Author's Note

Ok...some stories have just had a previous Author's Note and some haven't so yeah. This Author's note is to notify that if you go to my profile, you will notice many stories have been deleted.

Melody High School, The Secret Animal, A Cold Night in Ghotza, The Other Side, Jansen's Childhood.

Ok so like some of these stories are going to be redone, others are going to stay deleted. So yeah if anyone wants to request that I put one of these back up (It will be rewritten and edited and maybe have a different name) then tell me otherwise I'm not going to bother to put them back up and I'll just rewrite and edit them and only I'll know the ending.

Uh on another note, for the OC known as Shinsho Diaspora. He bores me to be frank. I can't think of anymore chemistry between him and Kara, so yeah...he's out the window. Demo! He will be replaced with another OC know as Christopher 'Zeus' Rozario (He'll just go by Zeus though so yeah). But if anyone would like to see Shinsho stick around as a bad guy that'll be allowed.

Now the next order of business is for Beauty Pop fans who have read (and liked) my story. Kiri's Sick Day. I am considering doing a sequel, it being a Ochiai/Kanako though with bits of Narumi/Kiri thrown in. So yeah...also if I decided to do it, it'll be a simple one shot. And any ideas are appreciated!

Ok, that's all I've got to say so yep.

From: Kara-chan.