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The blond lying in bed raised the covers over his head, trying to get away from the bright shaft of sunlight that lanced through his window. That did him no good, he was already awake now. Naruto groaned and sat up, throwing the covers back from his body. He shook his messy hair into place, notbothering to tie it back like he usually did. He stood slowly, blinking the sleep from his eyes as he groggily made his way towards the bathroom of his small apartment. He turned the water on, splashing it into his face to wake himself up. As his vision cleared of the water, a pair of cracked cerulean eyes stared back at him from the shattered mirror. He glared at himself in the mirror, holding up a chunk of his long hair. "I can't have this for the exams." He said. "It'll only become a distraction."

He glanced once more at his reflection in the broken mirror, sighed sadly at the state of his apartment, and walked back out into the main part of the building. He pulled on a white pair of pants, placing a pair of interlocking belts that hung at his hips over top of them. He yawned widely, and unbeknownst to him, a set of fangs glinted into place of his canines. He tore open the drawer to his dresser, rifling through it's contents. He found what he was looking for after a few moments, a sleeveless black turtleneck with a sliver leaf emblazoned on the back. He forsook his ninja sandals today, instead pulling on a pair of black boots.

He glanced down at the tattered pile of clothes that had once been his chakra armor. He reached into the kunai pouch on the torn pants, drawing a single kunai from it. Naruto walked back into the bathroom, grabbing hold of his long hair. He raised the kunai to it, sawing through the hair and letting it drop to the floor. It was now at a much more managable length. The bangs of it now hung slightly in his face, but the back was smooth. Naruto's hair was no longer unruly as it had been before the transformation, it was now straight and fairly easy to manage. (If you can't imagine the hair look up a picture of Syaoran from Tsubasa chronicles.)

He made himself a quick breakfast of ramen, wolfing in down in mere seconds. He placed the bowl in the sink, dragging a hand across his lips. He grasped his spear, attaching it to his back with the handle over his left shoulder. He moved to his bed, sitting down on it and crossing his legs in the lotus position. His hands clasped before him, Naruto drew himself into his own mind.

Mindscape (I don't know who came up with that word but I like it.)

Naruto appeared before what had once been Kyuubi'scage. The entire area was empty. "Toshin, you here?" He called, his voice echoed loudly through the marble pathways. The sound of footsteps reached him, and Toshin stepped out of the shadows at the back of what had been the cell.

"I'm here."He gave Naruto's outfit a cursory glance. "I didn't know you owned clothes like that."He said, a slight smirk on his face. Naruto simply grinned back.

"I did quite a bit after you fell asleep yesterday." The man only nodded, waiting for Naruto to say what was on his mind, the boy was obviously troubled. "Today's the start of the Exams." He said after a moment. Toshin only nodded, a signal that Naruto should continue. "I'm," Naruto began, but stopped, looking down at his feet. "I'm actually really nervous Toshin." He said quietly. "So many things are changing around me, it's liekthe world is spinning faster and faster, and things are happening so quickly that all I can do is wait for it to stop." A concern look flashed across Toshin's face.

"What's wrong Naruto, what going on?" He asked, stepping forward and placing a hand on the boy's shoulder. Naruto still didn't look up from the ground. "Everything has changed." Narutosaid quietly. "The people I hated in the academy are people I have to entrust my life to in these exams, people I'm not even sure I really trust. Sasuke stopped Haku from killing me, but yesterday he acted so strangely. It was like he valued my opinion.But, as we talked, he had a strange look in his eyes, like greed."

Naruto raised his head and gestured around him. "And all this, this glow, this brightness. It's everything my mind should be, it's inviting to me, in ways that the sewers weren't. But this white chakra that I have, it's like flames and lightning all in one, and I can't help but think that I'm not strong enough to control that much power. I never hang out with any of my friends from the academy days, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Chouji are always off on missions. Everything that should stay the same is changing," His voice began to rise in volume. "And the things that should have changed..." He stopped. "Some things are exactly the way they were, things that should have changed haven't. People still see me as the Kyuubi, even though he's dead now."

"Naruto." Toshin said. "There are some things that will never change. The ignorance of people, and stupidity of humans, and maybe even the ideas of the villagers. You just have to accept that this is the way that things will be and that they will never change, because that is the way of things. That is the way of people, and of your race as a whole. Humans delude themselves, their entire perception of reality is based on what they percieve as truth. The human race's concept of things has been skewed in ways that can never be mended. Naruto, this is the way things are, and sometimes," He clenched Naruto's shoulder hard, making sure the boy was listening. "Sometimes, there are things that you just can't change, no matter how hard you try."

