So... this is the Dedications. I havve to many reviewers to list... I didn't use to have. Lol.

First, I want to THANK YOU ALL. You have made days better and nights longer. I loved writing this story, and I wish that things in this story were better.


I mean, honestly was she THAT bad??


I do want to say that this is the most popular story I have ever wrote, and that through this story, I myself, as a writer, and as a person... well, I've noticed a lot!!'

Mainly because you all point it out to me!! Nice you guys!!

I do have a few special fans, but you guys should know who you are. I added a homepage, and I think you guys should check it out! Don't forget to leave me a comment or something!

Songs Used--

Amazed by: Lonestar ; P.S. I'm Still Not Over You By: Rhianna in Chapter 5.

More than a Memory By: George Strait in Chapter 6.

She Don't Know She's Beautiful By: Alan Jackson in Chapter 7.

We Belong Together By: Mariah Carey in Chapter 8.

Chapter 9:

What Hurts the Most By: Rascal Flatts

Teardrops on My Guitar By: Taylor Swift

Chapter 10:

If I was Invisible By: Clay Aiken

Chapter 15:

Love Story By: Taylor Swift

Girl Next Door By: Saving Jane

Teardrops on My Guitar By: Taylor Swift

Chapter 16:

Check Yes or No By: George Strait

I decided not to write the one-shot. I may write one later. But anyways, I had a question that I decided to answer here.

Why was Taylor killed off?

A) The story ASKED to be wrote that way. Many people don't see it that way, but when I write a story I let it take over and control what I write.

B) I REALLY didn't want the cliche' perfect ending!! I wanted to be able to include A LITTLE sadness... I dk. I'm one that if the story is too perfect, I roll my eyes and say what ever and disregard it. Sorry if you didn't like it. :

Well, here's the end. I may, one day, go back and re-write this, because, honestly... I haven't had my fix for this story!!

Well, I love you all, and one last time?

I can't promise to update, or anything... but tell me story ideas that you want to read, or tell me that you enjoyed the story. Or that you're checking out my other stories, or something!!