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"Excuse me…" A Nu Mou Sage asked the pubmaster as he approached the Prancing Chocobo's counter, a Battle Mace hanging down in a holster at his side. His outfit was a bit worn and he carried a few backpacks with him as well as a long, ornate Staff of the Magi that he used as a walking stick and the purple Dreamhare that followed behind him. Perhaps his most defining feature was that he kept his eyelids perpetually closed. "You wouldn't happen to know if anyone has accepted my request yet, have you?"

The bartender searched through his stack of mission files and pulled out the corresponding request.

"Sure do. Cid from Clan Gully jumped right on it." The man answered with a smile. The Sage offered his thanks and exited the pub, wandering out into the street at evening time with the Dreamhare hopping right next to him.

"Clan Gully, huh…" The Nu Mou spoke to no one in particular. He looked down to his pet Dreamhare and gave it a warm smile.

"Let's hope they're a fun clan."

Chapter Ten: The Setting Sun Overture 2 (Trigger for the Concerto)

(Camoa, City Streets, Early Morning)

"Are you sure he's going to be up at this time?" Cheney asked Cid as the two walked along one of Camoa's streets.

It was early morning in Camoa, the day of Clan Gully's departure to be exact, and the Revgaji had thought to seek out some information from an informant of his about their destination. Cheney, also knowing the man, had decided to tag along as well.

The streets were just now starting to be filled with people going about their daily business. Shops were beginning to open up, clan members were heading down to the pub for first pick at missions, and children were beginning to come outside and play.

"Trust me, if I know him, he'll be up." The pointy-eared blond replied while slinging the sack he was carrying over his shoulder. "Besides…he can't resist the smell of…"

"Why Master Cid, Master Cheney; how nice it is to see you two." An oddly colored Lanista under a large tree gave a courteous bow to the two approaching him.

"Yeah, yeah…cut the formalities, Ribs." Cheney stated blankly. "All we want is some information."

"Ah ah, Master Cheney…did you bring the…?"

"Don't we always…" Cid interrupted, tossing him the sack he carried with him. The Seeq grinned as he opened up the bag and found numerous tomato stalks.

"Very well, Master Cid…what would you like to know?"

"We've got a mission to the Galleria Deep and we need any information that you can give us. As Camoa's best streetear, I'm sure you know something."

"Well…" The Seeq began, munching on one of the tomato stalks. "…there's word that Marie Savoy, you know that famous girl from St. Galleria, is traveling through here to get back to her town."

"So how could that help us?" Cheney queried.

"…Ya see…she's not the only one going from here to St. Galleria. I'm not yet sure about the circumstances, but it seems there's a whole caravan of people from here traveling with her. Heard they've been preparing since yesterday for the trip."

He paused to swallow another tomato stalk.

"Word is the routes to Galleria this time of year are filled with all sorts of danger. I reckon if your clan joins up with that caravan, the ride will go much smoother for ya."

"I don't know…what do you think, Cid?" The hunter asked.

"Well it couldn't hurt…" He replied, stroking his chin. "…our main concern is client safety, after all, and you know what they say. There's strength in numbers. Where are they meeting up?"

"They're near the west entrance. You might want to hurry, though. I'd say you've only got a few hours before they depart." Ribs answered, sticking his hands down further into the sack and devouring the insides. Disgusted looks crossed both Gully members' faces, but they soon disappeared.

"Alright…well that's all we needed Ribs. You can keep the bag if you want to." The Revgaji remarked, the both of them beginning to walk away. The Seeq paid them no heed as he continued to feast on the stalks like a wild animal.

As the made their way back down the street, Cid looked over to Cheney who was beginning to look a little sick, if the clutching of his stomach was any indication.

"What's wrong with you?"

Cheney barely held back releasing the contents of his stomach.

"I can't believe he eats those…"

(Camoa, Prancing Chocobo, Morning)

"You're late. What took you so long, Cid?" Ensei asked as he noticed Cid and Cheney sauntering into the pub. The rest of the clan had already gathered around one of the tables in the back and were conversing amongst themselves.

"Just had to drop something off…" The blonde Rev replied vaguely, positioning himself next to Ensei's chair while Cheney took a seat elsewhere. "Did you manage to get everything I told you?"

