Joining Soul

By Dueler312

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of OLTL.

Chapter 15

Everyone was heading over at the palace, where the wedding reception was going to take place. Nicole was riding with Langston and Markko in his car. On the way, Langston asked Nicole, "SO, are you excited that your parents married?"

"Yeah, I love Mom and Daddy being married. I want to be married someday," she proclaimed.

"Well, you going to wait for a long time until that happens," said Markko. Langston just shook her head at her boyfriend.

"You can get married too," Nicole replied back. That reply completely shook Markko and Langston, but they decided to push that subject off until later.

"Hey, were here," said Markko, as he pulled into the driveway. Markko then headed out, but Nicole noticed that Langston stayed in her seat. "Why aren't you getting out, Langston?" she asked.

"Well, at something big like this, the man always opens the door for the lady," Langston explained. Nicole giggled at that. "Markko loves you," she started to tease a little.

"I know, but if you keep this up, I'm going to tease you about having a boyfriend," said Langston.

"Hey!" she said, putting her fists on her hips, but smiling.

Just then the door opened up for Langston and she stepped out of the car. Markko then did the same thing for Nicole. When he did this, she asked, "Does this mean I'm a lady too?"

Markko and Langston laughed at that. Then she said, "Come on. We still got something to prepare for when your mom and dad arrive."

"Okay," said Nicole, and she headed in to the palace.

"She's really excited about this," Markko noted.

"Well, whose kid would be happy with their loving parents marrying each other, except for Starr's parents?" asked Langston, adding that little exception at the end,

"You freak," said Markko.

"Same to you," said Langston. They shared a little kiss, before Nicole asked them for help with the door. The three of them went inside.

Back at the church, Starr and Cole were comforting each other on a couch. "You really look gorgeous, Starr," said Cole.

"Thanks," said Starr. "You really look handsome there," she added. Cole just smiled at that compliment. They were about to share another kiss when a knock on the door interrupted them. The door opened a little bit to reveal the minister who oversaw their wedding.

"Excuse me, but the limo is here to pick you two up for your reception," he said.

"Oh, thanks a lot," said Starr. The minister nodded and left them alone.

"Man, I wish I could keep you here for ever right now, in that beautiful dress," said Cole.

"I know," said Starr. "But if we did that, I'm pretty sure our friends and family, not to mention our daughter, are going to be wondering where we are."

"True," Cole admitted. "Come on, Mrs. Thornhart, allow me to escort you to the limo."

"Wow, You being a real gentleman again," said Starr, playing along. "Although I still got to get used to your last name," she added. Cole laughed, as he escorted his new wife to the limo.

Everyone who was at the wedding was now at the palace, with the exception of the newlyweds. All the guests were in the main hall, while the bridal party stood on the side, waiting for Starr and Cole to arrive.

"I can't wait for them to appear as newlyweds," said Langston.

Just then, Nicole saw a figure in white and a figure in black walking up to the door. The doormen opened the doors for them, and Starr and Cole walked in.

"Mom! Dad!" screamed Nicole, running over to her parents.

"Did you miss us already, sweetie? We haven't even gone on our honeymoon, yet," said Starr

"I just want to start the party," said Nicole.

"Well, we got to be presented first because all of us have a special table to sit at," Langston explained.

"And now with out further ado, I would like to start the reception, by introducing the wedding party!" Blair was doing the announcing for everyone, with a little over excitement.

"Ok, why we did we ask your mother to announce us?" asked Cole, Starr wasn't sure how to answer that. They had settled on having Blair announce them to start the reception when they were doing the planning, but now they weren't so sure about their choice.

Nicole and Sam went first when Blair called them. Sam didn't look comfortable by escorting his niece, but he kept quiet about it. Sarah and Jack came up next when Blair called their names. Then Jessica and Bo filed out, followed by Natalie and John.

Before Langston and Markko headed out, Langston gave them both a big hug and said, "Congratulations, you guys. I'm just so happy for both of you."

"Thanks, Langston," said Starr, as she hugged back. Markko joined in the hug as well, and they all separated, and then Langston and Markko headed out into the hall, leaving Starr and Cole alone. "You ready?" he asked.

"I've been ready," said Starr. "Come on."

