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"Tonight…bring me that Moogle…"

Andie hesitated for a few seconds, mentally debating her duty to her client's wishes and her base instincts. Were she to go against an employer's orders, it would tarnish the reputation that she and her clan had struggled to bring up to this point.

"I won't be gambling this caravan's safety on the chance he might be innocent. It's for the greater good…"

His eyes locked with the blonde woman's own pupils, his narrowing with grim determination, hers full of internal struggle. She remained silent, her eyes tearing away from his and falling to the ground. Her fist was tightly clenched in hidden defiance.

"…failing to cooperate will only prove their guilt…and if that happens…take him by force…"

She released her fist and let out a heavy, burdened sigh.

"Yes, sir…"

A duty that surpasses the heart

A burden that eclipses the sun

and brings forth the night

Chapter 13: Night of Sledgehammer

It was now well past the evening when the caravan located a suitable place to camp for the night. The convoy settled down in an area in the Bisga Greenlands known as the Jadewood.

The Jadewood had always been a forest known not only for its ethereal beauty, but for the quality of its green-hued bark as well; a perfect place to repair any of the wagons that had been damaged only a few hours earlier. The fact that it was on the route to the Galleria Deep only added to its usefulness.

Somewhere along the outskirts of the caravan's position, Clan Gully and their cohorts had made up their camp the best they could, what with most of their belongings being incinerated in Adelle's mishap. Fortunately, their fellow travelers, grateful for their protection in the monster attack, loaned them enough spare tents to house them for the night.

The males of Clan Gully, Sir Loin, Professor Auggie, and the Raven-Crow duo all sat somewhere in a circular pattern around a small but bright campfire, each basking in the warm glow of the dancing flames. Said Paladin and Black Mage had decided to keep a closer eye on their client Maria after the Baknamy-wolf assault earlier that evening.

For the most part, the men and boys were just passing the time. Hurdy, keeping with his musical occupation, played a soft, relaxing tune with his flute to everyone's unspoken enjoyment. Masculine chuckles erupted from Loin and Ensei every once in a while as they fondly recalled memories of the so called "good ol' days". Auggie ran his fingers over the Braille of his book, with Crow taking the more visual approach to reading. Cid rested against a conveniently placed log while Cheney polished his bow beside Luso, who simply laid back and stargazed. Lastly, Raven sat next to his partner, most likely in deep thought.

"We'll be back in an hour or so." Adelle remarked, emerging from one of the larger tents and nonchalantly swinging a towel over her shoulder as Kanin and Maria followed closely behind her. All male heads turned in their direction.

"And just where do you think you three are going?" Cid, Sir Loin, and Raven all asked in unison.

"Relax." The silver haired girl answered, continuing on her path. "We're just going to take a dip. I saw a small pool on the way here and thought it would be perfect to take a bath."

"Very well. I will accompany you, Lady Maria." Raven announced while beginning to rise from his position.

"Oh, no need." The brown haired girl remarked. "Ms. Adelle is enough protection, and it would be quite…improper for you to come along." The Paladin dwelt on the thought for a moment before coming to a similar realization as his client, turning a slight tinge of red in the process.

"Alright, you can go." Loin agreed. "Just try not to blow the forest up, dear." The sarcasm in his voice was evident. Adelle simply huffed before stamping away, Maria and Kanin following in her wake.

The Seeq began to snigger to himself, leaning back against a rotting log and placing his hands behind his head. A few short moments of silence passed, before Cid reminded the Lanista of an important factor.

"You do realize that you're paying for that wagon, don't you?"

The portly, bipedal pig released a dejected sigh.

"…Of course…"

It was then that Luso's stomach let out a small growl, audible enough to be heard over Hurdy's playing. Everyone careened their heads towards his position with the chocolate haired boy smiling awkwardly.

"Getting kind of hungry…"

"I am quite famished myself." Auggie added with a lighthearted tone, his Dreamhare relaxing in his lap. "Would we have anything to eat?"

"Well most of it kinda….combusted…" Sir Loin began, searching for the right word. "…but I'm sure we could scrounge up something in the forest. Ya know…live off the land."

Raven stood to his feet, his Save the Queen dangling in its sheath at his side. Crow, book in hand, mirrored his action seconds later, standing fully erect.

