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Upon making contact, Gilmunto showed no hostility towards him. It made no move; its tensed muscles simply relaxing. Luso slowly ran his hand over its scales, amazed at their toughness. Augustus began making his way over to him and arrived just as the boy retracted his hand from the beast.

Luso turned to him, and the Sage stepped forward, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Before, in my vision, you were nothing but a patch of emptiness amidst the Mist floating in the air. Now that the Mist is flowing through your body, I can see your outline just as clearly as everyone else."

He paused, giving the boy a hug, which Luso returned.

"You'll grow into a fine young man. I'm sure of it."

Augustus places his blessing on Luso. The kick start to the Vieg Town Arc!

Cheney Galliformes

Rain is merely the heaven's weeping

The sun is the happiness that dries those tears

Chapter Thirty Five: Blue Rain Blues

Two figures walked along a worn, dusty path, lined by towering trees. The wide blue sky lay above them, and at its center, the sun shone brightly overhead. Both figures wore straw conical hats, the shadows they created prevalent enough to shield their faces, and their bodies were hidden under tattered cloaks.

"Hold on, you two."

They stopped in their tracks as they heard the sound of a male's voice behind them. Both turned towards the source, setting their sights on a Bangaa Warrior. He gripped a rusty sword in his scaly hand, while his other hand was held out in front of him, palm facing upwards.

A rustling of leaves alerted the two cloaked beings to presences behind them. Four Thieves, three Hume and one Moogle, encircled the two, knives held at the ready. The cloaked figures turned back to the Bangaa Warrior, who spoke again.

"Why don't you just leave whatever belongings you have with us?"

There was a pause for a second, and the taller of the two cloaked figures brought a hand up, gripping the brim of her straw hat in her fingers. She removed it, holding it at her side, and all the thieves looked upon her features.

Large, rabbit like ears stood erect in the air. Emerald green eyes shone brilliantly in the midday sunlight. Snow white hair cascaded down her back.

The Viera looked around, and spoke loudly and authoritatively.

"My name is Veis. Would any of you know where to find House Bowen?"

The assailants lay silent for a moment, before the four Thieves began inching closer.

"Sorry, dear. Can't say I've met their acquaintance." The Bangaa did the same, bringing his sword up and gripping it with both hands and lowering his center of balance in preparation for a strike. A sinister smirk crossed his face. "And it doesn't seem like you will either!"

The Bangaa lunged forward at Veis, his corroded weapon leading in a stab. His cohorts kept themselves at bay with knives at the ready, prepared for the slim chance that their powerful leader's action would fail.

"So you don't know where to find them?"

They would regret not attacking at once.

The Bangaa pulled his arm back and in the same swift motion, jabbed at the right side of the Viera's ribcage, close to where her heart resided. Veis stared blankly at the attempt, unmoving until the very last moment, where she pirouetted to her right, simultaneously hitting the flat of the blade with her fist and altering its course.

Before the Warrior's mind even had time to register what had happened, a swift jab connected with the underside of the jab, forcing itself upward in an uppercut type movement. Within the instant, the Bangaa was already falling backwards, and in the following instant, his back connected with dust covered ground, blood spurting from his mouth.

She stared down at the body for a few seconds, before turning her gaze to the remaining four thieves, who had sense begun to back up in fear. Eventually one, overcome by his fear, spun on his heel and darted into the woods. Soon the others would follow, leaving their boss behind on the path.

"Come." Veis remarked simply to her traveling companion, her demeanor so calm that it was if the incident hadn't even happened. The cloaked figure nodded, and began to follow along behind her. Veis opened up her own cloak and retrieved a rolled map, unrolling it to reveal a map of Jylland.

She glanced at it for a few minutes, before re-rolling and placing it back in its appropriate spot.

"We'll see if we can find any information in Vieg Town."

(Bisga Greenlands)

"You sure you don't want to take a break, Luso?" Kanin asked with a worried tone as she leaned a little over the side of the wagon, her concern directed at the chocolate haired boy that walked alongside it. "You've been walking since this morning."

Heeding Professor Auggie's advice, Clan Gully had decided to wait four days at Lezaford's cottage before heading out, allowing plenty of time for Luso's body to become accustomed to Mist. With final goodbyes, the clan parted ways with the Revgaji and made their way southeast through the rigorous mountains.