"Sure did. Got the wagon, plenty of food, and bought a chocobo to pull it all." The Parivir tossed him a slip of paper with all the required materials on it. As far as Cid could tell, everything had been checked off.

"Well I've got to say, Ensei…I'm surprised. You actually did everything you were supposed to." He remarked in a bewildered fashion. The Revgaji turned to the other clan members. "Is everyone ready?"

Luso stood first, his two newly acquired blades dangling at his right side. Kanin and Hurdy both joined him next, the White Mage lifting up her new Cleansing Staff and the Moogle rising with Aona Flute in hand. Cheney was the last, his new Fey Bow. All gave him an assured nod.

"Good. Now let's say we depart. Wouldn't want to keep the client waiting."

(Camoa, Camoa Bookstore, Morning)

"So you picked two blades?" Ensei questioned Luso as they headed towards the western entrance. Cid had asked the two of them previously to find the client at the meeting point and bring him to the western entrance where the caravan would be departing.

"Sure did. He told me they have special abilities, but I didn't really get it." The newly appointed fighter responded.

"He's right about that…but I'm afraid that's a conversation for another day."

"But shouldn't I be learning how to use these right now?" The boy asked.

"Of course..." The parivir replied with a smirk. "That's why I'm going to be instructing you on the trip."

Luso returned his smirk with a surprised look, before settling into a smile. The duo rounded another corner, passing various bystanders and store owners who were desperately trying to sell their wares to the public.

Eventually, they came upon their destination, the Camoa Bookstore, and spied a lone Nu Mou reading a book while resting at a table, his only other companion being the purple Dreamhare that hopped and squeaked around his chair perkily.

Ensei's pupils shot open as he eyed the Sage, who matched Cid's description perfectly.

"No…it can't be…"

The Nu Mou glanced over his book and spotted the two coming towards him. He placed the tome down and rose from his chair to greet them.

"Well, hello there…" The Sage spoke in a cheerful manner, complimented by a smile. "…might you be Clan Gully?"

He held out a bandaged hand as Ensei and Luso approached him. Every muscle in the parivir's body twitched as the two's hands made contact, but he quickly schooled himself back into his normal demeanor.

"Yes…we are…" The samurai answered hesitantly. "…I'm the co-founder of Clan Gully…and this is one of our newest members, Luso Clemens…"

"Hey…uh…nice to meet you?" The brown haired boy stated awkwardly, shaking the Nu Mou's hand as well.

"Likewise, Mr. Clemens." He replied back.

Ensei turned to the bookstore's window as his pupil and their client were greeting each other and noticed a magic manual book on display. An idea instantly popped in his head and he retrieved some gil from his pocket.

"Luso…could you do me a favor…" He asked while pointing to the book he saw earlier. "…I need you to buy me that manual right there…"

The newly appointed fighter gave him a raised eyebrow.

"…it's for Kanin."

The blue eyed adolescent mouthed an 'oh' of realization, quickly grabbing the gil from his mentor's hand and wandering into the store. Once his pupil was out of eyesight and earshot, Ensei slowly turned to his Nu Mou client and gave another long stare.

"Is there something bothering you, Mr. Rou?" The Sage only kept his blank, oblivious smile plastered across his face. The Parivir's stare died down a bit, and he slowly regained his composure, letting out a sigh in the process.

"….Forgive me…it's just…" He paused. "…you just…remind me of someone I once knew…"

"Is that so? You bring back memories of mine as well…" The Nu Mou began to reminisce. The samurai turned to him with a perplexed look. "…memories of a little black haired boy that trained under me…"

The Nu Mou slowly opened his perpetually closed eyelids, revealing snow white, pupil-less eyes.

"I believe that boy's name was…Ensei Rou…"

The Parivir's eyes snapped wide open, and he began releasing a massive amount of killing intent. In one fluid motion he reached for the handle and drew out the glimmering blade, pointing the end directly at the Nu Mou male.

"Who sent you, Augustus? Have the finally found me."

"Calm down, Ensei…to start a fight is not my intention." The Sage remarked quietly as he walked to the Parivir and placed a hand on the katana's handle. "And please...refer to me as Auggie."

The bearded Hume grudgingly did as he commanded, resheathing the sword.

"You haven't answered the question yet. Who sent you?"

"I come of none one's accord but my own."

