So yeah uh what was this going to be about oh yeah ok so ZipstykeClock got married to Ms. ZipstykeClock who later became Mrs. ZypstykeClock as a result of the marriage and then ZipstykeClock and Mrs. ZipstykeClock had sex and they had children whom they named ZipstykeClock Jr. and ZipstykeClock Jr. Number Two ok so uh Mrs. ZipstykeClock went to visit Mrs. ZipstykeClock's sister who was in the hospital with cancer and when Mrs. ZipstykeClock left ZipstykeClock was all like "oh boy oh boy this is my big chance" and so when Mrs. ZipstykeClock was gone ZipstykeClock totally went into ZipstykeClock Jr. Number Two's room and totally banged ZipstykeClock Jr. Number Two even though that's ittlegal and then ZipstykeClock Jr. Number Two was traumatized ZipstykeClock Jr. Number Two's entire life and then more shit happened ok im sick of this goodbye world and those who inhabit it the end.