"Shall we be off then, gentlemen? I've heard the cockatrice population around here is especially succulent."

Cid raised himself from the ground, at the same time gesturing for Cheney and Sir Loin to stand up as well.

"Alright, the five of us will go gather food. The rest of you will stay here on guard. Ensei, make sure to keep everyone safe." The Revgaji ordered, paying special attention to his Parivir cohort. The remainder of the group nodded in conjunction.

"Remain here, Crow." Raven ordered, turning to his associate. "One of us should stay behind in case Lady Maria returns."

The Black Mage quietly bowed his head and with that, the hunting party took off into the woods. A few minutes passed and silence then pervaded the campsite once again, other than the occasional chirp of birds or movement of small forest creatures in the distance. Everyone simply returned to what they had been doing previously.

Luso eyed Crow from afar for a few moments, the mage flipping pages periodically. Two minutes passed before the boy had realized that he was too absorbed in his book to actually notice his gaze. With a sigh, the fighter approached the magician from the front, the brim of the spellcaster's hat concealing his face.

"Seems you're really into reading, huh?" He asked inquisitively yet sincerely.

Luso stood directly in front of him, blocking the light of the fire. The mage snapped his fingers twice, the second attempt producing a small flame an inch above his index finger. The blaze illuminated the pages and once again made reading possible.

"I suppose." The Black Mage's first words were surprisingly youthful in tone, perhaps in their late teens from what he could tell.

"Hey, that's pretty cool." The brown haired boy remarked, referring to the makeshift 'candle' the mage had created. He planted himself next to the Mist user, leaning back against a hefty fallen log. "So you can do magic?"


"I wish I could do magic too, but I'm not really that cut out for it. I can't use Mist like everyone else…"

Crow's yellow glowing eyes seemed to widen at the boy's statement, a memory shot through his mind. His hands began to convulse while gripping his book, the trembling growing ever stronger with each passing moment.

"…He always looks only at you! You were always in the way, little brother!"

"…Finally…he's finally looking my way now…"

Then, he suddenly stopped moving, calming down though panting heavily. The mage simply returned to his book as if nothing had happened. Conversation had obviously stopped at that point. Apparently, he wasn't the talkative type, and what was with his reaction just now? Luso awkwardly drummed his fingers against the earth, searching for a new topic.

"Good evening, guys…"

A lone, blonde haired woman attired in the staple Falzen outfit approached the campsite from the woods, greeting those present with a laidback smile. All eyes turned to her, but soon relaxed as the familiar face registered in their respective minds.

"Oh, it's just you, Kelt." Ensei remarked, subtly removing his hand from the handle of his katana. "Thought you might've been an enemy or something." The samurai studied her face for a moment after his comment, noticing the faintest and quickest of twitches, though a twitch nonetheless.

"Good to see you're on guard, though." She retorted with a slack smile.

"Ah, Ms. Kelt…" Professor Auggie started, closing his book and correctly identifying her voice "What brings you to our lovely campsite this fine evening?"

"Well I was just hoping to pass on a message from Sothe." Andie replied. She approached Hurdy, who had just finished a light tune. The Moogle looked up to her in wonder. "Says he'd like to speak with you, buddy."

"Me, kupo?" The musician placed his instrument down. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Haven't a clue. He just said he needed to ask you a favor."

Hurdy stood from his seat with a hop, his cerulean colored pompom making a slight bounce as he landed. He approached Andie's side while skipping, stopping next to her.

"Perhaps…one of you should accompany him?" Auggie asked, turning towards Ensei. The Parivir gave him a perplexed look while Andie hesitated for a moment, scanning her mind for a suitable excuse.

"Oh, no need. I will take him there myself. He's safe with me..." She stated while waving his suggestion off.

The Nu Mou sluggishly raised himself up, closing his tome with him. His Dreamhare leapt to his shoulder in a single bound, wiggling its fluffy cotton ball of a tail.

"On the contrary, Ms. Kelt…" The Sage smirked, his blind eyes directed up into the trees. His Staff of the Magi became a pillar of support for him. "…I do believe five against a single Moogle is quite the unfair situation."