Fortunately, Cid had been wise enough to request a few more blankets, quilts, and other heat conserving items from the mage before the left as within the same day, the party had encountered the snowy crags and passes that lay within the range. Cheney had found an oil lamp under all the remaining supplies the clan had in the wagon, and lit it as a hand warmer for those riding. Two Flans were slain along the way, harvesting their bodies' natural oil to refuel the lamp. Nevertheless, Luso had been surprised how cold the temperatures were, considering they were in the summer months.

They had begun to reach warmer temperatures by the middle of next day, exiting the high altitude of the range and gradually sloping down into the familiar flat plains of the Bisga Greenlands. It would have been much faster to cross the body of water directly south of the range, instead of looping it around to the east, but Ensei didn't want to take the chance of waiting for a barge or watercraft that might not show up. This decision also allowed the clan to forgo crossing the Caravan Trail as well, and everyone was quite pleased with this decision.

All throughout the trip, Luso had answered their questions about the world he came from, skillfully managing to avoid any questions that might bring about bad memories. He told them that in structure, his world wasn't much different from their own. There were towering buildings much like here, social classes, and races. He did make sure to say that the races in his world were simply differing colors of Hume, as opposed to Bangaa, Viera, and so on. He also explained that there was no magic of Mist, a concept which his companions accepted, but had a hard time wrapping their heads around.

By night, due in part to non-stop traveling, they had reached the Bisga Greenlands. Cid and Ensei's familiarity with the extensive network of paths and trails would allow for easier navigation than their compass and maps had provided. From here, they began to make their way southwest, towards the only highroad that led into the Grazton Region.

"Nah, I'm alright. I don't even feel tired." Luso replied to the White Mage's concern with a smile. "Thanks for the offer though." Kanin looked at him for a few seconds as he faced forward, then shrugged.

"He's telling the truth." Ensei remarked from his seat in the wagon as he stretched a little, his daughter turning to the sound of his voice. "With Mist Channeling, your muscles absorb both the air and Mist. With both elements, your endurance is greatly enhanced." Kanin nodded in understanding, and the Parivir directed his voice at Luso. "You've been using it this whole time?"

"Of course." The boy replied curtly. "If I'm going to use it in a fight eventually, I have to practice keeping it up." Luso decided to change the subject, directing his voice at Cid, who sat in his usual place in the driver's seat of the wagon. "Are we stopping anytime soon, Cid?"

"Actually, yes. We should be coming upon a town in less than an hour." Every one of the clan members faces lit up at his statement, thrilled at the mere notion of spending at least one night on a mattress.

Luso's attention perked as his eyes caught sight of the structures in front of him. He was now riding in the seat on the wagon next to the Revgaji.

The chocobo-guided wagon rolled steadily along the wide, two lane cobblestone road which led to a bridge that crossed a small stream. On the other side of the streams, lay a town like area, a large assortment of linked streets and buildings, with one large main road running down the center of the settlement. The wagon rode on past the bridge into the town proper, pulling off to the side of the main road to avoid disrupting the two way traffic. Luso leaped from the seat to the paved road below, and looked around at the sights.

The town was completely filled with buildings, large and small, covered in signs and lamps. Small vendors and stands, selling everything from pottery and trinkets to exotic fruits and spices, took up the majority of the roadside space, called out to all that passed by, hoping to garner their attention.

As far as population went, the streets were seemingly as packed as Camoa, with most every race filling just this one lengthy road. From merchants wearing the most vibrant and expensive of robes to burly men dressed in toughened armor and tunics, the crowds formed a moving rainbow of color. Chocobo, ranging in different colors, carried wares and materials much like the clan's own fowl hauled their wagon.

"What is this place, Ensei?" Luso queried, his senses captivated by all the sights and sounds, not to mention the pleasant aromas that wafted from nearby stalls.

"This is Vieg Town." The Parivir replied, dismounting the wagon, the rest of the clan following suit. "It's a halfway point for the large amount of traffic that runs between Camoa, Grazton, and the Galleria Deep, and in the past couple of years, its grown into sizeable supply outpost for all manner of groups passing through."

"Aye." Cid began, chiming in. "That extra four days we spent with Lezaford burned through a lot of our supplies, and to make up for it, we'll have to dip into the reward money from St. Galleria." All gathered around, listening intently. "We'll be staying here for a few days to load back up before heading down to Grazton. During that time, you're free to do as you please, though see if you can earn some money back." The Rev paused, speaking to all, though directing his gaze specifically at Adelle. "The more money we earn here, the more we'll have to spend when we reach Grazton."

