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It was finally going to happen. All the plans were made. Everything was rented, booked, bought and paid for. It was almost time. Anko and Kakashi were finally going to get married.

After all they'd been through together, all the pain, and fear and happiness too – they were both finally ready. They often looked back to the time when they were just "friends with benefits," with fond and not so fond memories. But that was so long ago. Now, they were engaged to be married in eight days time.

Anko often busied herself around "their apartment," trying to get herself mentally prepared for the biggest step of her life. She would never be a "domestic goddess." No fucking way. Deadly kunoichi, especially those with a natural born mean streak, just couldn't do that.

She found that the more she occupied herself at home or at work, the less she thought about the upcoming wedding. Every time her mind did drift to it, she'd smile and get a day-dreamy look on her face. And she hated when that happened. It made her feel soft. To her, that "day-dreamy crap," was way too girly and reserved for people who did not assassinate people for a living.

Kakashi on the other hand wasn't the tiniest big nervous or worried about any of the upcoming nuptials. In fact, he was quite looking forward to the day he official made love to "his wife" for the first time. Oh, they'd had boatloads of sex as "friends with benefits," all the way up to and including being engaged to each other. But he often ran the thought, I made love to my 'wife' last night, through his mind to try and see what it sounded like – and felt like. He liked it. It made him hum a lot. He smiled a lot as of late under his ever present mask. He was so confident that he actually went to Tsunade and let her know that he'd given up his apartment and moved in permanently with Anko. They were moving ahead and making everything final, and he couldn't have been more pleased.

Anko had recovered well from her latest round of injuries and so had Genma. Genma had wisely accepted the fact that Anko would NEVER love him – EVER. But Genma's problems didn't end with that acceptance. The problem of Kakashi wanting to kill him all the time did lessen, but that was not the only problem he faced. Shizune flat out dumped him when she found out that she was not the one he really loved. He felt terrible because of what he did to her. He did like her – he liked her quite a lot. He'd apologized and tried to talk to her, but she didn't want to hear what he had to say. So Genma went on a lot of missions in those weeks after Anko's transfusions in the hospital, and amazingly the mission backlog Kakashi had got less and less without him doing many of the missions himself.

Asuma and Kurenai were spending more and more time with Anko and Kakashi. The guys had always been friends, and so had the girls, and so it was quite natural that the couples be friendly too. Kurenai was almost fanatical about planning their wedding, and Asuma just went along for the ride. All in all, everything was going ahead as planned, and now, it was just a matter of time.

The sun burst through "their" bedroom window and the alarm clock woke up and sounded it's 'good morning' at the same time. Anko immediately turned face down, and put her head under her pillow. She moaned a little, then heard Kakashi take a deep breath and scratch some part of himself. He elbowed her in the ribs. "C'mon. Get up."

She absolutely refused. She just wanted to stay right there in her warm bed and sleep for another three or four hours. But Kakashi was relentless. He rolled sideways into her and said, "Wake up."

A negative sounding grunt answered him.

Kakashi was all for staying in bed all day. He loved to lie around and sleep, read his beloved dog-eared Icha Icha books, or have lots of sweaty mind-numbing sex with the woman he loved. But there was one important thing they had to do that day. They had to go pick up their wedding rings.

Two weeks prior, Kakashi and Anko had visited a ring store in "the wedding district," and chosen some simple brushed gold bands. They had gotten each other's names engraved on the inside so it was like a part of them was with the other when they were apart. They had an appointment with the jeweler to try them on – separately of course – and make sure they fit just right. Kakashi was all about taking care of this one final detail because then he knew that everything else was done. If they were satisfied with their rings, all the two of them had to do was get dressed and show up on the wedding day.

Kakashi pulled the covers off Anko who still lie there face down with her head under her pillow. He got up on his knees then straddled her backside, making sure certain "parts" of him were in contact with the crease in her behind. He leaned forward, and pushed his thumbs into either side of her spine and drove them upward toward her neck. He ground himself against her buttocks, leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Get up or else."

Anko knew exactly what that meant. She stayed absolutely still, waiting for her "or else."

Kakashi pinched his fingers into the sides of her neck and Anko let out a heavy sigh coupled with a low moan, but not quite the one he was used to.

She was enjoying her early morning massage, both from Kakashi's hands, and "other" parts of him. She decided that she'd happily stay right there all day if he keep up his current antics. But just as soon as he'd started, he stopped.

