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"Friese, what is this?" Bowen queried, holding up a scarf whose ends lay improperly knitted in his hand. The person in question, a woman with shoulder length hair the hue of dandelions, outfitted in an iron breastplate, sand colored woven pants, and black boots, turned to face him. Two Knightswords hung at her right hip.

"Oh, that thing?" She replied. "It was starting to get cold, so I tried my hand at knitting. We've been pretty busy though, so I haven't had time to work on it. I'll finish it someday."


"Friese, did you finish gathering the food we'll need for our trip?" Bowen asked, as he, his wife, Loa, Tweigel, and Cheney all made their way towards the Inn after a long day's work.

The woman looked up at the sky, a pondering look on her face, before she smiled apologetically in his direction.

"Oh, I suppose I must have forgotten. We've just been pretty busy lately. I'll go get them now." She began to run back the other way, when she paused, turning back to him. "What was it again that we needed?"

Tweigel, Loa, and Cheney laughed under the breath, with Bowen giving them an annoyed look. He sighed, walking towards her as the other three promised to meet them at the Inn.

He strolled past her, grabbing her hand in the process, and holding it gently.

"Come on. I'll go with you."

Lastly, Bowen wept for his wife, bitterly. His grip loosened, and his Ebon blade plummeted, hitting the grass below with a muffled thump.

With a low, hushed voice and small smile, tears still streaming, he whispered.

"You never could finish anything you started, could you."

Thunder roared in the distance, and the rain continued to plummet on the scene. Luso Clemens stared up into the sky, lying flat on his back, devoid of the energy to move otherwise, and he himself began to cry.

For his mother.

For his father.

For his Grandfather.

And for his sister, Frimelda.

Bowen and Luso release their grief amidst the rain.

Cheney Galliformes


Such a miserable, lonesome thing

That connects those of us on earth to those in the sky

Chapter Thirty Nine: Blue Rain Blues 5 (Memories in the Rain)

"Bring it over here."

Cheney Galliformes watched as a Bangaa, its light crimson skin contrasting against its tan, hooded, armored tunic, gestured for similarly dressed members of its race to come to him.

It was raining, only slightly enough to warrant donning a hood. The Hunter and his compatriot Tweigel waited patiently, sitting side by side on a wide rock that jutted from the grass around the forest pool. The forest pool that had been the sight of their desperate struggle against the monstrosity known as Klesta; the monstrosity that was now being looked over by Jylland Defenders of the Peace personnel for confirmation.

Cheney and Tweigel, upon the group's victory over the beast two nights ago, immediately traveled to the JDP Vieg Town Branch, where they informed them of their victory over Klesta. Due to their currently understaffed situation, it had taken them a day and a half to prepare to verify the kill, and the two had to lead them the site on the warm, rainy Silversun morning. The former comrades simply sat on their rock in relative silence as raindrops occasionally hit their hoods, sipping a heated beverage they had brought along, awaiting the JDP workers to finish their analysis.

It had been raining since the night of Klesta's defeat. It had never once stopped, though the actual intensity had fluctuated. The rain picked up ever so slightly, and Tweigel, not one particularly fond of water, adjusted his own coat's hood, before speaking aloud.

"It's hard to believe it's over."

"I know what you mean." Cheney responded, continuing to face forward. He took another sip, then continued. "But like I thought, the pain is still here."

"Indeed. I'm afraid it will probably never heal fully."

A silence ensued between the two men, both merely content with watching as the workers continued with their jobs. A white-hooded Hume gently used a knife to scrape off some of the burned flesh from Klesta's carcass, and his assistant used tweezers to place it in a jar, presumably for analysis.

Tweigel took another sip of his beverage, keeping a hand parallel over its top to prevent any raindrops from entering, before garnering the Hunter's attention once more.

"I've…wondered this for a while, Cheney…" The Hume tuned an ear to him, though otherwise didn't move. "Why did you end up leaving the clan?" He paused, letting the question sink in. "At the time you're answer was clear…but for some reason, I've always held this feeling that you never told us everything."

Cheney remained still for a dozen seconds, completely immobile. Steam from his drink wafted upwards into the air, and he promptly blew on it before taking in another sip.