"W-What do you mean…" Her stuttering and hesitation were evident now. She unconsciously reached for her ornate, knife weapons while everyone's eyes were focused on Auggie.

"Your clan members are pretty skilled." Ensei commented, his hand once again finding itself to the handle of his katana. "I'm surprised I didn't notice them until now."

Suddenly, a metal arrow whizzed out from the forest canopy above, hurtling directly towards the bearded samurai's skull. Saishuu Kirihana appeared in his hands and the projectile was effortlessly knocked out of the air before anyone else had time to react. On instinct, Luso and Crow both brandished their respective blades and rods and jumped up, scanning the surroundings for the source of the projectile.

Andie remained quiet for a moment, her eyes darting over to the confused Moogle at her side. Auggie could sense her Mist signature spiking and instinctively knew what to do. The aged Nu Mou held his bandaged free hand in front of him and began concentrating, quickly drawing in the surrounding Mist.


A small, magical whirlwind enveloped Hurdy, blowing back the Falzen leader a few feet in the process. The Moogle began to panic for a moment, before noticing that the winds whipping around him weren't inflicting any damage to him at all. It was as if they were shielding him.

Auggie, following up on his spell, forcefully pulled his hand backwards while clenching it, as if pulling an object backwards. Before he could even register what was happening, the musician was hovering a few inches above the ground, moving in the Professor's direction. The whirlwinds ceased as the Moogle landed safely next to the Sage.

"Such masterful control over a spell." Crow admired from afar. "Who is this Nu Mou?"

Ensei and Andie stared each other down, neither flinching in even the slightest manner.

The blond haired woman silently and gradually raised her hand above her, snapping her fingers. Three more Falzen members dropped gracefully from the trees, each landing in a smooth crouch.

Gertie, a teenage Viera with neck length white hair, wielded a sledgehammer, the handle the same length as her body. Belinda, another Viera with longer white hair and a more feminine physique than her clan mate firmly clenched a Serpent Staff in her palms. A single horn protruded out of the headband she wore. The last was Claire, a blond Hume that stood with arms crossed, as if the large Claymore strapped to her back had no weight at all.

"What is the meaning of this, Andie?" Ensei queried calmly.

"I don't wish to cause any trouble…" She said with grim determination. "…simply hand over that Moogle…and we'll be on our way."

"What do you want with Hurdy?" Barked Luso. "He hasn't done anything wrong."

"Whether or not he has is none of my concern…" The Falzen commander retorted, taking a battle stance. "…I was simply told to bring him back..." Her three subordinates each took similar stances.

"…And if necessary…to use force."

(With Adelle, Kanin, and Maria)

"You were right, Ms. Adelle. That was very relaxing indeed." Maria thought aloud, slipping on a plain, olive colored dress from behind a tree. She stepped into her shoes before tossing her used towel over her shoulder.

Coming out from behind the tree, the brunette eyed the freshwater pool they had used as a makeshift bath. It was surprisingly clean on account of being located in the middle of a forest. The water seeming to sparkle as the moon's light began to reflect off of it.

"What did I tell you? Nothing like a nice bath after a long day's work." Adelle added, running her towel through her silver locks. She adjusted her bow, making sure it was just right, before taking a seat on the large stone under her.

Kanin sat next to her, slipping on and lacing her boots, her staff lying to her right. Maria skipped over to the two girls, plopping down on the free side of Adelle. Quiet reigned for a few long moments, each girl simply enjoying nature during the comfortable silence.

"…It must be very exciting being in a clan." Maria remarked aloud, bringing her legs up and wrapping her arms around her shins.

"Well…it is a lot of hard work…" Kanin said with sigh.

"…Sure is, but there's never a boring day." Adelle agreed.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to join a clan." The brown haired girl sighed, her eyes lowering to the water's surface. "Unfortunately, it seems my body wasn't designed for dangers of clan life."

"Being a governor's daughter couldn't be all bad, could it?" Adelle queried with a glint in her eye. "I mean…the most delicious food, the most beautiful outfits, and being waited on hand and foot seems like a great life to me."

"True, a royal life like mine is envied by many a person, but there's one thing both of you have that I could never hope to obtain."