He turned and began to step back into the shadows. "Please Naruto, remember that." Naruto sighed, the mindscape melting down around him to reveal his apartment. He uncrossed his legs and stood up, even though he had spent over fifteen minutes talking to Toshin, only a few seconds ha passed out here. He pulled open the door but stopped dead in his tracks. The air outside was cold, frigid even. Something landed on Naruto's head, melting into water.

"What the hell?" Naruto muttered, looking up. All around him snow was falling, pure white snow. "What in the world is going on?" He stepped back inside, grabbing a large black cloak from on top of his dresser. He pulled the cloak over his shoulders, buckling the two black belts that wrapped around the raised neck. (Vincent, yay!) He stepped back outside, the cold unable to break through his thick cloak. He jumped off the railing and down the twenty feet to the street below, landing and falling into a relax pace almost instantly. He headed towards the center of town, hoping to find the source of this snow there.

As he began to get closer to the Hokage tower, and the academy where the exams were being held today, the snowstorm intensified in strength, buffeting him with winds from nowhere and strong flurries of ice and sleet. He brushed off the snow that had accumulated on his shoulders, fighting his way through the blizzard. And at last, he found its source. Four ninja like none Naruto had ever seen stood in the center, proceeding clamly through town. The ninja wore all white, sharp contrast to what ninja in Konoha wore. One was obviously their jonin instructor, but the other three...

Naruto looked closely at them, trying to see through this overwhelming ice. A boy with white hair stood at the front of the group. He wore a black vest overtop a white t-shirt and pants. A white katana with a blue dragon wrapped around the sheath was strapped to his back. Another was a girl, her straight black hair fell down her back like a waterfall, rippling elegantly in the midst of this storm. She wore a white haori and hakema, a black shirt underneath it showed through the slits in the shoulders. Her headband was tied around her neck, but her back was to Naruto and he couldn't see the symbol. The last teammate was far different from his teammates. He had crimson red hair, and his deep green eyes seemed to bore into Naruto's soul. He wore the black hakema and a crimson red haori. He could see this boy's headband, he and the others were from the village hidden in ice. (And yes, this village is my creation, it will play a large part later so pay attention.) This boy, he was like no ninja Naruto had ever seen before.

The aura of power he gave off unconciously was more powerful than even Gaara's and it made Naruto's breath catch in his throat. But this aura was not the same bloodthristy murderous intent that Gaara gave off. It was confidence, and self assurredness. The ice began to fade away, melting as it hit the ground. The boy's two teamates turned to him, curious as to what was going on. The boy stepped towards Naruto, his footsteps slow and measured. He stood before Naruto, the ice and snow now completely gone from the air. The boy's eyes roved over Naruto, sizing him up. After a moment he held out a hand, and when he spoke his voice was smooth, yet carried an undeniable undertone of power.

"I'm Takehada Ryu, I apologize for the blizzard I had created, but it is not so much of a problem in Aisugakure." He glanced around him where over six inches of snow blanketed everything in a 1 mile radius. "But I suppose in a large city like this, it can be a bit more than a minor inconvienence. At home, I don't have to control my ability, but here I will remember to be more careful." Naruto was shocked at the news but he kept his face in a neutral expression. The inside however, was a far different story. 'He created that blizzard unconciously... just how powerful is this guy, there's no way he's just a genin.'

"It's no problem." Narutosaid, chuckling lightly. "As you said, only a minor inconvienence. I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He said, taking the boy's hand.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Ryu repeated slowly, commiting the name to memory. "I look forward to fighting you in the chunin selection exams. Your team is enter, correct?" He asked. Naruto nodded, ending the handshake.

"They are, I look forward to a fight with you. If this is your power unconciously, I like to see what you can do when you focus." Naruto grinned widely. Ryu smiled as well.

"As you wish, I don't know much about this test but I presume it is fairly hard, please do notfail before we get a chance to fight each other." Naruto's grin only widened.

"Of course not." The boy's teammates were stadiing nearby, impatiently waiting for him to move along. Ryu saw them out of the corner of his eye and gave them an almost imperceptible nod.

"It's time for me to go, but my challenge still stands, I look forward to fighting you, Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto nodded.

"I won't miss it." He promised. The boy smiled a bit wider and went back to his teammates. Naruto headed towards the academy, leaping over the rooftops with ease now that they snowstorm was gone. His boots left imprints in the crisp snow but he didn't falter or slide like he would have in sandals. He leapt down from the buildings, landing at the entrance to the academy grounds. His teammates were already waiting for him, Sasuke was leaning against the stone wall, while Sakura was pacing back and forth like a sick puppy.