Adelle almost drooled as she daydreamed about all the wares she could find in Grazton.

"Be careful, though." Ensei warned. "Because of all the traffic that passes here, this place is ripe with requests and information. It's a popular spot for other clans, including some big up-and-comers like Whiplash and Humeism." All but Luso's eyes widened at the sound of that name. "We, being relatively small, wouldn't want to pick a fight here. In short, don't piss anybody off." The group nodded in confirmation in unison.

"What will you two be doing?" Cheney queried.

"Well…" Cid started to answer. "Ensei and I have begun discussing since we left Galleria. We believe its time that we add another member to our ranks, now that we have the funds to support one. While you guys are out earning, we'll be interviewing candidates."

"Another person!" Luso exclaimed in a thrilled tone.

"Just nobody extremely weird, Ensei." Adelle remarked, poking the Parivir in the chest.

"Maybe someone good with magic." Kanin suggested.

"Hmm, another clan mate..." Cheney pondered, placing a hand to his chin. "Actually I wouldn't mind if we acquired another ranged fighter."

"We'll see how it turns out." Cid spoke, calming the clan down. "Now let's get going. We'll find an Inn to stay at first, then all of you are free to roam."

(Bisga Greenlands, Vieg Town)

"Can you believe the prices for that Inn room?" Luso remarked aloud as he and Cheney made their way down one of the less crowded streets of Vieg Town. It was still early in the afternoon, a ripe time to get in a few small jobs before evening time.

"It was a lot." Cheney agreed. "Though with the amount of people that pass through this town, I can't say I'm surprised."

The duo continued farther down the street until they came upon their destination, the most popular of the pubs in the town, suggested to them by the Inn's front clerk. The three clanners entered the Wolf's Den, so aptly named for the dim lighting and canine themed trinkets that adorned the walls. The pub, more than twice the size of previously encountered pubs, was alive with the scent of alcohol, musty sweat, and the clamor of the customer's conversations.

The duo decided to take a seat at the bar, sitting upon the wooden stools that sat in front. They waited patiently as the barman helped customers to their left, two cloaked individuals donning straw conical hats that shielded their faces, before he finally approached them.

"Greetings." The barman, a rugged Bangaa with copper-colored skin, spoke. "What can I get you two?"

"Just some water would be fine." Cheney answered. "We're just here for work. Think you could lay out a few bills for us?"

"Aye, no problem at all." The Bangaa nodded, reaching under the counter and retrieving a stack of parchment. Then, he ducked down again, grabbing two small glasses, and headed off to fetch the boy's water.

Cheney separated the large stack, spreading the papers all across the counter surface. Luso gazed at the different types of requests that were represented as did the two cloaked individuals beside them, ranging from delivery and simple gardening to escort. After a minute of this, Cheney looked up at the barman, who had just returned with their three glasses of water after helping another customer.

"I don't know. I'm not seeing anything that catches my eye." The hunter took a sip of the refreshing liquid before continuing. "You have anything else?"

"Well there is one request." The Bangaa responded, crossing his arms and staring up to the ceiling in deep thought. He then reached down and grabbed another single sheet of parchment, slapping it onto the table. "There's a new beast, some kind of Malboro, that's been terrorizing the eastern half of the Jade Forest lately, especially near Vieg Town. The local Jylland Defenders of the Peace station has issued mark status recently. The pay's pretty high…though it is recommended to clans with over a thousand clan points."

"Clan points?" Luso queried in a confused tone.

"Aye, the fact that you don't know about them tells me you must not have many." The Bangaa stated with a chuckle. He reached to the back wall and grabbed another piece of parchment from its surface, laying it on the table. "Clan Points, or CP, are like the unit of measurement for the quality of a clan. Generally the rule is this: the higher your CP, the better the clan."

"Oh, I see." Luso said. "But how do you get more?"

"Well there's a variety of ways." The Bangaa replied. "The main way is simply doing quests. You see the total amount of CP for your clan is basically just the sum of the members' individual CP. When a clan is first formed and registered, the clan leader is presented a small orb or trinket. This magical item records specific information about your clan: battles, your performance during the quest, abilities used. This information is determined in the presenting of individual clan points, and the total of every member's points is your clan's CP."

