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L stared at the TV screen. "She loves you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah…." Max's (Joe Anderson's) voice sung as 'All You Need is Love' ended. The picture of Lucy faded to the end credits. L couldn't believe it. Across the Universe the movie, was over. It was a great movie. The songs, the meanings. Everything. And he couldn't believe it. He continued eating his ice cream while occasionally biting into his dough-kabob. He kept expecting more to come up. But all that was there was the song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' playing as countless names were rolling down the screen.

Then, he stood and walked over to his computer. He quickly downloaded the entire bonus soundtrack of the movie and put them into his LPod.

He plugged his LPod into the stereo and began listening to all the songs. Over and Over. Pretty soon, he had most of the songs memorized. He started to even sing them. He was fully pumped by the time 'Revolution' came on. He was singing it for he had completely memorized it.

"….You better free your mind instead.
"But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao,
"You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow.
"Don't you know it's gonna be alright…..?"

As he was singing, the task force walked into his room, to see a dancing, singing L. As soon as L saw the men in the room, he froze, and then he paused the song and sat back down on the couch, picked up the remote, and opened the movie up again from the beginning.

"Ummmm….Ryuzaki?" Matsuda began.

"Yes?" L replied as he mouthed the words of 'Girl.'

"What are you doing?"

L took his time to answer. "…Appreciating a musical on film."

Everyone was quiet as 'It Won't Be Long' started. Five minutes of no talking. Everyone just stared at the screen…or L. Why was he acting like he was in a trance?

Watari passed out ice cream cones to everyone as they all took a seat somewhere in the room.

L began skipping to the songs he liked though the film. He watched several of the songs. When 'Revolution' came on again, some of the task force people realized the songs were Beatles songs.

"Don't you know, it's gonna be alright?

"Don't you know, it's gonna be alright?
"Alright…Alright…." L was mumbling to match the song.

"Alright!" Light's father stood and stopped the movie. "We're supposed to be working on a case. Not watching a movie."

L looked up to him, licked his cone, and said, "Ok. Watari, can you bring my laptop to me?"

They watched as L turned on his laptop. Why was it facing away from them? Matsuda walked up behind L and looked at the screen. Then, he simply backed away, shaking his head.

Music came up from the laptop. L really seemed to like 'Revolution,' because he was watching the video on the internet.

"Ryuzaki," Yagami-san began with darting eyes.


"We really need to work on this case right now-"

"Don't worry." Matsuda started. "Everything's gonna be ALRIGHT!"

Everyone in the room, except Matsuda and L, slapped themselves on the head.

"What? I saw the movie last night." Matsuda gave a chuckled.

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