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"Wow, he's quite the musician, isn't he?" A Hume Blue mage remarked as he stared in wonder at the sheer skill of the performer on stage. He and his two companions were currently taking a break at the Targ Wood Pub, sipping on a few drinks at a table and listening to the performance.

"Indeed, he is." The Hume's Nu Mou Illusionist cohort agreed. "I've heard he's quite well known around these parts."

"I had no idea a Moogle could play so well." The hunter present at the table also added to the conversation.

"Well, it's just what you'd expect from the wandering minstrel…" The blue mage commented. The Moogle finished his song and a myriad of applause erupted from all around the pub.

"…the extraordinary musician from the city of Rabanastre…."

My feelings towards you,

All conveyed in this song

Even though I know

None of them can reach you

Chapter Seven: Ballad and Pompom

(Wood Village, Sasasha's Ranch)

"Where am I...?" A certain blonde haired white mage thought in a confused manner as her eyelids cracked open and received the morning sun from a nearby window.

The girl scanned her unfamiliar surroundings calmly, taking note of wooden, cottage style walls, the comfortable queen-sized bed, and the comfortable and soothing atmosphere.

"This seems like Granny Sasasha's cottage."

The girl pulled the covers off of her frame and noticed that she was in an ivory sleeping gown. She then raised her hands up to the top of her head and felt around, realizing that her ivory colored black mage hat was missing.

Her eyes grew wide in horror.

"Where did it go!?"

The blonde examined the room for her missing headpiece, managing to spot it and the rest of her white mage uniform folded neatly on a chair in the corner. A relieved smile graced the adolescent female's face she strolled to the chair and picked up the mage hat in her hands.

"Oh, looks like you're finally awake." Sasasha remarked happily as she entered the room, carrying in a few fresh sheets and setting them down onto a nearby table. Her entrance startled the young woman, who frantically shoved the hat onto her head. "You don't have to hide anything from me, child. I already knew about them."

Kanin gave off a down-trodden expression. The old Viera gave off an amused sigh, walking over to the Heldig girl.

"You know…" Sasasha began, placing a delicate hand on the girl's hat, referring to what she hid under it. "…They're nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud of the way you were born."

The girl's saddened demeanor persisted un-phased.

"To bother the child this much..." The old rabbit-woman surmised, stroking the side of the blonde's face in a motherly manner in an effort to cheer her up. "…who knew that the level of discrimination would still be so high ever sincethat incident…"

"Hey, Sasasha, I just finished feeding that giant chicken thing. Is there anything else you needed?" A familiar voice called from the other side of the door.

"Thank you, Luso. If you could just put all of the buckets and what-not in the shed, you'll be finished." The Viera responded with equal volume.

"You got it." His footsteps began to be heard more sparsely as he walked farther from the door.

"What is he doing here, Granny Sasasha?" Kanin queried. "Oh, and what happened last night?"

The Viera cleared her throat as she prepared to explain.

"Well, I'm not sure on everything that happened, but you fell unconscious sometime last night. You should have seen the way that boy was holding you last night; just like me and my husband on our wedding day." The chocobo raiser commented with a dreamy look, causing Kanin's face to turn redder than a tomato stalk.

"Why are you so red, Kanin?" The woman jeered, pausing from the story. "Don't tell me that was your first affectionate contact with a boy."

The girl's face continued with its crimson hue as the girl nodded.

"Ensei and his over-protective ways…" Sasasha sighed, before continuing on. "Anyway, your father suggested you be brought to me for treatment, and Luso offered to carry you the whole way here. In exchange for taking care of you, he's been doing most of my chores since five this morning."

"Oh, I see." Kanin said. "What was that he said about a giant 'chicken'?"

"I have no idea what a chicken is either." The Viera commented, shrugging her shoulders. "I suppose he's referring to the crushatrice from last night. Cheney asked me to take care of it and its hatchlings until its ready for the wild again."

Kanin walked over to the window and peered through, spotting the same giant fowl from the previous evening. Its feathers had been significantly clean as there were hardly any traces of bloodstains left on them. The beast also seemed to be in better health as it could more easily move about. Around its feet, three smaller, almost identical versions of the large ball of poultry squawked and waddled around at its feet happily.

"We managed to find its chicks there as well. It seemed to calm down a lot once it was reunited with its children." Sasasha added as Kanin returned to her.

"That's good to know. Then everything checks out, doesn't it?" The blonde asked.

