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Kaoru sat up seeing his brother come in to the room and tried to wake himself up. Haruhi came over and handed something to Kaoru. "What's this?" He asked.

Haruhi smiled. "It's a get well present, my dad said it would be nice to get some thing."

"Such is the beauty of commoner knowledge," came Tamaki's voice as he opened the door. "How wonderful they are to think of people in such kind ways an-" Hikaru kicked the door shut and they heard Tamaki cry out in pain as it whacked his nose. Kaoru looked at the card and present in his hands. "Ah, thank you." He said opening the card. It wasn't anything fancy, it just said get well in it. Haruhi and her father had signed it and Haruhi had gotten the host club to sign it too, even Hikaru.

Kaoru put it onto the side of the drawers next to him, he winced having to stretch up a bit so Hikaru put it up for him. Kaoru said thanks and smiled. He opened the present next; it was just a small box of chocolates, but it was the thought that counts. Kaoru opened them and ate one. It was good, but then again when wasn't chocolate good. "Ah, thank you Haruhi," Kaoru smiled.

"It was my dads idea," she said. "He didn't know what to get so he decided on chocolate."

Hikaru looked at Kaoru awkwardly, he wanted to say something but no words would come to mind. "How you feeling Kaoru?" Haruhi asked pointing to the mass of bandages. They covered the top of his arms and his back, even his face and legs had a few plasters on them. His back was the worst from landing on the glass and his head hurt still. "Better," he told her. "Still hurts though."

Haruhi laughed, though not in a mean way. "Of course it's still going to hurt," she said. "You fell out of a window."

Kaoru grimaced at the thought and then turned to face Hikaru. "Ne, hows things for you?" He asked. Hikaru thought about this and decided there were a lot of things he could say to answer this. "Boring," was the answer he chose.

The door to the room opened and Kyoya came in. "We have to leave now," he told them shutting the door on his way out. "Well, get better Kaoru," Haruhi smiled opening the door. "Ah," Hikaru agreed. Kaoru said good bye and watched them leave the room. So Hikaru's still not talking to me...

Present Day

Haruhi raced down the hall after Hikaru. "Matte Hikaru!" She cried out. He stopped near and empty hallway and started to walk down it letting her catch up, and catch her breath. "Hikaru...why did off like that?" She asked panting heavily. "You shouldn't pay attention to that idiot, you don't usually."

Hikaru stopped and lent against the wall. "Stupid idiot," he sighed staring at the wall opposite. "Why can't he mind his damn business."

"Senpai is an idiot but he does care," Haruhi said. "It just that Kaoru's getting much better and so senpai doesn't want to see you sulking."

"Great way of showing it," Hikaru said moodily. "Bloody brilliant he is." Haruhi laughed. "Senpai really is an idiot. Let's go back, they'll be worried."

Hikaru reluctantly agreed and followed her back to the Host Club where Tamaki apologised for being rude and they got on with the rest of the day.


Class 1-A

It had been three days since Tamaki made a scene with Hikaru. Things had now got back on track and everything was back to normal, not that the host club had ever been normal, well it wasn't perfectly normal; Hikaru was still out of it.

Haruhi sat down at her desk and lent on her arms sleepy, she had been studying a lot lately and she was tired.

She heard the chair pull back next to her and Hikaru sat down beside her at his desk.

"Mornin' Haruhi," he said cheerfully. "You okay?" Haruhi rubbed her eyes in a last ditch attempt to wake up. "Morning Hikaru, i was up revising last night for a test later, so I'm a bit...tired." She yawned. Hikaru laughed and got his book from out of his bag. The teacher entered the class room and the rest of the students turned up, they all took their seats and the teacher was about to start the lesson when a late student came in.

When he entered he received quiet a few stares and he came over to sit at the table next to Haruhi, both she and Hikaru turned to look at him. "Kaoru!"


Host Club

"Kaoru why aren't you at the hospital," Haruhi asked eying the bandages showing from underneath his blazer.

"I got let out early and i was getting pretty bored there," Kaoru told her.

Hikaru was still pretty shocked at his brothers surprise return and was left to wonder just what he's parents were thinking.

"Kaoru are you sure you're okay?" Tamaki asked appearing behind Haruhi. She looked behind her letting off an aurora of annoyance, Tamaki whimpered and moved away to the side.

"I'm fine, the doctors said i could leave," Kaoru said. "Besides i do need to go to school you know."

"You sure you didn't bribe them?" Hikaru asked smirking. Kaoru ignored the comment and sat down at the table closest. Hunny came over and gave him some cake, he sat down down next to Kaoru and ate it too.

"Well since you're here maybe the club can get back on track," Kyoya said. "The girls are missing the 'brotherly love' act."