Adelle and Kanin both gave her confused stares, silently beckoning for her to continue.

"Simply freedom…" She spoke softly and wistfully. "One of royal blood like me has no control over their future. Everything is and has always been decided for me, from food to clothing..." She paused, her voice becoming more somber. "…even love…"

She stood, brushing the bottom of her dress. The pale girl then began to wade into the bathing pool they had used earlier, her feet making small splashing sounds with each step and ripples reverberating across the water's surface. She stopped in the middle of the moon's reflection upon the water before twirling around to face them.

A sad smile played at her lips.

"The only thing that I've ever wanted…is freedom…"

"If all you wanted was freedom, all you had to do was ask..."

By the time Maria had whipped around towards the source of the voice, a dozen Baknamy had already surrounded the three girls along with the pool. A cold, purple hand instantly crept its way over the brown girl's mouth while another arm snaked its way around the female's thin waist, hoisting her up off of the ground and silencing her.

Maria turned her head as best as she could, viewing the ragged mask of a Luchorpan; and on top of the beast's neck, a Moogle Animist gazed down at her helpless form and whispered into her ear.

"…We will give you the freedom you desire…"

Adelle and Kanin burst forward from their positions, both making bee lines at the violet colored goblin. The Moogle brought his flute up to his lips and played a quick note. Two of the Baknamy surrounding the pool rushed at the oncoming White Mage and cat-themed girl, cutting them off.

"Get out of the way!" Adelle roared as she delivered a hefty punch at a goblin squarely in its abdomen. The beast fell backwards and the girl used its falling body as a stepping stone to reach Maria.

The Moogle played another quick, high pitched note, and the Luchorpan leapt backwards into the air, a struggling brunette in its arms. The remainder of the dozen Baknamy all began to trudge into the pool, surrounding the two females.

"He's getting away!" Kanin called out, struggling against a Baknamy while mentally scolding herself for not bringing her staff along. A well placed kick in the Goblin's groin region earned not only her freedom, but a massive whelp from the creature as well.

"Kanin, I'm going after Maria." Adelle ordered as the goblins carefully formed a circle around the two girls, who were both standing back to back. "I need you to head back to the camp and warn everyone about what's happened."

The White Mage nodded as the silver-haired girl reached into her back pocket and pulled out her last grey orb. She chucked it at the ground, the ball producing a large, billowing smokescreen that covered their two forms.


(With Ensei, Luso, and the others)

"…And if necessary…to use force."

"Really?" Ensei's eyes narrowed, tossing Saishuu Kirihana and its scabbard to the side.

Before Luso's mind had registered what had just happened, Ensei was already standing beside him, the man's left hand on the boy's shoulder and the boy's Atmos Blade in the man's right hand. A quick glance by the brunette towards the holster confirmed it to be his.

"I'm going to have to borrow this for a second, Luso."

"So it's come down to this, huh?" Andie sighed remorsefully. She raised her forearm into the air before bringing it down in a swift chopping motion. "Capture that Moogle."

Three of the four Falzen girls surrounding her burst forth, Andie with her pair of Swordbreakers charging through the middle while Claire and Gertie took the flanks. Belinda kept her position, forcing her Serpent Staff into the ground and beginning to chant.

"Hurdy! Battle Chant!" Luso called, and at once the bright red glow began to envelop him as the Moogle began playing.

"Gertie, you take the Black Mage. Claire, you have Luso." She ordered as the trio grew ever nearer. "I'll handle Ensei."

She leapt into the air, hurtling directly towards Ensei. Her Swordbreakers shone with a bright light that illuminated the area around her. Though what the Parivir assumed was the glimmer of the moon on her two knives turned out to be something far more deadly.

"Holy Blade!"

Ensei brought the Atmos Blade up to parry as the dagger pair came down, metal ringing off of metal and bright light flashing. Their deadly dance continued as Ensei skillfully blocked each fluid attack with his single blade.

"Luso, don't let her get near Auggie and Hurdy!" The samurai called, evading yet another slash.

Claire bolted past the interlocking of blades between Andie and Ensei, pulling out the heavy Claymore from the scabbard on her back. The only thing that stood between her and the musician that was her objective was a fourteen year old greenhorn.

