A/N - I do NOT own the HP story. And no, this is not a Hermione/Voldemort fic. They are listed, though, for their connection to the book, to the history, and in Voldemort's case, to the nature of the discussed object itself. You have been warned - this will discuss creating and protecting Horcruxes, history of their use and destruction. I invent spells here, and if any so inspire you, you are free to use them in your own work. Please, however, do credit me or mention it to me. I'd love to see how you use them.

Secrets of the Darkest Art


The Dark Arts are varied and overpowering, many and viciously taxing to master. Pain, control, the workings of life and death, all can be manipulated by one skilled in the Dark Arts. Each new spell, each new device, each new method of magical theory that a wizard doth explore when beginning his search into the Dark Arts will invariably be more sinister and diabolical than the last. The Dark Arts are to be feared and respected; misuse can have the gravest consequences.

So, what, pray tell, do we speak of when we mention the Darkest Art? Some naïve fools would say that the Killing Curse is the blackest spell. Others would look to Inferi, and they would be more correct. Few things terrify as those rotting servants of the Dark Lords and Ladies do. However, neither is the Inferius the Darkest Art. Nor, though some have claimed this, are those soulless fiends, the Dementors. Some speculate that the Dementors were created by a long-forgotten Dark Lord, one with an obsession with the soul. The validity of that speculation put aside, these are the people that hath come closest to grasping the truth of the Darkest Art.

The foulest of magical inventions, the Darkest of artefacts, the most insidious of all enchanted devices is the Horcrux. In this book, thou wilt find everything known about the Horcrux, from how it is created to how it is destroyed. The process of then hiding the Horcrux, as well as the side-effects of having one, will be given in explicit detail. Woe betide those that dare to attempt this feat lightly. Their impertinence shall be justly repaid, destroying them utterly.