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"Oh cut the crap!" Luso retorted angrily, taking a battle stance, his Dagriohm firmly settled in his right hand. "I already know you guys are poachers."

"Really?" The berserker asked, raising an eyebrow and smirking as he walked towards Luso. "Then I guess you're going to be coming with us, brat."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Cid proclaimed coming out of his own hiding spot to the right of the group and cracking his knuckles all the while, his pig like enemy ceasing his advance on Luso.

"Or me…" Kanin also stated confidently, revealing herself as well and readying her ivory colored staff.

The beastmaster and the Seeq looked around, noticing that they and their dogs were surrounded. However, despite that, both the Seeq and beastmaster let out a small, but sinister chuckle and grin respectively.

"It's about time things got interesting around this place…"

Clan Gully and the Poachers face off!

Chapter Five: Dances with Wolves

"It's about time things got interesting around this place…" The Seeq berserker remarked quietly to himself, just audible enough for his Nu Mou comrade to hear.

"Now, T-bone, let's not get too hasty…" The beastmaster reminded his pig like clan mate. "The other two don't seem to threatening, but Revgaji could pose a problem."

"Don't worry; I'll take care of this guy. You just make sure those chocobo don't get away and I'll handle the rest." The Seeq stared down his opponents with a malicious grin and a glint in his eye as his pupils moved from one to the other.

The beastmaster smirked.


In a swift and effortless fashion, the canine-like Nu Mou thrust his hand into his bag, retrieving a peculiar circular object. The monster manipulator then chucked the orb directly at the ground, causing a massive explosion of pure smoke in an extremely large area.

"Crap, a smokescreen!" Cheney cursed inwardly from behind his hiding spot, frantically scanning the smoke filled area for his two opponents. The Hunter looked up only to see the three borrowed chocobo dashing out from the smokescreen cloud with a pair of wolves and the beastmaster hot on their tail.

"Luso…Kanin…" Cid called out to the adolescents amidst a multitude of coughs from the smoke, keeping his eyes fixed on the silhouettes of the two poachers. "Don't let those chocobo get away. Go after them. I'll handle the fat one over here."

"You got it!" The soldier boy and the white mage girl replied simultaneously while making a dart at the tree line through the smoke, desperately trying to catch up with the flightless birds and their pursuers.

"Oh, no you don't." The berserker stated, dashing in an attempt to catch up to the boy and girl. Of course, Cid wasn't about to let that happen.

"I believe your fight…" The blonde haired Revgaji exclaimed, coming out of seemingly nowhere and throwing a strong left punch at the Seeq's side. "…is with me." The blow managed to send the pig flying a pretty good distance, with it landing on its back in a short lived semi-daze.

"Heh, so it is." The berserker replied smiling as he took a stance after regaining its footing from the blow, a barely visible yellow aura surrounding him. "You got lucky with that blow; punk…it won't happen again."

"Oh, really?" Cid asked sarcastically, raising an eyebrow. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the silhouette of a Hume Hunter darting deeper into the forest after Luso and Kanin, which he assumed was Cheney. "Let's just see about that."

(Targ Region, Wood Village, Streets)

"I've heard a lot of rumors…" The Hunter replied, tossing his greatbow to the stony ground below. "Although one piqued my interest quite a bit…"

Ensei continued to stare him down, not moving an inch.

"And which one might that be?"

"That you took down a total of twenty mages without taking a single ounce of damage." He replied, reaching into a side pocket and pulling out a large knife. "Just between you and me though…is that rumor really true? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

Ensei paused for a moment, before answering in a blank tone.

"No, that is incorrect.…"

A devilish smirk plastered itself onto the Hunter's face once more as he made a made dash at Ensei with his lethal knife in hand.

The dark haired parivir lowered his katana, wrapped his fingers around the handle, and began to draw the blade out at a snail's pace; all the while staring the approaching Hunter down with a stern demeanor.

"The moment Saishuu Kirihana blossoms…." He started in a low tone. "…it will all be over for you…"

"Don't you look down on me!" The huntsman roared in a fit of rage as he closed in on the tan-skinned samurai.

"Allow me to clarify that rumor you heard…." Ensei started, closing his eyes as he prepared to strike. "The number of mages I defeated was not twenty…" The Hunter pulled back his arm in preparation for a stabbing motion. Ensei flicked the sword's hand guard, quickly moved his palm to the handle…

And then…it was over in a second.

Worgen didn't even know what had happened. One second, his opponent was standing directly infront of him…and the next, Ensei was behind him and he had dropped to the ground. Most surprising of all, he couldn't move his legs or his arms.