"Being a new clan, it's highly unlikely that we'd have over a thousand CP. It might be too dangerous for us." Cheney remarked to the boy dejectedly, then turned back to barman. "Alright I guess we'll…"

"Wait!" The female voice of the cloaked figure sitting next to them interjected, causing their attention to be drawn to her. She placed a hand on her conical hat, and placed it on the counter, revealing the face, lengthy ears, and signature white hair of a Viera. "Accept the quest, young hunter."

Said hunter quirked an eyebrow at her proposal, as did the brown haired boy next to him. She placed a hand on the shoulder of the cloaked figure next to her.

"My sister and I shall assist you in the hunt."

(The Jadewood)

The Jadewood, one of the more famous, major forests of Loar. Tall trees blot out the light in the deep recesses of the forest, though lighten the farther out you travel. The air is heavy with moisture from hidden pools and lush greenery. Around one of these pools, three figures sat, enjoying the brief bit of rest before heading back to work.

"A rather dull catch we've landed this time, eh?" The first, with a woman's voice, spoke in a jovial tone.

There was no mistake that with her dark pink hair, light pink skin and draconic wings and thin horns sprouting from her shoulder blades and head respectively, that this woman was of the Gria race. Her Ravager outfit held a worn look to it, most likely having seen many a battle. Lying next to her on the fresh carpet of grass was the large Greatsword Vigilante, whose red hue contrasted against the emerald color of the pasture.

House Bowen Clan Member: Loa

"Quite." A male voice uttered from a few feet to her left, eyeing the freshly killed Worgen carcass behind her. "I had hoped to garner more of a fight from the beast." His intellectual manner of speech suggested Nu Mou origin, and his green Illusionist Robes verified the thought. His long tail sprouted from the bottom of his robes, decorated with a covering of orange hair. Two large golden vials performed as earrings.

House Bowen Clan Member: Tweigel

"Worry not." The third figure remarked from his position, sitting down and leaning his back against a downed tree trunk. "The beast is but a means to attract its attention. No doubt the vile glutton will find the morsel." The Hume stood, brushing some of the loose grass from his fighter outfit, as well as readjusting his metal helmet. His brown locks could just be seen from under the helmet, and a pair of matching eyes, stern and unyielding, rested in his eyes sockets. A thin mustache sat above his upper lip.

House Bowen Clan Member: Bowen

Loa began to sniff the air around her, standing to her feet as well. Bowen and Tweigel watched her curiously, before she turned to them.

"Do you…Do you smell that?"

"What do you…?" Bowen stopped the moment he received a good whiff of the air. He released a disgusted grunt. "What is this nauseating odor?"

"If knowledge serves, this would be the stench of the Malboro species." Tweigel answered, approaching his two clan mates. "Judging from the scent's strength, it must be a powerful one indeed."

"Wasn't there a request to hunt down a Malboro back at the pub? Maybe it's the same one! C'mon Bowen, we have to go for it while it's close!" Loa added excitedly, grabbing her Vigilante and strapping it onto her back. The Hume only laughed at his clan member's attitude, smiling.

"Alright, we'll take a look. We might not have accepted the request, but who knows. Perhaps we might receive just reward for felling the creature."

(Outskirts of the Jadewood)

Cheney and Luso, seeing this as a great opportunity to acquire gil and clan points, took the Viera and her sister's offer, agreeing to meet them at the edge of town an hour later. The two groups arrived with a few minutes to spare, setting out immediately in hopes of accomplishing the task before nightfall. Luckily, the trek to the area of their target's last sighting was merely an hour's walk away, and forty five minutes, foliage and the familiar green-hued bark of trees unique to the Jadewood had already begun to spring up around them.

"Alright, let's see here…" Cheney spoke, deciding to come to a better understanding of the quest as they grew nearer to their destination by retrieving the bill parchment from a side pouch. He spoke loudly for the other three to hear. "Wanted: Nageeta, a purple colored Great Malboro, last spotted in the Jade Forest near Vieg Town. Wanted for the deaths of a Vieg Town civilian family, who died inhaling an excess of its poisonous fumes. Great caution must be exuded when confronting the beast."

"How unfortunate." The Viera remarked mournfully, shutting her eyes and growing silent as a sign of momentary reverence for the deceased.

"It sure is." Luso added, adopting a similar tone before immediately steeling himself, placing a hand on the comfortable feel of his Atmos Blade's handle. "Though the best we can do to let them rest peacefully is to prevent this thing from hurting anyone else."

