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List of ways to annoy the characters in Inheritance:



Excuse me, your majesty, I found this rock in the treasury, can I keep it?


(When he asks you if you are insane) NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE PADDED ROOM AGAIN!!

Sorry, your majesty, I accidentally pushed Murtagh out of the highest tower…

(Innocently) Can I have a hug?

Tell him that the elves live at the bottom of the ocean and see if he goes looking for them.

Oromis/ Gleadr/ Elves

Go hunting in the forest of Du Weldenvarden. Then walk into Ellesmera carrying your catch on your shoulders.

Walk around rambling about nonsense. See if you can make them finally crack. (You will know if they do, there will be a few arrows sticking out of you… you'll be a PORCUPINE!!)

Run around the elven cities screaming FIRE!!

While at an elven feast produce slices of jerky from your bag and start chewing loudly while saying ANYBODY WANT SOME JERKY??


Go to Farthen Dur talking loudly about pithies.

Ask every dwarf you meet where the star sapphire is.

Go up to a dwarf and ask with a STRAIGHT face: Sir, why are you so short?

Run around the mines screaming ROCK SLIDE!!

Eragon/ Saphira

Hide all of his clothes in the toilet

Go into Aberon asking everyone if they had seen your missing sapphire dragon.


Become a stalker.

At night paint Saphira's scales red.


Replace his soap with butter

When he draws his sword in irritation yell, HA! I FINALLY DID IT!

Murtagh/ Thorn

Follow him wherever he goes asking him random questions.

Replace Zar'roc with a plastic spoon.

Poke him whenever the opportunity arises.

Start singing when he is trying to concentrate

Ramble on and on about nonsense and when he tells you to stop talking start singing. When he tells you to stop singing start whistling. When he tells you to stop whistling start humming. When he tells you to stop humming start hissing and watch in amusement when he draws Zar'roc in irritation.

Attempt to sell Thorn on eBay.

When Thorn walks by yell OHMYGOSH!! THAT IS ONE BIG CHICKEN!!

When he walks by whisper loudly to a person nearby, "I see gay people." Watch his reaction

Dip Zar'roc in petroleum jelly and see how long he can hold on to it.

Walk to a place where he can easily see you. Call him and accuse him of stealing your cell phone. (I have no idea why the cell would work in Alagaesia….)



Run around Aberon with your arms flailing and screaming, "The elf is going to kill me!"

At random moments give her a big hug…

Take a plastic, light-up lightsaber, and challenge her to a duel.

Stare wide-eyed and unblinking at her when she is meditating.

Run circles around her, and again, with your arms flailing and screaming.

To finish your job, walk away saying, 'may the force be with you.'

No one in particular, just for the fun of it…

Run around the Burning Plains screaming FIRE!!

Walk up to complete strangers and say, "Hi! Where have you been? "See if they talk to you to avoid embarrassment.

Give everyone in sight a great big hug… FINALLY!!


When there are people behind you, walk REALLY SLOW, especially in a small street/ alley.

Go to the hotel and try to call the main office.

Put up a McDonalds sign in the center of the town (which ever one you want) watch people's reactions.

Find a long line of people and yell RED ROVER!!

Begin a FOOD FIGHT!!

Drape a blanket around your shoulders and run around saying, "...I'm Batman. Come, Robin--to the Batcave!"

Go to a tavern and ask for a soda.

Dart around suspiciously while humming the theme from "Mission: Impossible." See if you get arrested.

Run around the towns, or where ever else saying, "The British are coming!! The British are coming!!"

Follow someone until they notice and call the police. (Or whatever you call them…)


Emily laughed hysterically when she read what her sister had written. Maybe she should try it out…

A few hours later:

A shadowy figure snuck stealthily along the streets of Aberon. Drawing near an oblivious couple the figure screamed "RED ROVER!!" Thereafter chaos ensued…

I hope you enjoyed these tips… ahem… things NOT to do in Alagaesia if you value your life.

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