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Naruto: The blazing dragon

Naruto held Sasuke lifeless body close to his chest. Memories of all the times they'd had together, good or bad, flashed through his mind. He clenched the boy tighter as a particullarly sad memory roared through his mind.

"Is this the first time you've had a comrade die?" The masked boy asked, his image reflected in the ice mirrors around Naruto. Naruto said nothing. "Tragic." was all the boy said, now reaching for another senbon. Naruto spoke as the ice wielder drew the senbon from the pouch at his hip. "He was the closest thing I had to a friend, and even if we were rivals and always got on each other's nerves, I still thought of him as a friend. An obstacle to overcome at times, at others someone to look up to, but always as a friend."

He slowly set the lifeless body on the ground, his chakra levels beginning to climb. His jumpsuit began to move and ripple, even though there was no wind. His canines elongated and the wihsker marks on his cheeks grew more pronounced, darker. He glared at the boy before him with a look of pure hatred. The hatred was almost palpable in the air and the boy paled behind his mask. Naruto's eyes turned crimson and slitted and red chakra began to pour from his body.

The chakra spun around him, tearing through the stone bridge like a massive buzzsaw. It spiralled upwards into the air, forming the shape of a roaring fox with black eyes above him. "I'll kill you!" He roared, running headlong towards the fake hunter nin.

A lone man walked down a damp sewer, the water lapping at his boots. He had pale blond hair and green eyes as dark as the forest itself. He wore a tattered white cape that covered his body, wrapping around it and connecting with a brooch to the other shoulder. The brooch was a silver leaf. With each step he took the cape fluttered slightly, revealing a white breastplate that seemed to be made from scales. The water splashed the hem of his cloak with each step he took but he paid it no mind, simply continuing to walk.

A large glowing red light began to illuminate the hall, couple with an insane chuckling. The man smirked slightly, he was getting closer. He stepped into the end of the hallway, which opened up into a large room. The water was an inch higher here and steadily rising, but it affected none of the other hallways, as if there was a barrier between this room and the others.

Two large cage doors loomed before, the laughter seeming to originate there. The cage bars were held together with a small piece of paper with the kanji for seal written on it. The red light seemed to glow brighter as the water rose. And as the water rose, so did the laughter, until it was full blown maniacal laughter. Suddenly the creature inside the cage spoke, unaware of his visitor. The voice was deep, powerful, and full of menace. "Yes!" it crowed triumphantly. "The boy has finally tapped into my power, and when he uses enough of it, I'll take over his body. Maybe I'll even make him kill his friends!"

The maniacal laughter returned, this time even louder that before. The man stood before the cage bars, peering intently at the seal that held them closed. The laughter abruptly stopped as the inhabitant of the cage noticed the man before him.

"Kyuubi," the man said softly. Inside his cage the fox paled, he knew this man, and he was afraid. "Yoshin-sama," He said shakily, very nervous of the white clad man. "It's and honor to see you again." Yoshin turned his piercing gaze to the Kyuubi, his green eyes boring into him. "You have caused this boy enough harm." The Kyuubi became even paler and began stepping backwards, desprate to get away from the frightening man. The man began to speak. "I would have allowed you far longer reign here had you shown remorse for your actions, formaking this innocent boy' s life a living hell."

He sighed and began reaching for the seal. "But sadly this is not the case, and because of it, this is your punishment." He began to raise into the air, through no mean other than his own. He placed a gloved hand on the seal and Kyuubi cried out fearfully, trying to back even further into his cage, but was stopped by a stone wall. Toshin's eyes began to glow brightly and the Kyuubi screamed, his own esscence fading, moving in a large red stream towards the man who was only the size of a human.

The power flowed into the man, who took it willingly, not even flinching as the scalding chakra poured into his body. The Kyuubi began to grow fainter and fainter, his outline fading before being absorbed by the man. Toshin tore the seal from the cage doors, stepping backwards and once more touching the ground. The bars fell backwards into what had been the Kyuubi's cage before dissloving in the water. He waved a hand, the water disappearing to reveal black marble floors.

His eyes began to glow once more before fading again to their dark green. "I've done what I can for now, be careful boy."

(Kakashi and Zabuza's fight)

Kakashi's eyes widened as he felt the Kyuubi's chakra. 'What's going on, has the seal broken, I have to get to the bottom of this!' But then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the Kyuubi's chakra vanished. It was quickly replaced with a different chakra, one much older and more ancient that burst from Naruto's body, casting away the mist and shattering the ice mirrors. Kakashi quickly flipped open one of the pockets of his flak jacket before Zabuza could go after Naruto.

"Zabuza, I'm a busy man, you're a busy man, lets end this with one move!"

From jis pocket he pulled a scroll. He quickly unrolled the scroll before swiping a thump through the blood that coated his chest. He smeared the blood on the scroll, tossing it into the air where it closed with a snap. Kakashi caught it between his fingers as he fell, making handsigns around it. He slammed the scroll into the ground with a shout of "Earth style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu!" Instead of smashing into the ground the scroll simply vanished. After a moment the kanji that were written along the scroll began to spread out along the ground in a circle. And from that circle came dogs that clamped their teeth onto Zabuza's limbs before he could react, holding him in place.