"But one hundred and twenty…" He finished coolly.

"What did you do to me?" The downed Hunter asked him irately, watching him sheath back his katana out of the corner of his eye.

"Don't worry; you're not in any danger. I merely damaged the tendons in your arms and legs with the flat of the blade. You should be unable to use them for a good while." The parivir explained, staring down at the incapacitated huntsman.

"Now, tell me everything you know…"

"Hold it right there, you two!"

(Targ Region, Targ Wood)

Cid charged forward once more in an attempt to lay another devastating punch on the Seeq, only for the blue swine to easily dodge it, which caught him completely off guard.

The dark skinned humanoid took another shot with his fist, and again the Seeq managed to dodge it effortlessly. Without losing momentum, the berserker threw a similar punch at him in a counterattack, managing to knock the Revgaji back a few feet.

"Something's not right…" Cid commented inwardly. "His reflexes are much better than they were a second ago. I bet it has something to do with that glow around him."

It was then that he began to notice the faint glow around the blue pig.

"Wait, I've heard about this before…" The Revgaji realized, standing back to his feet with a blank stare plastered across his face. "The berserker ability, Inner Calm; it raises the user's evasion rate."

"What's the matter? Am I too fast for ya?" The Seeq asked in a cocky manner, releasing a deep chuckle in the process.

Cid smirked to himself.

"But you can't win a battle by just dodging."

"By the looks of things, you are. Now you just need to work on your punches and you might be able to beat me." Cid remarked with a chuckle, trying to anger his opponent.

"Oh yeah, well we'll just see about that after I kill you!" The Seeq yelled in a berserk like frenzy while charging at an almost blinding speed, curling his fingers into a fist and rushed directly for him.

"Heh, gotcha."

As the berserker's fist reached the blonde Revgaji, Cid brought his hand up to meet it, managing to catch the Seeq's arm before the blow could make contact.

"Dodge this…" Without wasting a second, Cid brought his free arm back and thrust it forward, shooting a large gust of wind directly at the Seeq's abdomen area.

"Air Render!"

The blast of the attack managed to blow the berserker straight into one of the many large oaks dotting the clearing's tree line, the pig leaving a large dent upon impact before falling unconscious.

The Seeq groaned in anguish as it tried to move his body from the limping position it held against the mammoth oak he crashed into. Cid slowly strutted over to his defeated foe and upon reaching him, bent down on one knee to his level.

"You guys aren't alone, are you?" The Revgaji asked calmly, staring directly into his opponents eyes.

"What are you talking about…?" The blue pig retorted viciously, stifling out a few violent coughs from the blow he received.

"Don't take me for a fool." Cid interrupted. "A group as small as yours could never pull off a poaching operation of this magnitude by yourself. You're either working for or with someone else. Who is it…and choose your answer wisely."

The berserker lowered his head and paused for a moment in deep thought.

"If anybody would know anything about that, it'd be the Nu Mou or our leader Worgen."

"And where exactly is this Worgen?"

A dark chuckle escaped the Seeq's mouth.

"Why don't you ask that Parivir of yours; if he's still alive that is..."

"I see…" The Revgaji's face turned grim, before morphing into a confident smirk. "If that's the case, I have nothing to worry about."

Cid stood from his kneel and swiveled around, running off in the direction that Luso and Kanin had previously chased the beastmaster.

"I'll be back to pick you up later."

(Targ Region, Wood Village, Streets)

"Hold it right there, you two!"

Ensei swiftly craned his neck to the source of the command to find a group of three stout figures in military stances a couple of feet from him. In the middle of the group was a Bangaa Warrior dressed in his particular job's regular outfit. On each side of him was a Hume Soldier, one male and one female, outfitted in their occupations clothing.

"Just what is going on here!" The Bangaa in the middle asked Ensei authoritatively, looking down at the Hunter on the ground.

"That depends…" The Parivir responded almost innocently. "Who wants to know?"

The reptilian warrior stalked towards Ensei until he was directly in front of him, his snout just centimeters away from the man's face. His Hume accomplices kept their positions.

"The chief of police for Wood Village would like to know. Now start talking…"

"Alright, break it up you two." From a few meters away, a somewhat aged Viera appeared, guiding a snow white chocobo by the reins a few feet behind her. "I called you out here to find the source of the disturbance, not to harass my debtor, so called Chief of police."

Grudgingly, the bipedal lizard backed off of the bearded man.

