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Tuesday Afternoon

"How are we feeling today, Queen Margaret?" Nigel teased gently, pulling Abby's desk chair over to her bed so he could sit down next to her.

"This is all your fault" Abby croaked, a smile on her face. "You went ahead and told them Abby was sick, and now Abby's come down with a cold."

"Well, now they're more likely to believe me." He patted her arm through the bedspread.

"We have to work on our infiltration of the Teen Ninjas, Abby does not ever want to have to go through something like that again. We should have known several days in advance, at least, what the Teens were planning."

"Yes, we clearly have work to do in that area. You were marvelous though. The members of Sector N were able to switch the labels on the two canisters using the new glue-removing technology developed by Numbah 84.67, and re-attach them. It's such an old trick, but an effective one."

"What did Nathaniel want to talk to you about?"

"He's clever, I'll give him that. He saw through the whole speech I gave them about you being ill. Oddly enough, he seemed to genuinely believe you had nothing to do with it, which was fortunate, since James just about nailed it on the head."

"Another disadvantage of last-minute plans."

"Thanks for getting Abby out of there. She figured out how to distract them, but hadn't figured out an exit strategy."

"You're welcome. What are friends for? Oh, you'll be pleased to know that James has been kicked out of the Teen Ninjas. Nathaniel believed that James caused the mix-up in an attempt to usurp Nathaniel's throne. Nathaniel has lost his leadership position, and Arnold and Eliza have also been demoted."

"No doubt there are a hundred teens ready to fill their positions."

"No doubt."

Abby yawned. "Sorry, Abby's still a little tired from this stupid cold."

"I'll let you rest then. You want to be well for finals."

Abby groaned. "Thanks for reminding Abby."

He got up, replaced the chair and turned towards the door. His hand was on the handle when he heard Abby's voice once more.

"Oh and Nigel, don't you dare mention feminine wiles ever again."

"Only around Hoagie."


"I'm kidding!" He ducked to avoid the pillow she had thrown at him. "I promise never to mention them again unless it's life-threatening."

"Yeah, that's likely to happen."

"Goodbye Abby. I'll come by tomorrow with your homework."

"Bye Nigel."


Nathaniel Eddington sat in basement of his house, grinding his teeth and drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair. Demoted, him, at what should have been his moment of glory. Now that he had had some time to reflect, he decided he had made an error. He had told Nigel that he did not believe Abigail was the saboteur, but now, he wasn't sure. He was beginning to think that Abigail or Nigel, or both, had been involved. Unfortunately, his superiors would not let him go on personal vendettas. He vowed to nonetheless keep an eye on those two. If he obtained proof, then he would go to his superiors. Nathaniel was patient. He would sit back, watch and wait— for now.


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