Blair then announced, "And now, let me introduce the newly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Thornhart!"

Starr and Cole knew that that was there cue, and they went through the doors, walking up to their spots while everyone was clapping for them. Starr and Cole never separated from each other until they reached their spots, where Cole pulled the chair out for Starr. She gracefully sat down and spread her dress out, while Cole was taking his seat.

Everyone started having a good time as they began to eat. Dorian was put in charge of the food, and she actually spared no expense, although Starr wished she would of just gone with a little less expensive food as well. Starr though actually loved it when Cole fed her from his fork.

Starr knew she had everything she had ever wanted, but she knew she also wanted her dad to accept her and Cole being together. She was just glad though that he was locked away for life, and hopefully he wouldn't try to escape again.

After the meal, it was time for Starr and Cole to cut the cake. They were a little fidgety with the knife, but managed to cut a piece. Starr and Cole even had a little mini food-fight when Cole accidentally hit Starr's face with some icing.

Finally, it was the big event when Starr and Cole would have their first dance together as husband and wife.

"You ready to dance?" asked Cole. Starr nodded. Cole then took Starr to the dance floor. Nicole watched her parents, loving every minute of them being together. 'I hope that when I'm older, I'll find someone that will love me as I will like my parents do,' she thought.

Starr and Cole took their places, and then the DJ started the music. Everyone was in no shock when they heard the song they wanted to dance to: "Together."

"Kind of reminds you on how we promised we would always be with each other, huh?" Cole reminded Starr.

"And there is no way I'm going to break that promise," said Starr. The song started and Cole and Starr danced to it while Cole holding Starr to his chest.

Langston and Markko were watching them from a corner, loving of how those two were making each other happy.

"They gone through a lot to get to this point," said Langston.

"Yeah, and they always came back, stronger and closer to each other," Markko added. They both looked at each other and Markko wrapped Langston in his arm, while she put hers on his shoulder, and shared a lovely kiss, and then went to watch their two best friends dance while resting their heads on one another.

Starr and Cole were loving every minute of their dance, because while no one really knew it, they were remembering again of their past times with each other, from the first day they met to this moment. They only snapped out of the moment when the song ended, and everyone clapped for them.

All in all, the reception was really lovely. Nicole wanted to dance a lot with her parents, and although she still wanted to dance, she was started to get worn out. Starr and Cole even danced with Langston and Markko as well. Everyone was having so much that time flew by, and before they knew it, Starr and Cole had to go to catch their flight to their honeymoon destination.

Everyone was wishing them a good time on their honeymoon at the limo. Starr and Cole got changed, as they didn't want to walk into the airport with their wedding garments on. Marty just got done hugging Cole and said to him, "You be safe, and take care of her, okay."

"No problem, Mom," said Cole.

"I'm going to miss you while you're away," Blair said to Starr.

"Mom, don't worry. We'll be back," Star assured her mother. She then turned to Nicole.

"Are you going to behave for Langston and Markko while Mom and Dad are away?" she asked her.

"Yes, Mom. I will," Nicole promised.

"Oh don't worry. I'm pretty sure this little one won't give us any trouble, or otherwise I'll do the same to her," said Langston.

"Hey!" said Nicole, while laughing at the same time. She then went to Starr and hugged her, saying, "I love you and Dad, Mom."

"I love you too, Nicole," said Starr. "Besides your dad, you're the best thing that's happen to me." Nicole blushed a little when Starr said that.

Finally it was time for Starr and Cole to head out. They went into the limo and headed over to the airport.

Starr and Cole were in the air in a couple of hours. While in the air, Starr nudged Cole to talk to him.

"Yeah, what is it?" he asked.

"Well, since I figured we're starting our honeymoon, I would tell you the big news," said Starr. "We're going to have another baby."

"Are you serious?" asked Cole with a shock of surprise. Starr just nodded. "When did you find out?" he asked.

"This morning," answered Starr. "I figure it would be a great wedding present for you."

Cole just smiled and hugged Starr. Then he said to her, "I love you so much, Starr."

"I love you so much as well, Cole." A quick kiss followed and they laid on each other while flying to their honeymoon destination.

There's the end of this story. I may think of doing part three story on this, but I'll have to figure out how to write it. In the mean time, you guys know what to do.