Author's Note: This one really took a lot of thought before I had any idea what I was going to write. Thanks to SonicSparkle for all the Beta-ing and who chucked out the originally draft! She's been a huge help with all of these short stories. Enjoy!

Time Frame: This one takes place throughout 'Army of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday'. Eighth in the 'Incompatible' series.

Summary: She could be pregnant. Or she could not be pregnant. She could be catching something. Paruvian measles or just a normal, Human cold. Could be nothing, could be my imagination. Or she could be pregnant.


She Could Be…

She could be pregnant.

Or she could not be pregnant. She could be catching something. Paruvian measles or just a normal, Human cold. Could be nothing, could be my imagination.

Or she could be pregnant. It's not like it's an impossibility. After our conversation about children weeks ago, we have been sort of trying. Well not really trying to have kids. Haven't exactly gone out of our way to have any. I mean we've tried… we've gone through the motions necessary to having children. I guess.

She might not be pregnant.

"You coming?"

"Hmm? Yeah."

She's out the door with her bag full of laundry- thankfully I took the liberty of making it bigger on the inside or I'd be hauling another three bags with us- before I really snap out of my thoughts and follow her.

She's smiling, happy to be home and happy to find ourselves here on a nice, sunny day. She takes my hand and I give it a squeeze in return, before we head off through the park and towards her mum's flat.

"We hit it off pretty well," she says, the door swinging open as she does. "Kaj and me."

"Yeah, I think she wants to see you again."

Rassilon, I hate these stairs. Rose seems just fine bounding up them with that heavy pack on. She wouldn't let me take it.

Do you think? No…

But she could be. She's looked, I don't know, off? A little greener, a little tireder- tireder? Not sure that's a word…

She's lost her appetite for chips. That should be the real clue. Whether it points to pregnancy or illness, not so sure about that. Probably illness.

But Human pregnancy strikes me more as an illness at first than anything else. All that morning sickness and hormonal shifts and so forth. Ehm, not fun.

"Mum, it's us. We're back!"

Here it comes.

"Oh, I don't know why you bother with that phone, you never use it!"

Okay, time to get out of this mess. Oow- what's that-

"Oh no you don't. Come 'ere."

What is she doing? Ew, ew, ew… Rose, help! Right, she can't hear me- because her mum is kissing me!

Oh, oh, twice! Two times. She kissed me twice. I could be infected with something. Eh, gross. I need to get away from her.

"I've got loads of washing for ya-"

Hmm… an historical account of Waterloo. Must be Howard's. Wonder if they're still even together. Hasn't mentioned him recently.

"What's it called?"

What's what? Oh. "Bazulium."

She's so cute when she gets to be the expert with her mum. So excited and glowing and all that. Too bad Jackie doesn't always care. Like now-

"Guess who's coming to visit." Oh great, a Jackie friend. "He'll be here at ten past." Eh, 'him'. Guess her and Howard are over. "Who d'you think it is?"

I'd really rather not know, frankly.

"It's your grandad." Grandad? Rose never talks about him. "Grandad Prentice. He's on his way! Any minute." Hmm, could be interesting. "Right, cup of tea."

Wait. Something's off. Smells off.

Not coming from the kitchen, so it's not something Jackie caused. No new candles or anything like that. No, no it's nothing like that. It's… Human, definitely Human. Hormones. Be easier just to lick Rose… probably shouldn't do that here though-

"She's gone mad."

"Tell me something new."

Hormones! That's it! It's… not quite right. What is that? Not estrogen… definitely not insulin. More like- what's that called?- human chorionic gonadotropin! That's right, hCG. A lot of it, really-


"Grandad Prentice is her dad." Wait, wait, wait… But that means-

No, it doesn't mean for sure. It means maybe. Maybe, she might possibly be pregnant, perhaps.

"But he died like ten years ago." Wait, what? But-

"Oh my god, she's lost it."


Oh, I just love this! Running about, making ghost busting machines out of spare bits, laughing with the Doctor, and solving a mystery. All in a good day's work.

These are the kind of adventures that make me want to stay with him forever. That make me want to have someone to share this with. These are the things I want kids for. A miniature Doctor, a miniature me, a miniature mixture- sounds like a Doctor phrase- chasing after the Doctor, buzzing with questions and ideas, radiating excitement at learning something new.

Kay, focus.

"If that line goes into the red, press that button there. If it doesn't stop, setting 15B. Hold it against the port, eight seconds and stop."

"15B." How does he remember this stuff? "Eight seconds."

"If it goes into the blue, active the deep scan on the left."

Wait, I know this one. "Which is that one?"

"Eh, close."

Close, my arse. "That one?"