"That would explain the lack of an escort. But if you're still as formidable as you were before, you wouldn't need to hire one." Ensei remarked.

"Well it tends to become rather lonely, especially on such a desolate path." The purple Dreamhare leapt to the Nu Mou's shoulder and perched itself upon it. "How has the surgery managed so far?"

"It's been a lot harder of a strain to move lately." The Parivir commented, alternating between flexing and relaxing the muscles in his arms. "It may need to be checked over again."

"Very well…" The Sage stated. "Once we reach our destination, I'll do what I can."

"Hey, I have the book you wanted." Luso said, exiting the bookstore and handing the tome to his black haired teacher. "We better get going. We don't want to make the rest of the clan wait much longer."

"Yeah, yeah…quit your whining." Ensei remarked, beginning to head down the street.

"What's wrong with him?" Luso asked aloud, waiting for the client to pass infront of him before following. "I didn't quite catch your name before…sir."

"You may refer to me as Auggie, child." The Nu Mou spoke with a cheerful smile and tone. Luso nodded for confirmation, and the two walked in a mutual silence.

Auggie carried on, using his staff as a walking stick while his Dreamhare scurried about around him. The rabbit-themed monster leapt up to Luso's shoulder and gave him a few playful licks on the cheek.

"This boy…" The Sage thought inwardly as he sent a curious eye to the boy. "…there is something very different about him…"

(With Kanin and Hurdy)

"Where exactly are we going, kupo?" Hurdy asked his white mage clan mate with an upbeat yet inquisitive tone.

Once Cid had dismissed the group, the Moogle had decided to tag along with Kanin in an attempt to better relate with her, though his efforts proved futile. The girl for the most part had kept her attention focused on beautiful necklace unfamiliar to him.

After repeating his question for what seemed the tenth time, Kanin shifted her stare from the piece of jewelry.

"Oh, just looking for a friend." She answered curtly and vaguely.

"Kupo, are you returning that necklace to her?" He asked, assuming the owner was female. She gave him a cheerful nod in return.

A few more minutes of walking placed the duo in a more heavily populated area of Camoa. The two took their time sauntering down the busy marketplace street that was literally flooded with a menagerie of different races crowding its dusty pathways. Various stand owners used every method and trick in the book to coerce the pair to purchase their wares as they walked past each, but the healer and the musician paid the men no heed.

"So do you know where this friend is, kupo?" The Moogle asked with a raised eyebrow, realizing that the two seemed to be walking around in wide circles.

"Well…" She trailed off, scratching the back of her head.

Just then, Kanin instantly perked her ears up as she heard a familiar voice and snapped her head behind her. She clenched her white staff in her right hand as well as the necklace in her left and began to work her way through the crowd upstream at an alarming rate. By the time Hurdy had realized she was gone, the girl was at least ten or eleven yards away from him and adding distance with each second.

"Kanin, wait! Where are you going!?" The little musician cried, but to no avail. He quickly decided to follow her and began follow her through the crowd. The Moogle darted his way around citizens, made much easier by the height advantage he and his bat-winged kin loved to monopolize on. On occasion he would collide with a person's legs, promptly excusing himself while rushing past them.

"There she is." He remarked to himself, locating his companion after minutes of running and bumping into strangers' legs. There Kanin stood facing three figures. The first was a normal-sized Seeq Lanista, compared to others of his kind. The second was a rather pretty Hume girl with glossy silver hair and piercing yellow eyes, not to mention the red bow in the shape of cat ears that rested at the top of her head. The third he couldn't quite make out. Nevertheless, he approached the group.

"…Finally, kupo. Why did you run off like…?"

Hurdy stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes opening wide as they settled on the third figure.

To say this slender, brown-haired girl was gorgeous would be a large understatement. She wore rather simple clothes, which the Moogle thought odd for someone of such beauty, though that wasn't to say that subtracted from her appearance. If nothing else, it may have even added to it.

"Oh, sorry for leaving you, Hurdy." Kanin apologized. "This is my acquaintance, Marie."

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Moogle." The girl greeted, shaking the hand of the pom-pom sporting musician and giving with a warm and comforting smile. He only continued to stare at the girl with a dumbfounded expression for the next dozen or so seconds.

