Mini Warning: Descriptive kissing later in the chapter.

Chapter 6 – So Sad Yet So Gorgeous

Suddenly Guy jerked backwards, slumping forwards against Rose. She stepped cautiously backwards, staring in complete shock at him as he fell to the floor. What had just happened? Was he dead? Oh my God, she thought, did I kill him? And if I did, how did I kill him?!

She looked to the Doctor, he hadn't moved since she'd left his side. He gazed at her in amazement; she was still alive! He grinned, running over to give her a big hug, lifting her up as he did. He set her carefully back down, giving her a warm kiss.

"The good old stun gun…" Jack interrupted them. "Always was my favourite." He grinned cheekily at them, putting the gun back in its holster.

"I said no guns Jack… you disobeyed me." The Doctor stated firmly.

"But… I…" Jack began to protest.

"Good." The Doctor grinned; for once he was glad that Jack had defied him, he dreaded to think what would have happened if he hadn't. "And you…" He turned his attention back to Rose. "Never scare me like that again!"

"Sorry, but I had to…"

"No I understand… you just scared the wits out of me!"

She smiled. "One of my many talents."

"I think I'd better move him out of sight." Jack thought out loud, taking hold of Guy under the arms and dragging him towards a nearby building where he planned to dump him off.

Once Jack was out of sight the Doctor bent slowly down on one knee.

"Oh my God!" Rose clasped a hand over her mouth as he took her other hand, was he really going to do what she thought he was?

"Marry me Rose."

"Wow, really?... I never thought you'd… you never want to settle down… and."

"So is that a no?!" The Doctor looked pleadingly up at her.

"No… I mean it's not a no, it's a yes!" She smiled at him, he grinned back. "Give me a kiss then!" She pulled him up to his feet as she spoke, kissing him. The Doctor pulled away, smiling and giving her a tight hug.

Jack came back over, giving the pair a suspicious look.

"What have you two done now?"

"We're engaged!" Rose replied excitedly. Falling in love with the Doctor meant she never expected him to propose, not that she'd minded; she was just happy to be with him, however she still couldn't help being excited; it hadn't really sunk in properly that they were engaged.

Jack rolled his eyes. "Typical… what is it with you two?!"

The couple just grinned at each other, they couldn't help themselves, even Jack's sarcasm wouldn't stop them.

"Joking…" He grinned. "Congratulations!" He gave them both a hug; his two best friends, with the exception of Ianto, engaged and so happy together, he didn't know a couple more suited to each other.

The sound of voices was heard in the background, Jack pulled away.

"The gang!" The all whispered to each other, almost in unison.

"We're all done here and Marian's clearly fine… we should probably go back to the TARDIS." Jack stated quietly, heading off to a side alley way. The Doctor wrapped an arm around Rose's waist, pulling her closer to him as they followed behind, completely ignoring Jack as he babbled on about an unknown subject, to nobody in particular.

"I die?!" Robin had told Marian everything, she now saw why he was being so protective over her. She knew exactly why he was so scared.

"You did before, yes, to save England… but that's not going to happen now, I stopped it from happening."

"Thank you Robin." She smiled weakly.

"I had to; I am nothing without you Marian…" He smiled back at her. "Come here…" He pulled her into a hug, holding her close against him. "You know Marian, I would have done anything so I could… so I…"

"What?" She pulled back to look at him.

"So I could come back." She grinned at him. "Shut up." He smiled, blushing slightly, as he pulled her back into the hug.

"I love you Robin."

"I love you too." He kissed the top of her head, tightening his embrace.

Suddenly he pulled away, leaping to his feet. Marian looked questionably up at him.

"Shh…" He put a finger up to his lips. The sound of voices could be heard; he tightened his grip on his sword.

"Speaking of love birds, I wonder where Robin and Marian could be…" Jack, Robin realised, the strong American accent told him that much.

He relaxed. Holding a hand out to Marian, he helped her to her feet, smiling as she brushed the sand off the both of them.

"We're here." Robin called out, wrapping an arm around Marian's waist as they walked to meet the others, heading towards the TARDIS.

"Marian!" Rose grinned, giving her a hug.

"You're Rose, right?!" Marian asked after Rose finally let go of her.

"Yeah, and this is the Doctor, and Jack." Robin indicated to the other two as he spoke.

Marian smiled. "Thank you… all of you."

"You're welcome." All three replied, smiling at the adoring look Robin gave her as he slid his arm back around her waist.

"Let's get going." Robin said, rather agitatedly; he was eager to get away from the one place he hated more than anywhere else; the place that had haunted him non-stop for the past year. He wanted to leave and never come back.

"Good idea." Jack understood that Robin wanted to leave quickly.

The Doctor unlocked the TARDIS, gesturing for Rose to go inside, she smiled at him, walking inside as he followed after.

Robin took Marian's hand, leading her into the TARDIS, half expecting an amazed response from her. She simply smiled at him as he watched her response; after everything he'd just told her nothing would surprise her.

"Oh come on!" The Doctor exclaimed, at least one of them could have been impressed by the TARDIS.

Jack shut the doors behind him. "Were you really expecting a great response Doctor? These two are hardly your usual passengers." He nodded an indication to Robin and Marian, they both had a smile on their face as they talked; he guessed about what she'd missed.