"Very well, I'll tell you." His voice subtly grew more melancholy than it already was. "But I must start at the very beginning…"



Cheney sat perfectly still, his ears filled with the clamor and conversation of a pub at evening time, his nose filled with the succulent smells that drifted from its kitchen, and his eyes fixed on the man and woman sitting across the worn circular table which all three occupied.

The female, a young female with shoulder length tresses like sunflowers, outfitted in a fitted iron breastplate from what Cheney could tell of her visible top-half, sat erect in her chair. She seemed to hold a great deal of feminine poise within her motions, even though the aura she emitted was clearly laid back and easygoing. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the smiles she sent his way every time the two would make even the slightest of eye contact.

He merely took the gesture as a positive sign of his being accepted, then returned his gaze to the male, whose gloved hands shifted through the minute stack of papers on the table in front of him. His long blue robes and matching cap shifted with every movement. The man, hair of a slightly darker color than that of the woman beside him and a face just as youthful, stroked his chin, leaned back in his chair, brought his eyes up to meet Cheney, and spoke in an official tone.

"A Hunter…that loves animals, huh?"

"Yes." Cheney responded with a firm nod, not one to mince words during job interviews. The Blue Mage stared him down for a few more moments, before a smile cracked on his face.

"Alright, you're in." The Hunter's face lit up at the man's response, and all three stood from the table. He first shook hands with Cheney, both men, in pure male fashion, giving their best grip. "For the record, you can call me Ronso." He released the huntsman's hand and gestured to the blonde woman. "And this is my sister, Friese."

Following proper etiquette, Friese first held out her hand, and Cheney gave her a firm yet gentler shake than with her brother.

"Nice to meet you, Cheney."


"I met Friese long before she entered House Bowen, back when she and I were both still in Ordalia." Cheney explained to Tweigel, taking yet another sip of his beverage. "She and her brother Ronso, an accomplished Blue Mage, had been searching for a third member to their team, and I was chosen."

"I see." Tweigel answered back in a reserved manner, prompting the Hunter to continue.

"I had always been a friend to monsters and animals alike, but Ronso definitely helped me to see an even deeper side of them. He's the man that helped shape the beliefs I hold to this day." The Nu Mou noticed as Cheney adopted a reminiscent smile. "You could say that he became the brother that I never had."

"Really?" The Illusionist queried with a chuckle. "I'm guessing that's where you acquired your Blue Magic from."

"Yes, Ronso taught me the basics of Blue Magic. I felt I could learn more from beasts if I used their abilities. It's helped me in many a situation since then."

"What about Friese?" Tweigel spoke after a short silence. "Did you two get along well?"

If the Nu Mou had looked up, or if his hood hadn't been blocking his peripheral vision, he would've noticed the slight tint of red creep up onto Cheney's cheeks.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." His subtle embarrassment didn't go unnoticed by the spellcaster, who chuckled to himself. A few mores silent seconds passed, and Tweigel noticed the Hunter's voice grow much more melancholy. "That was…until that day."


The rain fell, flooding the grassy, desolate swampland of the Tramdine Fens for miles. A pervasive gloom fell over the swamp, much more evident than regular and dually emphasized by the booming strikes of thunder and the accompanying flashes of lightning that split the sky in two. The landscape itself was torn, though judging from the various arrows, small smoking craters, and huge gashes that littered the saturated ground; it was not a work of nature's wrath.

It was in a certain section of this murky swamp that Cheney Galliformes stood perfectly still, his face a mixture of disbelief, shock, and dejectedness morphed into its current form by the horrid sight sprawled out before him.

Friese, covered head to toe in scrapes, her once lustrous blonde hair soaked with water and wet dirt, screamed relentlessly as she collapsed to her knees in the pile of mud in front of her, further sullying her once pristine uniform. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, camouflaging themselves amidst the pouring rain.

Cheney's eyes listlessly moved from her, to the body just northeast of her. A body lying face up, beset by a number of lacerations, all having bled out recently. Its once majestic blue coat was in tatters, beset with splotches of crimson. The Hunter's pupils wandered upward from his feet, before shutting them tightly moments later.

He did not even need to see the body's mangled face in order to recognize his teammate, Ronso.


"It had been about a year since I joined." Cheney began. "We had been petitioned to hunt down a mark in the Tramdine Fens. A Crushatrice had since been wreaking havoc amongst the swamps denizens and outlying settlements of Flugoris." Tweigel's eyes widened at that statement.

