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Chapter One

A Good Telling Off

The Tardis jerked and threw around its passengers as it hurtled through time and space. Ashley gripped onto one of the strangely fashioned beams as her stomach churned and the Doctor continued to yell at her, like he had done ever since they had set off.

Blah, blah, blah, if you're going to ride in my Tardis you have to go by my rules… blah, blah, blah, don't ever touch the control panel without my permission… Blah. Blah. Blah.

Eventually, and thankfully, the Tardis came to a halt. But it jerked so suddenly that Ashley was thrown to the floor. The Doctor however, having experienced much worse landings, managed to keep hold of the control panel and stay upright.

'Oh bloody hell…' Ashley mumbled, rubbing her head and getting to her feet. 'I think the suspension on your Tardis is screwed.'

The Doctor didn't look at all impressed. 'Don't you ever do that again!' he told her sternly. 'We're lucky we even landed at all! We could have flown right into the path of a dying star! Or landed in the middle of Hiroshima just as the bomb was coming down!'

Ashley frowned, rubbing her arm. It was throbbing from where she fell on it. 'Okay, okay.' she grumbled. 'No need to get your knickers in a twist. We landed okay, didn't we?'

The Doctor frowned. 'Barely.' He replied. 'I'm warning you now though, you try anything like that again and I'm taking you straight back home.'

'God you sound like my mum.'

'Well I feel for her if she had to deal with you for god knows how long.' The Doctor replied, still a little angry but not as much as he had been. He pushed his hands in his pockets and sighed. 'Well I guess we should go and see where we ended up.'

Ashley mimicked his movements, although she was a little sulkier. She nodded and mumbled something that he either didn't catch, or just ignored. He moved past her and towards the doors.

'Let's just hope I don't open these doors and get eaten by a dinosaur, eh? Or step out in the middle of a battlefield or something.' He paused. 'I know, seeing as it was your great idea to pull any lever willy-nilly, why don't you go out first?'

Ashley looked at him in alarm as he took her shoulders from behind and marched her towards the Tardis doors. 'Look, I said I'm sorry, okay? I won't touch your precious Tardis anymore, okay?'

The Doctor pulled open the door and pushed her out. 'Mind your step!'

Ashley cried out as she stumbled forward, half expecting to land in a lake of fire, but her boots thudded against the pavement and she managed to steady herself by pin wheeling her arms. She turned angrily to the Doctor. 'Now there was no need for that.' She snapped.

The Doctor grinned at her as he stepped out. 'Well that'll teach you for messing. I already knew where we were as soon as we landed.'

Ashley crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. 'Fine. I deserved it. So where are we?'

The Doctor squinted at their surroundings. 'Well… I'll put us at around 7500. I think we're on a small, colonised planet, most likely still part of the Human Empire.'

'So, there's going to be no face huggers or Xenomorphs running around?' Ashley enquired.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. 'I forgot what it's like travelling with someone who watches too many sci-fi movies. Does this place look like you'd find that kind of thing?'

Ashley looked around sceptically. 'I dunno.' She shrugged. 'Place looks pretty dead.'

The Doctor looked around also and nodded. 'I have to agree with you actually.'

They stood at the bottom of a street, lined on either side with apparently identical, white faced houses – although they didn't look quite so white anymore. Green shoots sprouted up between the cracks in the pavement. Creepers grew up the sides of the buildings, some of them actually growing through some of the shattered windows. The place looked abandoned.

'In my haste to get somewhere exciting,' Ashley sighed. 'I brought us to a ghost planet, didn't I?'

The Doctor looked curious now. 'That's unlikely. I'm sure we've just landed in a bad neighbourhood or something.'

'You still get bad neighbourhoods in 7500?'

'You'll get bad neighbourhoods forever.'

The pair began walking down the deserted and dilapidated street together, taking in their surroundings. When they reached the end of the street and started down the next, they both stopped with open mouths.

'Whoa…' Ashley remarked.

The new street was in similar condition to the first one they walked down, however not only were there wild plants overgrowing almost anything, thick black wires were running from holes underground and into the houses. There were more wires than plants. It was eerie to look at. It was like some kind of weird, electronic jungle.

The Doctor moved towards the nearest batch of wires, pulling his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket. He got down on the floor, his backside up in the air, and pressed the screwdriver against the wire while apparently listening at the same time. Ashley stood over him and watched curiously.

'You picking up football on that thing or something? What are you listening to?'

'The place looks abandoned but there seems to be plenty of energy running through these wires.' He frowned a little. 'A lot of plenty.'

'Where is it coming from?'

'Somewhere underground. Must be some kind of power core or something…'

'But there's no one here for the power to go to.' Ashley pointed out, puzzled.

The Doctor got to his feet, brushing himself off. 'Looks like that, doesn't it?' He stood quietly for a moment, musing over their current situation. Then he beamed at Ashley and ruffled her hair. 'Maybe your childish lever-pulling wasn't so bad after all.'

Ashley moved away from under his hand and grimaced. 'Don't do that again.'

He was already heading away down the street, his hands tucked into his pockets. 'Come on then. You were so keen to come along, so keep up!'

Ashley smoothed her hair down and frowned after him. With an unhappy grumble, she jogged to catch up, hopping over the cracks in the pavement.