"Ya friend talk much, Kanin?" The Seeq asked in a joking tone. At that moment, Hurdy seemed to break from his trance and geared his attention to the pig-like man.

"Haven't I seen you before?" The Moogle pondered aloud, racking his brain and scratching his head with his soft paw.

"Aye, that ya have, furry one…" Remarked the Lanista, releasing out a deep but hearty chuckle from his throat. "…Tis' Sir Loin yer talkin' to, and this be my lovely daughter I was talkin' about, Adelle."

He placed a strong arm around the feline-themed female and roped her in close to him in a fatherly manner, letting out yet another belly laugh. Adelle comically whacked the Seeq over his head, causing him to let go of her.

"What have I told you? When around people, we're co-workers…" The girl emphasized her last word, coupled with an annoyed face. She turned to Kanin with a more reserved expression. "So how do you know Blondie over here?" She asked her father.

"Ha, Ensei and I were old drinkin' buddies back when…" Loin stopped his sentence abruptly, something which hadn't gone unnoticed by the three of them. "…you were just a toddler…"

Adelle gave him a wary eye, but allowed him to continue on.

"…and that over there is his one and only daughter, Kanin Heldig."

"Um…Mr. Loin…" Kanin began in a quiet voice, her eyes scanning the ground out of timidity. "…do you mind if I ask you a question…? It's been something I've been wandering about for a while."

The Seeq nodded, motioning for her to continue. The girl raised her head and gathered her confidence.

"Do you…know who my mother is?"

Loin was a bit taken aback by the question, pausing and struggling to break the nervous silence that had come about. Kanin kept her gaze fixated on him, her chocolate colored irises leveled with his own eyes. He could faintly see a ray of hope shining in them.

"Sorry, kid; that's not for me to tell ya just yet…"

He mentally sighed before answering her verbally.

"…Forgive me, lass; I'm afraid not. You'd be better off askin' yer father."

"Oh…." Her head drooped slightly, then perked up only seconds later. "…I see. That's okay. Well it was nice meeting you again, Sir Loin, Marie, Adelle..." The blond gave him a respectful bow and walked off.

"The pleasure was all ours, Ms. Kanin, and thanks for returning my necklace." Replied Marie, mimicking the White Mage's action. Hurdy also gave his goodbyes and began to run after his clan mate for fear of losing her in the more dense areas of the crowd.

"We might as well be getting' the carriage ready." Loin stated, gesturing for the two females to follow him as he sauntered off. "After you, Ms. Marie."

(Camoa, Western Entrance, Morning)

"I have to say, this is a pretty nice setup they have here." Cheney remarked, his eyes scanning the entirety of the caravan that was being prepared at that moment as he and Cid made their way through the wagon ridden streets.

On recommendation from Ribs, the pair had set out to find the leaders of the Galleria bound caravan in an attempt to reach an agreement of sorts and allow Clan Gully to travel with them. Cid had thought the idea was a positive one, as even though a larger group was more easily located by brigands and highwaymen, it also provided better protection. Strength in numbers, as he liked to call it. Though now that he had set eyes on the actual number of people that would be joining the caravan, he was beginning to wonder if it would be possible for the hired help to actually protect everyone.

The street was littered up and down its length with wagons and carriages of all shapes and sizes, each hooked up to one or more beasts of burden, namely chocobo. The wagons themselves numbered at the least three dozen, if not more from what the Revgaji could tell. Males of a variety of races check the wheels and other components of each cart while women and children carried and placed supplies and other necessities into each wagon.

"Hurry, people. We depart in just an hour in a half, with or without you." A young adult thief stated as he checked a tan scroll he had been holding onto. He had piercing yellow eyes as well as shaggy, dark green hair, and was at least six feet in height. In place of the regular thief attire was a forest green vest that clung snugly to his chiseled but slender frame and beige pants that eventually tucked into a pair of brown boots. A scarlet sash-belt hybrid passed diagonally around his pelvis area, and assortments of pouches and holsters were evenly spaced around it. Finally, a length grayish-blue scarf hung down from his neck to the back of his knees.

Next to him walked a late-teenaged girl with long, snow white hair and the same yellow eyes as the man she walked next to. A soft purple, formfitting mini-dress stopped at about her mid-thigh in the front and continued down a bit below her knees in the back. Light tan, knee-high, heeled boots adorned her feet and black spandex rose up to her waist. In an identical manner as her green haired accomplice, a cobalt scarf with two tendrils cascaded down her back and ended at her knees as well.