"Right." Veis spoke, pleased with the boy's answer and resolve. "Forgive me, but it seems that I haven't properly greeted you two yet. My name is Veis…" She continued walking forward while turning to the cloaked figure behind her. "And this is my sister, Vili." The figure brought a slender hand up to her hat and removed it.

Just like her sister, the noticeably younger Viera, who Luso would guess to be around her mid to late teens as opposed to Veis who was more akin to her early to mid twenties, held the same ivory white hair that her sibling possessed, though cut so that the ponytail she placed it in ended just below her shoulders. Both sisters bore the trademark dark clothing of the Viera Assassin, from the onyx colored cape to the cloth facemask. A greatbow was slung over each of the females' shoulders, underneath the cloaks, and strapped to Vili's back was a short bladed katana, a nodachi as Luso recalled in his study of his homeland's swordsmanship.

"No problem at all. Nice to meet you." Cheney responded. "I'm Cheney Galliformes, and this is my fellow clan member Luso Clemens." The boy gave a slight wave coupled with a sheepish grin.

"Wait…do you mean the Cheney?" Vili spoke aloud, her eyes widening with her sister's following soon after. "As in Cheney of House Bowen?"

"House Bowen?" Luso repeated in a confused tone, quirking an eye at the two Viera. "I think you're thinking of another person. Cheney is a part of Clan Gully." Veis continued to stare at Cheney as they walked a few seconds following Luso's statement, before snapping her fingers in realization.

"No. No this is without a doubt Cheney of House Bowen!" She said ecstatically. "It is quite the honor to meet you, Cheney. Tell me, where are the rest of your Clan members? Is this boy a new addition to House Bowen?"

"What's she talking about Cheney?" Luso queried, thoroughly confused. The Hunter continued in silence for a moment, before performing a drawn out sigh. He ceased walking, the others stopping just after them, then turned around to face the rest of the group.

"I guess its time that I told you." He began, focusing first on Luso yet speaking to everyone. "Luso, before I joined Clan Gully, I was originally apart of a clan named House Bowen, a group of famed headhunters renown throughout Loar." The Hume turned to the Viera sisters. "Though your information is a bit dated. It has been a few years since I've last seen them, and it is a story I'd rather not recall."

"Is that so? I understand." Veis replied, slightly disheartened, turning to her sister with drooped ears. "We shall just have to keep searching th…"

Her ears instantly perked up once more as her eyes widened simultaneously. The others stared peculiarly at her sudden change in demeanor, unsure of what had brought it about. Her eyes wondered down to the ground as she kept sniffing the scent that lingered in the air, eventually falling to the large outcropping of bushes a dozen feet to the northeast of their position.

A single, purple vine slowly slithered towards them.


The purple vine, along with many others from the same vicinity shot out with the swiftness of a snake's strike, hurtling through the air towards them. Without even allowing the command to process in their heads, both Cheney and Vili followed the order instinctively, managing to leap into the trees with her just as the vines struck.

Luso, however, was less than fortunate. Having not previously activated his Mist Channeling ability, his reaction time was less than substantial enough to dodge as the vine caught him, snaking around his leg and yanking him out from under himself.

"Crap! It got him." Cheney cursed under his breath, watching as Luso was hoisted into the air by his leg. It was then that the Hunter saw the beast proper, its main body crawling out from behind the trees on the far side.

Its appearance could be described as nothing short of utterly revolting. Its body was in essence a large mouth, lined with razor sharp teeth, and surrounded by a myriad of thick eyestalks. The beast itself was much larger than the normal Malboro Cheney had run into, easily the height of at least two fully grown Humes. Supporting its massive size were hundreds tentacles, some round and short to act as 'legs', others long and serpent like with which to grab objects. A thin layer of slime seemed to cover its form, and noxious, emerald covered fumes poured out from every orifice.

"The smell is unbearable." Veis remarked, perched on a thick tree branch and doing her best to keep from vomiting as she and her sister both brought out their greatbows.

The beast let out a growl from its sickening maw, its stench infused breath traveling to Luso, who was suspended in the air by its tentacle only a few feet in front of it.

The boy retrieved his blades, Atmos in the right hand and Sweep in the left, and closed his eyes, trying his best to focus as the blood rushed to his head in his upside-down state. Just like before, everything became quiet for a moment, then instantly following, his senses were able to perceive everything in much greater detail and he felt strength pouring into him.