"Well if it isn't old Sasasha." Ensei asked in a somewhat surprised tone while giving the Viera a strange look. "It's been a while, hasn't it? And what's this thing about a debtor."

"Trust me, Ensei. Never seeing you again is too soon. And when are you going to return that Chocobo I lent to you?" The Viera asked.

"Well, you see…" The tan Parivir began to reply, scratching the back of his head in nervousness.

"While I'd hate to interrupt, we have more pressing matters to attend to." The Bangaa remarked, his gaze resting upon the Hunter at Ensei's feet. "Such as, what's going on here?"

Ensei paused.

"Would you like to hear everything?"

"It would be appreciated." The reptile retorted dryly.

"Very well…" The samurai looked down at the immobilized Hunter with a sly grin stretching from ear to ear. "…enlighten us, Mr. Hunter."

(Targ Region, Targ Wood)

"Luso!" Kanin called out as one of the beastmaster's wolves pounced at the brown haired soldier. The boy quickly brought up his Dagriohm to parry the canine beast, being tackled in the process.

"I wouldn't be worried about him when you're the one in danger." The Nu Mou proclaimed, bringing a small, handheld trumpet like instrument to his mouth. As he began to play a few notes on the object, his second wolf shot into action, charging straight at the white mage just as its fellow canine had done previously.

"I've got to dodge this." The girl thought, assuming a jumping position as the animal closed in.

"Good, Kanin. Now dodge this one." A certain Revgaji exclaimed as he brought his fist back in an attacking position.

A massive gust of concentrated air burst straight for the girl's position. Reacting as quickly as she could, she mustered up all the strength in her legs and thrust upwards, barely managing to clear the attack. The air render meanwhile crashed into a tree behind her, the white mage managing to escape unharmed.

"Very nice; you're progressing smoothly. I didn't think you'd have the energy to dodge three in a row after all the running we did today." Cid said with a kind, but small smile, offering her a hand up.

"Cid…what are we…doing all of this physical…stuff for…" The pale skinned blonde asked after taking his hand, panting from exhaustion all the while. Cid looked on as both her face and voice took on a disheartened tone

"I mean…I have so much trouble with the simplest of healing techniques. I should be practicing so I can be helpful to our I can finally be able to call myself a genuine white mage…"

"Kanin…" He responded calmly. "You may not have the magical expertise, and to be honest, that's not even your fault. You get it from your father's horrible genes." The Revgaji chuckled at the thought, which irritated her a bit, before continuing on.

"But you have the one thing that every magic user wishes they had…the most important thing for a magic user…"

"And what's that…?" She asked, looking up to him.

"That's right, Cid. I may not have magic, but the one thing I can be proud of is…"

Just as the quadruped reached the blonde haired female, she rocketed straight up from her position, easily clearing seven feet as the wolf charged directly under her.


"No way!" The thought rang through the mind of the beastmaster as he watched the girl completely evade his pet with the sheer height of her jump.

Without missing a beat, the girl then landed directly on the wolf's back, forcing all her weight on the point of impact. The canine released a sharp cry of pain upon impact.

"Now to get this guy and free the chocobo…" The white sporting adolescent made a break directly for the beastmaster with surprising speed, who stood a few meters front of the flightless birds. Two wolves surrounded the fowls, preventing them from escaping.

"If I use one of the wolves guarding the chocobo, those stupid birds will run off. But if I don't, she'll get me for sure." The monster manipulator surmised inwardly as the girl drew ever closer. He frantically looked around for a solution when he remembered the brown haired boy.

Meanwhile, Luso struggle to shove the beast, who had by now pinned him to the ground, off of his body as he held it back with his sword.

The beastmaster hastily blew a tune on his war trumpet, which caught the attention of Luso's wolf. The carnivore then perked its ears towards the origin of the sound.

"Ha! Let's see you avoid this, girl." The Nu Mou smirked inwardly as the wolf immediately ditched the blue-eyed soldier and made a dart at Kanin.

"Oh no, there's no way I could outrun that." She thought, attempting to put some distance between her and the beast, but to no avail.

Luso immediately jumped to his feet and began to chase after it before it could reach its target.

"No!" He shouted in his mind, the wolf only inches away from his white mage clan mate.

Suddenly, the wolf let out a deafening howl of anguish as it dropped to the ground lifelessly. The beastmaster stared in not only horror but confusion as well, as Kanin and Luso ceased running and turned to the beast. Upon further inspection, he noticed an arrow jutting out from its neck.

"What the…an arrow? Where did…."