"Excuse me…" Cid proclaimed while waving, he and Cheney approaching the pair from the right. "…would you happen to know where to find the leader of this excursion?"

The green haired thief rolled up the document in his hands and handed it to the white haired girl at his side. He then turned to face them, and answered in a blank tone.

"You're talking to him."

The Revgaji and Hunter shot him a surprised stare, before schooling their facial features back to their respective norm. It was odd that a man so young would be entrusted to such a stressful job.

"Is there something you need, gentlemen? I'm a very busy man, and I don't have time to waste." He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Ah…yes…" Cid began. "…My name is Cid, from Clan Gully, and this is my associate Cheney." A gesture was made to the hunter. "…we are here to request permission to join your journey to the Galleria Deep. Ours is a relatively small clan, and we feel there is a better rate of success in a larger group."

The jade haired man mulled over the Revgaji's proposition for a moment, giving both him and Cheney a once over.

"I don't particularly have anything against it, though I do have one request. Our protection is rather thin this year…would you be willing to provide assistance in case of attack…"

"Of course." Cid answered. "You scratch my back, and I scratch yours…"

"Very well. My name is Sothe, by the way…" He stated, shaking Cid's hand. "…and this is my wife Micaiah." He motioned to the white haired beauty next to him, who had remained silent the entire time. "We are the co-leaders of this excursion every year."

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Micaiah." Cheney proclaimed as he took the girl's hand and placed a gentle kiss upon it, surprising the three others and causing an embarrassed blush to creep across the girl's face.

An angry and irritated combination of a glare crossed Sothe's face as he pulled his wife away from the hunter. Cid stared at him in annoyance at his action, before diverting Sothe's attention with a question.

"If I recall, you mentioned you hired protection. Who exactly are the guards that you've hired for this expedition?"

As soon as the Rev had asked that question, a short haired blonde girl in at least her late teens approached Sothe. Four other females, two Humes and two Viera, followed in box formation directly behind her seamlessly, as if they were a military unit.

To complete the military unit feel, all five women wore identical outfits. Each girl sported a solid white shirt with a downward curved, jet black bar stretching across the breast area. Two black shield insignias adorned each short sleeve of the shirt and metal gauntlets stretched to above the elbow. Two symmetrically placed pouches rested at the base of the right and left sides of the shirt. Loose black pants tucked into armored black boots covered the lower half of each girl. Around their necks, five ankle-length white capes with hoods draped down their backs.

Cid and Cheney were both mildly captivated by the aura of sophistication and power that seemed to exude off of each female, most notably the lead girl with the short blonde hair.

"Greeting's, Sothe..." She remarked in a respectful, yet laidback tone. "We've finished all of our pre-departure assignments."

"Wonderful job, ladies. You're reputation precedes you." Sothe stated. "You may take a short break at the pub. Make sure you return in an hour."

The green haired thief tossed them a small sack that was hooked on his red belt. It was most likely full of gil, as a small rustling jingle was heard as the bag made contact with the woman's gauntlet covered palm.

"Come on, girls…" The blonde voiced, smiles forming on each face of the quintet of females. "…all you can drink down at the pub!" Cheers erupted from them and they began to walk off.

"Was that…." Cheney started while stuttering in disbelief.

"Clan Falzen…one of the most accomplished and renown escort clan this half of Jylland." Cid finished his statement. "…must have cost a pretty penny to hire those girls."

"Not as much as you might think." Micaiah, the ivory haired wife of Sothe stated in a reserved voice. "Their commander Andie Kelt was once a native of the Galleria Deep, so she was very eager to support her home region."

"I see…it was nice meeting your acquaintance, Sothe…" Cid began to bid them farewell.

"Likewise, Cid. We depart shortly, so make sure you're here." The man sent a glare to Cheney, warning him of future advances on his spouse.

"Will do." He and Cheney began to walk off, though the huntsman turned his head around a sent one last wink and a smile to Micaiah.

"I'll see you around…"

The girl's face instantly exploded into a reddish hue, as she turned away with a huff.

"Was that really necessary, lad?" Cid queried. Cheney gave him a grin.