He got up off her and walked to the bedroom door. Anko whipped the pillow off her head, turned and yelled, "HEY! Why the hell did you stop? I was enjoying that!"

Kakashi smiled evilly, and said, "I know. And there's more where that came from. But oh look, you're up now. Come on. We have to get ready."

Anko had been fooled into getting up by a quick well placed massage. She fumed and thought damn you Kakashi! Son of a bitch. Make me get up for NOTHING! Then she remembered why they had to get up and she settled down. "Alright already. I'll get up. We have to work afterward anyway. Can't be late for work."

Kakashi didn't mind being late for work at all. He never did, but Anko was subtly training him and he was getting closer to being there on time, all the time, much to everyone's shock. She'd basically told him, "If you want to walk to work with me, you leave with me. Or you can go in alone." Most of the time, he chose to walk in with her – on time.

After showering and having some breakfast, and after Anko filled her pockets with chocolate bars for "energy" later – to which Kakashi rolled his eyes – they were off to the ring store to see if the rings they'd chosen actually fit.

Kakashi walked quickly, humming. Anko on the other hand, lagged a bit. He turned to her and said, "We have an appointment you know. If you don't pick up the pace you're going to be late."

Anko didn't say anything to him, and the gap between her and Kakashi was growing as her walk continued to slow. Kakashi stopped walking and turned to her. He said, "What's going on?"

"I'm just nervous that's all."

"It's just rings Anko. It's not like your finger's going to catch on fire if you try it on."

She sighed and said, "I know, it's just that this is the last thing we have to do then everything's ready. I just need a moment to process this all." She stood there a moment and looked at him. He didn't say a word back, just looked back at her. She could see him smiling under his mask, because his eye gave him away. His demeanor warmed her heart and suddenly, she couldn't wait to try on her ring.

She walked up to him and said, "I processed. I'm ready. Let's go." Then as he turned, she slapped him on the ass and said, "Race ya!" She took off in a dead run for the ring store.

Kakashi grumbled and yelled, "You are SO getting spanked when we get back home!" Then he looked around at the few people who happened to be on the street. All of them had the strangest looks on their faces. Kakashi thought I guess I shouldn't yell about handing out spankings so early in the morning.

Anko yelled after him, "You have to catch me first to spank me! COME ON!"

With a quick wave to the bystanders, Kakashi took off after his fiancé in an effort to catch her and give her a quick spanking before she got to the ring store.

Kurenai knocked on Asuma's door. She had an appointment with him before work as well. She was almost giddy as she stood there, bouncing on her toes waiting for him to open the door. He opened it quickly and said, "Is everything ready?"

She burst into his apartment and said, "Yes. I've got everything in place. How about you? Wow, the place looks great!" She looked around at Asuma's apartment noticing the "adjustments" he'd made to it.

"Thanks. Yeah, everything's all set. You're sure they have no clue?"

"None what so ever. They're going to shit. They're not going to see this coming at all!"

Asuma said, "Fantastic. But you know we are risking extreme wrath and possible death by trying to pull this off."

Kurenai looked at him and said, "I soooooo don't care. They'll thank us tomorrow for all the fun they had."

"You're right. Everything should be fine. I'm quite looking forward to it myself."

"Just don't enjoy yourself TOO much."

Asuma winked at her and said, "I'll be good. Just not too good."

"Me too. Have you written your note?"

"Yep. Got it right here."

Kurenai said, "I've got mine too. We'd better get going. We'll have one of the guys deliver the notes separately to them when we get to work. That way, they won't suspect anything."

"Perfect. You've got one devious mind there Miss Yuuhi."

Kurenai smiled and said, "Oh honey, you have no idea."

Asuma pulled her to him for a quick kiss that she returned enthusiastically. He said, "We could go in a little late today. You know, pretend we're Kakashi and 'get lost on the road to life' with a detour to my bedroom."

Kurenai looked up at her big ninja and said, "Oooh, I'd love that but I refuse to be compared to Kakashi in any way. Plus, we don't have time now. But if things go well tonight, I'll be one very happy girl, and YOU shall reap the benefits of that happiness."

Asuma let her go and said, "Can I get that in writing?"

"Come on," she pulled the big grinning ninja out the door and they hurried to get to the academy to put their plans into action.

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