"Wait you don't mean-"

"Yes." Cheney interrupted, continuing to elaborate. "We had entered the fight too confident, and were unprepared for its strength. Ronso stayed back to fight the beast alone, giving both Friese and I time to escape. Midway through our retreat, we decided that we couldn't leave him behind…though our decision came too late." The Hume paused for a moment, the drizzle that showered them picking up slightly.

"Upon our return, we found only Ronso's broken and mangled body. Klesta had killed him."

There was a long pause that ensued after Cheney spoke, both males looking down at the ground. It was finally Tweigel that broke the silence, speaking hesitantly in a whisper.

"I…I had no idea about this. To think that such a thing could have happened…" The Nu Mou took another sip of his beverage, having by this time grown lukewarm. "But…I'm still confused on a number of things. When you first entered House Bowen, Friese had not recognized you."

"That is actually my fault." The huntsman admitted, causing Tweigel to raise a curious eyebrow. "It had been weeks following Ronso's death, but Friese still could not cope with her loss. My concern grew for her as she became more and more depressed and thoughts of revenge consumed her. I tried speaking with her, but nothing seemed to help. A few days after a particularly dangerous episode, I knew that I would have to take severe action if I was to prevent her from destroying herself."

Tweigel continued to listen intently.

"I sought out the help of Mages, none being able to provide any useful assistance. Though, one gave me information of a peculiar Viera that lived in small dwelling in the Tramdine Fens. I sought her out the following day. The Witch of the Fens, as they called her, after I had gathered all the necessary materials, provided me with Lethean Draught." The Hunter turned his head towards the sky, reminiscing as if the event had happened but the previous day. "A concoction with the power to wipe a person's memory."

The Nu Mou's eyes widened as Cheney finished his sentence, the Hume lowering his head.

"Yes, without her knowing, I mixed the draught in with her drink. Soon after, my guilt convinced me to part ways with her."

"Flight seventy-seven." A young Hume man called out, projecting his voice over the expanse of the Flugoris Aerodrome waiting room. "I repeat, flight seventy-seven to Moorabella Aerodrome."

Cheney looked around as he along with over fifty percent of the waiting room occupants rose from their cushioned seats. Fathers and men of nearly every race threw leathery carrying cases over their shoulders while mothers attempt to corral rambunctious children, eager for their first experience in the sky.

He stood from his seat, gathering his own bags, placing one's strap over his shoulder and carrying the other under his right arm. The blonde woman next to him rose to her feet as well, turning to face him.

"Well, I suppose this is goodbye."

"Yeah, I suppose so." Cheney adopted a melancholy smile, then slowly brought up a hand, holding out in front of him. "It was a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Miss Friese." The woman accepted his hand with a feminine smile.

"Likewise, Mister…umm…." She trailed off slowly, before angling her eyes downward and placing her free hand to her chin in thought.

"Cheney…" He said in assistance, chuckling to himself. It was the twenty second time he had to remind her. "The name's Cheney." With a final nod, he released her hand, vaguely noticing how much she lingered, though thinking nothing of it. Then, he turned and began making his way over to his assigned gate, where a lengthy line had already built up.

"Goodbye…" Friese whispered in a fleeting whisper, watching his retreating form. She stayed in that same position, from the time he grabbed his place in line all the way until he was about to step through the gateway, simply watching him longingly, though she had no idea why. She performed one last wave, which he returned shortly, catching her out of his peripheral vision. Soon after, an employee closed the metal gateway, and she breathed out a belated sigh, turning on her heel and walking away.

The blonde woman exited the gate's waiting room, stepping out into the main corridor, flooded with hundreds of people. She made a right, joining the flow of traffic and turning on her body on an auto-pilot of sorts, not completely focused on any of the conversations or people around her.

She especially didn't notice the pair of eyes that had locked onto her as she passed by one of the aerodrome food stands. A man in standard Fighter attire watched as she passed his position, not even realizing himself that he had begun staring at her. A snapping sound broke him out of his reverie, and the man turned back to the female Gria accompanying him.

"What's wrong, Bowen? What were you looking at?" Loa queried, giving her leader a puzzled look. The Hume in question snapped his head back around, though failed to find any sight of the woman. He exhaled deeply, then turned back towards the Gria, the blonde woman still prevalent in his thoughts.

"Nothing. It was nothing."

Loa kept her perplexed look, then suddenly grinned.

