Chapter Fourteen

Three's A Crowd

The atmosphere was still and solemn. Even the breeze that had been blowing since they first landed had decided this was supposed to be a silent moment. The Doctor and Ashley stood side by side outside of the Tardis, Mitchell standing facing them a few yards away. At had been yesterday when Ashley had finally woken up, bringing the total time spent on this planet up to four days. She had needed to rest a while, but she only did so because the Doctor and Mitchell made her rest. In reality, she had wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

'I suppose I should thank you both for making my week a little more eventful,' Mitchell joked with a small smile. 'It's gets a bit monotonous around here.'

'All we did was wreak havoc, isn't that right Doctor?' Ashley nudged him playfully.

The Doctor stepped forward, holding a hand out to Mitchell. 'You're a good man, do you know that Mitchell?'

Modestly, Mitchell shrugged as he shook his hand. 'I try.'

'Are you sure you don't want us to stay and help you with the unplugging?'

Mitchell half laughed. 'No offence, but you two caused more harm than good. Although if it wasn't for you we wouldn't know that the system has a bug and isn't allowing some people to unplug. It'll probably dangerous, but we're going to start going into the games and seeing if we can help some people who might be trapped. Who knows, in a few years, we might be able to make this place presentable again.'

'I hope you do.' The Doctor nodded, pushing his hands in his pockets. 'Looks like this place was nice once.'

Mitchell glanced around and nodded. 'Yup. Beautiful place.'

The three of them stood in silence for a moment. Ashley moved forward quite suddenly and pulled Mitchell into a bear hug, pinning his arms by his sides. 'Thank you Mitchell.'

Mitchell half laughed. 'It's okay.'

Ashley stepped back again quickly, wiping at her right eye and then trying to look casual. The Doctor watched her, amused.

'It's just a shame you won't be able to stay around to help.' Mitchell smiled.

Ashley blushed.

'Well,' The Doctor sighed. 'We better be getting off. We've got a lot of travelling to be doing.'

Mitchell nodded and the Doctor turned to go into the Tardis, but Ashley grabbed his coat sleeve. She was smiling at Mitchell. 'He could come on one trip with us, couldn't he? I mean… we could drop him back off so it would seem like he had never left.' She shot the Doctor a look. 'That's if you can get the time right.'

The Doctor opened his mouth and half winced. 'I don't know…'

'Oh come on!' Ashley pressed. 'It'll be fun! He's never travelled before.'

The Doctor shuffled awkwardly, glancing to Mitchell. 'It would get a bit… crampt.'

'Are you kidding? There's loads of room.'

'I don't fancy explaining everything again.'

'I'll do it.'

Mitchell laughed, gaining curious looks from both of them. 'It's okay.' he told them. 'I don't want to come. I'm happy here.'

Ashley looked bemused. 'Seriously?'


The Doctor, relieved at the man's decision, pushed open the Tardis door. 'Well thanks again, Mitchell. It was a pleasure to meet you.'

Ashley looked disappointed. 'Are you sure?'

Mitchell nodded. 'I'm sure sure. Now go on you two,' he waved a hand and laughed. 'Get lost.'

'Don't tempt fate.' The Doctor muttered. He nodded once more to the young man, and then disappeared inside the Tardis. Ashley hesitated a moment, smiled shyly, and then followed him in.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, the Doctor started.

'That's two rules you've broken already.' He told her, already pushing buttons and pulling levers on the control panel. 'One, never touch the controls unless I tell you you can, because you push a wrong button and we can end up in the jaws of a T-Rex, and that wouldn't be pretty. Rule number two; Only I can invite people along, okay? I don't want to land somewhere, disappear for ten minutes only to come back and find you in here with two dozen strangers prodding and poking at all of my things. I like my space to move around in here, okay? I don't need to be bumping into a bunch of…'

Ashley hugged him tightly, cutting off his words. Bewildered, he raised his eyebrows.

'It's good to have you back.' She grinned.

The Doctor smiled and hugged her back. 'Got you to thank for that.' He pried her off gently and looked at her seriously. 'But just because you stopped me from getting sucked into that thing I'm not going to let up on the rules, okay?'

'Whatever.' Ashley smirked. 'Just take us somewhere a little less perilous, okay?'

The Doctor grinned. He put his hand on the lever. 'Where's the fun in that?'

The End

Okey dokey, that's Episode Four. I hope you enjoyed it and weren't disappointed with the ending, it seemed to be hard to end… I don't know whether it's because I'm needing my Doctor Who fix (every now and then I need to watch it or I can't write lol) but meh. It's finished now :P

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