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The end of the school year is finally here. We have one week left and I am so excited. I have been waiting for so long to finally get out for summer and spend 24/7 with Edward. I still can't seem to get over the night in the meadow. It was brilliant, beautiful, and spectacular. I don't think I could have wished for anything more. We haven't had sex again. Well at least not since then, but I plan to stop that once school is out. I was thinking I might try and have a little fun with him next time.

I sat at the desk in Biology reviewing for my finals. They were in two days and I wasn't quite sure how good I was going to do, considering I couldn't seem to focus on anything with Edward sitting beside me. And even when I got home all I could think about was our meadow. Nothing could take that memory away. It would be burned in my mind forever. The way he moved, his gentle touch, his…okay, I needed to stop, or else I might just take him on the floor. This wasn't something I wanted to do. So I just sat back in my chair and tried to relax my body as I let out a sigh.

"You okay?" The angel asked beside me. I turned my head to look at his perfect face and felt my heart flutter.

"Yeah. Just…relaxing…" I smirked at my own inside joke.

"I can see that," he leaned in closer to me and kissed my nose.

"Edward, stop," I play swatted him away.

"What? I can have sex with you, but I can't kiss your nose?" he whispered with a small grin.

"Edward, don't be so loud." I looked around to make sure no one was watching us, but everyone was doing their own thing. Good. I didn't need people eaves dropping. That is the last thing I would want, was for Charlie to know that me and Edward were more then just boyfriend and girlfriend. We were lovers. Well, that's what Edward liked to call us. I still just used the regular term.

"Bella, love, no one is listening to us. They have stopped listening to us almost a month ago." And he was right. We were finally no longer the infamous 

couple that people talked about. Well, at least not to our faces. I would just love to see what the said about us behind our backs.

"I know, but still. What if Charlie found out?" I know, I am way too paranoid.

"Well, then, he finds out. That doesn't mean it never happened." He brushed his lips across my cheek and ran then up to my ear. "I love you, Bella."

A shiver ran down my spine, as I smiled. "I love you more, though."

"Oh, really?" Edward backed away from me to eye my expression.

I nodded, "Yes, sir." I was positive about that.

He chuckled and leaned back into my ear and began whispering again. "Would you want me to prove that I love you more?"

My face reddened, "You could try, but I don't think you would succeed."

Edward took my face in his hands and began kissing me. His lips moved against mine fiercely and I was about to give in when I remembered that we were in class. I pushed Edward away.

"Not now. We can't do this in class, Edward. Really," I stated.

"Oh, yeah, your right. Oh, well, guess we will have to wait until we get to your house." He pecked me on the lips once more and then went back to his work, leaving my stomach in flutters as I waited for what he had planned.

"Oh, Charlie isn't planning to be home for awhile is he?" Edward asked.

"He is working late tonight…why?" I was human enough to ask "why", even though I knew exactly why he wanted to know.

"No reason," he gave me a seductive smile and then all was silent in the classroom. I returned to my sheet, my face red, and my heart pumping ten times faster. This was not good.

When the day was finally over, I was happy to be out of school. Two more day until the finals, and only four days to go. Boy, was I happy, or what? Now, all I needed to do was try to calm myself down. Was Edward good at racking my nerves or what?

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