"Alright, I've cleaned up everything. Is Kanin awake yet?" Footsteps began to once again approach the door as Luso's voice was heard.

"Not yet." Sasasha quickly responded with a lie. "But she should be up any minute now. Do you mind if I ask you a question, Luso?"

"Sure, shoot." The chocolate haired soldier replied.

"What do you think about Kanin?" The Viera gave the girl a wink.

"I can't believe she asked him that!" The white mage screamed inwardly.

"Hmm…" Luso began, leaning against the opposite side of the door and contemplating his answer. "Well…she's kind of shy, and somewhat of a klutz sometimes…" He mentioned in a joking manner.

Kanin's mood sank along with her head.

"But…she's got heart, and she genuinely cares for her clan mates; I respect that most of all about her." He said with an authentic smile unseen by the two females. "I guess you could say that she's someone I personally admire."

The girl's mood made a one hundred eighty degree turn as her face resumed its crimson façade from before.

"Why did you ask?" Luso inquired. Sasasha smirked and gave Kanin a wink, who in turn was too giddy about the boy's opinion to notice.

"Oh…just curious."

(Targ Wood, Wood Village Pub)

"Ahh, I propose a toast to our newest member, Cheney." Ensei called out, taking another large swig of his slightly alcoholic beverage.

"Indeed…I second that." Cid agreed in between ravenously tearing at a large plate of ribs before raising his mug in the air.

"To Cheney!!!" The duo yelled in unison as the glasses knocked together and small drops of the drinks plopped onto the counter table in front of the pub master. Meanwhile, the hunter in question had his head face down on the rough, wooden bar table, most likely in depression.

"Eh, what's wrong with you?" Ensei asked in a less-than-concerned tone. "You should be happy and carefree. This is a time of celebration."

"Says the guy who's not paying for a single thing." Cheney muttered under his breath venomously.

"Hey, we gave you a toast, didn't we?" The parivir retorted.

"Do you really think that's going to cover the cost of this celebration of yours!? What are you on, your fifteenth glass…sixteenth!?"

"Why am I the target here? Cid's just as guilty as I am." The bearded man attempted to force some of the blame on his cohort, who was too busy burying his face in a half-finished plate of meat to notice or care about the conversation.

"At least Cid knows the meaning of the word moderation! He actually went to the Inn and took a break, but you've been here since last night!"

Ensei paused as he searched for a coherent response.

"Well you got me there."

The hunter slumped in defeat.

"Marvelous!" A middle aged Hume called out from his seat a small ways away as he applauded the most recent musical performance from the Moogle onstage. Others in the small crowd mirrored his actions.

"Thank you, kupo." The Moogle returned, performing a bowing gesture before skipping off stage and heading in the direction of the bar counter.

The hunter raised his head, watching the pom-pom sporting musician stroll happily toward the bar and hop onto the stool adjacent to him. Their eyes met for a split second, before the small creature sent him a warm smile before turning to the pub master.

"Here you guys are!" The familiar voice of Luso Clemens stated exasperatedly as he trudged into the pub, an oddly cheerful Kanin just behind him. "We've been looking all over for you. Did you guys even go to the inn last night?"

"What, and give up the all you can eat and drink buffet from him? As if!" Ensei remarked, gesturing to Cheney, who let out another sigh. "Are you feeling better, dear?"

"Yes, father." Kanin answered with a cheerful aura.

"Didn't you say you wanted to talk to us about something?" Cheney queried, changing the subject to more important matters.

"Ah yes, actually…" The Revgaji stated, placing his last plate on to the significantly large pile he had been able to create. The rest of the clan prepared to tune in. "I've been mulling it over for a while now and I've finally reached a decision. I propose that we relocate our base of operations."

"What? Why!?" Luso asked.

"Well firstly, Targ Wood's little poaching problem has been taken care of for the moment. If we want to get any information on the upper ranks, we'll have to get out of this town and into a bigger city." The blonde Rev answered. "That and I'm pretty tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to jobs around here."

"Did you have a place in mind?" Cheney asked.

"Well, the closest major city would be Camoa. What do you think?" Cid questioned.

The hunter rested his head on a free arm.

"It's not a bad choice, actually. There's a lot of work for clans around there, and it's a fairly easy journey. I'm with Cid on this one."

"That and we might be able to find someone to help Kanin with her mage studies." Ensei suggested. "Oh, and some better weapons for you, kid. They've got everything in Camoa."

"Well..." Luso stated hesitantly. "…I guess it'll be alright. Too bad, though; I was just getting used to this place. Alright, I'm in."

