"Maybe we could see what's on TV," Matt suggested as he turned the TV on.

"And now we return with Jersey Shore, Take Two!" the TV announcer said.

"Dad, please, turn that off," Rosie said in disgust.

The End


After the events of this set of events, the Griffins, Kennedys and Russells continued with their lives. Years passed, and the three families would see a lot of changes in their lives.

Meg and Matt graduated from James Woods High and went to Brown University. Meg studied journalism and Matt studied criminology. While they were absent, Peter and Lois took care of Rosie. Still, Meg and Matt returned to the Griffin House for special events, such as birthdays, Christmas, and of course, summer. Upon finishing college, Meg got a job at Channel 5, and thanks to her hard work and intelligence, she was quickly promoted and after a few years she became the head anchorwoman of the news.

Matt, on the other hand, became a member of the Quahog Police Department. After some years, Meg and Matt used the money they were saving to buy Quagmire's house (who recently moved to California) at a very low price (since all the houses of Spooner Street had drastically reduced their values since Peter moved), and moved there with Rosie and Flare, so they could be independent but still close to their family. Meg and Matt would have three more children, named Scott, Tommy and Lois Junior. All of them were born with magic powers.

Strange as it sounds, Chris managed to go to Brown too, where he and his girlfriend Zoe studied arts. After graduating they moved to Providence, where they work as animators. They don't have any children yet.

Upon learning that Cleveland was going to move out, Brian and Jillian bought his house at a very low price for the same reasons. Brian still works on an editorial, while Jillian opened her own photography studio. They had another daughter named Holly.

So far, only Peter, Lois and Stewie still live in the Griffin house, which used to be the home of seven people and two pets.

Stewie goes to James Woods High School, along with Rosie, Sophie, Kyle and Maya. Stewie and Kyle work together on the school newspaper, Sophie is in the school music band as violinist, Rosie is in the art club, and Maya is the head cheerleader. Stewie is dating Sophie, and Rosie is dating Kyle.

Meg, Lois, Rosie and Jillian continued and completed their training as witches under Daphne's guidance. They learned to use their powers for good and with responsibility (though Jillian still caused some accidents from time to time). Daphne now trains Scott, Tommy and Lois Junior in the magic arts.

Author's note: That was all folks. I started this story four and a half years ago, and now I can't believe that this story is over now. But like Nelly Furtado said, all good things come to an end, and it was about time for this story to end, since I lost my interest in Family Guy a long time ago, and writing new chapters was becoming increasingly difficult. Should I have finished this story before? I don't know, maybe. Or maybe not. In fact, there was still a couple of ideas I wanted to try, like a chapter focused on Kyle's crush on Rosie. However, I still did almost everything I wanted to do reagrding this story, so no regrets. And I'm done with Family Guy, at least when it comes to fanfiction.

Now, I'd like to thank everybody who has supported me and this story with your kind comments and reviews, and of course, thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.