A/N: Two co-defendants bugged Liz Donnelly's chambers in the episode "Gone". I've always wondered what else they'd overheard...ENJOY!

"Anything yet?"

"No." Two thugs crowded around the small transistor radio. They waited silently, hoping that someone might divulge the whereabouts of the witness. Dead air floated through the radio as they sipped stale coffee out of old Styrofoam cups. "What if the bug doesn't work?"

"It'll work," the first guy assured him. "Just be patient." Right as the words left his mouth, the radio began to crackle; someone was entering the judge's chambers.

"Thanks for coming by," a female voice said. "I couldn't do it myself."

"Is that the judge?" the second guy asked, leaning closer to the radio.

"Yeah. Be quiet."

"No problem," a male answered. "I had a free lunch hour."

Both men frowned. "Who's that?"

"My assistant couldn't do it," the judge continued casually. "It was too big."

"Well, I'm your man." The radio crackled with movement. "I can get the job done. No problem."

"Don't hurt your back," she warned. "Lift with your knees."

"What's going on in there?" one of men wondered aloud.

"I'm fine," the male voice answered. "It'll be nice to flex the ol' muscles."

"I can give you a hand if you need help."

A couple of soft grunts crackled the radio. "Grab the end, would you?"

"Oh my, God." Both men exchanged an amused look. "Are they..."

"Right there. Yes!"

"Lift your arm." The sound of heavy breathing could be heard. "Over a little."

"Like this?"

"Yeah. Perfect."

The men leaned closer to the radio, fiendish looks on their faces. "Damn," the first guy swore. "This is better than Pay Per View."

The panting grew louder, followed by a soft curse. "Come on, Jack," the female voice coached. "You almost got it."

"I'm at a bad angle. It won't fit."

"Yes, it will. I measured!"

The men exchanged a look. "Kinky broad," one muttered.

"Move a little."

"Like this?"

"Yeah." He grunted again. "Can you swing around?"

She sighed. "Yeah, a little to the left. Just squeeze it in."

"I got it. Right there. Perfect!"

Their concentration on the radio was broken when one man's cell phone rang. Annoyed by the interruption, he flipped it open and snapped, "What?" He instantly looked contrite. "Yes, Sir. We're on our way." He pocketed his phone and stood up. "We gotta go. The boss found his witness."

The second guy motioned to the radio. "Come on. I wanna hear the big finish."

"Too bad." He grabbed his partner by the arm. "The boss wants us now."

"Damn," the guy muttered, sneaking out the courthouse basement behind his partner. The radio was left on, echoing in the empty room:

"Move to the left. There!" The woman let out a long, deep breath. "Perfect!"

He laughed softly. "I'm glad I could be of service."

"I appreciate it." She paused for a moment. "The couch looks good there."

A/N: You have no idea how hard it was to make that sound dirty, yet plausible...REVIEWS PLEASE!!