Kaoru and Hikaru both grunted. "Like that's going to happen any time soon."

Kaoru swallowed some chocolate cake and waved the fork in the air. "But i guess all of these bandages would get the sympathy vote, ne?" he said airily.

Kyoya pushed his glasses up with a glint from the sun reflecting on them, maybe that could work to their advantage. That was Kyoya for you; always thinking about the profits and gain.

"That will be taken into account," he said smiling his devil smile. Haruhi shuddered and moved away from him joining Hunny and Kaoru at the table. "Hunny didn't you say the cake was for Kaoru?"

Hunny took the spoon from his mouth smiled brightly. "Yup!" Haruhi sighed, realizing he didn't get her point. "So why are you eating it all senpai?"

Hunny looked down at the half eaten cake and was silent for a moment. "Because I like cake too and cake should be shared!"

Little hearts started to float off of Hunny and he continued to eat to his hearts content. Haruhi only wondered how he could eat so much.

"Kaoru I don't think you should be here," Hikaru suddenly said. "You're still injured and it won't do you any good."

Kaoru didn't even look at him. "I don't see why you're concerned, what i choose to do is none of your business."

Hikaru frowned. "It is my business. If something happens to you, I'm the one getting told off."

Kaoru stood up and faced Hikaru, he too was frowning. "Nothing is going to happen to me because I'm responsible, unlike you."

Hikaru nearly burst out laughing. "You? Responsible! If that's the case than milord's a genius."

Tamaki ears pricked like a dog. "Did I hear someone call me a genius?"

"No," the twins snapped. The rest of the host club once again was faced to witness another argument. This was getting beyond a joke and Haruhi had had enough. "Would you two just stop!" She shouted.

The twins stopped arguing and turned to face her. Hikaru and Kaoru stood away from each other with their arms folded tightly across their chests. Kaoru was still covered in bandages but they both kept the same look of annoyance on their faces.

Haruhi had had enough of this. "Would you two just grow up already!" She shouted shocking every one. "You two have been fighting like this for almost three weeks. Give it a rest."

She took a deep breath noting with satisfaction she had their full attention. "You two are brothers, you're twins. You shouldn't be fighting like this. Hikaru," She said facing him. "You were so scared when Kaoru fell from the window, you were worried about Kaoru. And Kaoru," She then turned to face him pointing at him as well. "You were scared too, not entirely from the fall but because if something were to happen to you, Hikaru would e all alone. You were scared for each other. You obviously still care enough so why don't you just make up." and stop causing us so much trouble, she thought.

Hikaru and Kaoru looked at each through the corner of their eyes, both thinking over what she had just said and feeling embarrassed.

Kaoru mumbled something and walked over to a set of drawers. He opened one of them and looked around it. He's eyes widened when he saw something and picked it up. "Hikaru..." He said.

Hikaru, now sitting on the vacant chair, looked up at him. "What." Kaoru looked over to him and motioned for him to come over. Hikaru reluctantly got up. Mean while the Host club looked at them expectantly, all wondering what was going on.

"Take a look," Kaoru said quietly to him. Hikaru let his eyes take a quick glance and then snap back to the object in Kaoru's bandaged hand. "Kaoru..." he said meeting his brothers gaze. Realization flashed through their eyes and they both looked very guilty now. Hikaru took the object from Hikaru and held it in front of him. It was a remote.

"Ah! So that's your's ?" Haruhi asked as she recognized it.

"Haruhi you put this here?" They asked her together, she nodded. "The room was a mess so i tidied it up a bit the other week. I didn't think it was anything important so i put it away."

The twins stared at her then each other. "Oh...well that's...interesting," Kaoru said slowly.

"Ah," agreed Hikaru. "So this is all Haruhi's fault."

All host club eyes turned to Haruhi. "Eh?" She remarked confusedly.

Kaoru stepped forward. "This," he said as Hikaru waved the remote. "Is the cause of all this, because Haruhi moved it."

Hikaru slid out from behind his twin and joined him at his side. "Because Haruhi moved it, things didn't go to plan and stupid accusations were made."

Hikaru and Kaoru weren't only stating what had happened, but were slyly apologizing to each other. "And unnecessary things were done," Kaoru added shifting his weight to lean on Hikaru.

Tamaki stepped forward and dramatically flailed his arms about in an idiotic way. "What are you two demons accusing my precious daughter of doing?!"

Kyoya scribbled something down on his clipboard and then pushed his glasses up. "She was the catalyst for their argument." He stated rather plainly.

"So because i moved a silly remote..." she said, her blank face with a look of confusion on it, turning into something unusual. " two went to war?"