"Well than that settles it." The blonde Rev announced. "We ship out for Camoa tomorrow morning."

"Um…excuse me, kupo…" The small, still voice of the Moogle musician garnered the attention of the Clan Gully members. "Did you say you were traveling to Camoa?"

Cheney swiveled around on his stool as everyone turned to face the inquirer.

"We sure did. Is there a problem?"

"Oh n-no, ku-kupo; no p-problem at all." The musician stuttered under the weight of their gaze. "Please forgive my rudeness, kupo. My name is Hurdy."

"Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Hurdy. My name's Luso Clemens." Luso greeted, shaking the Moogle's small paw.

"So what about Camoa were you so curious about?" Cid asked, joining the conversation.

"Well, you see kupo…" The musician began. "I've travelled here all the way from the Royal City of Rabanastre over in Dalmasca in order to find inspiration for my music. At first, I opted look to a very quiet place where I would be able to think, kupo."

"And that was when you found Targ Wood?" Ensei inquired.

"Precisely, kupopo. But now…I'd like to experience more of this country's customs and culture for my compositions…and that's where my predicament comes in…" The Moogle gave a disheartened sigh.

"Ah, so you've heard about it too…" The pub master remarked, polishing a glass as he joined the exchange. "It seems as though a group of highwaymen are demanding compensation from everyone passing through Traveler's Way, and everyone who refuses are looted and left for dead."

"According to their leader, I didn't have enough money to get through…" The Moogle explained. "…He took my prized instrument from me and told me I could get it back if I raised enough money for him. So I've been trying to earn some gil by playing here, but I'm afraid I won't have enough for a long time."

Ensei smirked, adding a chuckle.

"Bandits, huh? Maybe our little trip won't be so boring after all…"

Hurdy perked up instantaneously.

"You mean you'll help me, kupo…even if I don't have any money to give you?"

The parivir tensed up for a moment.

"Well…if you say it like that…I guess we really can't help you…"

Kanin placed a hand over her father's mouth before he could finish.

"Yes…" She gave him a somewhat threatening glare before returning to Hurdy, giving the Moogle a warm, heartfelt smile. "We will help you."

"Alright, I suggest that we prepare for our latest mission." Cid remarked, cracking his knuckles as he rose from his stool. "Everyone make sure they are up and ready at the west entrance by seven o' clock. Dismissed!"

Everyone yelled in unison.


(Targ Wood, West Entrance, 6:55 am.)

Luso let out an almost over exaggerated yawn as he trudged along the dust beaten path to the clan's meeting point. Cheney and Kanin, mimicking the brown haired soldier's yawn, followed in the boy's equally sluggish footsteps.

Ensei, Cid, and their client Hurdy all stood at the entrance, the Moogle playing a few soft tunes on a harmonica to pass the time by.

"It's about time you three…got here." Ensei commented on the three younger Gully members, ironically letting out a yawn himself.

"Look whose talking…" Cid remarked, standing next to Ensei by the gate. "I had to carry you here along with out stuff."

"Details, details…" The parivir retorted. "Anyway, do you three have everything you need? Once we leave, we're not coming back."

The young trio nodded in confirmation.

"Trying to leave without saying goodbye, Ensei?" A female voice from behind them asked in a playful manner. The boy in question recognized the voice and turned around to find the Targ Wood shopkeeper, the Bangaa police chief, the two Hume police officers, and a small, knee-high Nu Mou child.

"Well if it isn't little Anna Gaelic…" Ensei said with a lighthearted tone. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"You saw me a couple days ago. I spent three days repairing that sword of yours. Oh, and I don't recommend breaking it again. That thing's a pain in the butt to fix." She responded with agitation, walking up to the bearded man and slapping a relatively large piece of paper in his hands. "Here's the blueprints back."

"Ha, looks like she forgot about the bill…" The samurai smirked inwardly as the red-haired girl trotted away. His thoughts were interrupted by an over-the-shoulder comment from the female.

"…and if you're wondering about the bill, I already had Cid pay me."

The Parivir sunk in defeat.

"Serves you right…" Cheney inwardly grinned.

"So what brings you here, chief?" Cid asked, wondering about the Bangaa and his small accomplice.

"I just have something to give to your clan." The bipedal lizard responded discreetly, walking over to the Revgaji and handing him a small brown parcel tied with string. "I did some digging in my files and found some things that could help you. Use them well."

"Will do, chief; will do." Cid replied heartily. "Clan Gully, move out."