And if she had to cut him down to reach her target, then she would do it without hesitation.

Orders were absolute.


Crow skillfully dodged to the right as the head of Gertie's sledgehammer plummeted and left its signature in the grassy earth beneath them. The girl lifted it up with minimal effort, making another wide horizontal arc which was also easily evaded.

Fearing the potential danger of another magic user in the fight, Andie had signaled Gertie to lead him out of the area if a fight had indeed broken out. The duo was now locked in combat a little ways away from the campsite.

"You're pretty light on your feet for a Black Mage." The short Viera commented, continuing her chain of swings.

The spellcaster brought his rod up to parry this time as she made another wide arc like a scythe cutting down a field of wheat. The two blunt weapons interlocked one another.

"Or perhaps you're just not fast enough to hit me." She could almost feel the smirk from behind the silhouette that was his face. The two pushed off of each other, gliding above the earth for half a second before skidding to a halt. A stare down ensued.

"Perhaps…" She remarked with a smirk of her own. Seconds passed, before a green glow began to surround the young rabbit-eared girl. To Crow, the girl seemed to grow calmer as the radiance intensified. Not only that, but as the Black Mage's gaze started downward, he noticed that her calf muscles were becoming more defined.

"Hmm…I know this spell." Crow said inwardly. "Leap: an enhancement spell that stimulates the muscles in the user's legs to increase speed and mobility. So she's a Green Mage then…"

The light subsided and true to the spell's name, the girl leapt high enough into the air to even surprise Crow. She plummeted down with a speed that even the Black Mage was barely able to parry in time. His block wasn't enough though, and the rod soon gave way to sledgehammer, forcing the spellcaster to backstep to avoid being crushed.

Gertie would give him no time to regroup though. As soon as she landed, she rocketed forth, catching the mage off guard yet again. Crow brought his rod up once again, another futile endeavor.


The Green Mage overpowered his block, sending him soaring about twenty feet. The rod wielding spellcaster managed to regain his composure midair, landing on his feet in what could only be called a feat of pure acrobatics.

Gertie prepared herself for another rush, but Crow was determined not to let it happen again.


Flames burst forth from his palm, tearing through the oxygen and mist in the air and heading directly for his opponents position. What perplexed him the most was how the girl kept her position as the spell drew ever closer to her.

Then, the spell simply bounced back….and now it was coming for him.

He executed a dodge roll to the side, escaping the magic by a hair's breadth. The fire collided into an old oak behind him, producing a cloud of smoke large enough to conceal the Black Mage for a few precious moments.

(With Cid, Sir Loin, Cheney, and Raven)

"Whew, I tell ya! This one's gonna make a meal!" Loin hollered heartily, eyeing the plump Cockatrice as it lay knocked out on the ground below. He stuck his Xankbras into the ground to use as a support to lean on.

"Indeed." Cid proclaimed. "I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into a fine morsel like this one."

"Hey, Cid!" Cheney called out from high atop a tree branch, his eyes peering over the forest canopy to spot a few columns of smoke rising in the distance. "I think we might have some trouble. There's some smoke over where the campsite is."

"It's probably just the campfire." Raven suggested from below. "It was a tad strong when we left."

"I don't remember starting three fires, do you?"

Raven, Cid, and Sir Loin all rose from their positions.

"Let's go."

(With Crow and Gertie)

Crow panted heavily from behind a tree, the bark covered plant just large enough to conceal his form from view. Those blows from his opponent's sledgehammer were beginning to take a toll on him.

"Come on out, Mr. Black Mage." Gertie called out childishly from out in the clearing, her weapons slung over her shoulder. "You can't hide forever."

The spellcaster grunted from behind his tree before slumping to the ground, releasing a large sigh.

"Gertie, the Anti-Mage fighter of Clan Falzen…she's much more skilled then her age lets on." He retrieved one of his last two potions from his side pouch and uncorked it, downing the fluid hastily. Instantly, he began to feel some of his strength and vitality return to him.

"What's more is that annoying Reflect of hers…" He peeked around the edge of the tree, careful not to make any unnecessary sound. "…I'm almost certain she's wearing a Mirror Mail, which would eliminate the chance of dispelling it even if I had the means to."

