This is something that came to me in the form of a challenge from a livejournal thing...It's been so long, I can't remember now. Anyway, enjoy! Ducks as she realizes that her diehard readers are still liable to strangle her for not finishing her other stories. All that she can promise is that she's been very busy with school and such! Uh oh, here come the tomatoes again!

Sam sat in the lab, her nearly year old baby in the playpen that Siler had rigged up, tinkering with an alien device. It seemed to be a personal cloaking device, and it seemed to be a better version of the device that had rendered her husband invisible only a couple of years before. She measured the energy output before believing that she was ready to begin experiments with it. But no matter how engrossed in a project she was, she had an ear out for the baby. She was a mother, after all.

Suddenly, the device activated, and she stared in horror at it, before hearing the giggle of her baby. She turned to where he'd been contentedly playing with his toes, only to panic when she didn't see him. She looked all over the playpen, to find no sign of her son. She jumped up and ran toward the door, only to run into the still form of her husband. "Going somewhere, Carter?"

"Jack!" She cried, panicked. "The baby...the activated...I made the baby invisible!"

Jack chuckled. "Relax, Sam..." He said as she noticed the baby in his arms. "I came in about ten minutes ago, and he crawled over. I picked him up..."

She gave a sigh of relief. "Oh, thank goodness..."

"In fact, he came so fast, you might have thought there was a magnetic attraction..."

She laughed with a grin as she kissed her husband. "Is there ever a scientific answer that DOESN'T involve magnets for you, Jack?"

"Nope." He said, smirking as he put his free arm around her waist.

"Seems like you are also magnetically attracted to me..."

"Finally." She whispered, rubbing their baby's back.

"Yep...finally..." Jack whispered, kissing her head as the O'Neill family simply stood there in his protective embrace.