The early morning sun gradually began to rise in the distance as the members of the clan began to check all of their belongings before walking forward towards the tree line just outside of town. The two elder members of Gully took the lead, with the three junior members and their Moogle client tailing behind.

"Bye, Luso! Come back and see me…I mean us soon." The scarlet haired Anna corrected herself after a big wave to the soldier. The boy returned her wave with a wave of his own over his shoulder.

"Salute!" The Bangaa police chief commanded, both he and his men clicking their shoes together and raising their hands to their foreheads in pure military fashion. The Nu Mou toddler, looking up at the reptilian law enforcer, mimicked his action in a cute manner. The action was continued until the clan was out of eyeshot.

(The Traveler's Way)

"So what did he give you, Cid?" Luso asked as the Clan and Hurdy reached a branching path in the road that led to Camoa if the sign was any indication. The members of Gully had been trekking along the road for two hours and the boy had grown curious.

The Revgaji decided to answer the boy as he removed the cover of the package and retrieved a certificate along with five oddly shaped badges. Perking an eyebrow, the Revgaji read the certificate aloud.

"To Clan Gully for your assistance in the Monster Bank case. Wear these badges with pride."

True to the contents of the letter, the quintet of badges each bore the Targ Wood Police Department's insignia upon them. Cid tossed one to each of the five clan members.

"Wow, these are pretty cool looking." The Clemens boy commented, admiring the emblems.

"Indeed." Cheney added. "This was a great way to reward us."

"I still prefer cash over trinkets like these." Ensei remarked. "Maybe I can sell or pawn this thing."

"Do you ever not think about money?" The hunter queried in a dry tone, though the answer was obvious enough as Ensei flashed him a grin.

"Do you really not know the…."

The Parivir was cut off as a jackknife flew from ahead of him, implanting itself into the ground right beneath his feet upon contact. Immediately, everyone's defenses flared up as the clan all readied their weapons.

"Hail, travelers! Passing this way?" The confidence-laced words of a somewhat lanky Hume thief resounded around the area. Hurdy instantly tensed up at the voice, something that everyone noticed. The thief doned a sly grin. "You're prepared to pay, I trust."

On first observation, the group of brigands looked relatively small; a five man team was child's play in terms of Clan strength. He chuckled inwardly at the irony of that statement.

"It depends…are you prepared to give back our client's possession?" The parivir asked, narrowing his gaze. It was then that the thief noticed the Moogle far in the back of the group, hiding himself behind Kanin and Luso.

"Well, if it isn't our little Moogle friend." The bandit chuckled, his four cohorts mirroring his action. "Looks like you went and brought back some friends, huh? I bet you feel pretty tough right now, hiding behind your bodyguards…"

The Moogle began to cringe at his words as his ears drooped and sadness overcame him. Luso noticed this out of the corner of his eye and decided to speak his opinion.

"You're one to talk, hiding in a big group like that!" The brown haired boy interrupted, stepping out in front of them with Dagriohm in hand.

"Watch who you're talking to, brat." The thief ordered. "Nobody talks about the infamous Yellow Wing leader like that."

"Cid, you ever heard of the Yellow Wings before?" Luso asked his Revgaji clan leader, who replied with a curt 'no'. The rest of the clan shook their heads as well.

The Yellow Wing Leader swelled up in anger, coming forward from his position out into the center of the two parties. He brushed back his cape and unsheathed a large knife from a holster on his side.

"You're going to wish that you had just paid the fare instead of hiring a clan, Hurdy." He stalked forward, shooting a death glare at the musician.

"We'll see about that…" Ensei declared, walking forward towards Luso's position and placing a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Stand back, Luso…Cid and I will deal with them… alone." The seriousness in his voice seemingly rolled off his tongue.

The blue-eyed soldier knew better than to question the parivir during three instances: the first, when he was drinking alcohol; the second, the usefulness of his training methods; and most importantly, third, when he was about to battle someone he didn't like.

"…Alright…" The boy unconsciously stepped back to Kanin, Cheney, and Hurdy's position after recognizing the third reason. Cid simultaneously joined his associate, fists at the ready.

"Hmm…I have wanted to see how they fight. Show me I picked the right clan, Ensei Rou." Cheney commented inwardly, focusing on the two senior members.

"Be careful, father." Kanin proclaimed in a slightly worried tone. "Try not to hurt them too much."

Hurdy stared up at not only Kanin, but the rest of the clan in a mix of wonder and confusion at her request. They were about to let two men take on the entire Yellow Wing group by themselves.

