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Nigel sat gloomily at a booth in the far back of the ice-cream parlor. He hadn't the heart to actually order anything. He stared at a Polaroid of five children, a frozen moment. There was a girl whose green shirtsleeves covered her hands and who had thrust a pink rainbow-monkey towards a short boy with blond hair that covered his eyes. Behind them, a chubby boy with aviator's goggles pointed to the blond boy, mid laugh. A girl whose red cap hid her eyes nonetheless seemed to be looking at the three with an I-can't-believe-you're-still-doing-this expression. The boy in front, bald and wearing sunglasses stood next to the girl with the red hat, glaring at the other three. Nigel sighed, and then jumped when a gentle hand landed on his shoulder.

"Numbah—Abby! What are you doing here?" he asked, turning his sad and slightly annoyed looking eyes towards the person attached to the hand. "You scared me half to death!"

"Sorry, Nigel," the girl began "Abby didn't realize your mind was somewhere else."

"Apology accepted" the British boy replied, a sad sort of half-smile coming over his face.

"Now, what can I do for you Abby?"

"Abby was hoping we go somewhere to talk."

Nigel froze for a moment. "A...All right." Then leader mode switched in. "How about to my house?"

"Sounds good to Abby."

They walked to the house in silence.

"Mom!" Nigel yelled. "Abby's come over, we'll be in my room."

"Ok sweetie," Mrs. Uno called back.

They climbed the stairs to Nigel's room. He motioned her to the desk chair and sat down on his. Abby looked for the first time since he had seen her that day, uncomfortable.

"Nigel, what Abby is about to tell you is true and Abby's really nervous that you won't believe her, so please let Abby finish before you say anything."

"Of course, Abby" Nigel replied, concerned. "You'll always be my dearest friend."

"Nigel, you have been thirteen for about two months. My thirteenth birthday was three weeks ago."

Nigel frowned. He wasn't sure he liked where this conversation was headed.

"You were not decommissioned. You are still part of the Kids Next Door."

Nigel gasped. How could she know?

Abby rushed on. "Well, they didn't decommission me either."

Nigel opened his mouth to speak.

"Please Numbah One, let me finish." Nigel stared for a moment, and then nodded his consent. She must have been really worried to start referring to herself in the first person.

"Now, they didn't tell me at first that you hadn't been decommissioned." She took a deep breath. It seemed to calm her down somewhat. "They didn't tell Abby much really, you know how secretive they are. They only tell you as much as they need to know. But today, they was going through and working out the assignments and info for the newly not-decommissioned operatives, and they gave me some stuff, and some stuff to give to you. You see, they want us to work together."

She finished and handed over a packet marked TOP SECRET. Nigel ripped it open and quickly glanced through its contents. Then, dropping the packet on the bed he jumped up and caught up Abby in a bone-crushing hug.

"Numbah Five, I'm so glad!" he cried. "I hated knowing that none of you would remember all of your childhoods correctly, all the great things we did."

"Numbah Five's glad too, Numbah One, but Numbah Five can't breathe."

"Oh, sorry Numbah Five." Nigel quickly released her and stepped back, blushing slightly.

"Nah, don't worry about it Numbah One" Abby grinned. "Numbah Five's okay."

Together they looked through the documents and talked about things for a few hours.

"So Numbahs Two, Three and Four really were decommissioned?" Nigel asked.

"Numbah Five's afraid so."

"I should have done something for them. If only I had done more drills or something."

"Numbah One, you are really stupid if you think it's all your fault that they were decommissioned."

"Isn't it? I'm their team leader, I'm supposed to be in charge, I take the blame."

"Numbah One, that is really egotistical. What they did is why they were decommissioned. Maurice told Numbah Five that if she worked really hard she might be able to avoid decommissioning. Numbah Five's not bagging on her teammates, but we are all different. Take Numbah Three. Three months from now she'll be a make-up wearin', boy crazy, shopping crazy teen. It's just the way she is. She is so naive and trusting and girly that she would have to really want to give up that stuff to stay with the KND. And frankly, can you see Numbah Three doing that?"

"I suppose you're right, Numbah Five. I hate speaking badly of my team- my former team," he corrected himself "but I think you're right."

"And Numbah Four. He wants acceptance just as much as Numbah Three. He'll probably try out for all the sports and not make it, but he's got a good heart and he'll survive. He and Kuki will be good for each other. They'll finally be able to stop pretending that they don't like each other."

"I'm surprised about Numbah Two" Nigel remarked. "His two by four technology is some of the best in KND history."

"Yeah, Numbah Five was surprised that Numbah Two got decommissioned." She shrugged.

There was silence for a few minutes.

"Numbah Five's really glad she can talk to you normally again" she began suddenly.

"Numbah Five was getting really sick of not being able to talk to anybody about KND. And Numbah Five really missed you, Numbah One."

"I missed you too. It's so good to be called by my number again. We will have to be super-dooper careful not to use them around other people though. Especially Lizzie. I have spent eleventy-bajallion hours since my 'decommissioning' convincing her I'm not part of that" and here he raised his voice to a falsetto " 'stupid little club that took all of your time, Nigie.' "

Numbah Five laughed at his impression of his girlfriend, Lizzie.

His face fell a little. "Now it's even more difficult, because she thinks I'm not a part of it anymore, but I am, so she wants to spend even more time with me. I just don't have that kind of time."

"Numbah Five understands." Abby said kindly. She didn't like Lizzie but she respected Numbah One. Numbah One liked Lizzie. Theirs was an odd relationship, but it seemed to work, at least some of the time. Numbah Five felt sure that if Numbah One wanted to end it with Lizzie, he would.

Numbah Five's cell phone rang. "Hello? Oh, sorry Mama, I lost track of the time. I'm over at a friend's house. I'll be home in ten minutes."

She turned back to Numbah One. "Numbah Five's sorry, she told her mama she'd be home at six."

"Not a problem, Numbah Five" Numbah One said crisply.

"Bye, Numbah One. Numbah Five will talk to ya tomorrow." She shoved her hat back on her head.

"Goodbye, Numbah Five."

Numbah Five retrieved her bicycle from the front yard and pedaled home.