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I don't know… I don't think this one is supposed to be funny. It's actually something that's happening to me right now.


Outside of the condo of Team 7 was hustling and bustling with people, but in the inside, it was silent. Sakura and Sasuke were alone, since Naruto went on a "mission" with Hinata.

After a long day of training and sparring, Sakura decided to go and take a shower.

"I'm going to take a shower, Sasuke-kun," announced Sakura.

Sasuke didn't really care. After all those years of knowing each other, Sasuke wouldn't give a shit to whatever Sakura did, and whatever happened to Sakura.

Gathering her towel and clothes, Sakura entered the bathroom. She looked into the mirror. She still had that little crush on Sasuke… No, cross out "crush" she loved Sasuke. She loved him even more when he returned from Orochimaru.

Still looking into the mirror, Sakura acted as if she was talking to Sasuke himself.

"Am I too ugly? Is it my forehead? Are my boobs not satisfactory enough?"

But Sakura didn't know who was outside, leaning into the door, silently listening to what the pink-haired kunoichi was saying.

Sakura ranted on. "I always shed a tear for you, because all the hurt you've caused me. And I know you don't give a shit about it. I know you more than those girls you see strutting around, trying to get to you. I knew you longer than they did. I know you don't care about them, but you still talk to them normally, and I wish you could talk to me normally. You treat me like a piece of horseshit. Maybe if we were more than friends-- best friends would be wonderful with me. You don't care, though."

What? Who was this bastard? Sasuke felt like pummeling this person into pieces.

"Oh, Sasuke…" sighed Sakura.

When Sasuke heard his name, he knew that Sakura was talking about him. Then he realized that it was him who caused Sakura to be so depressed.

Sasuke could hear the faucet go on and Sakura was about to shower.


Sakura was soaking inside the tub, thinking about her parents and what they were up to.

Suddenly, the door opened and Sasuke entered the bathroom.

"AH!" shrieked Sakura. "What are you doing in here? I told you I was going to shower!"

"Actually, that looks more like a bath to me. I thought you were done."

The kunoichi was thankful that the bubbles in the water were covering her body from being exposed. "Well, now you see I'm not and--" She noticed that Sasuke was now climbing into the tub. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I do care about you, Sakura. I care about you a lot. I regret causing you so much pain…" Sasuke's lips gently crashed onto Sakura, as he climbed on top of her.

Sakura moaned. "Sasuke… Um…"

"Yes, I love you."

Sakura was very shocked to hear those words coming from the Uchiha Sasuke's lips.

"Well, can I please finish bathing?"

"Sure. I need a bath, too."

It was verryy intimate, huh? If this aroused you in any way, it was not supposed to. XP So how'd you like it? It was kinda stupid…. Just something I thought of, and something that actually happened to me. Except for the fact that he came into the bathroom. I wonder why Sakura didn't have the door locked anyways…

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