"Surely you all must be joking, kupo." The Moogle protested in a fit of fear. "Aren't you going to help them at all?"

Ensei, hearing the Moogle's objections, let out a chuckle.

"Tell me, Cid. I don't think it's the client's job to complain how the mission gets done as long as it gets done, is it?" The dark haired man sarcastically asked his Rev teammate, working the pops out of his shoulders.

"Not that I know of, Ensei." Cid replied with an equally lengthy grin, eyeing his Yellow Wing prey.

"Well you heard him, Hurdy. So why don't you just sit back…"

Ensei stepped forward as the Yellow Wing leader charged at him, brandishing a Rondel dagger in his hands. The samurai pushed his katana up by the hand guard with his thumb and wrapped a hardy hand around the grip, drawing out the blade from its sheath in the process.

"…Relax, and…"

Cid let loose a massive Air Render that plowed through the enemy White Monk, leaving the Yellow Wing members, except for the leader, in a state of astonishment and unable to move out of fear. As the leader grew within inches of Ensei, the parivir finally completely unsheathed his sword, letting off a smirk.

"…enjoy the show."

An overwhelming sense of dread then enveloped the thief at that moment.

"Flair: Iai Blow…"

The Brigand's dread quickly disappeared as it was replaced by a powerful surge of pain following the emergence of a large gash across his chest. The thief instantly dropped his knife and doubled over, gripping his torso as he began hacking violently. From his spot on the ground, he looked up to see Ensei calmly resheathing his blade.

"What…W-What did…you do!" He blurted out in between gasps.

"Oh, you're still alive? Looks like I'm rustier than I thought." The bearded swordsman commented, gripping the thief's collar and hoisting him up into the air one-armed. "Now, tell me one thing…and make sure you answer correctly."

Luso, Kanin, Cheney, and Hurdy looked on in anxiousness and fear at the dark tone in Ensei's voice.

"Where did you stash all your stolen gil?"

Luso and Cheney's faces deadpanned as they both simultaneously though the same thing.

"That's Ensei for you."

"Now, you three over there…" Ensei barked to the Viera archer, Nu Mou Black Mage, and Moogle Animist that had been captured by Cid. "Drop everything you have on you. You thieving days are over with."

"You're the only thief here..." Luso and Cheney muttered under their breath in unity.

"What was that, you two?"


The trio instantly did as they were told, fearing the might of their adversary. The animist also dropped an instrument along with the gil from his pockets.

"Hey, Hurdy; is that the instrument you were talking about?" Luso asked pointing to the scarlet colored flute the animist had placed on the ground.

The Moogle immediately made a break for the flute, picking it up and admiring it in his hands.

"Kupo! My Aona Flute is back and still in fine condition."

"What are you going to do to us?" The Nu Mou Black Mage asked as Cid stared down at the group of three who were all trembling in fright.

"We'll be taking your leader in, of course." The Rev replied after a long pause and much thought. "But…if you promise to mend your ways, we'll let you go with your comrade." He finished, referring to the White Monk he had previously defeated.

"A fair trade in my eyes." The Black Mage spoke, grateful for the man's mercy. "Never did like the thieving business much anyway." The Nu Mou motioned for the two remaining Yellow Wings to follow him over to their Bangaa White Monk before they all knelt down to tend to his aid.

Ensei picked up the now limp body of the Yellow Wing leader and laid him next to the bipedal lizard, who was having trouble breathing after Cid's attack. The Bangaa began to cough violently when Kanin, good natured as she was, decided to help them. The White Mage stooped to her knees and immediately began an attempt at a cure spell.

"It's no good." The healer observed after repeated castings of the spell. "I can't heal this amount of damage with my level of skill just yet."

Meanwhile, as everyone gathered around the two injured clansmen, Hurdy looked on at the scene, more specifically at the amount of pain each seemed to be in. After much hesitation, he decided to act.

"Stand back, everyone." The musician commanded as everyone gave him surprised looks. "Ms. Kanin, stay where you are and be prepared to cast your spell again, kupo."

The pompom sporting Moogle brought his newly regained Aona Flute up to his mouth.

"Magic Ballad…"

At the same time as the tune began to flow from his instrument, Kanin felt a rush of energy flow through her. Everyone looked on in amazement as a faint glow surrounded her. The girl, sensing this new magical power, initiated a cure spell on the two injured Yellow Wings.