The Great Malboro brought up a second tentacle to his captured prey's level, positioning it so that it could shoot straight at his abdomen. Cheney, Veis, and Vili all recognized what it was doing, and the three immediately and simultaneously launched arrows at the carnivorous plant. Their effort failed, and the tentacle shot forward as their arrows collided into the beast's body, injuring it, though too late to stop the attack.

Luso's eyes snapped open at that moment, and he raised his body up, taking a swing at the tentacle which held his foot. The lightning shaped blade cut cleanly through it, severing it and allowing him to fall just as the second tentacle passed where he previously occupied. In mid fall, he dexterously sheathed both blades, and used his now free hands to absorb the impact with the ground and transfer it into a forward roll, finishing in an easy crouch. He spun around to face the beast as Cheney and the two Viera cheered silently at their positions, drawing both blades once more.

The putrid Malboro used three of its tentacles to yank the three arrows from its purple hide, releasing a monstrous roar in the process and tossing the broken projectiles to the side.

"You won't fell this beast with simple arrows like that, my friends."

The resounding call of the man's voice grabbed Veis, Luso, Vili, and mostly Cheney's attention. The Malboro's many eyes searched every which way for the source of the voice, eventually turning to its left, where thirty feet away three figures walked steadily out of the thinnest part of the surrounding tree line.

A Gria Ravager unfastened the strap on her back that held her Vigilante, and brought it around in front of her. A Nu Mou Illusionist walked steadily along diagonally behind a Hume Fighter, who carried an entire Worgen carcass draped across his shoulder.

Cheney slung his bow back over his shoulder and leapt down from the tree branch. He stared at the oncoming trio, eyes widening in disbelief. The Fighter as well noticed the Hume Hunter, and held an equally awe-stricken look. The huntsman whispered distantly.


Cheney and Bowen meet once again. What will become of this encounter?

(End Chapter Thirty Five)

Character Corner

("Icedrake" Nivus)

Job: Templar/Defender

Race: Bangaa (Sanga)

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Blue

Skin/Fur Color: Ashen/White


One of the three Judgemaster Personal Guardsmen and adoptive brother of Ogma and Gerland. Due to his proficiency with Ice based abilities, he was given the epithet 'Icedrake'. So strong are his defensive techniques and ice magic that while guarding the Judgemaster, a single attack has never touched even the man's breastplate. Nivus, the eldest brother, is the quietest and most reserved of the three brothers. Despite his lack of speech, Ogma and Gerland always seem to know what he's thinking, a testament to the trio's close bond.


Nivus, who has never had a verbal line in this story.

(Likes and Dislikes)

Likes: Cold days, sculpting

Favorite Food and Drink: Snow cones and Iced Lemonade

Hates: Large bodies of water

Dreams: To become a Judge in the Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Favorite Color: Blue


-Unfortunate, I can't recall where Nivus derives his name from in the Final Fantasy series. I don't believe it's a dragon. Kudos to anyone who can locate it then.

-He and his brothers represent the three basic magic elements of the series: fire, ice, and lightning, and each receive their epithet from the corresponding elemental dragon

-Nivus is of the Sanga subdivision of Bangaa (introduced in FF12), known for their laid back lifestyles and their ease with interacting with Humes.

-Nivus and his two brothers were actually an idea drawn from the original FFTA. In the game, upon finishing the mission where you first rescue Ezel Berbier, a cut scene plays where Judgemaster Cid arrives to arrest the Nu Mou personally. Accompanying him in the cut scene are three Bangaa Templar. Ogma, Gerland, and Nivus are based on these three Templar.

(Location Info)

Vieg Town

A town situated in the south/southwestern area of the Bisga Greenlands, donning the name of the highroad it is situated around. The landscape is characterized by flat plains and gentle streams, a few of which run through the village proper. The edge of the Jadewood dominates the land on its northwestern side.

It serves as a halfway point for all travel among Camoa, Grazton, and the Galleria Deep; unless one avoids it by opting to use the Caravan Trail. Due to this reason, it has flourished into an excellent supply outpost for clans and merchants passing through the Greenlands. To accommodate the traffic it sees, it is overflowing with pubs, inns, item stands, restaurants, and other shops.

(Author's Notes)

And there you have it; the start of the Vieg Town Arc. For all those that play FFTA2, this arc is basically a large deviation from the House Bowen quests, featuring extra characters and a new original town.

Next chapter will prove to be action-packed, so look forward to it!