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Chapter 1: Return of the Dancer

Tenten's POV

It was supposed to be a surprise. It's been four years and Hinata's supposed to be returning today. I'm twenty one and since that's the legal drinking age I was drinking some wine coolers in the airport. Hinata's plane was 715 from London. I really miss her. Who I don't miss is that annoying cousin of hers. I can't believe I even liked that fool. He thinks he's too good for everyone. UGH I hate that hoodwink. Yes I said hoodwink. In other news Temari and Shikamaru are engaged. After the whole memory loss thing Shika and Mari have been even closer. I have about zippo idea how that happened but I'm happy it did. Oh and I got another job. Being an assassin wasn't enough to support me so I'm also working as a model. No I'm not like Tyra Banks or I'm not famous or anything. I do some photo shoots here and there and I've been on the cover of 'How to Please Your Chicken Wing' but nothing really big. I was too busy thinking about how life sucks that I didn't notice indigo hair right in front of my face.

"TENTEN" Hinata screamed.

Then scrawny arms wrapped around me.

"HINA- POO I MISSED YA!" I screamed.

She gave me this look but started laughing. "I really missed you Ten" she said.

I smiled. "How was London?" I asked making small talk while walking to get our luggage.

"Beautiful but I love it here" she said smiling.

Hina was a grown woman, beautiful, independent, and most importantly old enough to go clubbing with. We walked out of the airport still chatting happily. I called a cab. Hinata slid in first with her multiple bags then me. Then the male driver name Rosalie Micafrelandotupuskaliski. For some reason the last name seems familiar.

Rosalie smirked at us and said, "Where to girls?" His voice was beyond creepy. It cackled and was icy.

"Um……120 Twilight Blvd" I said. Hinata looked at me questioningly.

"Why are we going to your house?" she asked.

"Surprise" I said.

"You know how I feel about surprises" she said.

Yea. You hate them. "Please just go along with this one" I pleaded.

Hina smiled. "Sure" she said.

In my peripheral vision I saw Rosalie smirk devilishly.

"Rose….can I call you Rose? Do you like your job?" I asked.

He grunted.

"Yes Tenten I love my job" he said smirking evilly.

"Wait I never told you my name" I said.

Rosalie smirked wildly.

"I know" he said.

"Then who told you?" I asked.

"We've met before"

"When and where?"

"About 4 years ago at my lab"

Then it hit me. Hinata grabbed my arm as the cab swerved around the icy street. A dry scream escaped my lips. I remember flashing colors, impact, then darkness.


I'm sorry it's short!