"Looks like I made in time, and not a moment too soon…" Said a voice as the figure of a certain Hunter came into everyone's view from behind a group of foliage, his greatbow in hand.

Luso's face grew bright.


As everyone was momentarily distracted, the beastmaster brought his war trumpet to his mouth and attempted to play another controlling tune for his remaining wolves.

"Oh, no you don't!" Kanin shouted as she sprinted the rest of the small distance to the Nu Mou and readied her ivory colored staff. With one large swing, she managed to knock the instrument out of her opponent's hands and onto the earth below.

"Nice one, Kanin!" Luso called out to his accomplice, with her returning the smile.

"Indeed." Cheney added, shooting a couple arrows at the remaining canine's feet, scaring them off into the woods in the process. The previously captured Chocobo let out a series of calls as they trotted over to the safety of Cheney and the two Clan Gully members. "Oh, and I'd stay put if I were you, in case one of my arrows just happens to go…off course."

Luso and Kanin turned to the Nu Mou beastmaster, who was attempting to quietly escape and within seconds easily pinned him to the ground.

"Good job, you two." Cheney complimented the two adolescents. With the help of Luso and Kanin, the Hunter managed to tie down the beastmaster with some rope to prevent him from escaping.

"Now, just one last thing…"

Cheney reached into his side bag and pulled out a strangely decorated arrow with a small ball shaped object in place of the arrowhead. He quickly set in his bow and shot it straight upwards, the arrow climbing to a large height before exploding in a similar fashion to a flare gun.

"That flare should let the others know where we are." He told the two, while stroking the feathers of one of the rescued Chocobo. "We'll just hold out on interrogation until everyone gets here. You two can take a quick break if you need to."

"Nice work back there, Kanin. You were amazing." Luso exclaimed, causing the blonde haired girl to avert her gaze in a shy manner.

"Oh, well you know…You were pretty good also…" She remarked, attempting to hide her blush.

Luso's head lowered gloomily.

"You're joking, right?" He asked solemnly, his gaze towards the ground. "All I did was get tackled by some dog. I didn't do anything at all…"

Kanin's mood also dampened a little, while Cheney continued to pet the chocobo, pretending not to listen.

"That's right, boy!" The Nu Mou agreed, chuckling maliciously as he lay on the earth, bound with rope. "If you couldn't even take a monster as simple as a wolf, there's no hope for you. You should quit before you die a meaningless death…"

Luso reached for his sword and dashed towards the beastmaster, stopping only inches before him. The boy brought the sword high above him, preparing to strike.

"You Idiot! What are you doing!" Cheney screamed out, preparing to shoot the sword out of his hand.

Luso brought the blade down, missing the Nu Mou's head by an inch and planting itself firmly in the solid ground.

"There's no way I can do that…" The brown haired boy started quietly, looking over to Kanin who stared back in wonder. "…Because I promised my teacher I would protect her."

He pulled the sword from the ground and sheathed it into its scabbard.

"Just you wait, I'll get stronger and keep my family safe from guys like you..."

Kanin gave him a warm smile as she gazed on at him.

Cheney also lowered his bow and set it beside him, a smirk gracing his face as well.

"You're one interesting kid, Luso Clemens…"

(The Outskirts of Wood Village, Monster Bank…)

A Hume Black Mage stopped directly in front of an old wooden door, gently yanking the handle and quickly entering into the room. His outfit definitely matched his namesake, as his hate and cloak were both a solid black, while the rest of his outfit was a mixture of white and dark grey.

He looked around for a few moments to find a Nu Mou Beastmaster lying back in a chair facing opposite from him.

"I've come to check on your status, Marion." The Black Mage proclaimed in a hushed tone.

"Do not worry…" The Beastmaster began. "The Mamatrice is safely in our possession, as are her chicks and the other monsters. We're only waiting on one last capture which is taking place tonight, and we should be shipping out by tomorrow morning."

"Is that so? Then proceed as planned." And with that, the Black Mage exited the room without another word.

The Nu Mou released a breath he didn't even know he was holding. Marion stood from his seat and slowly walked over to the one window in the room, staring out into the sky.

"Hopefully, with this operation, they'll be off my tail for a long while."

As he looked out into the distance, he noticed an object flying into the sky before exploding like a series of red colored fireworks.

"Was that a flare? And it's over the area that Clan Fletching was assigned to."

A cold bead of sweat ran down the side of the Nu Mou's face as a shiver slowly crept up his spine.

"Those good-for-nothings better not have screwed this up…"

The Poachers are defeated, and a new threat looms around the corner.

(End Chapter Five)

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