Author's Note: Okay, this one is tied to both of my other Yuffentine, more closely, the "Its an Image Thing" One-shot. I'm planning another couple to follow this one, so I might just lump them together and make it a chaptered story.

The oversized sunglasses slipped down the ninja's narrow nose, baring her lilac eyes to the sunlight, an inquisitive arch of her eyebrow marking her face as she took in the state of things before her. On the patio of Seventh Heaven, each and every member of the old AVALANCHE gang was assembled, a few holding drinks, a few smiling and waving excitedly.

Yuffie glanced behind her, a smile splitting her face. "Come on Vinnie!" She jumped back and grabbed his claw, dragging him forward with more effort that was really necessary. "Look, everyone's waiting!" Her eyebrows shot up suddenly, and her grip on Vincent's arm tightened. "Oh Vince, all we need is Aerith…"

His strides matched hers, and no longer needing to be pulled along, he took his arm from her grip and snaked it around her waist, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. "She's here, Yuffie."

The ninja grinned up at him, heart warmed at his rare public display of affection, and her eyes sparkling with unshed tears. "Thanks, Vin."

"Kisaragi, you fucking brat! You get over here and tell me why we ain't seen nothing of ya in a coon's age?"

She disentangled herself from Vincent's embrace and dashed toward her friends at a faster pace, sticking her tongue out at Cid. "I've been busy!" she exclaimed, awkwardly shaking her fist at him and attempting to receive hugs from Tifa, Shera and Marlene all at once. She saw in the corner of her eye as Cloud quietly greeted Vincent and they respectively turned their eyes to her before exchanging another few words and a curt handshake. Formalities aside, Cloud let a small smile touch his face before a laugh broke out from him and he swatted at the gunslinger's shoulder as he walked away from him. "Anyone need a beer?"

Yuffie's hand shot up in the air, the only limb free in a tangle of four females. "Yuffie does!" she said, punctuating her point.

"Yeah, yeah, I see ya," Cloud muttered.

Released from Tifa and Shera's grip, Yuffie leaned toward him, her lower half immobilized by a small girl still latched to her waist. "C'mere and give Yuffs a hug, wontcha Spike?"

Another small smile seized his lips and he settled on patting her head fondly. She grinned, her eyes squinting cheerfully behind tinted glasses. "Good to see you again, Yuffie." He made to pass her to get back in the bar, but paused, whispering a quick "Congratulations" in her ear.

The ninja's eyes widened and her gaze shot to Vincent, who was quietly receiving a rant from Cid, who deemed it completely unreasonable for Yuffie to be spending so much time in Nibleheim.

"She could just as well stay in Rocket Town while you're off on those ridiculous WRO missions, Valentine. I don't like the idea of her being alone in that fucked up mansion. There are way more monsters than I want to think about."

"Don't worry, old man, Vinnie and I took care of 'em."

She hadn't, really. Vincent decided it was best that he take care of this himself. She left him to it, but was always a few steps behind, lurking in shadows, watching his back and making sure that he didn't crawl back into his coffin by the time he reached the basement. He never knew that she was there, or at least, he never told her he knew that she was there.

Cid grumbled a few things incoherently, and Yuffie sent Vincent a sickly sweet smile. "Vinnie, when you get a minute, I need a word."

Vincent's eyebrow arched and he headed toward her, but was intercepted as Tifa stole Yuffie away.

"What was this 'important thing' you wanted to tell me, Yuffie?"

The Kunoichi sighed. "Not yet, Tifa. I have to talk to Vincent first. I think he already told Cloud," she said, her mouth twisting into a lopsided frown.

"Cloud knows!?" Tifa gasped. "If Cloud knows I should definitely know. Yuffie, this is a matter of honor!"

Yuffie folded her arms over her chest, raising an eyebrow. The action was shattered when her sunglasses fell from on top of her head and onto her nose again.

"You can tell me, Yuffie. I can keep a secret. Besides, Vincent told his best friend, so shouldn't you tell yours?"

"Uhm, excuse me, but I am Vincent's best friend." The younger girl tapped her foot impatiently on the ground. "But if I tell you, I have no reason to get pissy at Vincent."

Tifa's eyebrows shot up. "He doesn't need to know that I know." Her face paled suddenly. "Oh my god, Yuffie. Are you pregnant?"

Yuffie rolled her eyes. "Don't start the guessing game, Tifa."

"Why, is it that obscure? Are you just telling me this so you don't have to answer yes or no? Oh my god, is it a boy or a girl?"

The ninja covered both of her ears, shaking her head. "Neither."