"I bet it was a girl, wasn't it?"

Bowen's face went immediately red.


"Just as the witch had told me, she had forgotten everything that happened over the past year, remembering only vaguely that her brother had died…"

"…and having lost all memory of you in the process." Tweigel surmised in a low voice, not noticing the single tear running down his friend's left cheek. "That would explain quite a lot of things, including why she's so forgetful." The Illusionist stifled out a laugh. The two stayed quiet for a few moments, then Cheney picked up the conversation once more.

"The rest of the story, you are aware of. You posted a bill for some help while Bowen and Loa were on extended business in Flugoris, and I took you up on the offer. Little did I know that he would return over a year later, and with the woman I had loved as his wife." Cheney made a long pause after that. "Then Klesta came, and we began tracking it down. I was thankful that the Lethean Draught was so effective, and that the beast hadn't caused any of Friese's memories to resurface. That last time, my leg was broken, and I was too weary from battle to stop her from going after Klesta alone when Bowen gave the order. We all were, and by the time we caught up…she was dead…" His voice grew quieter with each word. "I left the clan when Bowen became consumed with revenge, for that was exactly what had destroyed the Friese I knew before."

The two had grown silent once more, this time for a much larger period. Neither faced the other, neither moved; both simply sat as the pitter-patter of the rain continued to echo off of their hoods, which by now had become almost completely soaked.

"During my first battle with Klesta, back when Ronso was still alive, I had a chance to kill it right then and there. One well-placed arrow would have ended it." The Hunter admitted solemnly, and silent tears began to stream down his face. "But…I didn't. My decision that day ended up costing me my mentor and friend, and years later the woman I had loved. I didn't shoot the arrow because I didn't see why Ronso, who was as much an animal advocate as I was, would even take up the quest in the first place.."

Cheney stood up from his seat on the rock, gulping down the remainder of his beverage. He continued facing forward.

"The day after Friese died, I remembered the words Ronso had said when I asked him why we took the quest." There was another short pause, a draft ruffling the loose clothing of both men. "My sympathy spreads in both directions. That's was his only response." The Hume spoke plainly. "It took me until then to understand what he was saying. People and animals will never be able to understand each other, one spurred on by greed or hunger, the other by instinct…"

"So who do you protect?" Tweigel asked. One last pause ensued between them, just as the rain began to die back down, passing from a drizzle to just a few scattered drops. Cheney turned his head, looked at the Nu Mou, and smiled. A genuine smile, accentuated by the rays of sunshine that were now beginning to break through the quilt of clouds overhead.


(Vieg Town, South Clinic)

Cheney brought his hand up, balled it into a fist, and rapped softly on the door, just audible enough for those inside the room to hear. A few seconds of silence preceded the jiggling of the sanitized iron doorknob and following a moment later, the door opened inward to grant the Hume and Tweigel passage inside.

After the JDP personnel had completed their autopsy, they had presented the two with a split of the reward money before heading back. The duo had traveled straight from the Klesta site to the South Clinic, where Bowen had been recovering ever since the fight. Other than a few minor burns from using Backdraft, his arm had been the only real complication, and the doctor on call had been able to reset and repair the broken bones with marginal effort.

Both looked around the room upon entering. As expected Bowen sat up in his bed, a cast around the wounded arm, conversing with Loa who occupied a simple wooden chair beside him. Veis stood beside her, arms crossed in a relaxed fashion, while Vili and Luso sat in two other chairs against the white washed walls, both in a conversation of the own.

"Hey, everyone." Cheney spoke aloud, he and Tweigel crossing the polished wood floors. Everyone responded with similar, pleasant greetings. "We picked up the reward. Tweigel and I already divided it evenly."

"Thank you, Cheney." Bowen said, turning towards him with a smile. "I would appreciate it if you and Luso would wait in the hallway for a few minutes. There is clan business that we must discuss."

"That's alright. We had a meeting with our own clan soon. We'll see you guys later." The Hunter replied with a wave before motioning for Luso to follow him, who also said his goodbyes. Both exited, and as the door clicked closed, both Veis and Vili also stood from their seats, preparing to exit.

"Wait, Viera." The siblings stopped in their tracks, turning slowly around to face him as Tweigel took a place beside the bedridden Hume. "This clan business involves you."

"What do you mean?" Veis questioned, verbally exposing both sister's confusion. The Fighter took a deep, deliberative breath, then began speaking.