"Now you've just killed us."

Right! Kay, he just showed me this. "Eh, that one?"

"Yep! Now what have we got? Two minutes to go?"

Two minutes…

I wonder… No, no I can't be.

Well, I could be, but I'm not. At least I don't think I am.

Actually, I haven't been feeling well the past few mornings. Come to think of it, it's got to be past my time of the month. Weeks past, actually. One thing that is made nearly impossible by time travel is judging that.

Oh my god, what if I am? What if I'm pregnant? What will the Doctor think?

He's okay with it, right? Just like we talked about before. It wouldn't be that bad of a thing.

I hope he or she is just like the Doctor. He, yes, a boy I think, a miniature Doctor. He should inherit that manic spark of interest and curiosity whenever something new passes his way. And that wonderful glowing exhilaration after solving something.

And his penchant for rambling, should inherit that as well. And his eyes. Oh and his nose! Lots of things really. Should just inherit him, pretty much. All of him…

"What's the line doing?"

"Sorry! It's holding!"

"You even look like him."

"How d'you mean?" What is she going on about? "Hm, I suppose I do, yeah."

"You've changed so much."

"For the better."

"I suppose."

What? "Mum, I used to work in a shop!"

"I've worked in shops. What's wrong with that?"

"No, I didn't mean-" God, she is impossible sometimes! Doesn't she get it? Doesn't she understand that the Doctor makes me better, makes me smarter and more curious and wittier and kinder? Doesn't she get just how perfect he is?

"I know what you meant. What 'appens when I'm gone?"

"Don't talk like that."

"No, but really. When I'm dead and buried, you won't have any reason to come back home. What happens then?"

"I don't know." What will I do?

I'll have the Doctor, that's what.

"D'you think you'll ever settle down?"

"The Doctor never will, so I can't." That's right, no John and Marion for us. "I'll just keep on travellin'." God, I must sound like child. So idealistic and hopeful. But it's true. We've got forever waiting for us.

"And you'll keep on changing. And in forty years time, fifty, there'll be this woman, this strange woman, walkin' through the market place on some planet a billion miles from Earth. She's not Rose Tyler, not any more. She's not even Human."

I never knew she felt like that. When did she start hating me travelling so much?

Oh god, what if we do have a child? It won't just be a change in nature that makes him alien; he'll be alien. Half and half. How is she going to take that news?

"Here we go!"

Oh right. Ghosts. Scanners. Red line, blue line. 15B, eight seconds. "Scanner's workin'! It says delta one six."


"What's down there? She was in that room with the sphere. What's happen to Rose?"

"I don't know!" You think I don't know that?! I'm the one who left her alone. I'm the one who encouraged her to snoop around. I'm the one who got her stuck in that room.

Oh don't cry. I can't handle you when you cry. I don't know what to do with you when you're crying. I can't yell at you.

"I'll find her." I will. She'll be okay. She has to be. "I brought you here, I'll get you both out- you and your daughter. Jackie, look at me." Believe me, Jackie. "Look at me." So much fear. So much trust. "I promise you. I give you my word."

How the hell am I going to fix this?

Cybermen, Cybermen. Think, think, think…

Cybermen. First question, where did they come from? The Void? Possible…

Okay, check. Cybermen, came from the void. From that other reality? Possibly…

The void ship? They must have something to do with it? But what? They don't have that kind of technology or knowledge. They couldn't have built it.

Then who?

Rose! Rose, is down there with it. Something's happens down there, but what?

What is it? What's in there?

Hiding, exploring? Exploring means potentially peaceful, potentially helpful and the Cybermen just came along for the ride. Hiding…


What would need to hide? Hide from what?

Look at what they're doing… destroying… How am I going to fix this? How am I going stop them?

What's in that void ship?

Rose, be careful.

What's down there? What is it? Come on, come on… What are you? What-


No! It can't be! I killed them. Rose killed them. They're gone. They can't be…


This isn't fair! Not with Rose.

"Rose said about the Daleks. She was terrified of them. What have they done to her, Doctor? Is she dead?"

Is she dead? No, not my Rose. She can't be.

Oh Rassilon, she can't be dead!



"Phone." Pick up. Oh, please pick up. Come on Rose. "She's answered. She's alive." She's alive.

Why is she alive?

"Why haven't they killed her?"

"Well don't complain."

"Must need her for something." But for what? What can Rose know that they need? What could she have? Not a child- no, they couldn't possibly know that. Couldn't possibly think that.

Oh god, be okay Rose. I can't lose you. I can't lose you both. They can't take everything. Rassilon, let them take everything else, just not my one last chance. My one last hope for peace. Please…


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