"Why, is it because of Vincent's mutation?"


"Oh alright, just calm down."

"Ladies," a deep voice greeted, the third party joining them with a curious look in his crimson eyes.

"Hi Vincent!" Tifa greeted warmly. She laughed, light and care free, touching the gunslinger's good arm. "Yuffie was just about to tell me something important. I suppose you know what it is?"

Vincent's eyes slid to the petite kunoichi, his smirk hidden by his cloak. She had grown accustomed to telling his expression simply by his eyes.

Yuffie's attention was set upon the martial artist, however, as she was glaring at her friend. "I was not, Tifa."

"Were so."

Vincent rose an eyebrow, an act Yuffie didn't miss. "Oh, like you can talk. I saw you talking to Cloud."

"What of it? I was simply greeting him."

Yuffie's fists clenched. "He congratulated me."

Tifa's eyes went wide. "You are pregnant!"

"No I'm not!!"

"Who's pregnant?" Cloud appeared at Vincent's side, holding three bottles of beer by the necks in his left hand, and a glass of scotch in the other. The drinks were distributed to their owners: non-alcoholic beer to Tifa, light beer to himself, honey lager to Yuffie and the tumbler of scotch to the gunman standing beside him.

"No one's pregnant," Vincent muttered, tipping the drink thankfully to his lips.

"Yeah," Yuffie seconded, twisting the cap from her bottle. "So lay off." She pointed a finger at Tifa, who backed away, hands raised.

"What's this about?" Cloud asked, taking a swig of his drink.

Tifa scowled. "The big secret: Yuffie won't tell me."

Cloud's eyebrows rose to his forehead. "Why not?"

Yuffie sighed. She didn't even know anymore. "Fine, but for the record, you've all destroyed the magic of this moment."

Cid and Barrett looked up.

"Hey, what's the brat going on about?"

"Our engagement," Vincent supplied.

The range of reactions was, to say the least, comical. Tifa gasped, proceeding to cover her gaping mouth with a hand which did the double task of waving away the hot tears that suddenly sprang to her eyes. Cloud just patted her back, a smile on his face (he, after all, already knew).

A short ways away, Cid's jaw hung open, and Shera smiled happily, clapping her hands together. Barrett was shouting something brash that no one paid enough attention to in order to translate, and Marlene, now in his lap, looked up at her father, asking to know what was going on.

On Reeve's shoulder, Cait Sith opened his mouth to say shout something to Vincent, but guessing that it would be something less than encouraging, Reeve caught the mechanical cat by the scruff of his neck and plastered another hand over his mouth.

Nanaki had gotten up from his place on the ground and pawed his way over to Vincent, nudging his hand with his head. The gunslinger gave him a gentle scratch between his ears as way of thanks, and as a distraction from the look of horror on his fiancé's face.

The lull was broken by Denzel, who discarded his one-man game of cards to sit up and look at the two persons in question.

"Hold on," he said, waving his hands in front of his face. "You mean you're getting married?"

Yuffie glanced at the boy, hearing the words and letting it bring a smile to her face- she'd yell at Vincent for ruining the moment later. "That's right, kiddo!"

He made a face. "Does that mean there's going to be a wedding…?"

Yuffie laughed, nodding.

The boy's chin landed in his palm. "Crap. Weddings are boring."

"Denzel!" Tifa halted her choking whimpers long enough to scold the adopted orphan. Her fingers wiped at her cheeks. "Weddings are beautiful!"

"Well this is one wedding that ain't fucking happening," boomed a voice. Everyone's eyes turned to Cid who stood, effectively shedding Shera from his lap in the process. "I ain't allowing it. Fucking vampire thinks he can get married to that brat? She ain't nothing more than sixteen! Not that I care, she'll be out of my hair, but it ain't right."

Yuffie groaned. "Ciddd, I'm twenty-three years old!"

"No way, kid. He ain't laying a damn finger on ya."

Yuffie snorted as Vincent shot her an ironic look. "Too late, pops. But I appreciate the theatrics."

He muttered, gulping back a swig of beer. "I don't fucking like it."

"Highwind, if there's a problem, speak to me instead."

Yuffie's eyes darted back to Vincent and she smirked. "Oh grow up, both of you." She glanced back at Cid. "Give up the dad act, old man, I know you're just testing it out cuz you finally got Shera knocked up."

Everyone's eyes turned then to Cid and Shera, who were gaping at Yuffie; Shera's expression mildly annoyed.

"Oh come on, my news got slaughtered too-- it's only fair!"

