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Chapter I

By: Blue Romance

Pale-lavender eyes stared nervously around the room. Her fingers were playing with the hem of her shirt, and the blood was probably rushing to her face right now. She probably looked like a tomato.

Her hand went up to her face. 'This is so embarrassing!' she screamed inside her head. 'I can't believe I let father talk me into this!'

Remembering the conversation she and her father had, her face turned to a whole new shade of red.

"Hinata… I am going to send you to a new school."

Hiashi stated as he drank tea from the cup Hinata handed to him. Hinata's eyes were cast downwards. Her father always sent her to different schools every year, something about making you stronger. Bt truthfully, Hinata had no idea how moving would make her stronger. It just seems to destroy her chances of actually acquiring friends.

"Where now father?" she asked softly.

Her father gave her a stern look and set his cup down. Looking straight at her, he spoke his next words calmly. "I'm going to send you to study with Neji."

Hinata sat upright. "N-neji..?" she asked. "Yes. You are to study with Neji." Hinata stared at her father, trying to look for any sign that he was joking. "B-but F-father…" she voiced out, "Doesn't Neji study in a boy's school?"


Hinata pursed her lips. She has got to be dreaming. She is in no way going to go in a boy's school. Unfortunately, she had no say in the matter. After a week, she was on her way to Renzan High.

Hinata scowled at the thought. She just couldn't believe her father sent his eldest daughter to a boy's school!

When she felt a hand tap her shoulder she half-jumped in the air and turned around to come face to face with her new teacher. "Are you alright? You spaced out for quite a while." Hinata felt her cheeks turn redder. Spaced out? Spaced out?! She was spaced out?!

"H-how… ahem…How long?" she asked, almost forgetting she was supposed to be a guy. Iruka scratched his chin. "Well…" he started. "We've been trying to get your attention with the first ten minutes but left you alone for five. That's when you scowled and we thought we can finally… ugh, get your attention."

Hinata's face turned red, she started feeling dizzy and got a hold on the table. She's been standing there looking like a total idiot for fifteen minutes…? Fifteen minutes! In front of all these guys!

"Are you okay?" Iruka asked, getting a grip on her shoulders. She nodded and smiled weakly. "Thanks." "No problem. You can sit down now you know."

Hinata nodded and looked at the class. Her face was heating up again. Everyone was staring at her. Everyone… and she had to admit, most of them were pretty good looking. She blushed at the thought. 'Stay focus, Hinata!' she told herself, 'You will become stronger! Do it for father!' silently, she also muttered, "…just so he wouldn't send you to adventures like this anymore…"

Hinata glanced at the group and saw her cousin at the back, a free chair beside him. 'At least I have Neji to help me.'

As she headed towards her beloved cousin, Hinata felt someone tug at her shirt. She tried to ignore it and continued heading towards her cousin. Before she knew it, she was sitting in a seat besides an extremely cute blond.

"Hey!" he told her, I've been trying to get you to sit here, but you won't look at me. Lucky you passed by." Hinata grinned weakly. "Ugh…yeah, Lucky." She slouched in her seat and glanced over at her cousin who was now glaring at the blond. He looked as if he was ready to kill, and if Hinata knew better, Neji would probably will.

"Hey." The blond called her attention to him again. "Hmm..?" she asked, staring at his beautiful sapphire blue eyes. "You know. You totally look like a girl." Hinata blushed. 'Oh no!' she silently screamed. 'I can't be that obvious! No!!'

Trying to think of a comeback, she just laughed. "Me? A girl." She asked, trying to make her voice manly as possible. "I can't be a girl! I'm totally straight! I'm a guy! A man! A really strong man!" she wanted to smack herself hard, oh why oh why as she been watching Fairly Odd Parents again?! Why?! Trying to forget about it, she continued. "You can't fall in love with me! I'm a guy! A straight guy! And… well…I'm not gay!" she declared.

The blond laughed and laid a hand on her shoulder. "You're pretty funny." He said, "I like you." His face suddenly paled. "Not in that kind of way, alright? Just to let you know, I'm straight too." Hinata suppressed a giggle and just smiled. Suddenly, he pulled her towards him and she actually though he was going to kiss her. Of course, he only wanted to whisper something to her ear. 'Bad Hinata!' she scolded herself, 'Don't think of things like that!' She was pulled out from her thoughts when she felt his breath tickling her ear. "I want to introduce you to someone later…" he whispered to her. "His name's Sasuke…" Hinata nodded, not sure why he'd want to introduce her. "I'll bet every single penny I've got that he's the one gay."

Hinata laughed. A little girly laugh that would probably tell the guy that he's a she! Instead, the blond just stared at her. "You have a really nice laugh." He complimented. Hinata blushed, "Ugh… thanks?" The blond looked at her and his face turned to shock when he obviously realized something very important. "What? What is it?" she asked, afraid that he found out. He suddenly stuck his hand out to her. "I forgot to introduce myself." He stated. "I'm Naruto… I, ugh, forgot your name…" He scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly. "Guess I wasn't paying any attention. But you're related to Neji, right? I mean the eyes pretty much scream that out."

Hinata smiled. 'He seems pretty nice.' She thought. She took his hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you Naruto." She told him, "I'm Hiro. Hyuuga Hiro."

End Chapter 1

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