--Ten Stupid Men... Again! -

-- The Nede Chronicle broadcasting studio.

Chisato: ... and that's how the monsters ceased to exist! This was News At Ten with Chisato Madison broadcasting from the Nede Chronicle. See you in an hour for News At Eleven!

-- Cue credits. The Nede Channel logo, a large pink bunny, appears on screen.

Announcer: Stay tuned for the Decus and Vesper show!

-- Back in the studio. A ring of fire burns in the middle of the stage.'Climax of the Tower' starts playing as Vesper jumps through the hoop wearing a chef uniform complete with hat. The Decus glove puppet on his hand is dressed similarly.

Vesper: Hello boys and girls! Its time for the Decus and Vesper show!

-- Kids cheer.

Vesper: Today we're going to have fun with cooking! Now, what's the first thing you need to do cooking? A big... big... FIRE! And we all know how to make a big, big fire, don't we, children?

Kids: YES!

Vesper: That's right! We need to say the magic word! One... two... three.


-- A gout of flame erupts in the center of the stage. Somehow, it doesn't set the stage on fire. Shigeo and Berle run on stage pushing a long table with wheels. There are various cooking utensils and ingredients on the table, including a Bunny in a cage.

Vesper: First we start by learning how to make roast Bunny! Bunny... fire! Fire... Bunny!

-- Vesper drops the Bunny cage in the fire.

Vesper: Now, that'll take a while to do, so here's one I made earlier!

-- Vesper reaches under the table and pulls out a roast Bunny complete with seasoning and vegetables.

Vesper: Now let's learn how to make roast XINE!

-- Vesper stretches up his arms with a dramatic flourish. There is an avian screech, following by screaming and thumping as XINE crashes through the ceiling and starts circling the stage.

Vesper: waving a meat cleaver Heeeeeeeeere birdie birdie birdie!

-- Chisato runs on stage, a furious look on her face.


Vesper: Now now! You mustn't swear in front of the kiddies!

-- Chisato grabs the Eternal Sphere and beats Vesper around the head with it while the kids cheer until the lights fade out.

Announcer: And now for News At Eleven!