Maternal Instincts

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Backstory: This takes place shortly after the end of the first, and as far as I know, only season. Integra's not locked up anymore. She's back in charge of the Hellsing organization. I don't know if I'm going to mention this in the fic, but it was thanks to Alucard's threatening of key members of government that they "absolved" Integra. They determined that she was the only one who could keep him in line, which was Alucard's plan all along. Anyway, Hellsing's still investigating the Freak Chips. They've made some progress but they still haven't managed to nail down the party that's truly responsible.

Chapter 1: Aftermath

It was another full moon night. Alucard was having a little fun slowly disposing of another fake vampire. This one actually had some minor shape shifting abilities. Alucard had to admit that whoever was making the fakes was improving. They were still nowhere near as much fun as facing off against a real vampire, but the new batch did provide some mild entertainment.

While her master dealt with the vampire, Seras led a small detachment of Hellsing soldiers charged with eliminating the townsfolk who had been turned into ghouls. It wasn't a difficult task, but it had been time consuming. Somehow the vampire had been able to hide his presence for a month, and in that time he'd turned nearly all of the small town's population into ghouls.

Still, Seras and her men had cleansed most of the town. The only ghoul strong hold left was an old church on a hill at the town's border. There were a dozen ghouls guarding the outside of the church and an unknown number within. At least the ones outside wouldn't pose a problem. Seras hefted her Harkonnen and discharged a round into the center of the ghoul formation. The shell exploded on impact, sending blessed silver fragments into eight of the ghouls. As the silver cut into their diseased bodies, the ghouls evaporated into dust. Seras broke to reload her weapon while the remaining ghouls were cut down by bursts of machinegun fire from her men.

Once the ghouls were taken care of, Seras and the other Hellsing soldiers advanced to the church. The soldiers took their positions on each side of the church's main entrance. Seras stood back a few feet and aimed her weapon at the front doors, incase any ghouls decided to pop out when they were opened. One of the soldiers put an explosive strip into the grove between the two doors. He moved back to the side and yelled "Breach!"

The strip exploded, tearing the doors apart and creating an awful racket. Seras rushed into the church. The soldiers followed, in a sweeping motion. Once they were all in, Seras held the center position in an inverted V formation. The Hellsing employees looked around the church. It was not a pretty sight.

There were torn apart bodies of ghouls all over. The dismembered limbs twitched. The zombie like bodies were still alive but they were in too many pieces to do anything else. The sight of the twitching limbs coupled with the stench, naturally produced by the decaying bodies of ghouls, caused one of the rookies to quickly unfasten his helmet. He pulled the headwear down and puked inside it.

One of the more experienced soldiers turned to Seras and asked, "What do you think happened here?"

Seras closed her eyes and reached out with her sixth sense while she tried to determine just that. She sensed the fear that had gripped the town's few remaining human occupants and driven them to seek sanctuary in the church. It actually wasn't that bad a place to go. As long as the church's pastor lived, the holy energy within the church created a barrier against vampire and ghoul attacks. If the pastor and congregation had enough faith, the undead couldn't break in. However, they could be invited in, and that was what had happened here. One group of the people who sought sanctuary had carried a wounded man in with them.

The man had been attacked by a ghoul, but he was strong enough to stave off the infection, for a time. When he finally did succumb to death, his body was twisted into that of a ghoul; and he attacked the humans within the church. As he tore into the humans they cried out and one by one joined the ranks of the undead. Then something else appeared.

Seras couldn't quite make it out. It moved too fast. All she was sure of was that it had red glowing eyes. It leaped out of the shadows and tore through the ghoul bodies. It left nothing but destruction in it's wake. In a matter of seconds, the ghouls were all in pieces and the creature with the glowing red eyes vanished.

Seras wondered what the creature could've been. It was possible that it was a vampire. She couldn't move that fast, but her master had once fought a freak vamp who possessed that kind of speed. However, Seras couldn't sense any vampires in the town except for her master, the one he was fighting and herself. Maybe the creature was a werewolf.

Seras wasn't sure if she believed that werewolves existed; but She figured that if vampires were real, werewolves might be also. And it was a full moon night. Seras wondered just how her sixth sense would pickup a werewolf.

It was then that one of her men walked by the pulpit and noticed a slight breathing sound. "We've got a contact!" The other soldiers surrounded the pulpit. Seras walked over and stood in front of the side that would face toward the preacher and away from the congregation. There was a curtain across that side. Seras grabbed one of her men's rifles and used the barrel to slowly move the curtain aside. She was shocked to see a little boy curled into a fetal position within the pulpit.

The boy was human. One look would tell anyone that he wasn't a ghoul, and Seras could sense that the boy was no vampire. He was shaking and hiding his head. Seras looked closer at the boy. He couldn't have been more than ten, and was completely terrified.

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