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Previously: The War? An entire story? Eva was born, lived and died. Fine, I suppose that last chapter, she was buried, and Draco began to help with the restoral of Hogwarts

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10 Years Later

No matter where they were, everyone came back to Hogwarts on this day. It was like another Christmas, a time to be with family and to celebrate. But it was also a time to mourn, which was why Luna and Ginny were standing in a little cemetery.

It had been hard to decide where to bury Eva. Most of the wizarding dead had been taken to family cemeteries, but the Malfoy plot was out of the question. In the end, they had chosen a little Muggle graveyard in Lancashire. There was only one reason for this – the Creevey family lived nearby, and they had chosen to have their son buried there. Eva had missed out in life on most of what a witch was supposed to experience, but by placing her near Colin in death, they hoped Colin and Eva would be together.

Hermione normally came, but she first had to attend the preparations for the feast at Hogwarts, check that everything was going right with the House-elves – as the new Head of the Department for Support of Magical Beings, she liaised with a number of different magical species and had been instrumental in securing new rights for elves, including a law that they all wore clean and dignified uniforms.

Mind you, as Luna pointed out, there were three of them there. That is, if you counted the eight-month baby in Ginny's stomach. Luna was the same as ever, spending her time travelling around the world, searching for 'rare' creatures.

Now, of course, she wasn't alone. Whilst travelling, she had met Rolf Scamander, a descendant of the Newt Scamander. Their relationship started through a multitude of debates over the existence of various magical creatures. And three years, several countries and thousands of fantastic beasts later, Rolf proposed.

"Thanks for the beautiful weather, Eva." Luna softly said to the gravestone, which was simply engraved with

Eva Malfoy

Born 1978. Died 1998.

Aged 16 or so

Friend, Sister, Gryffindor

"Is it a girl or a boy?" she asked, still gazing at the grave.

No longer startled by Luna's odd conversation twists, Ginny smiled. "I don't know. I didn't want to find out. It'd be nice to have a daughter, but I'm not holding my breath. Mum had to wait through six sons before she got a girl."

"It could be twins, one of each."

"That'd be nice. And stressful, especially if they took after their uncles. James is bad enough, and there's only one of him."

"What are you going to call them?"

"Remus Ronald if it's a boy. And we were thinking that if it's a girl, Lily Luna?"

Beaming, Luna turned to look at her. "Lily Luna," she repeated happily.

"Of course," Ginny sighed, "I want to name one after Eva, but I couldn't resist the alliteration. Not to mention the fact that Draco Malfoy called his daughter Eva. And we can't have a Potter and a Malfoy with the same name! "

Draco had worked hard to restore his family's name, and Harry's public support of him, and defence of both him and his mother at their trials, saying that both had saved his life, had helped. The Malfoys were still mistrusted, but they had at least stayed out of Azkaban, and had kept their property and money. Draco had married a Ravenclaw who had given birth to one son and one daughter - named Scorpius Hyperion and Evelna Carina.

But Harry and he were not friends - which could have had a lot to do with Ron, who still disliked the man.

"So that's the only reason you chose Luna," the blonde woman smiled.

"No, I-" Ginny sighed. "You're still good at that."

"I know," Luna laughed softly. Then, suddenly serious, she said "Eva wouldn't have wanted you to call a child after her."

"Why not?" Ginny asked, surprised.

"She hated her name. At least, the full version of it. Evelna." Luna pronounced it with wistfulness in her voice. "It means, female devil."

Ginny growled angrily. "As if it wasn't enough what he did to her, Lucius had to give her a name that reminded her of it constantly."

"He ended up worst off in the end," Luna pointed out, staring ahead at the trees.

Indeed he had. Months after the Final Battle, whilst the new Ministry were sorting things out and deciding whether to prosecute, he had been diagnosed with Selwyn's Sclerosis, a form of the disease that existed in the Muggle world. Like there, you lost the ability to move and eventually to think. But first you lost your magic, something that must have been torture for a proud pure-blood for Lucius Malfoy. For five years he had lingered on, though he had lost the abilities to walk and talk after only two and his magic had been gone within the first year. At last he had died, soon followed by Narcissa, who had been miserable for the last few years of her life, caring for an increasingly infirm husband.

"At least Eva's still free to move."

"She's completely free now," Ginny agreed.

And Luna recited the final line on Eva's grave. "Freedom is the last, best experience of earth."


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