Rose faked an insulted look. "Excuse me! I was pretty amazed by it when I first met the Doctor!"

The Doctor stopped his tapping at the TARDIS console. "Well you are fantastically amazing and special, Rose Tyler." He grinned, walking over to kiss her on the cheek.

He set the TARDIS in motion, grinning at Rose as she grabbed onto him to stop herself from falling, he wrapped his arms around her to hold her up.

The bumpy ride caused Marian to stumble, Robin wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her upright. "Got you!" He grinned, steadying himself against the pillar they were stood next to.

The Doctor glanced at them, beaming at Rose, remembering a time with her a while ago. Even though the two couples were from such different times they were so very similar. The Doctor considered this for a while, only noticing that the TARDIS had stopped when Rose moved away.

They soon left the TARDIS, Robin was much more relaxed now that they were back in Sherwood forest, he smiled as Marian took his hand, trying to make him see that everything would be alright now.

Robin took Marian back to the camp. The gang had decorated the entire area; ribbon, drapes, flowers and candles were spread through the trees almost like it was set up for something special.

Marian gazed up at it all, and then to Robin. They walked over towards the centre of the arrangement. Robin stopped in the middle, turning to face her and smiling adoringly at her; he'd specifically asked the gang to do this.

"Marry me, Marian."

"What?" She wasn't entirely sure what he'd just said, everything was happening so fast.

"Here and now, marry me."

She gazed into his eyes, they told her how desperate he was for all this, he felt like he was married to her but she wasn't married to him.


She beamed, she wanted this as much as he did; the true reality of the danger of their job had become so evident to the both of them. They both wanted to have married life before the chance for it was taken away.

Robin smiled gratefully at her, producing a ring from his pocket, it was a simple gold band with a short message engraved inside.

I will always love you Marian

He'd bought it years ago, when they were first betrothed and had kept it ever since then, hung on a chord around his neck. He felt that still having it now, after so many years, proved he would always love her and always had. She knew that, she'd told him numerous times that she always had, she'd found it helped to reassure and comfort him.

Robin gently took her hand in his, gazing deep into her eyes.

"I, Robin, take you Marian to be my lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish, 'till death do us part." He didn't once take his eyes off her, letting a few tears roll down his face; death had parted them once already, he couldn't bare the thought of that happening again. Marian carefully wiped the tears from his cheeks, as her own eyes filled with tears; he looked so sad yet so gorgeous at the same time.

"I, Marian, take you Robin, beautiful, beautiful Lord of Locksley to be my wedded husband. I promise to love you and to cherish you, on earth, and especially in heaven. For now and forever, 'till death do us part… kiss me."

He leant in to kiss her but she pulled away, protesting.

"No, give me the ring first; make an honest woman of me, Robin." He slid the ring gently onto her finger, a smile on his face as he did so. Just like before, he thought. Only this time she wasn't dying.

Marian wrapped her arms around his neck. "You may kiss the bride." She pulled him closer, tenderly pressing her lips against his; their first kiss as husband and wife.

Robin placed his arms lovingly around her waist as he deepened the kiss, gently teasing her lips open with his tongue. He took the time to explore her mouth, remembering every contour, noting the exact spot that made her entangle her fingers in his hair. He skimmed his fingers over Marian's back, pulling her closer still, as he pulled away, barely allowing her a second to catch her breath before he engulfed her lips with his own again. Their tongues battle for dominance until he hits that spot again and she melts into his arms, surrendering to his touch. He smiles into her mouth as she whimpers and massages her tongue with his own again, hoping to elicit that enchanting sound once more. She lets out another, quieter sound and he pulls slowly away, grinning.

"I love you… my husband." She utters the words as a whisper in his ear.

"I love you… my wife." He whispers back, feeling so honoured to be able to call her his wife.

They spend the rest of the evening alone, sat leaning against one of the many lit up trees. He holds her close to him, arm around her waist, sharing his warmth with her as it grows dark.

As it grew late, the conversation stilled. Marian had fallen asleep, head resting on Robin's shoulder. He smiled as he watched her sleeping; she looked like an angel with the moonlight shining on her face. He sat there for a while, doing nothing but listening to and watching her while she slept.

She shivered slightly in her sleep, causing him to realise how cold it was. He carefully lifted her up, taking care not to wake her and carried her back to the camp. It was empty; he smiled at the gang's consideration. Laying her gently down on his bed, he climbed in next to her, pulling her to him and wrapping his arms around her, smiling as she sighed in her sleep. Gradually he drifted off to sleep with her; the first time in a year that he would sleep peacefully.

Jack shut the TARDIS doors as the couple left. They'd done their job, saved the world again and he was content; even if it had been rather eventful.

"I'll see you two later." He indicated to his bloodstained shirt as he headed off to find a new one.

"Congratulations Doctor, saved the world again!" Rose grinned at him.

"Oh come on! Hardly!"

"No, I'm serious. Do you really think the Sheriff would have stopped at England?"

"Robin would have defeated him anyway!" The Doctor retorted.

"Not without Marian. Surely you saw what she means to him, he needs her; he couldn't have gone on much longer without her."

"You're right." He kissed her. "You know what Rose? Those two truly are the stuff of legends."

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