Ouran Host Club

When the twins are bored beware. Events will take place and things will happen. But when the catalyst is ready and an argument breaks out, this time it's real.

There's no script, no plan and events just seem to make the day worse.

Konnichiwa minna-san!
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Top floor, south wing, the music room at the end of the northern hallway.

Every one knows how Haruhi Fujioka came to be a member of the elusive Host Club, and how many of the members are a little aloof.

Attending the prestigious Ouran High School, after years of hard work, Haruhi had no idea what fate had set in store for her. Now disguised as a boy, she is member of the Host Club, with a title of her own: The Natural Rookie.

Now after being with the club for such a long time, she guaranteed that she would see some strange or extravagant world as she opened the door, she was practically prepared for anything.

Except this...

Opening the door to the third music room Haruhi Fujioka came upon a scene that left her more confused than ever. The club had done NOTHING.

The room was in complete silence, with the exception of Kyoya managing the club assets on his laptop, and Hunny munching on a brand new box of cakes.

Haruhi looked around the room, the twins sat in complete boredom, whilst the Mori and Hunny ate. Kyoya was his usual self and Tamaki was buzzing around her like an annoying fly.

At least all the cleaning i did yesterday didn't go to waste, Haruhi thought to her self. They haven't messed the place up yet.

"Is the club closed today?" she asked. "If so then I'm going to go study."

"Hold it!" Tamaki said, grabbing her and spinning her back into the room. "Do you notice anything?"

"There are no customers?" stated Haruhi, rather annoyed.

"No, i mean anything strange." He continued, looking around the room.

Tamaki walked across the length of the room towards the windows, looking around the room suspiciously.

"I don't know. The only things different from the rest of the days, are the fact there's no costumes or customers," Haruhi said after a final glance around the room. "If that's all I'll be leaving."

She headed towards the door again listening to the strange silence that filled the room. She could even hear the students outside talking about their families and such.

"Haruhi," two voices called in unison.

Haruhi sighed, another chance to study gone to waste, she thought. She turned around and headed towards the twins.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Milord is acting weird today..." Hikaru begun.

"...we think it's because we haven't done anything interesting in a while..." Kaoru continued.

Haruhi thought back to all the things they had done that week; the masquerade, the fairy tales and all the other weird scenes that had taken place. Yeah like we haven't done anything interesting...

Tamaki kept glancing over to her and the twins with all the distrust of the world in his eyes.

"Haruhi..." the twins began. "Do you want to do something?"

"Uh, like what?" she asked, beginning to get bored. The silence was so loud.

Hikaru and Kaoru both smiled evilly, looking at the king through the corners of their eyes. "We were wondering if you'd like to stay over this weekend, after all you've never seen how we live,"

"!" Tamaki shot up from where he sat and stormed over to the twins."What are you two planning?"

"Why nothing milord," Kaoru said smiling. "We've all been to Haruhi's home, we though she might like to see ours."

"It's pretty big so she could always share a room with us," Hikaru added. "Just so you don't get lost."

This only served to wind the king up further, he began to start a lecture when Kaoru continued.

"Also our mother being a fashion designer, we thought we could dress Haruhi up," he whispered slowly to the king. "You'd like to see that right?"

That would be great! he thought, letting his imagination wander loose. Haruhi dressed in a lovely summer dress, walking around the grounds.

"The sunset is beautiful, don't you think?" She would ask.

"Ah, but the sun dwindles in comparison to you," I would say. "Why even the sun her self is hiding in the presence of your beauty."

"Oh Tamaki."

...And then as the sun finally set...

"Tamaki!" Kyoya said for the third time.

The king snapped out of he's daze and slowly turned to face Kyoya. "Haruhi must dress as a girl should!" he cried with determination.

"Tamaki, everybody left," Kyoya stated, heading out the door. "Classes have started."

"Oh, I'm gonna be late," Tamaki whined.

Class 1-A

Classes at Ouran had the most qualified teachers, all trained to the finest standards of teaching.

It was in this class now that the catalyst for the future ahead would occur.

Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin shared the same class with Haruhi since the beginning of high school, they sat either side of her and always talked. The majority of the time she didn't mind this, they helped each other with work as well as messing around. As long as she learned she didn't really mind.

"Haruhi, you know we wasn't joking about you staying over," Kaoru said, leaning over to her.

"It's true, our mother has heard quite a bit about you and asked to meet you," Hikaru continued, leaning in over to her as well.

Haruhi felt slightly irritated and this wasn't hidden from her voice. "If you wanted to see my answers, you should have just asked for help," she said glaring down at them. "...well if your mother asked, then i guess it would be polite to accept."

The twins exchanged a look and put their thumbs up. "Great so this weekend?"

"I'd have to tell my dad, and are you sure it's okay?" Haruhi asked unsure.

"Yup, we wouldn't have asked other wise," they said in unison.

Haruhi closed her book and sat back, this caused the twins to sit back also. "This isn't just some little game you're playing is it?"

"Absolutely not." They said.

"Oh and if you want help, than ask," she sighed shaking her head.

The twins laughed and carried on with their work, leaving Haruhi feeling slightly flummoxed.

End of Class 2-A

"Kyoya...you don't suppose those two are up to something, do you" Tamaki asked as he walked up to his desk.

The lesson was over and students were getting ready for their next class. Tamaki had spent the entire lesson going over the idea of Haruhi in womens clothing, and what kind of trouble the twins had been planning.

"Well if you think about, i couldn't care less as long as they leave me out of it," Kyoya said flatly.

"Kyoya!" Tamaki moaned. He watched Kyoya finish packing his bag and leave the class room and he followed in tow.

They walked down the hallway heading for their next lesson when they spotted Hunny and Mori heading towards them.

They had a group of girls hanging around them listening to Hunny's story, they were laughing and giggling, not to mention all the cutesy "aww"-ing and blushing.

"Tama-chan! Kyo-chan!" Hunny sung happily. "Did Haru-chan tell you?"

"Tell us what?" Tamaki asked curiously.

Hunny looked up holding Bun-Bun cutely, the girls around them awed and laughed. "That Haru-chan's staying with Hika-chan and Kao-chan this weekend, isn't that right Takashi?"

Mori nodded and Tamaki exploded, and for the sake of the reader everything he said was bleeped out.

"Well that was unexpected," Kyoya said.

"I hope Haruhi will visit our place," Hunny cheerfully wished. Mori silently agreed.

Tamaki was still seething with rage at this and continued his rant. "Okaasan, this is unacceptable behavior. Haruhi's being a rebellious daughter!"

"You could say that she's staying with her brothers, and so she wouldn't need her fathers permission." Kyoya said, barely bothering to listen.

"But she's disobeying otousan!" Tamaki continued.

"Aw, but Tama-chan never said Haruhi couldn't go," Hunny added.

This was true, although the king had an obvious distrust towards the twins, he never actually said that Haruhi couldn't go, not that she would have obeyed him anyway. He wasn't her real father after all.

"I don't see what could go wrong, it's just a visit requested by their mother," Kyoya told them.

"Their mother asked for Haruhi to visit?" They all asked Kyoya.

"You didn't know?" Kyoya said. "She's heard quite a bit from our own parents. It seems she's taken an interest in her."

"Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" Tamaki asked worriedly.

Kyoya shrugged and walked off. "You realize we're late for our lesson."

All the time Haruhi was still oblivious to the events in the music room this morning, surely she should have noticed that silence in the Host Club could only mean trouble...

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