SUMMARY: Ah, the dreaded Puppy eyes, Newbie's greatest weapon. so help me jesus i never stood a chance.

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'Pretty please?'

'No way in hell, newbie'

'Perry, please?

'Don't call me Perry at work,'

'I won't if you promise we can go, Per-ry'

I'd had enough. I stopped dead, almost causing Newbie, who had been following right behind me, to walk straight into my back. With a growl, I turned to face him, and crossed my arms across my chest. Like always, he had his trademark grin on his face.

'Newbie let me make this clear to you – I am not, I repeat I am NOT, going to see the Lion King on Ice with you. if you really want to sit and cry your little heart out as a bunch of idiots dressed up in costumes skate around re-enacting that oh-so famous scene where the monkey lifts the little lion cub into the air and the giraffes and the elephants bow down that badly, then be my guest, go ask one of your girl friends to go with you, because buh-hu-hu-lieve me, I'm not going.' I finished my rant in record time and – and he was still smiling. It was the kind of grin he got when he knew he was being annoying. God, do I miss the days when he was afraid of me…

'Oh come on, would it really hurt you to just do this one little thing, as a couple, just you and me?'

'yes actually, because if I went to this gig, then I no doubt would have slit my wrists – oh I don't know – two minutes in. and you know how I don't like to harm my beautiful body in any way' ah, there it was, the flicker in the smile. It's fun being me.

I would like to say that I had won this little …disagreement there and then, but my newbie was certainly not the type to give up on something so easily.

The smile may have vanished from his face, but he was in no way out for the count. more like, changing his tack to get me to cave in. And i'm almost ashamed to admit that he knows exactly what tactic is sure to work...

Of course, newbie now looks like I'd kicked his favourite puppy.

Ah, the dreaded Puppy Dog Eyes. Newbie's greatest weapon against me. I'd be damned if I wasn't a sucker for those baby blues of his, and the worst thing is, he knows it too. So help me Jesus, I never stood a chance.


'Alright, alright, we can go. Stop with the eyes, already' I hear myself saying before I can stop it. Damn, when did I become such a pansy?

His face cracked into the broadest of grins, and he walks – nay, he skips – away with the air of a child who had just been told Christmas had come early, and disappeared in the direction of the cafeteria, he was no doubt off to tell his girlfriends of this little victory.

God, why do you hate me so? This kid is gonna ruin me…

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