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I had always believed that our dreams were the only things that kept us alive. Whether they were our goals or our dreams from when we sleep. Little did I know that in the town of Springwood...did your dreams kill you...

My name, is Xan Owens. I'm 15 years old and I just moved to Springwood with my Mum and Dad and my little sister Molly.
We moved here from New York. It's very different, the town is so quiet...like it's dead.

We arrived at 1427 Elm St. At ten o'clock Tuesday morning. It was just the first step into hell...

"Xan! Let go of Chiller." Molly cried. "I snickered and let go of the stuffed bunny. Molly cuddled the toy to her chest stroking the soft bunny's ears.

"Sorry Mol, I couldn't resist." I said ruffling her hair. Molly shook her head and let her blonde hair fly. She stared up at me with her big blue eyes and smiled. "Will you help me put my stuffed animals on my shelf...I can't reach it?" she asked.

I nodded and followed her into her new bedroom. Gazing around her room I saw that Molly was more unpacked than I was. And when I mean unpacked, I mean throw every thing on the floor and pick it up later. "You've got too many toys Molly." I chuckled picking up a teddy bear with a flower in it's paw.

"No I don't." she retorted and resumed gathering animals for me to put on her shelf. "Xan, where did Mummy and Daddy go?" she asked.

I forced myself to smile "Dunno Mol, maybe to get something to eat." But I knew better as thoughts of where my parents were and what they were fighting on raced through my mind.

"I hope they bring back pizza." Molly sighed as she handed me a white stuffed cat with a red ribbon tied around it's neck.

After helping Molly put her animals on the shelf I told her that I needed to unpack my things. I left her to play with her toys.

My room wasn't very big, but it was bigger than the one that I had in New York. The white wallpaper made it seem that I was living in an asylum. I'll have to fix that problem I thought, putting my hand to my chin thinking what box had all my posters packed away in it.

An hour had passed and all I had unpacked was my radio and my blankets for my bed. I stretched back and yawned. I hated unpacking...it was so boring.

I headed into the bathroom and took a long look in the mirror. Like Molly I had blonde hair too, but it was bleach blonde. People ask me a lot if it's my natural color and are shocked when I say yes. But unlike Molly I have bright green eyes while she has blue. Relatives have told me that if Molly was older we could have passed for twins. I have my Mum's built figure...which was the cause of many boys reason in my old school to chase my tail.

Grinning I checked on Molly, she had fallen asleep with her bunny closed tight in her grasp.

Cute. I thought.

Voices came from outside, curious as I was I headed outside to investigate.

Sunlight hit my eyes directly as I squinted to see the three bodies standing on the sidewalk of the next house.

Two girls and one boy stood in front of 1428 Elm St. "So...are you really gonna do it?" one of the girls asked.

I walked up to them "hi" I said.

They looked at me. One of the girls had red hair, she wore a black hoodie with jeans with holes in both knees, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She smiled at me.

"Hi, are you new here?" she asked.

I nodded, "just moved in next door." I replied.

The boy's eyes widened. "Your living next door?" he gasped.

"Yeah, my name is Xan. My family just moved here from New York." I said holding my hand out.

The boy and the girl with the red hair shook it, the other girl didn't. I put my hand down and asked for their names.

The red haired girl's name was Morgan, the boy who had shaggy brown hair wore a black shirt that a two dragon's doing some sort of ritual dance on it, his name was Cory. The girl who didn't shake my hand, stood out from them both, she had black hair that was spiked and dyed with multicolors. She wore a spiked choker, and a zipped black leather jacket with black short mini skirt. In addition she wore black fishnet stockings and black combat boots. Her eyes had so much eyeliner around them that it made her eyes appear as if they were black too.

"This is Annie." Morgan said, indicating the silent scary goth chick.

Annie gave me a small nod. I returned it.

"So why are you guys standing in front of this old house?" I asked, trying to make a friendly conversation.

Morgan's eyes rested on mine "since your new to the area, I guess you don't know about him yet." she said.

Jamming my hands in my pockets "who's him?" I asked.

"Freddy Krueger." Cory answered. "He was a child killer right here in Springwood, but he got caught and turned loose because of some stupid technicality...so the parents hunted him down...and burned him alive in his boiler room." he finished.

I cocked my head. "So...this guy lived in this house?"

"Yeah-some even say that he killed his wife because she found out what he was doing." Morgan replied.

I looked up to the old house "wow...that sure is messed up." I said.

"Just because the parents killed him doesn't mean that he's really dead." Annie whispered.

Morgan and Cory gave her wild looks "Annie don't start that junk again." Morgan said rolling her eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"Freddy is still here...he lives in our dreams...he kills in our dreams...he's gonna come for you next." she whispered.

"Annie stuff it." Cory snapped. He looked at me "sorry, she's...not well." he said.

"Um, OK. What do you mean that he comes in your dreams?" I asked wanting to know more.

Before Annie could continue, Morgan and Cory grabbed her and pulled her away from me "come on Annie, we need to get you home." Morgan said guiding her away.

"Wait what do you mean that he comes in your dreams?" I demanded.

But they ignored me. Huh...must be some way to scare the New Kid. I thought.

Staring up at the old house made me shiver..."great, I'm living next to an old haunted house with crazies all around me." I grumbled, sighing I returned back to my house.

You know they say what you don't know won't kill you...well I want to say that this does NOT apply to this story at all!! Oh well next chapt soon!!