Everyone thinks the Doctor's all that; sometimes his ego gets away from him.

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The Doctor led Rose into the TARDIS by the hand, not the least bit interested in letting her out of his sight before he found out just how she'd ended up back in his universe. Mister impressive that he was, he made a show of snapping his fingers to close the TARDIS doors behind them.

"Whoa," said Rose, rather astonished.

The Doctor smiled proudly, and a bit condescendingly, as Rose held her hand out and snapped.

The doors opened.

She snapped again.

The doors closed.

"Neat trick," she said, pulling her other hand free of his to drape her arms about his neck.

"But," stammered the Doctor, "no one else. . . that's. . . I'm the only. . ." he trailed off as she looked at him, eyebrows raised.

The Doctor shoved his wounded pride into the backseat, and decided to show her just how much she'd been missed.

The end.