Titans Online: Part 19

Authors note: Finally! This is the final chapter of Titans Online. It's been a long and bumpy ride, but finally we're at the end. For those of you who have read all the way through, I salute you! Thank you guys for all of the reveiws and for sticking around even when updates took forever and when chapters were 500 words long. You guys rock! Sorry for the crappy and predictable ending! Signing off- POGE.

~EmeraldFire_563 has signed on~

~MaskedWonder has signed on~

EmeraldFire_563: Hello boyfriend Robin!

MaskedWonder: Hey Star, how's it going?

EmeraldFire_563: My day have been wonderful! And it has gotten even more wonderful now that I am speaking to you! : )

MaskedWonder: Same here!

~Chicks_Dig_The_Ears has signed on~

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: Hello dude and dudette!

MaskedWonder: Hey BB.

EmeraldFire_563: Hello friend Beastboy! Did you and Raven have fun last night?

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: I always have fun with Raven! … Well unless she hits me… But last night was fun! Poetry isn't that bad and the tofu was awesome!

~Nevermore_Again has signed on~

Nevermore_Again: I still prefer real meat.

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: And I still prefer comic books, but we can work on that!

~MettleMan1436 has signed on~

MettleMan1436: Lol. You probably liked that someone read to you.

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: Actually that was my favorite part. So is your lady friend coming back, or did you scare her away? ; )

~Fencing _Lady101 has signed on~

Fencing _Lady101: He hasn't scared me away yet. Lol.

MettleMan1436: That's good to know!

EmeraldFire_563: Yes, I am most thrilled that you have become our friend!

Fencing _Lady101: I'm glad we're friends to Star.

EmeraldFire_563: It would be most glorious if you would come to visit at the tower! We could have a night of girls! You, Raven, and I would have such fun!

Fencing _Lady101: Sounds like fun!

Nevermore_Again: I'd prefer not.

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: Aww loosen up baby! Go have fun!

Nevermore_Again: Maybe I'll give you a makeover and see how you like it.

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: …On second thought, maybe Raven should be excused.

Nevermore_Again: Thank you.

EmeraldFire_563: Oh please Raven!!!!!!!

Fencing _Lady101: It'd be great to get to know you better, Raven.

Nevermore_Again: ...I'll come, but I'm not participating.

EmeraldFire_563: EEEEEE! Thank you Raven!

MaskedWonder: Maybe while they're having girl time we should hang.

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: Fine, but no hand-to-hand combat training! Last time I was sore for weeks!

MettleMan1436: I'm with BB on that one, and most of my body's made of metal!

MaskedWonder: And here I thought you couldn't spell metal!

Fencing _Lady101: Yeah, I thought you misspelled your online name, lol.

MettleMan1436: MetalMan was taken! By the time I tried misspelling it I just decided to add numbers and call it a day!

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: lol.

Nevermore_Again: Did you even notice that it was spelled wrong?

Chicks_Dig_The_Ears: … No.

All of a sudden everyone's computer shut off. All of the titans went to the living room to find out what happened.

"Dude Cyborg, what happened?"

Cyborg was currently dialing Sarah's number on his arm phone. Sarah's face popped up on the screen.

"What happened; I just lost the chat room?"

"I'm about to check." Cyborg went over to the computer and started to try and turn it on when Slade's face appeared on the screen.

"Hello Titans, hello Titans, hello Titans-"

"It's a virus!" Cyborg said as he started rapidly pressing buttons.

"Robin, go disconnect us from the web!" Cyborg yelled as more little Slade icons started to pop up.

Before long the screen went black again and Robin came back.

"Cyborg what just happened?" Robin asked.

"He put a virus into the system, but I managed to stop it before it got past our firewall to our defense system."

"So no harm done?" Beastboy asked.

"We lost some things. Our trackers are down, no internet access at all, and at the moment our tower defense is low."

"So our chat room is down?" Starfire asked.

"It looks that way." Cyborg said.

"I think we have bigger problems than loosing our chat room."

"I agree with Raven. It looks like we're going after Slade." Robin said.

"How much of the computer can you fix?" Sarah asked.

"I can fix it but it might take awhile to get defense back up."

"Star, call Titans East to cover the Tower. We're going after Slade." Robin said.

"Goodbye chat room, hello Slade." Beastboy said.

"Look the chat room served its purpose, but it's time for us to get back to our job." Raven said looking at Beastboy.

"She's right. We have a job to do and that comes first." Robin said.

"Sarah, it looks like I'll be busy for awhile. I'll call you when we get rid of Slade."

"I'll be waiting." And with that Cyborg hung-up.

"I have called Titans East, they are on their way." Starfire said.

"Then it looks like we're on ours." Robin said before turning and giving Starfire a kiss on the cheek.

Beastboy grabbed Raven's hand and squeezed. "Time to kick bad guy butt?"

"Oh yeah." Raven answered.

"Spread out and find him, call if you do. TITANS GO!"

And with that the titans were back to doing their thing, leaving behind the chat room, but not forgetting the lessons they learned from it.