The twins nodded. "That's...," Haruhi couldn't find the right words but idiotic and unbelievable were just a few at the top of her list.

"Kao-chan, Hika-chan," Hunny said moving closer to them. "What does the remote do?"

Haruhi had regained her composure enough to notice that for the past few minutes Tamaki had been clinging all over her, she gritted her teeth and looking pretty aggravated kicked Tamaki off into the air. He landed some where in the center of the room with a thud.

It was at this point that the twins, together, pushed the big red button on the remote and a brigade of traps and evil pranks were unleashed upon the unsuspecting king.

"I'd say that worked pretty well," Kaoru said watching Tamaki being hit with several bombs and spears. "Ah, of course it did. We made it." Hikaru agreed watching Tamaki explode like with the fire works.

The room was filled with nothing but the classic sweat drops on each persons head as they watched the foolish king and his susceptibility to the twins evil torture.

Well that explained what the remote did, but Haruhi still didn't see why they would get into such a stupid argument over it. And so she asked them.

"Why?" She asked facing them and ignoring Tamaki's cries for help. "Why would you fight over something so strange and stupid as that?"

Hikaru and Kaoru considered this and looked at each other in a guilty way with a smile just to match. "Because we're pretty foolish."

Haruhi smiled at them brightly. Hikaru's arm was wrapped around his twins shoulder and Kaoru had his arm wrapped around Hikaru's waist.

Haruhi bowed low to them. "Gomennasai Hikaru, Kaoru. I caused you a lot trouble." Even if i was just trying to clean up all of your mess.

Hikaru and Kaoru came to the same decision and told her rather sharply to stand up. "We're not mad at you." They said. But we'll have to keep an eye on her from now on. Were their thoughts.

"Besides, you could always make it up to us." The twins grinned. Haruhi felt her stomach drop, when the twins grinned it was never good.

"How?" She asked cautiously. "We'll think of something." They told her.


One Week Later

The host club was now back up to standard, everything was back to normal.

Incidentally this little escapade had only served to gain the host club more customers. Hikaru and Kaoru found that they also had a dramatic increase in customer.

"The client el increase really is profitable," Kyoya noted scribbling away as usual.

"It's because his wounded," Haruhi said standing next to him. "I don't get why they go all giddy over that..."

Kyoya looked up from his accounts and stared at Haruhi. "This has also gained you some much needed customers, what with a third of the Hitachiin's costs added onto your debt."

Haruhi sighed and walked over to the twins holding a tray of drink, she tried very hard not to let her contempt show as she set the tray down. "Can i get you anything else...masters."

If Haruhi could have looked any angrier even Kyoya would have been scared.

Haruhi was dressed in black trousers, a white top with a black vest jacket over the top. Haruhi had made a deal with the two of them for causing them all of that trouble. After a huge debate they came to an agreement. Haruhi would be their helper, or as they liked to say; slave, for half the week. she would also go to the beach with them and actually wear a costume.

Kyoya had also imposed a penalty, but this was for the three of them; they would split the bill between them three ways. Although Haruhi couldn't pay so it was added on to her debt and her quota was raised.

"No thank you Haruhi," the twins laughed, signaling for her to leave.

"Poor Haruhi," one of their customers said sadly looking down. "He's such a good man to stick to his word."

"That's so true," agreed her friend. "I do hope he isn't being worked to hard."

"We wouldn't think of it," Hikaru assured them pouring them the fresh tea Haruhi had brought over. "It's only small chores, nothing too much."

Kaoru lent forward and picked up a cup only for it to spill on him. This was of course an act, well it was supposed to be, but what Kaoru hadn't counted on was the hot tea seeping through his bandages and into his wound.

He yelped in pain and dropped the cup, real tears pricking the corners of his eyes. "Kaoru!" They cried out.

Within a split second Kaoru's hand was held closely in Hikaru's while Hikaru's over hand had pulled him up and wrapped itself firmly around Kaoru's back.

"Kaoru..." He said, kissing his hand softly. "Does it hurt?"

Kaoru fighting all temptation to say the obvious 'yes' only turned his head a blushed. "iie, not with looking after me Hikaru."

"Kaoru you know you only have to ask," he said turning his brothers face close towards him and leaning in. "And I'll do anything for you. I'll always look after you."

Kaoru blushed brighter. "Kaoru..."

At this point all of their customers and even the ladies that were just watching, burst out into a joyful explosion of hearts and squealing.

"Hm," Haruhi thought out loud from where she was sitting, at the table behind them. "I bet that hurt." She said referring to Kaoru's hand.

The Hitachiin's over heard her and turned to look at her, Kaoru couldn't help but hide the much agreeing smile he gave her. Silently in his head all Kaoru could think was Oooouch!

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