Chapter 1 - The Outlaws found us first

"What's happening Doctor?" Rose yelled as she was thrown to the floor. The TARDIS's central column had begun to whirr and churn, sending the ship spinning through the vortex.

"I don't know! It wasn't my fault! I didn't press anything! Jack what did you do?!" He replied, as he himself was hurled across the floor towards her.

"I'm not sure I just pressed this…"

"NO!" Rose and the Doctor both yelled in unison, but it was too late, Jack had already re-pressed the button.

"Now what have you done!" Rose climbed to her feet, heading over to where the Doctor was now peering at the screen on the console.

"Actually I think we've stopped, whatever you did Jack, you fixed it."

"Well of course, I am the Captain Jack Harkness."

"Technically…" Rose started.

"Please don't start… I've heard that way too many times!"

"What's up Doctor?" She leant over his shoulder watching what he was doing on the monitor. The Doctor proceeded to tap at a number of buttons, with a look on his face that told her he was busy calculating something.

"We've landed, but I'm trying to find out where we are… Ah Hah!" His face lit up as if a light bulb had appeared above his head.


"Does 1194 mean anything to you?"

"Not really, why?"

"Okay then… how about Sherwood Forest?"

"We're not? Are we?"

"Why don't you take a look outside and see?" Jack did just as the Doctor suggested, opening the large wooden doors and stepping outside. Rose followed behind, the Doctor locking the doors after himself.

"Well don't I know how to pick our destinations?" Jack smirked.

"It's not like you did it on purpose! We all know it was an accident!" She joked back at him.

"Who says I'm not incredibly clever and knew exactly when to time it so we would end up here?!"

"I think you just answered your own question." Rose replied.

"Very funny!"

"When you two have quite finished!" The Doctor remarked.

"Come on then." Rose linked arms with the Doctor. "Shall we go and find ourselves some Outlaws?"

"I think there might be a problem with that…" Jack answered for the Doctor, repeatedly tapping Rose on the shoulder.

"What? Why?" She quickly turned round.

"The Outlaws found us first!"

"This is an ambush!"