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Set: During Half-Blood Prince.

Plot Teaser: When Lucius Malfoy was arrested, it was Arthur Weasley's job to search his home. What he found shocked him and much of the wizarding world to its core.

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The girl stood at the back of the queue, nervous beyond belief. In front of her, first-year after first-year had their names called and hurried off to try on the Hat. They had had no idea of what test they would be undertaking, and her fears had been alleviated for a few moments by the humour in their blind terror. Some of their wild speculations were ridiculous – defeating a Dementor, Boggart or other magical creature seemed the favourite opinion.

She held her tongue on this subject, knowing this was part of the necessary process, and why all alumni and current students of Hogwarts swore to keep their silence to younger siblings and future children about the Sorting. Of course, she had been told by her brother, as he had not believed she would ever attend Hogwarts, so had seen no harm in confiding in her.

"Zendell, Rebecca."

Then she was the only one left. In the Great Hall, people were turning their attention from the Sorting, expecting it to be over, expecting all the surprises to be revealed. But McGonagall had one more name to call.

"Malfoy, Evelna"

For several moments, there was stunned silence. Then, as Eva stepped out from the wings, muttering, murmuring and whispering broke out like a wave, rising in a crescendo that thankfully ended when she pulled the Hat over her ears.

Seconds, then minutes passed. Someone could be heard to whisper,

"She's a Malfoy, so what's taking the Hat so long? Everyone knows where she'll end up."

Students glanced at the teachers, who looked less than perturbed. They had clearly been warned about this, but from the looks of things none of the students had. Except Draco Malfoy. He didn't look surprised, more… relieved. Around him, people were leaning in, hissing questions, but he waved them away, staring intently at the Hat which was currently enclosing his relative.

When the rip which served as a mouth opened, the whole Hall took an intake of breath. And the Hat cried:


Stunned silence reverberated. The girl stood and, stumbling slightly, stepped down from the stage, though she at least had the presence of mind to leave the hat behind. She seemed unaffected by the lack of applause, or the whispers and stares that followed her.

"What kind of Malfoy would be placed in Gryffindor?"

"Is she a Malfoy?"

"She doesn't look like one."

This last comment was at least true. Evelna didn't have the trademark looks of a Malfoy. She was neither tall, nor slim. Her hair was short, barely past her shoulders and fell in springy black curls.

Though outwardly she seemed confident, inside Evelna was shaking. She searched frantically for a place to sit on the Gryffindor table.

Why Gryffindor? She thought desperately. Could there be a house with more people who will hate me?

The occupants of seats next to the empty ones glared at her as she passed, silently warning her not to even think about sitting there. Finally she reached one about half-way down the table, where although the nearby inhabitants stared at her, they didn't seem to be trying to do so malevolently. She sat down, silently thanking Merlin that she'd managed to get to a seat before her legs gave out underneath her.

Looking up, she saw her brother watching her from the Slytherin table. She managed a slight eyebrow lift with a wry half-smile, conveying her thoughts just through the look.

Yes, I'm in Gryffindor. Who'd have thought? And yes, I'm fine.

With facial movements as near-imperceptible as Evelna's, Draco let her know his own opinion.

Not like you've ever been one for Malfoy tradition. Good to see you though. Thought you might have been taken by the Ministry.

Their 'conversation' was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a boy through the main doors. His face was covered in blood, but he was still recognisable as Harry Potter, The Chosen One, the Boy-Who-Lived etc. A girl two seats along from her gasped.


Evelna did a double take. She hadn't sat herself actually next to Harry Potter's closest friends, had she? Glancing round, she cursed her own stupidity. What better way to get abused by the Gryffindors than presuming to sit by their leader, in all but name. She'd heard tales enough of complex table politics from Draco that she knew better than to flout it all. But it was too late to move. Even worse, the only empty seat was beside her.

Harry Potter swung into the seat. Evelna tried to catch her brother's eye for some moral support, but he was far too busy showing off to his Slytherins.

No doubt something to do with Potter's arrival. He hates him so bloody much, it's laughable.

Harry looked in the direction she was looking; seeing Malfoy's actions, he scowled and dropped his gaze. Then lifted it again to look at Evelna.

"Who are you?"

Dead silence resounded around them. Harry blinked.

"What? Stupid question or something?"

"Ah, I'm Eva."

Harry put out his hand to shake. Evelna stared at it for several heartbeats, then slowly lifted her own.

"Harry. Nice to meet you."

Ron frowned. "Was McGonagall wrong then? Is – that – not your name?"

"No, she was right."

Harry still looked confused. "Am I missing something?"

Evelna sighed and explained. "My full name – what McGonagall read out - is Evelna Malfoy. I prefer to be called Eva. Just to stop some rumours before they fully start, this is my first year at Hogwarts – so I haven't been here under Polyjuice Potion or anything else - , but I am entering 5th year."

Harry was silent for a moment. Then-

"You're a Malfoy, as in child of Lucius and Narcissa."

"Much as it would be easier," and much as I'd like to, she thought to herself, "I'm not going to deny that. Yes, my father is Lucius Malfoy, the Death-Eater currently incarcerated in Azkaban" where long may he stay"and my mother is Narcissa Malfoy, nee Black. My brother is Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin sat over there." Eva's temper, not the calmest, had been stirred by the stares and whispers and she spoke quite sharply.

Apparently Harry's questions had enabled them all to talk, so they crowded her with questions.

Focusing on one posed by the boy she knew to be Ron Weasley, she replied,

"No, I don't look like a Malfoy. I look more like a Black, apparently." She didn't look at Harry as she said this, knowing all too well his connection with the late heir of that name.

Hermione nodded slowly. "Yeah, you're right. Blue eyes like your mother, but black hair like-"

Vastly relieved the bushy-haired girl had chosen not to finish the sentence, she nodded.

A girl across the table from her, also a Weasley by the look of her hair, stuck out her hand.

"Ginny Weasley. I'm going to be in your year."

Eva knew the others were all watching her. She passed the test that she didn't despise Harry, but this was more important. She knew that her relations in general detested the Weasleys as blood traitors, and any hint that she shared their prejudices would condemn her.

So she took Ginny's hand and shook it.

"Glad to meet you. I owe a lot to your father."

The girl frowned. "How do you know my Dad?"

"He was the one who— well, it's thanks to him that the secret about me was so well kept. Otherwise, the Prophet would have run countless stories on me by now, and any chance of a clean slate would be a mere pipe-dream."

Ron snorted indignantly. "It must have been well-kept. He didn't even tell us, his kids!"

Eva looked at him slightly coldly. "And I'm deeply grateful to him for that."

Harry frowned, a memory sparked. When he had told Mr Weasley that he should go look at Malfoy's house again, he'd said,

"Trust me, Harry, we found a lot at Malfoy's which surprised us, but it's all clean now."

Harry grunted in amusement. He expected it was a bitof a surprise, finding another Malfoy child and all.

He came back to the present in time to hear Ginny ask

"Why are you only starting Hogwarts now?"

To Eva's relief, she was saved from answering by the sudden vanishing of the food and Dumbledore's rising to speak. She knew she would have to answer the question eventually, but definitely later rather than sooner.

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