Author's Note: My first Skunk Fu

Author's Note: My first Skunk Fu! Fanfic.

"In the Beforeus Time, even before Panda and Dragon met, there was another panda who was friends with him. But then, they had a heated argument over whose martial arts were better. So they decided that they would compete to see who could train the better student. After that, the other panda was never seen again," said Rabbit in one of the random stories he told Skunk. "Wow, Rabbit, that sounds amazing," replied Skunk. "I wish I could find out who won." But then, Rabbit told him, "That's up to you, Skunk, because you're the student Panda decided to train to win that argument." With that knowledge, Skunk left Rabbit's warren and headed back home to Panda.

"Ah, Skunk. Back from Rabbit's warren already? I thought he would keep you there forever with that story. But, there is something you should know. Everything Rabbit told you in that story is true. You see, my old friend Yo and I have had a long-standing disagreement over who is the better martial artist. We never could prove it ourselves, and this is why you are to compete for me, as his students will compete for him." Skunk then blurted, "Students? You mean he has more than one? How can I beat two or three or four of whoever he's training?" Panda replied calmly, "That is for you to find out, because we are visiting them tomorrow."

The next morning, while Yin and Yang were at breakfast, Yo heard a knock on the door. "Yang, could you get that?" "Ok, fine," Yang replied. "but I want bacon tomorrow for breakfast." Yang went up to the dojo's front door and found Panda and Skunk standing there. "Hey, who's that guy," Skunk and Yang said simotaneously to their respective masters, "and why is he here?" Yang replied to Skunk, "For your information, I live here. And who the heck are you!?" Yo then approached the door, but screamed and cringed in horror when he saw Panda and Skunk. Yin, who was in the kitchen, heard, saying to herself, "That was Master Yo! He must be in trouble!" She then yelled, Hang on, Master Yo! I'm coming!" When she entered the living room, she found Panda and Skunk in the doorway, Yang on the couch watching TV, and Yo unconscious on the floor. This was going to be a long week, because while Yo and Panda were away, she and yang would have to bunk with Skunk.

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