Slowly, but surely, the wounds of the duo began to disappear. The Bangaa returned to a normal, far steadier breathing rate and the gash that streaked its way across the leader's chest turned into nothing more than a scar.

"Since when could she do that? What's going on?" Luso asked Cheney as Hurdy continued to play.

"I've heard of this before…" The hunter began to reply. "…A Moogle that uses music and sound to generate spells and magic…"

Luso continued to stare on at the musician as he continued to focus on his playing.

"…Rabanastre's very own, Hurdy…"

(The Outskirts of Camoa)

"We made it, kupo!" Hurdy remarked with glee as he stared out over the Camoa's cityscape from a nearby hill. The Clan Gully personnel arrived from the tree line only seconds later and voiced equally relieved remarks.

"Looks like our work here is done." Cid confirmed, carrying the Yellow Wing Leader over his shoulder.

"So what do you plan to do now, Hurdy?" Luso queried.

"Well, kupo…" The Moogle began as the party continued down the dusty road, edging ever closer to the city. "…I actually was thinking about this during the trip…You see, kupo, I' have been searching for a while for inspiration for my next works…"

Everyone tuned in to hear him.

"I was sure that I would be able to find it in Camoa, but I think I actually found it before we even left Wood Village."

"What do you mean?" The chocolate haired soldier asked. The Moogle cleared his throat.

"To put it simply, kupo…the subject of my next work will be Clan Gully..."

"Well I think it's a fine subject." Cid commented with a small chuckle.

"…And in order to prepare for it, I'll have to ask permission to join Clan Gully, at least until I finish my composition, kupo." Hurdy finished with a joyous smile.

"Ha, is that so?" Ensei asked. "Well I've always wanted a personal musician. What do you say, leader?"

Cid turned to the other Clan Gully members, noticing the eager anticipation on Luso and Kanin's faces as well as the reserved approval evident on Cheney's visage. With a good natured sigh, the Rev answered.

"Eh…why not?"

Luso and Kanin rushed over to Hurdy and tossed him into the air in a show of joy, each muttering congratulations and praises. Cheney also walked towards their position, leaving the Parivir and the Rev behind.

"Looks like we're building that big clan you've always wanted, huh Cid?" Ensei remarked sarcastically.

"Indeed we are…" The Revgaji replied. "It just means we've got our work cut out for us."

A moment of silence passed between the two elder Gully members, before the samurai asked a more serious question.

"…what are you going to do about them…they know you're alive now…"

Silence pervaded once again as the sun began to set in the distance, signaling the end of the day.

"…We'll worry about that later, Ensei." Cid interrupted. "…for tonight, let us simply rest…" The brown skinned Revgaji walked toward the bulk of the clan, leaving Ensei with those last words.

The Parivir let out a disheartened sigh as he stared into his companion's retreating form.

"…you can't keep running forever, Cid…"

(End Chapter Seven)

(Character Corner)

Cheney Difronte Galliformes

Job: Hunter/Blue Mage

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 173 cm

Eye Color: Brown

Weight: 151 lbs.

Skin Color: White

Race: Hume


Weapon: Windslash Bow

Helm: None

Armor: Gaia Gear

Shoes: Battle Boots

Accessories: Magic Ring

(Likes and Dislikes)

Favorite Animal: Quail

Favorite Food: Sunflower Seeds

Fears: Unknown

Association: Clan Gully

Favorite Color: Blue


-Cheney's name is based off of the original Cheney who was a secret character from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA. Coincidentally, Cheney being a hunter somehow coincided with the Dick Cheney hunting incident, hence his favorite animal, his favorite food being seeds (which quails eat), and his surname, which is the order of quail-like animals.

-Cheney's chosen nationality for his name is Italian (without any accents though)

-Cheney's middle name is Italian for opposite, since his two jobs virtually contrast the other in function and purpose. (The actual Italian term for opposite is 'di fronte', but the word was combined into one to create the name.)

(Author Notes)

So yeah, I've always wanted to try one of those character information sheets, but I never got around to it until now. The order in which they go will probably be random, but I'll try to get the current Clan Gully members done first, and then maybe go into side characters and other miscellaneous stuff. I plan as of right now to do this at the end of each chapter from this one forward.

Anyway, this was more of a filler chapter now that I reread it, but I managed to get Hurdy in there. I wanted him at the beginning rather than his appearance late game, and he'll be essential to Luso's survival until what I have in store for our protagonist comes to fruition.

Hopefully, I'll have another chapter up before Christmas break is over.

Until next time