Tifa's tears started again, and Cloud pulled her under his arm, kissing her hair. "She'll be alright," he assured when the ninja raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well I think this is cause for a multitude of celebration," Reeve interjected, raising his glass of wine. "Cid and Shera Highwind," he began, tilting his glass to them. "Congratulations on the addition to your family." Shera was over her loss of spotlight and smiled thankfully to the WRO commissioner. Even Cid managed a polite nod. Everyone raised their drinks to the pilot and his wife, smiling happily. Except Vincent, but one can assume he was sorta-kinda showing some kind of pleasantness toward his friends.

Reeve's gaze turned then to the gunslinger and his ninja, both important ally to the WRO, and more importantly his good friends. "Vincent and Yuffie..." He squinted slightly, looking for the words he wished to say. Cait Sith took the liberty. "Good luck, ya poor sods."

A few scattered laughs came from the group, but they were over powered by the sound of Tifa's resonating sob as she disentangled herself from her husband's arms and reached for Yuffie, pulling her best friend into a tight hug. "I'm just so happy for you both! This is such an important moment in both of your lives. Oh Yuffie."

Shera smiled sweetly. "It is a very special milestone."

"So how did he propose, Yuffie?"

Yuffie's eyes shot to Vincent's face from over Tifa's shoulder. A wry smile claimed her lips. "Well, er, he didn't."

Cloud arched an eyebrow. "You proposed to him?"

Her face twisted a little more. "Well, no..."

Vincent had just drained the rest of his scotch. He handed it to Cloud. "We came to an agreement."

Tifa pulled away from her friend and looked at Vincent. "You came to an agreement?" She glanced back at Yuffie. "That is possibly the least romantic thing I've ever heard."

Yuffie shrugged. "Well when you fight as often as Vinnie and I do, an agreement can be pretty sexy."

Vincent snorted.

"Yer kiddin' right?" Barrett was looking oddly at Vincent. "Don't ya think it's a little important to just leave up to conversation? I mean, didn't you have it all planned out?"

Vincent stole the beer from Yuffie's hand, the presence of alcohols comforting him under the scrutiny of the AVALANCHE members. "Not really."

"Wha? Didn't you get her a ring and stuff? Take her out for dinner?"

Yuffie laughed. "I don't wear jewelry, anyway."

"Marriage simply came up in conversation one evening. We decided..."

He was cut off by Yuffie.

"We decided we might as well, we're as good as married already."

Vincent nodded, pleased with her explanation.

Tifa's brow was furrowed dubiously. "Have you at least put any thought into the wedding?"

"Now that we have!" Yuffie exclaimed. Finally, they had done something according to standard. "Ya'll have to get together and meet us at the City Hall in Nibleheim. We'll sign all the papers and what not, then we can chill at the mansion. Cool, eh?"

Tifa looked like she was going to faint.

"Did you suggest this Vincent?" Cloud asked.

The gunslinger shook his head. "It was entirely Yuffie's idea. I am willing to do whatever she likes."

"Good," interrupted Shera. "Then you won't mind when Tifa and I persuade her otherwise?"

He looked a little wary, but he gave a curt nod. Yuffie, on the other hand, made a faced. "Now you two, there's a reason I wanted to get married in City Hall. I saw both of your weddings, and let me tell you if it wasn't for the open bar, I'da taken Vinnie's gun and shot myself in the forehead."

"I won't agree to this, Yuffie. I never thought you and Vincent would actually get married, so I am not letting this opportunity slip away."

Yuffie rolled her eyes. "Thanks for the faith in us, Teef."

Tifa looked at Cloud, who shrugged. "Well Yuff, you do have a tendency to fight pretty bitterly. And you seem to take off at least once a month--" he was interrupted by Yuffie's declarations that those vanishing acts were simply 'vacations'. "And Vincent, well... You guys never really show much more than a mild affection for each other…"

The gunman glared at the blond.

Cloud lifted his hands in defense. "Not that I'm not completely thrilled it's going to happen. I always wanted you two to have what Teef and I do."

Yuffie snorted. "We will never ever ever ever, have what you and Tifa have." She stuck a finger in the back of her throat. "That just makes me sick."

Tifa's brow dented. "We're in love."

Vincent's claw came upon the small of Yuffie's back. "As are we..."

"But we're not gross about it," Yuffie finished, saying the words she knew Vincent wouldn't. The slight wrinkling at the corners of his eyes betrayed his slight smile of approval at her choice of description.

Reeve took a step forward, coming out of the shade of the awning. "If you didn't notice, you just finished his sentence. I'd call that kinda gross."

