Authors note: Okay this story will include both internet chat and real life parts

Authors note: Okay this story will include both internet chat and real life parts. It'll be easy to tell the difference so don't worry.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.


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ChicksDigTheEars:Dude, we're like on-line

MettleMan1436: I know man, this is SWEET!!

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EmeraldFire563: Yes I too enjoy the talking on-line .

ChicksDigTheEars: Hey Star right on time!

MettleMan1436: Yo Star, Sup

EmeraldFire563: Sup? I am confused.

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MaskedWonder: It means "what's up"

EmeraldFire563: Oh, the ceiling of course.

ChicksDigTheEars: Yeah

MettleMan1436: Never mind

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NevermoreAgain: Hey.

ChicksDigTheEars: RAVEN!! It's about time I thought you weren't gonna show

EmeraldFire563: Hello friend!!

MaskedWonder: Hey Raven

MettleMan1436: Alright all of the titans are on-line! Ch-yeah!!

NevermoreAgain : Sorry I'm late I was reading the last chapter of my book not that

it's any of your business

ChicksDigTheEars: Must be your telling me

MettleMan1436: Hey that rhymed!

ChicksDigTheEars: cutie

MaskedWonder: cutie?

NevermoreAgain: cutie?

(I give all credit to my friend Bradley for this joke)

ChicksDigTheEars: Yeah you're totally irresistible

NevermoreAgain: I'm what?

ChicksDigTheEars: Irresistible

NevermoreAgain: Say that again

ChicksDigTheEars: No

NevermoreAgain: Say it

ChicksDigTheEars: You're Irresistible. I'm kissass

MettleMan1436: You're what?

ChicksDigTheEars: Kissass (Ok no more credit for Bradley)

MaskedWonder: Okay enough of that.

EmeraldFire563: Yes that was most freaky.

ChicksDigTheEars: Yep

MettleMan1436: Uhuh

NevermoreAgain: Agreed

MaskedWonder: So are we all still on for the Wicked Scary 3 movie?

EmeraldFire563: Most defiantly!

MettleMan1436: Wouldn't miss it!

ChicksDigTheEars: DUH!! Of course!!

NevermoreAgain: I'm going to skip movie night.

MettleMan1436: WHAT!? It's Wicked Scary 3! You can't bail!

EmeraldFire563: Oh please join us!

MaskedWonder: Come on Raven.

NevermoreAgain: No.

ChicksDigThe:Ears: Fine by me

MettleMan1436: WHAT!?

MaskedWonder: What?!

EmeraldFire563: WHAT!?

NevermoreAgain: What? You don't care?

ChicksDigThe:Ears: Nope

MettleMan1436: I can't believe my eyes are reading this, did you use spell check like I told you to BB?

ChicksDigThe:Ears: No. I just don't want to scare Raven; I mean she's a chicken and I respect that.

NevermoreAgain: I'm no chicken.

ChicksDigTheEars: Well since you won't watch the movie I have to assume...

NevermoreAgain: I'M NO CHICKEN

MaskedWonder: Raven remember last time

ChicksDigThe:Ears: Then watch the movie

NevermoreAgain: I will

ChicksDigThe:Ears: And sit right next to me so I can see if you're scared

NevermoreAgain: Fine

ChicksDigThe:Ears: And you have to keep your hood down

NevermoreAgain: Fine because I won't get scared this time.

ChicksDigTheEars: And if you do?

NevermoreAgain: Then hmmm...What do you want me to do if I get scared?

ChicksDigTheEars: Hmmm...Then you have to...Sit on my lap the rest of the movie?

NevermoreAgain: Uhhh fine...I guess.

ChicksDigTheEars: And let me rap my arms around you? Unless you're chicken of


NevermoreAgain: Fine you're on, but if I don't get scared you have to not play video games for a month, or watch T.V. or play computer games. Unless you want to call this off now.

ChicksDigTheEars: Not a chance, see ya in 2 hours

NevermoreAgain: You're on.

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MaskedWonder: do you think he planned that?

MettleMan1436: Oh yeah, he planned it.

EmeraldFire563: Why does friend Beastboy want friend Raven to sit on his lap?

MettleMan1436: Uhhh...g2g

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MaskedWonder: Ditto

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EmeraldFire563: Was it something I said?

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