"We had…stopped moving forward. True, we still functioned as a clan, but time had stopped moving for us on that day." He paused, looking her dead in the eye. "When I had refused your request to join us, it was not due to any fault on your part, but of my own. There was still that spot she filled, and I was not ready to fill it. I was not ready to forget her." Both Loa and Tweigel stayed silent as he talked. "I now see the error of my ways, thanks to one brown haired child of all people. A child who told me that there's no such thing as replacing memories. You can only add to those already there." He elicited a chuckle at the thought. "She may be gone, but not forgotten." Loa and Tweigel both nodded, inwardly smiling. Bowen also grinned, continuing to face the two Viera.

"We leave tomorrow morning. If you two would like to join us in our travels, we would be more than welcome to have you."

Both girls eyes widened considerably, Veis at the fact that her long desired goal was right within her grasp and Vili upon realizing who the 'child' was that had somehow convinced Bowen to let them join. A wondrous smile formed under the latter's cloth mask.

"Luso Clemens."

"Thank you for your generosity." Veis replied, performing a gracious bow. "We…we would honored to join the ranks of such incredible people like-"

"Wait, Veis." Vili spoke, throwing her sibling off guard, who then donned a puzzled look.

"What's wrong, Vili." The girl sighed, breathed, then explained.

"The same child that helped you, Bowen, also helped me before. He said that you can't join a clan solely for someone else. The clan you join has to have the same beliefs and principles that you do." She performed an apologetic smile. "You are all very good people, and this is a wonderful clan. But it is not my clan. I thank you sincerely, but I must kindly refuse your offer."

A small silence followed her last words, and she inwardly hoped she hadn't offended anyone. Though as she looked around, she noticed content smiles on everyone's faces. The girl felt a hand on her shoulder, and turned to its source, Veis.

"I've always known this day would come…I just wasn't aware it would be so soon." She forced a smile, genuinely happy about Vili's decision, though sad at the same time. "I've…watched you grow into a fine assassin, and a fine young lady. If you believe this is the right decision, then by all means, see it through to the very end." She leaned in, enveloping the girl in a large hug, which at first caught her off guard, though she quickly adjusted. "Everyone would be very proud to see you now." In the position that they were hugging, Vili couldn't see Veis's face, which was gaining quiet tears by the second. She pulled away over half a minute later, wiping her face, then smiled. "Now go. If I'm correct, Clan Gully should be at the Wolf's Den."

"How did you know-"

"No one knows you better than I do." Veis responded with a smile and a second hug. "Now get going."

(Vieg Town, the Wolf's Den)

"Four lemonades, some ale, water, and a Starfruit Surprise." A Revgaji declared, leaning back in his chair as he listed off items to the pub employee. After scribbling everything down on a notebook with his quill pen, the young Viera waiter gave them a nod along with a promise to return shortly with the order.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and outside the sun had only just begun to dry up the remnants of rain that had pelted the town for over a day. It was refreshing for the citizens to finally get a reprieve from the storm, especially for the members of Clan Gully, whose work had been limited during the rainy days.

Cid, Ensei, Kanin, Hurdy, Luso, Cheney, and Adelle all sat in the pub's open dining room, filling up over half of one of the round tables that filled the space. Cid himself had noticed that there seemed to be fewer tables, and he vaguely recalled some men carrying out a broken table when he had stopped by yesterday.

"So where have you guys been these past few days?" Adelle queried as the waitress returned with the group's first round of drinks, setting down the girl's Starfruit Surprise, a tropical orange-yellow iced beverage, in front of her. Luso's eyes darted to Cheney, who mirrored the boy's actions. Both then smirked knowingly.

"Oh you know, just odd jobs." The Hunter replied, much to Adelle and Kanin's curiosity. "Speaking of which, here's our share of the clan fund." Cheney reached in his side bag and pulled out a healthily sized jingling sack, placing it into the center of the table. Cid and Ensei's eyes widened, and as the samurai opened the bag and view its contents, Luso could have sworn the man's eyes turn into dollar signs.

Adelle caught a glimpse of the bag, then turned back to the two, quirking an eyebrow.

"Odd jobs, you say?"

Both simply smirked devilishly in response, performing a quick fist bump.

"Well, adding that…sizeable amount to our reserves, I'd say we've got even more gil than when we left St. Galleria. Good job, everyone." Cid remarked happily.