Yuffie gaped at him. "Well at least we're not snogging every five minutes!" she cried, pointing at the couple who were currently nibbling at each others' lips.

Tifa and Cloud jolted apart, both of them blushing.

Vincent gave Cloud a look so he knew that the gunslinger's alliance stood with the ninja. "It is rather unnecessary," he said.

"Yeah," Yuffie continued. "You don't see us all 'Oh Vinnie, you look soooo sexy today, with your top few buttons undone like that,'" she added to the theatrics by running her finger along the bare expanse of skin from his collar bone down to where his shirt finally covered his chest. "Or," she dropped her voice into an exaggerated whisper. "'I just pictured you half naked. Teehee. Don't tell anyone, but I'm totally turned on'." She nudged Vincent. "S'your turn."

Vincent blinked, but shrugged slightly. He then proceeded to draw her into his arms and swept her off her feet, bending her nearly halfway backward in order to lodge his tongue in her mouth.

Reeve laughed, but the rest of them just stared as the couple made out – loudly – in front of everyone.

"Very funny," Cloud muttered finally; yet his admittance to the accusation did not deter the gunslinger's assault on the much shorter woman, whose arms had now locked around his neck to keep herself from falling backward.

To be honest, Yuffie had entirely forgotten why they were kissing in the first place. Her only concern was what Vincent had just done with his tongue and the task of asking him to do it again without having to break the kiss. She settled on a soft moan and the threading of her fingers through his hair, which (with the added ability of Vincent to simply just know what the ninja wanted) succeeded in making the gunslinger's tongue sweep deliciously over the roof of her mouth once more.

Vincent's mind was equally distracted, although he was far too used to paying complete attention to his surroundings to forgo listening to the conversation around him.

"Has Yuffie stopped breathing?" He drew another moan from his lover to quell those thoughts, and smiled against her lips when Tifa demanded that Marlene and Denzel go inside and wash up for dinner.

He was well with the intent to make everyone feel awkward, but one small move from Yuffie swept his mind of the thoughts entirely. Was there anyone watching them? He couldn't remember. All he knew was that Yuffie was pressed very inconveniently against him should there be anyone around.

"It's been like five minutes," Tifa whispered.

Cait Sith whistled. "There's a sight ya never thinked of seeing, eh lads?"

It was the mechanical cat's loud whistle that finally alerted the two to the real world, and they parted, panting and staring at each other. Yuffie, still tilted backwards in the gunslinger's arms, giggled. "Oh Cloud!" she cried, reverting back to her teasing. She clung to his neck to help regain her upright position, but as she went to move away from him, she was surprised to feel his hands on both of her hips, keeping her there. She wasn't at all opposed to it, and settled back against his chest, a very devilish grin snaking across her lips when she discovered the real reason of his wanting her to stay, pressing against her backside through the leather of his pants.


Yuffie glanced at Cid.

"My retinas are burning."

"Shove it, old man."

Cloud was shaking his head. "I retract and previous doubts concerning your... affection... for one another."

The pair smirked at one another, Yuffie's far more animated than her partner's, but they were both, nonetheless, pleased.

Tifa shook her head. "Well that was unpleasant."

Reeve snorted. "Well we have to deal with it from you two all the time."

"Yes but you're used to it. That… that was just unnatural."

Yuffie didn't think so, and stated as much. "Didn't your mom ever give you the talk Tifa?"

The martial artist clamped her hands over her ears and ran into the bar to finish preparing dinner.

Shera was smiling. "I thought it was adorable." At this Yuffie made a face. "You should really reconsider the wedding, Yuffie. I think the world should see how much you care for each other."

The ninja accosted a small smile at that, and it grew wider as Vincent's hands moved from her hips to circle her waist entirely. "It doesn't matter that the world knows we love each other, at least we know we love each other."

Shera smiled. "It's a wonderful thing, though isn't it?"

Yuffie nodded.

"Then share it with the rest of us."

Yuffie's smile surfaced again and she wiggled in the gunslinger's arms until she faced him. "What do you think?"

His eyes were steady, telling her he would do anything she wished.

"It can't be big," she said firmly, looking at Shera. "Godo's gonna kill me when he finds out I'm married anyway, we don't need him find out any earlier than necessary. And I'm not wearing a dress."

"Oh, Yuffie, you will to."

She went to shake her head, but stopped, recalling a faint memory of her mother pulling out her wedding kimono from the closet. She remembered it being the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on. "Maybe I will. But I get to chose it."

Shera nodded, smiling. "Tifa, come quick!"

Tifa appeared in the doorway. "What is it?"

Yuffie smirked. "It appears we have a wedding to plan."

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