"Aww come on out, Mr. Black Mage…" She coaxed again, inspecting the surrounding tree line. "I won't hurt you. Commander Kelt said to go easy on you…"

"Calm down...calm down…there has to be a way to get past the Reflect…" He scanned the girl from his position, looking for something, anything that would help his situation. His glowing, yellow eyes fell upon her Sledgehammer.

Her metal Sledgehammer.

"That's it…"


Gertie huffed.

"Maybe he just ran away…"

Her sentence was cut short as a shadowed figure with a rimmed, pointy hat and bright, golden eyes charged her from the front. His rod was firmly clenched in his hand.

"There you are!" The girl made a bee line at him as well, her Leap enhancement still as effective as when she had cast it.

The two spellcasters rushed at each other, neither veering off course. Gertie brought her sledgehammer high above her head and brought it down as the duo met in the middle. Crow performed an overhead, horizontal parry, just barely managing to keep his composure under the force of the blow.

The two remained locked in that position, the Viera pressing her hammer down with all her might, while Crow dropped to one knee to support the weight.

"You Black Mage's aren't all that tough without your magic." Gertie commented, clearly overpowering her foe.

The spellcaster chuckled.

"When did I ever say I stopped using my magic?"

Crow's rod began to first glow a bright yellow, before further progressing into a coating electrical sparks. Gertie continued to press him down devoid of fear. No matter the spell, her Mirror Mail would surely protect her. His spell would bounce back at him, and he would lose.

"Reflect this."

The voltage reached its maximum.


The electricity was loosed all at once, and traveled down the length of her sledgehammer. She let out a horrid scream as the energy ripped its way through her body. The current continued on as seconds passed, and she found herself unable to let go of her weapon. It was not of any emotional attachment; her body simply refused to listen to her brain.

Crow cut the magic off at this point; he was running low on Mist as it was. Gertie's body slumped to the ground, landing with a thud. Small, electrical impulses still lingered and danced around her frame.

"W-What did you do?" She asked weakly, raising her neck with great effort. The rest of her body wouldn't move.

"Your Sledgehammer's long reach is quite helpful for a direct attacker like yourself. However, it was also your weakness." Crow began to explain. "Your Reflect spell surrounds your body on all sides by a radius of about three feet, but your weapon is much longer than that. Long enough to be outside Reflect's range."

He paused, before continuing on.

"That, coupled with the fact that it was primarily made out of metal, made it a prime target for a Thunder spell."

He turned away from her, facing the tree that had previously been set on fire by his reflected fire spell.

"In essence, it was a giant lightning rod."

A quick whispering of 'Blizzard' silenced the dancing flames working their way up the tree's bark. A coating of ice covered the burns left behind. He turned back to her.

"I simply channeled the electricity into your hammer from my rod. Your weapon guided it past the Reflect and straight into your body. Don't worry though; I toned down the current enough to simply paralyze your nervous system. You should be able to move about within a few hours."

He reached into his side pouch and pulled out the last of his potions, placing the bottle in front of her face. The Mage then began to walk around her towards the direction of the campsite.

"When you can move again…drink it."

A few moments of silence passed as he continued towards the campsite.

"Wait! You're not part of Clan Gully. Who are you?"

The Black Mage stopped his tracks as she called out to him, though he didn't turn to face her. Then, he began walking again, his boots brushing across the grass.

"…Just a nameless crow…"

The Black Mage triumphs! Crow spreads his wings in victory!

(End Chapter Thirteen)

Character Corner

(Gertie Frau)

Job: Green Mage

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 101 lbs

Race: Viera

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Brown

Skin/Fur Color: Dark


Weapon: Sledgehammer

Helm: Cacusha

Armor: Falzen Armor

Shoes: Spiked Boots

Accessories: Magic Ring

(Likes and Dislikes)

Favorite Animal: Dreamhare

Favorite Food: Carrot Cake

Favorite Drink: Carrot Juice

Fears: Bears, Bombs (the monster)

Association: Clan Falzen (Member)

Favorite Color: White


-Gertie was changed from her original design as a Hume into a Viera to keep with a rabbit theme. The Green Mage's Leap skill worked well with this theme, so she was turned into a Green Mage.

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