"Now, onto other business." Ensei said, propping his elbows onto the table and resting his head on his hands. "We've interviewed about seven people for the extra spot, though unfortunately we're apprehensive about a decision." Everyone seemed to deflate at the Parivir's comment.

"Nobody has really met the criteria we've wanted so far." Cid added, taking a sip of his water. "So, in turn, we've decided to hold off on that for now. Perhaps we'll have better luck in-"

The Revgaji trailed off as he saw a figure approaching their table, a figure of the same race though staunchly different from their waiter. Curious as to what he was looking at, everyone turned to the same direction, and laid eyes on the Viera Assassin that had stopped just a few feet away from them, panting somewhat heavily.

"…can we help you?" Cid queried gruffly.

"Vili? What are you doing here?" Luso asked aloud in surprise.

"You know her, Luso?" Hurdy queried.

"Yeah, Cheney does too. She and her sister have been questing with us the past two days." The chocolate haired Fighter answered. "What's going on? I thought you were with House Bowen…"

"I turned them down." The girl interrupted breathlessly. Cheney had to raise an eyebrow at that.


"I turned them down. Bowen offered Veis and me a position in the clan. Veis accepted, but I couldn't find it in me to say yes."

"What are you saying?" Luso asked. Vili paused, stared at them, and blurted out.

"I want to join Clan Gully."

Silence covered the expanse of the table patrons, the only sound being the background conversations of the other pub goers. Luso and Cheney at first were shocked, but very gradually their faces morphed into bright smiles.

Vili and Ensei specifically locked eyes, neither so much as blinking. The Hume then released a labored sigh, then spoke.

"When you say Bowen, I gather you mean House Bowen, correct?" She gave a quick nod as a reply. "That's quite a prestigious offer, for as far as I know, House Bowen hasn't accepted many members. Why did you turn them down?"

"I…I didn't find what I was looking for." She answered in a straightforward manner.

"You didn't find what you were looking for, huh? Tell me, then, what makes you sure that we, a small unknown clan, have what you're looking for?"

Vili hesitated for a moment, gathering in another breath, before responding.

"I cannot be completely sure if this clan is what I need." She answered honestly, before pointing to Luso and Cheney. "Though if these two here are any indication, this clan is more than I could ask for."

Ensei remained perfect still and silent after her comment, both of their gazes not faltering to the other. Then a few seconds in, the Hume released a small chuckle.

"Alright, we'll give you a test run."

Her visage changed completely at that moment, a mixture of both shock and uncontainable happiness. Cheney and Luso immediately went up to her, followed by Adelle, Kanin, and Hurdy, who all surrounded her, slightly overwhelming the girl.

"Now, let's say we order some lunch. I'm starving." Ensei opened up the menu before him, stared for a moment at the prices, then calmly folded it back and set it down. "Oh, and new rule. New members now buy everyone's first meal."

Both Luso and Cheney stared blankly at him before reaching and patting Vili on opposite sides of her shoulder, both talking in unison.

"You have no idea what you just signed up for."

Indeed, she doesn't!

(End Chapter Thirty Nine)

Character Corner


Job: Assassin/Sniper

Race: Viera

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin/Fur Color: Brown


A Viera hailing from a country outside of Loar, she and her sister Veis have left their homeland and traversed Loar in search of House Bowen, hoping to join their ranks while learning new styles and methods in Jylland. She and Veis were raised at the family's home by their grandmother, and taught the arts of the Assassin. After much deliberation, she has decided to travel along with Clan Gully.

"You say you're from another world, and you're amazed with me?"

Vili, conversing with Luso on the way to the Inn

(Likes and Dislikes)

Likes: Traveling, Dreamhares

Favorite Food and Drink: Tomatoes, Carrots, Flugoris Tea

Hates: ?

Dreams: To become a well-known Assassin while traveling

Favorite Color: Brown


-Vili's character, albeit thoroughly changed, comes from the original FFTA. In said game, she is the leader of an all-female team called the Brown Rabbits.

Alright, that wraps up this arc for the most part. Hope you enjoyed. The next chapter will be a group of side stories, similar to chapter eight. Make sure not to skip over them, because they definitely will hold quite a few major plot points.

Again, always open for ideas, though ultimately it's my decision where to take them.

Until next time, goodnight to all.