Sasuke smirked when he saw Narutoand his new look. "Why are you so late dobe, get caught up fixing your hair?" Naruto simply shot an icy glare at him. "Fuck off Sasuke, we can't waste time and energy fighting when we don't even know what we have ahead of us." Sakura stared at him, mouth open as if he'd just called kami a retard.

"Naruto, how dare you tell Sasuke what to do you're no-" Naruto turned away from Sasuke, his eyes locking onto hers with such intensity that she actually took a few steps back.

"Sakura, shut up." He said coolly, his voice never changing. "Let's just get inside, we can decide what to do after that." He walked past them, his earlier good cheer seemed like it had never happened. He pushed open the academy doors and blinked in suprise. "Kakashi-sensei, since when are you actaullyon time for something?" Kakashi looked up from his book, his face shifting into one of his imfamous eye smiles.

"I wouldn't miss my team's entrance into the exams. It's a good thing you all showed up too." Sakura blinked in confusion.

"But Kakashi-sensei, I thought you said we could take this test individually and that it didn't matter if one of us didn't show." Kakashiwaved a hand dismissively, closing his book and putting it in his pouch. "Oh that, that was just a lie to see if you were all ready to take it as a team, if you aren't, there's no way you'll pass this test." He shifted into a serious tone of voice. "You're all sure about this?" Kakshi aksed. They all nodded, Sakura only doing so when Sasuke did.

Kakashi smiled. "Well then, head up those stairs, and let the real test begin." Naruto smirked cracking his knuckles.

"This is gonna be fun isn't it." He asked, truning to Sasuke. His bad temper was forgotten with the prospect of a real challenge ahead. And for once, Sasuke had to agree with him.

"Oh yeah. This is gonna be fun." They both began to walk up the stairs, Sakura trailing behind. As they stepped onto the 3rd floor Naruto felt a slight sense of disorientation but shook it off. A group of people were gathered outside the testing room. Two older genin stood in front of the door, blocking the path of the younger ninja.

"Ha! If you can't even get past us, you'll stand no chance in the Chunin Exam, go home you idiots, you snotnosed little brats!" He backhanded a boy with a bowlcut wearing a green spandex suit and the boy fell to the floor, groaning. Naruto spotted Tenten as she rushed over to the boy.

"Lee!" She cried. Naruto began to move forward, quickly and silently. His hands formed the seal for kage bunshin under his cloak and another Naruto appeared on either side of him. The trio of Naruto's formed an imposing prescense and people moved out of his way as he walked towards Tenten's teammate. He knelt down beside the boy, checking his pulse and breathing.

"He's fine Tenten, just a little banged up." She blinked and stared hard at him.

"Naruto?" She asked. He grinned. "You've changed, I didn't recognize you at first." Naruto only smiled a bit more. Lee sat up, shaking his head from side to side to stop the disorientation.

"Are you alright?" Narutoasked. Lee nodded, standing back up and taking his spot beside Tenten. Naruto stood up as well, glaring at the two genin that barred his way. His normally playful cerulean eyes became twin chips of ice as he watched them. Power began to well up inside him and white electricity began to crackle over his body as he channelled Toshin'spower. His hand slowly grasped the shaft of his spear. "I suggest you move if you don't want to lose a limb." He said darkly. The genin held their place. The power slowly faded from Naruto and his eyes reverted back to normal. Not taking his eyes from them the blond called out to Sasuke.

"He Sasuke, how many flights of stairs did we go up?" He asked.

"Two, why do you- ohhhh."Naruto turned to face the assorted genin.

"This isn't the thrid floor, it's the second. But these guys were right to hold you back, if you can't even detect such a simple genjutsu like the one on this floor, you have no hope of passing these chunin exams. He turned back to the gate gaurds, sighing. "Izumo, Kotetsu, drop the henge's, I swear you two have to be the laziest ninja I have ever met" He stopped, putting a finger to his chin. "Besides Shikamaru of course but that's beside the point! You two didn't even really use a henge, all you did was make yourselves shorter."

The two 'genin' rubbed the back of their heads, their illusions disappearing to reveal the same ninja only taller.

"Looks like you caught us, huh Naruto-san?" Naruto shook his head, sighing.

"Come on guys, let's head up to the third floor."He turned and began to walk towards the staircase but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and came face to face with Tenten's teammate, lee.

"Naruto-san, I wish to fight you." He said.


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