Kakashi chanced a look over at Naruto and saw that he was covered in white chakra that moved like flames over his body. Now he really had to end this. He flashed through a fe w handseals before holding his right hand palm down towards the ground, and bracing it with his left. Chakra began to manifest in his hand, so thick that it was actually visible. The chakra emitted a shrieking noise, the sound of one thousand birds. "Raikiri!" Kakashi called. "My one and only original jutsu, you should feel honored."

Zabuza chuckled mirthlessly. "Forgive me if I don't embrace my death with open arms." Kakashi said nothing, dashing towards the man with his arm outstretched, hand aiming at the man's heart.

Naruto raced towards the ice mirrors, the force of his feet hitting the bridge gouged holes in the stone. His anger overwhelmed him, and this chakra that he had summoned seemed to be smothering him in his own hatred. It didn't allow him to think except for one thought, kill the one who has caused me such pain. The power the chakra gave him was indescribable. It made him feel like he could defeat any foe with ease, kill anyone that looked at him the wrong way with the flick of a finger. No one would be able to stop him as long as he weilded this power. The power the chakra gave him was like a drug, and he wanted more.

But as quickly as the power had come it disappeared, along with the strength and cravings that it brought. For a moment Naruto stood before the mirrors before raw power coursed through his body. But this power was different from the chakra that had fill his body earlier. This power made him feel truly strong. It made him feel like as long as weilded it he would always be able to protect his allies. And that no matter what he would be able to save his friends should they be in trouble.

The chakra pulsed outwards, shattering the ice mirrors. A piece of the mirror spun into the air above Naruto where Haku emerged from it, senbon in hand. He fell downwards, attempting to impale the blonde through the top of the skull. Naruto raised a hand, not even looking upwards. e grapsed Haku's fist, wrapping his fingers around the needle to prevent it from stabbing him. He glanced up at the boy who was now perfoming a handstand to avoid breaking his arm. His blue eyes had changed color once again, becoming an golden color like a hawk's.

He tossed Haku to the side with a flick of his wrist and the boy slid across the ground, maintaining his footing. Naruto walked calmly towards the boy, but his walk was completely different from its norm. He now walked with grace and dignity, and as Sakura watched, his body changed. His shaggy hair became smooth before growing longer until it reached between his shoulderblades. His ears tapered to slightly rounded points, like elves in the storybooks she had used to read as a child.

Haku quickly created five Mizu Bunshins and had them surround the blond haired boy. Naruto gazed calmly at them as they drew senbon from the pouches at their hips. The real haku jabbed a senbon at the back of his neck, hoping to at least paralyze him. Naruto spun, right arm raised in a blocking position. His raised arm knocked Haku's away before he lashed out with a palm strike that caught the boy in the chest and sent him sprawling along the ground. The mizu bunshins dispelled into water as their creater no longer had the focus to maintain them.

Haku struggled to stand but found that he couldn't. He struggled on his hands and knees, coughing up blood. Naruto realized that he must have broken some ribs with the last blow. He cast a critical eye over the boy. 'Labored breathing, coughing up blood, those ribs have puntured one or both lungs, that boy doesn't have long to live.' The fire began to condense in his hand, forming a flickering white fireball. He walked up to the boy, kneeling before him.

"You don't have long to live, your ribs have punctured one or both lungs." Haku nodded in understanding, though pain clouded his gaze. "I can end it, quick and painless, I promise." Haku nodded, his cracked and shattered mask falling from his face in pieces, though not enough for Naruto to identify the boy. "If I can't serve Zabuza-sama, then I have no reason to live." Naruto smiled sadly at the boy's conviction. "Goodbye then." He whispered, pressing the fireball into the ice users chest.

The flames ate away at Haku at a rapid rate, but somehow Naruto knew that all the boy would feel was a slight warmth. But even as fast a the flames went, they didn't move fast enough to despose of the face before the last half of the mask fell from the boy's face, revealing a serene expression. Naruto's breath caught in his throat. It was the boy he'd met in the forest, the who had taught him to be truly strong. The body turned entirely to ashes that were blown away in the wind and cast into the sea.

Long before Haku's death Kakashi's lightning blade had pierced Zabuza's chest, killing the man instantly. Kakashi laid the body on the bridge, closing the man's eyes with his hand. Naruto walked over to Kakashi, white flames still flickering on his body. He began to ask his sensei a question but was interrupted but a fat man's laugh. Naruto turned to face the sound with a snarl. A small, fat man in a pinstripe suit stood at the end of the bridge leaning on a cane. A large army of mercenaries and thugs stood behind him, each brandishing a weapon.

"Thank you so much for killing those two. Jonin cost so much, especially when they're nukenin. i was going to have this bunch kill their tired bodies after they beat you but I guess I can make them kill you instead." He cackled madly. The sad thing was, with his small voice box it came out sounding more like a squirrel that had sucked down a gallon of helium than and actual laugh. Naruto snarled at the man who was so short and fat it would put the Pillsbury Doughboy to shame.

"Gatou."He spat.

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