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A/N: There is nothing in The Illiad to suggest that Achilles and Patroclus' friendship was anything but brotherhood, and as Homer probably made the characters up (there isn't much historical truth to the story that has been found), I see no reason why we should assume the worst. So there.

He is dead. I weep for him as he lies upon his funeral pyre, as the flames leap red about his fallen body. My heart is torn, for I know that, had it not been for me, he would yet be alive. My heart sheds tears like blood, and this pain is too much for me to bear, so I weep for the friend who was everything to me. No father have I had, and no mother; no brothers of my own blood. He, Patroclus, was my friend and brother.

My friend, my brother. Like a hound, he fought always at my side. We threw our first spears together, he and I, and ever after we were loyal to each other. We swore fealty one to another, we slit our palms and mingled blood so that my blood ran in his veins, and his in mine. My love to him was that of a brother.

I bow my head and weep for you, my brother, my friend. Forgive me, I beg you, for I shall never forgive myself. Pass on, O brave one, and may the Deadlands be kind to you.

I say goodbye.