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It took hours, literally hours for the shinobi of the Hidden Leaf to clear enough rubble away from the shrine to actually get to the basement door that sheltered the citizens and guests of the Village. During that time, Rin's body was found and carefully placed aside so she could be buried properly. Asuma and Kurenai helped many others with the debris removal. As the last few pieces of rubble and debris were removed, Kurenai reached over and opened the door. It didn't open all the way, so Asuma wretched it open. The priest of the shrine popped his head out and said, "Is it safe?"

Tsunade said, "It is now. Come on out." Asuma helped the priest out, and then began helping the citizens of the Village out one by one.

The priest turned to Kurenai and said, "What about the couple? What happened to them? We heard such terrible things when we were down there. Are they ok?"

Kurenai said, "They will be, but they fought a really hard battle. Both of them are injured, but they'll be fine. They're lying in the garden, or at least where the garden was, resting."

"Take me to them," the priest said.

Asuma said, "Why?"

"Just take me there."

Kurenai looked at Asuma, and both of them took the priest to the garden.

As they stepped outside into the fading sunshine, and the still lingering dust, the priest stepped gingerly over the rubble. He saw Kakashi lying facing Anko on the bloody ground. He remarked, "This garden was once so beautiful. It was meant to host a beautiful celebration of love today. And now it's ruined."

Kurenai looked at Anko and Kakashi and said, "I don't think the love part was ruined."

Asuma came up behind her, put his arms around her and said, "Nope. That part isn't ruined at all."

Kurenai smiled up at her big ninja as the priest walked over to the two ninjas lying in the bloody dirt.

Anko heard someone coming. "Who is it Kakashi?"

Kakashi looked up and said, "It's the priest."

"Good, that means they're getting the civilians out."

The priest walked to where Anko and Kakashi could both see him. "I'm so sorry that your day was ruined."

Anko said, "It was rough, but it's all turned out for the best." She looked to where Orochimaru's body had been. Tsunade and Jiraiya had taken it away. To where, she didn't know. What they did with it, she didn't know. For that matter, she didn't care either.

Kakashi said, "We'll just have to reschedule for another day."

The priest said, "Not necessary."

Kakashi and Anko looked at each other. Kakashi said, "Uh, isn't that what you do when your plans get changed? You re-schedule right?"

The priest said, "You've already been through most of the rite. There's only one more thing to do, and you're married."

Anko said, "You're kidding! That's it? Just one more thing?"

The priest nodded. "Yes! If you'd like, I'll marry you right now."

Anko smiled and looked at Kakashi. He smiled back at her and nodded his head 'yes.'

Anko said, "Wait! I need Kurenai here. And we'd better have Asuma too – as witnesses of course."

The priest said, "Surely. I'll go get them." He stood up and walked away from the two ninjas lying in the bloody dirt.

Anko said, "This is not how I envisioned my wedding day."

Kakashi said, "Me either, but right about now, I'll take what I can get."

"You just want to get home and get to the consummating part don't you?"

Kakashi smirked at her and said, "Like you don't?"

They both giggled as Kurenai, Asuma and the priest came back to them.

Kurenai knelt next to Anko's head. She stroked her hair and said, "You sure you want to do this now? We could re-schedule and have it any way you want it."

Anko said, "I appreciate all your planning. Everything was perfect until the village was attacked. But all I want is to get married to him," she pointed at Kakashi. "I'd marry him in a barn right now. I just want to get married!"

Asuma knelt next to Kakashi and said, "Let's get these two married then."

The priest said, "Very well. Since we've already gone through the entire wedding rite up to a point, there is only one simple thing to do. You both have to state your intentions and that's it! Anko?"

Anko smiled at Kakashi. She took a deep breath. She said, "Never in my life did I ever think that I would find the perfect person for me. I'd given up on that ever happening, and then you came into my life. You were first my friend, and then you became so much more than that. And now, I can't see my life without you. I love you, and I always will."

The priest said, "Very well put Anko. Kakashi?"

"I have never been a person to see myself with anyone. My life has always been solitary, until that fateful night with you when everything changed. I never knew I could love someone so intensely until I found you. You are everything I've ever wanted. You're everything I need. You're the other half of me. Without you, I'm not whole. You are my everything. I love you and I always will."

The priest smiled and said, "I know this is a lot to ask, but is there any chance that you have some rings? Not a problem if you don't. We can do that another time."

Kurenai and Asuma dug furiously among the folds of the remnants of their wedding kimonos. Kurenai said, "YES!" and handed a ring to Anko.

Asuma said, "Hold on a second, I know I had it. I think I put it right, no, wait, here, yeah, alright!" He handed a ring to Kakashi.

The priest said, "I don't know how we managed this, but ok! Kakashi, put the ring you have on Anko's finger."

Anko extended her hand as far as she could and stuck her ring finger out. Both she and Kakashi watched as he slipped the gold band past the blood and grime that was on her hand and seated it firmly on her finger.

The priest said, "Anko?" She pushed the ring she had for Kakashi past the cuts and bruises until it was at its permanent place on his finger. As soon as both rings were in place, they held their newly ringed hands together tightly.

"Guess what?" The priest said to the four ninjas. He got close to Anko and Kakashi and said, "You're married."

Anko erupted in tears as did Kurenai. Asuma pounded Kakashi on the back to which Kakashi said "OW," every time Asuma made contact.

The priest said, "You can kiss whenever you can reach each other."

Kakashi said, "No problem." He scooted and scooched his way closer to Anko until he was nose to nose with his brand new bride in the bloody dirt. He put his left hand on her face and said, "I can't believe that I now have a wife. I love you so much."

He stared into her eyes as she said, "I love you too, my husband." They both smiled until Kakashi finally managed to press his lips to Anko's. It was official. Anko and Kakashi, fellow shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village were married.

As Kakashi and Anko lie there in the bloody dirt, life went on all around them. They themselves never heard a bit of it. The civilians and guests of the Hidden Leaf were removed from the shrine's basement and sent to their respective homes, hotels still standing, or shelters. The shinobi who were injured were treated and were told to go to hospitals if needed once they were staffed again. If not, they too were sent home to rest. What was left of Orochimaru's body became property of Tsunade and Jiraiya who had plans for it. Kakashi's hounds checked on Kakashi, offered their congratulations and then disappeared for a deserved rest. Kakashi and Anko? They slept in the bloody dirt until Tsunade and Sakura could evaluate them.

Kakashi ended up with a sprained neck, while Anko tore a disk in her back. Both needed plenty of bed rest, which neither of them would mind one bit.

Anko and Kakashi lie in the bloody dirt until nightfall. It was quite dark when some medical orderlies with stretchers came to get them. They carefully lifted both and transported them slowly back to their apartment. Anko said, "So much for the honeymoon!"

Kakashi said, "With Orochimaru gone? Every day is like a honeymoon."

The orderlies walked them carefully up the stairs to their apartment. Once there one asked, "Do either of you have a key?"

Anko said, "My husband has one." Then both of them picked their heads up and looked at the other. The word, "husband" had been used in a sentence. Anko giggled because she was going to have to get used to using that word all the time now that she and the only man she'd ever loved were officially married.

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