"Not really…"


"It's about time you guys arrived…" Cheney stated sarcastically as Luso, Ensei, and their Client Auggie came into view.

The rest of the clan was waiting next to a relatively small, wooden wagon hooked up to a single yellow chocobo. The cart had a rectangular shape and was propped up by two large, symmetrical wheels. Loaded into the wagon were medium sized boxes and sacks, most likely containing food and other essentials.

In front of them lay the chain of wagons that comprised the caravan, since Cid was able to get a spot at the near end.

Luso strained his eyes ahead of him and noticed three people standing next to Kanin, though two were very familiar to him.

"Is that…Marie…and that….that cat girl!?"

"Sorry about that…" Ensei apologized, gesturing to the old Sage behind him. "…you wouldn't believe how slow this guy is."

"Now, Ensei, is that any way to speak to your employer?" Auggie asked with a lighthearted tone, his eyelids still perpetually shut. His Dreamhare continued to hop around him, releasing squeaks every few seconds.

"Ah, so you are the one that sought our protection." Cid said, approaching the Nu Mou and holding out a hand. "I apologize for not meeting you personally."

Suddenly, both Kanin and Marie gasped as their eyes rested on the Sage's Dreamhare companion. The three locked eyes for just a moment, before the rabbit themed monster tilted its head cutely and let out another squeak.

"Is that a Dreamhare!!?" They both asked simultaneously.

"Why yes it is. He's one of my closest companions." Auggie answered with a smile.

"OH, IT'S SO CUTE!!!!"

The blond white mage and the brown haired girl instantly grabbed the hare and enveloped the animal in a tight embrace between them, squealing girlishly. Once around a minute had passed, they allowed the rabbit some freedom and set him down, looking on dreamily as it hopped around, making the usual squeak as it went.


"I've never seen Kanin like this before. Does this happen a lot?" Luso whispered to Ensei, quite taken aback at the girl's current behavior. The samurai only shrugged, before noticing that Hurdy was behind him gripping his leg and shivering with terror.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Don't let it near me, kupo…" The Moogle requested while keeping a wary eye on the subject of his fear. Luso and Ensei looked up and then stared at each other with confused faces.

"Guess it's just a Moogle thing."

"Hmm…" Adelle began to ponder audibly. She lifted the Dreamhare into arms and scanned the monster over; similar to the way an appraiser would inspect a jewel. "The quality of this fur is excellent, and it's very well nourished…"

"Why, thank you, young lady." Auggie stated, taking credit for the animal's condition, though the cat themed girl paid him no heed.

"…just think of the cash you'd make if you sold it off!" The silver haired vixen exclaimed with an unusual excitement towards the Sage. "Of course, I'd take a…fair sum of the earnings for coming up with the idea, mind you."

"Sorry, young one, but I'm afraid that this one's not for sale."

"And speaking of money…" Luso interrupted in an aggravated tone. "…you need to return all that money you stole yesterday."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I haven't stolen anything…for six days straight…a new personal best if I do say so myself."

"Six days straight my…."

"Attention, travelers. The caravan is departing in just five minutes! Please finish your preparations."

Everyone looked up to the top of a two story building that overlooked the convoy formation. There a single Paladin in regular attire stood, projecting his voice over the area. Next to him was a Hume Black Mage, silently holding a rod in his right hand and a gray covered book in his left.

"Who's that?" asked Kanin, shielding her eyes with her hand.

"Oh, that would be my other guardian…" Marie answered.

The Paladin looked around for a moment before noticing and locking onto the brown haired girl. Without even a moment's hesitation, he and his Black Mage accomplice leapt from the building's roof, igniting gasps from all around the crowd. The duo landed with the grace of a gazelle, a small cloud of dust gathering at their feet where they landed.

The chivalrous Hume advanced to the clan, his partner following him, and stopped directly in front of Maria.

"Greetings, Lady Maria." He announced with a smile, though to Cid, something about his smile seemed a little off. Almost as if it was fake. "Your carriage awaits you. It would not be wise to be late."

"Thank you, Raven, but I have a request for you." She began. "It becomes rather lonely in that carriage all alone. Would you mind if I were to spend the journey with my newly found acquaintances?"

She turned to Clan Gully.

"…If it's alright with you, that is?"

"I'm fine with it." Cid instantly agreed. "Like I always say; the more the merrier."

"Don't worry, Raven." Sir Loin assured the Paladin. "She'll be safe wit us. We are her bodyguards to, and we're no greenhorn's fer sure."

Raven gave it some thought before letting out a sigh.

"Alright…just be careful, Lady Maria." He said as he turned and coolly walked away, his Black Mage following right behind him. "Remember…the peace of St. Galleria rests in your safe arrival."

"What was that all about?" Adelle asked aloud.

"Oh, he just likes to be overdramatic." Maria waved her off while giggling nervously. The yellow eyed girl could tell that his statement was for more than just show, but she let it go this one time.

"Alright, kiddies. Time to set up and roll out." Ensei called out. Kanin, Luso, Hurdy, Marie, and Adelle all climbed into the back of the wagon and took their seats next to the supplies. Cid placed himself on the front of the cart and took the reins of the chocobo. Sir Loin and Cheney took either side of the cart, with Ensei and Auggie bringing up the rear.

"You're getting in too?" Luso queried with a raised eyebrow.

"Naturally." The cat themed female replied. "She is my client after all."

Within a minute, the lead wagon's wheels began to turn, setting off a chain reaction with the rest of the carts. Slowly but surely the entire convoy was moving out of the city. Citizens of Camoa lined the streets on every side, waving farewell to family members or cheering as the more prominent figures of the procession passed by.

"May I ask you a question, Ensei…?" Auggie said, he and the Parivir walking a little ways away behind their clan's cart. The samurai gave him a perked eyebrow before nodding his head.

"Have you noticed anything…odd about Luso Clemens…?"

"He seems to be suffering from sort of amnesia, but other than that he's normal."


"He's completely clueless about everything. Jobs, Races, Mist, Ivalice…He's never heard of any of it." The katana wielding warrior paused. "It's like he's from a completely different…"


"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Is there anything else?"

Ensei pondered for a moment.

"Well…there is that strange book he always carries around."

"…Hmmm…I see…" A solemn look graced Auggie's features. "…I noticed this when we first met, but I didn't say anything." He stared at Luso's back.

"…There's a very powerful, sinister mist around that boy…."

"And just what are you saying, Augustus…"

The Nu Mou sent him a grim look, once again cracking open his piercing, pupil-less eyes and directing their gaze at the Parivir.

"Make sure to keep a careful eye on him…"

The conversation died down between them at that point as their wagon finally exited the perimeter of the city. Auggie kept silent, staring into the retreating form of Luso on the wagon.

"…No memory of Ivalice…A strange magical book…it's highly unlikely that amnesia could be a viable solution. Perhaps I should have Lezaford look into this… "

Meanwhile in the wagon, Marie, who was currently sitting next to Luso, began to stare out at the rising sun behind her. She barely managed to hold back a small tear that tried to escape her eye. Soon after, she steeled her resolve, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

"I will go…for my people…"

(End Chapter Ten)

Character Corner

(Sothe Fragin de Pervenche/Micaiah Souer de Pervenche)

Job: Thief and Ninja/ Ninja and White Mage

Height: 183 cm/ 164 cm

Weight: 165 lbs / 109 lbs

Race: Hume/ Hume

Hair Color: Dark Green/ White

Eye Color: Yellow/ Yellow

Skin/Fur Color: Tan/ Pale Tan


Weapon: Khukuri and Khukuri/ Kunai

Helm: None/ None

Armor: Adaman Vest/ None

Shoes: Battle Boots/ Battle Boots

Accessories: None/ None

(Likes and Dislikes)

Favorite Animal: Bird/Bird

Favorite Food: Broccoli/ Grapes

Favorite Drink: Water/Milk

Fears: Unknown/ Unknown

Association: Caravan Co-Leader/ Caravan Co-Leader

Favorite Color: Green/ Purple


-Sothe and Micaiah are based off of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn characters of the same name. The appearance was also kept the same as well for reader reference purposes. All credit goes to the Fire Emblem designers for creating great designs for fantasy characters.

(Author's Notes)

Sorry for the long wait. Now there were a lot of new characters introduced in this chapter and I plan to make a character sheet for most of them. The chapter was mostly to set this entire arc up, so the length was necessary.

Next chapter will chronicle the first part of the journey to Galleria. Until next time.